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Ou Du Xiao had been the spokesman and manger of this alliance before. But, it was Tian Bu Hui now.

It was obvious that the Ou Clan had lost the authority to speak in this alliance after its destruction.

"Moreover, the people of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion have already dispersed. They are now hurrying back to their respective clans," Tian Bu Hui got serious and said, "We mustn't let these men return to their clans.

"First, these people destroyed our important plan. So, we must take revenge for this intense and bloody hatred. Second, they'll certainly attack us after they return to their clans. After all, they have the help of the intel they have on us."

Tian Bu Hui squinted. And, a cold light shot from the slit in his eyes, "Who knows what that bastard Meng Luo has told them? Things are going to be bad if he had told them about our military deployment and plan of action. Therefore, we can't take the risk of allowing them to return to their clans.

"So, our top priority is to stop these people."

Tian Bu Hui and the Young Black Devil looked at each other as Tian Bu Hui said this.

"Our Ou Clan takes the responsibility to deal with King of Hell Chu," Ou Du Xiao gritted his teeth. His eyes were bloodshot at the moment. Both father and son had fainted on the spot when the news of their clan's destruction had come through.

And now, they both loathed this person King of Hell Chu the most… There was no one else in the entire world who they hated more than him.

"Um, should I send some people with you?" Tian Bu Hui asked as a symbolic gesture.

"No need!" Ou Du Xiao gnashed his teeth, "I'll kill Chu Yang, and come back with his head. Or, we both father and son will die trying. As they say… death ends all the troubles."

A mysterious color flashed in Tian Bu Hui's eyes. He then nodded with a smile, "Brother Ou will certainly succeed."

Ou Du Xiao snorted. He felt as if there was a sense of ridicule behind Tian Bu Hui's remark. However, he wasn't in the state of mind to care about it.

"Our Tu Clan takes the responsibility of taking care of Gu Du Xing," Tu Qian Hao had a deep-seated hatred towards Gu Du Xing because of his last fight with him. And now, he had an opportunity to slaughter that guy, and tell the world, [I - Tu Qian Hao - am the true number-one expert of this generation.]

"I've heard that Gu Du Xing has broken through to Sword Emperor," the young Black Devil somewhat accidently… and somewhat intentionally said in a casual manner, "Tu Qian Hao, what grade King are you?"

Tu Qian Hao's entire face turned red. He then lowly exclaimed, "I'll kill him even if he's a Sword Monarch."

However, Tu Qian Hao had shot a threatening glance to the young Black Devil when he had said this.

The young Black Devil mischievously laughed and said, "This being the case… I'll get rid of Dong Wu Shang."

"Get rid of Dong Wu Shang?" Tu Qian Hao snorted, "He's a Saber Emperor. Which grade King are you?"

The young Black Devil glared at him in reply. He shot cold light from his eyes, "Tu Qian Hao, do you have a death wish?"

Everyone rushed to to mediate.

"Our Li Clan (Plum Clan) will ambush and kill Ji Mo," the Clan Lord of Li Clan said.

"Our Zhao Clan will kill Luo Ke Di," the Clan Lord of Zhao Clan declared.

"Each of you is going to be far behind the enemy lines. So, don't forget to wrap things up quickly," Tian Bu Hui nodded and reminded them.

He then said, "Li Xiong Tu once owed me a big favor. So, I'll personally go to see him this time."

Everyone's eyes lit up.

[The chances of our success would become very high if he manages to involve Li Clan (Strict Clan).]

"There's no time to lose. We must set into action."

Gu Du Xing was going swiftly along the way. He was shuttling through the mountain forest. His heart was on fire.

He knew that the enemy was bound to intercept him on the way. However, he was confident that he could easily break through all interceptions, and rush back to his Sister Xiao Miao.

Then, he would tell her; [I want to marry you! I want to marry you right now!]

[I'll always be at your side from now on. You don't need to fear anything anymore!]

Gu Du Xing didn't feel lonely due to such fiery mood despite being on this dull and dry journey of thousands of miles. In fact, this journey seemed like a beautiful landscape to him.

However, Gu Du Xing didn't relax and lower his guard because of this.

After all, he clearly knew that this was the best opportunity for his enemy to kill him.

Moreover, he needed to learn through this experience.

Therefore, Gu Du Xing wasn't the least bit startled when three people suddenly appeared before him in the forest and blocked his way. He gently took out his Black Dragon Sword and coldly asked, "Tu Qian Hao's men?"

