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"You don't know how to appreciate favors," The two men hadn't imagined that Gu Du Xing would launch an attack without saying a single word. So, they furiously shouted at the same time, and pulled out their swords to face Gu Du Xing's attack.

Gu Du Xing snorted. He then suddenly accelerated his speed. After that, he finally opened his mouth.

He coldly and sternly shouted, "I am the Emperor of a Million Swords!"

Then, his body turned into a streamer of light!

Both the Emperor Level Experts were full of confidence. They whole-heartedly believed, [We both are Second Grade Emperor Experts. We have to attack in collaboration, and deal with just one guy who has broken through to the first grade of Emperor Level only recently. Shouldn't it be a piece of cake?]

Moreover, a scornful feeling had risen from the bottom of their hearts when Gu Du Xing had just attacked. They had thought, [Is he truly a Sword Emperor? He indeed has ample power, but his speed is too slow.]

This thought had risen in their hearts right before Gu Du Xing had suddenly accelerated in midair.

However, both the men became startled when this happened. [He's facing his enemies by rapidly changing his velocity.] The two men disorderly moved forward — one from the left and one from the right. These two were experts in mounting joint attacks. First, the one in the front would block the enemy. And then, the one in the back would deal the fatal blow.

This tactic had never been detrimental for them.

But then, Gu Du Xing had spoken a few words with an ice-cold look as if he was the monarch of the world, "I am the Emperor of a Million Swords!"

Both of them almost laughed out loud. [Are you an Emperor Expert with such a pathetic speed? Calling this guy an Emperor Expert would be an exaggeration!]

But then, they became terrified and panic-stricken.

It was because Gu Du Xing had again accelerated his body after shouting those words. In fact, his speed had increased to several times more than his initial speed.

Both of them could only block the attack by putting their swords horizontally. Suddenly, they heard a snapping sound. Gu Du Xing had already rushed past from between the two like a hurricane. However, Gu Du Xing didn't even turn his head… Instead, he rapidly disappeared in the forest that stood behind the two of them along with a sharp whizzing sound.

Rumbling sounds came from several hundred feet away behind. It turned out that Gu Du Xing had passed through the seventy or eighty trees that had come in his way, and had made them all fall in disorder. Consequently, dust had risen up to the sky, and had blocked the view of the direction in which Gu Du Xing had gone.

The two Emperor level experts stood motionless.

A long while passed. Then, the one in the front tried to move his hands. [It seems that nothing has happened to me. But then, why had I felt cold a moment ago?] He then decided to turn his head to take a look at his younger brother. Then, he asked without much effort, "Are you alright?"

The Emperor Expert behind him couldn't help but smile, "He is just too fast, that's all…"

However, he suddenly opened his eyes wide before he could finish his sentence.

It was because he clearly saw this — his brother's back had been facing him at first. Then, his brother was about to turn his head to look at him when he had spoken these words —'Are you alright?'

After that, his elder brother had twisted his neck to turn back his head. But, this younger brother had found that only the upper half of his brother's neck had turned… In other words, his head had turned in a way that the lower half of the neck hadn't moved…

The fact was that his neck had been sliced into two sections - upper and lower. His neck had become like two grinding millstones placed together… It had turned since someone had rotated the upper millstone, but the lower millstone hadn't moved…

Moreover, a red line had faintly appeared on the intersection between the upper and lower sections of his neck when he had turned his head.

The younger Emperor Expert was dumbfounded as he looked at his elder brother. He then lifted his hand, "You you you…"

The Emperor Level Expert who had turned his head back to look at his younger brother was puzzled by this. So, he asked, "What's wrong with… me?"

However, a blood column suddenly gushed out from his neck after he spoke the first three words. And, this column of blood had sent his head up in the air. Therefore, his face had carried an expression of astonishment on it when he had said the last word, "…me?"

The Emperor Level Expert in the back screamed in fright. Then, he felt as if his own neck was a bit wet as well. So, he touched it with his hand. But, he couldn't help but cry out in fear as he lowered his head to look down.

Blood burst out from the cavity of his neck as he lowered it. And, his head was ferociously thrown forward the next second. However, he could still see that a big tree was heading towards him…


His head heavily crashed into the tree. And, the train of his thoughts stopped.

Both of these men truly had bad luck today. They had high cultivation and high level of military accomplishments. So, they shouldn't have died so quickly even if they couldn't be a match for Gu Du Xing. They could've at least brought the fight to a lose-lose situation. Though, they would've had to engage in a desperate struggle in that case. But, they wouldn't have lost their lives…

However, there had been a series of misunderstandings. And, these misunderstandings had cost the two Emperor Level Experts their lives.

It had been Ao Qing Yun and Ao Feng Yun's decision to deal with Gu Du Xing.

The Ao brothers that had come out on the clan's mission were all ambitious and vigorous. And, how would they replace Ao Xie Yun if they weren't willing to build a faction for themselves? Therefore, each the brothers' sight was focused on the Jianghu even if they hadn't clearly talked about it.

This was a big opportunity!

This chaotic situation was a heaven-sent golden opportunity! The next step for them would be the position of the Clan Lord of Ao Clan… as long as they could gather enough benefits and show enough means.

But, these things needed — Strength and Influence!

Therefore, they must rope in some forces that they could use for their own good. However, they couldn't look for allies among the clans affiliated to Ou Clan's alliance because the Ou Clan was their personal enemy. Otherwise, they would be scolded to death by their ancestors even if they succeeded. Furthermore, the clans outside the range of the crisis wanted to stay far away from the crisis. They weren't interested in participating in the power struggle. So, seeking their alliance would only lead to wrangling…

Therefore, they could only choose one from Xie Clan, Gu Clan, Luo Clan, Dong Clan, and the others.

And, Gu Clan was the weakest among these clans. Or so to say… Gu Clan's situation was the most dangerous in this storm of the Jianghu.

Therefore, Gu Clan would certainly look for supporters. After all, its so-called 'allies' would be of no help if it were to be truly attacked.

Therefore, they thought of drawing-in the Gu Clan first. Gu Clan was indeed the weakest. But, it wasn't that weak a force for the Ao brothers. In fact, having the Gu Clan alongside would be equal to doubling their strength. Consequently, the chances of being successful would increase by a lot.

Ao Qing Yun and Ao Feng Yun had been fighting openly, but maneuvering covertly. However, they were still headed roughly in the same direction. They basically belonged to the same family. After all, these two were related by blood. Moreover, they were born of the same mother.

Therefore, the two brothers had been together from the first beat. Moreover, they had decided to deal with the Gu Clan first in order to succeed.

[Gu Du Xing is the key to dealing with the Gu Clan!]

[It's because Gu Clan's responsibility has now fallen into Gu Du Xing's hands. Moreover, Gu Du Xing also has a special status. After all, he's the second-in-command when it comes to the Heavenly Armament Pavilion.]

[We would hopefully be able to draw the entire Heavenly Armament Pavilion into our faction if we can rope in Gu Du Xing! He he he… And, our future prospects would become very good when that happens.]

Therefore, the two hadn't discussed this with anyone in their clan. Instead, they had right away decided to block Gu Du Xing — one from the front and the other from the back.

They had thought that they would first capture Gu Du Xing, and then slowly convince him…

However, they hadn't expected that the three King Level Expert that had been sent by Ao Feng Yun would be beheaded by just one move of Gu Du Xing. This had obviously left Ao Feng Yun to feel very embarrassed…

Therefore, Ao Feng Yun had thought that they must face the disaster together since they both were sharing the fortune as well. One's bad luck must be the bad luck of both. It was his principle. Therefore, Ao Feng Yun had sent the news, [Non-Emperors can't deal with Gu Du Xing.]

Strictly speaking… these words were in fact true. They weren't false by any means. He had put emphasis on Emperor Experts because Gu Du Xing was a Sword Emperor now. He was a low level Emperor Expert. So, a ninth grade Emperor Expert would obviously be able to deal with him! But… there was difference between the Emperor Experts of different grades!

However, these words had seriously misled Ao Qing Yun as well as the two Emperor Experts that were now dead.

Non-Emperor Experts couldn't deal with Gu Du Xing… This obviously indicated that Emperor Level Experts could!

Therefore, Ao Qing Yun had felt relieved after he had learnt this. [Emperor Level Experts can deal with him. So, I'll send two Emperor Level Experts instead of just one. Wouldn't they be able to capture him alive with ease?]

The two Emperor Level Experts had also been misled. Therefore, they had confidently come out to capture him.

Then, they had gotten misled a second time when they saw Gu Du Xing, [He's so young!]. They had gotten misled a third time when they saw Gu Du Xing's movements, [He's so slow!]

Therefore, both of them had scorned in their hearts. They naturally hadn't been intending to go all-out. However, Gu Du Xing had unexpectedly accelerated his speed. Then, he had accelerated his speed one more time. And, he had accelerated his speed to such a level in the end that the two men didn't even get enough time to react.

The Black Dragon Sword had become one of the few top-tier heavenly weapons after Chu Yang had reformed it. So, it could now cut-off a head with one touch. Moreover, the two Emperor Level Experts weren't even able to launch their domain-shields. Consequently, they just died while being confused…

It could be said that they had died unjustly. It was extremely aggrieving.

Gu Du Xing had disappeared without a trace.

Ao Qing Yun came out with his ambush team. He was feeling a bit angry in his heart. But, he also wanted to ask one thing, [There are two Emperor Experts here. How did they let him go? Why didn't they stop him?]

Then, he saw the heads of those two falling down.

This Young Master Ao had always lived like a prince. However, he became dumbstruck when he saw this scene. In fact, he could only feel the chaos in his brain.

[How can it be possible?]

[Two Emperor Experts were dealing with just one person. And, he cut their heads off so neatly… so much so that they didn't even feel any pain. They could still speak even after getting their heads cut off? They could still move?]

"Such quick sword!" An old man next to him couldn't stop the corner of his eyes from twitching repeatedly. He had a kind of feeling of trepidation. Simultaneously, there was a lingering dread in his heart.

This old man was a seventh grade Emperor Expert. It could be said that there were only a few experts of that level in the Middle Three Heavens.

However, he introspected, [Perhaps, I would also get seriously injured… if I didn't die… in case I had been misled into thinking that Emperor Experts could deal with him. After all, I too would've been caught off guard by this sword]

[Moreover, the enemy could easily and calmly leave.]

[This sword can keep the meridians of the human body intact after cutting the person. And, the meridians continue to provide vitality to the body…]

[Just how fast is this sword? And, how sharp is this sword?]

"Third Young Master, we can't deal with this Gu Du Xing." That old man hung down his head in listlessness. "This Old Man suggests that we mustn't make an enemy out of him. This man is less than twenty years old, and has achieved such a realm. We can't afford to have such an enemy… since he can grow further…"

Ao Qing Yun clearly hadn't thought like that. He pondered for a while, and then said, "You mean to say that he can achieve Monarch Level? Saint Level?"

"I can't say for sure about Saint Level. But, reaching Monarch Level shouldn't be difficult for him," the old man hesitated for a while, and then said with uncertainty.

"Then, it can be said that we would have at least one Monarch Level subordinate if not many… if we are able to capture him, right?" Ao Qing Yun's eyes lit up.

"Monarch Level subordinate? You want to subdue him?" That old man was startled. [Could it be that Third Young Master still wants to stick to the plan? Doesn't he understand what I'm saying? Offending such a formidable enemy will most probably lead to the destruction of the entire Ao Clan.]

"I obviously know the gains and losses of this. But, a man can always find a way. Even Supreme Experts have a weak point. And, he's only an insignificant Sword Emperor," Ao Qing Yun objected by waving his hand back and forth, "He's only a human after all. There has to be a circumstance that he wouldn't be able to defy."

The old man smiled bitterly. He touched his nose, and spoke no more. He said in his heart, [Then, you should've brought out this so-called circumstance a moment ago, ok? Ah...]

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