The three men opposite to him didn't say a word. They only rushed over.

Gu Du Xing coldly snorted, and quickly made up his mind to attack. He then jumped up, and bent his body in mid-air. Then, he suddenly straightened it up… just like a bent-sword springs back straight. The sword-light scattered randomly. He then united with his sword, and rushed forward.

The three men separated up. They then again assembled together, and blocked Gu Du Xing. Then, they attacked brutally.

Gu Du Xing changed into a black lightning, and rushed past them. He flew out of the encirclement of those three people. He didn't even turn back his head, and quickly disappeared into the forest with a 'whoosh' sound. He vanished without a trace. In fact, he only left behind these few words, "Not Tu Qian Hao's people…"

Those three who had blocked his way kept standing there with expressionless faces. Suddenly, thin blood streams spurt out from their throats at the same time. Then, a fountain of blood rose up from their heads.

All three collapsed lifeless at the same time.

Gu Du Xing's single sword blow had slaughtered three King Level Experts. And then, he had gotten far away.

A long time passed. Then, a rustling sound rang in the forest. Ten people appeared, and looked at the corpses of the three King Experts. The white-clothed youngster in the middle gently breathed out. He then muttered, "Such a dreadful Sword Emperor!"

The several people behind him had solemn looks on their faces. Then, one of them said, "Sixth Young Master, I'm afraid that it would be very difficult to execute our plan... if everyone in the Heavenly Armament Pavilion has such strength."

The white-clothed youngster slightly tilted his head and pondered. Then, he insipidly said, "What do you think would happen… if you all were to have a fight with this Sword Emperor?"

Everyone behind him looked at each other. They remained silent for a while. Then, they said, "Perhaps, no one but Big Brother can withstand him in a one-on-one fight."

The body of the white-clothed man shook up, "The lowest among you is a second-grade Emperor Level Expert. And, the highest among you is a fifth-grade Emperor Level Expert. So, how can you not defeat even a first-grade Sword Emperor?"

His voice was full of disbelief.

"We might be able to take him on by going all-out at the risk of our lives if we were to take into account all of our cultivations put together. But… he's a Sword Emperor! Sword Emperors are entirely different from ordinary Emperor Level Experts," an old man said in a sinking voice; this man stood in the middle, and had three wisps of long beard, "I can probably attack and defeat him. But, it's impossible to kill him."

The white-clothed youth remained silent for a while. He then said, "Send a message to Third Brother. Tell him — the non-emperors can't deal with Gu Du Xing."

The old man behind him shivered in shock, "This…"

"I lost three King level Experts. So, Third Brother must surely be very happy. But, I'll make him lose a few Emperor Level Experts," the white-clothed youngster warmly smiled and said, "Ao Qing Yun and I have joined hands for the time being. But, that fellow has prepared a second ambush. He wants our strength to be exhausted first… humph humph…"

He waved his hand while saying this. He then added, "Bury the corpses at once, and then let's go!"

He turned around while saying this. Then, he further said, "Our Clan has come out to take revenge for Ao Xie Yun this time. But, that is just a pretext. So, it would be better to take advantage of the chaos in the Jianghu, and recruit forces since everything would ultimately depend on the accomplishments of us brothers… Only the strongest will survive in this process.

"What other option do I have apart from recruiting someone as incredible as Gu Du Xing?" he softly said, "Otherwise, wouldn't Ao Feng Yun remain a nobody in the Nine Heavens?"

This youngster was Ao Feng Yun of the Ao Clan!

Everyone thought that he was dealing with Tian Clan, Li Clan (Plum Clan), and the other clans. Nobody could've imagined that this ambitious youngster would come here with his wild schemes.

"Sixth Young Master, this old man thinks that we should give priority to the matters of the clan. I'm afraid that we would be overtaken by the other contenders if we keep engaging ourselves in external affairs…" that old man with long beard slightly sighed and advised.

"No! The chaos of the Middle Three Heavens can't be stopped in any way at this time. The battles of all the great clans have already begun. And, no one can stop it now. Those several clans will naturally set into action even if we remain motionless. So, our top-most priority must be to nibble away and watch from the sidelines… And, expand our strength while we watch other people weakening in this process. This is how you rule!"

Ao Feng Yun then indifferently said, "But… Gu Du Xing is sharp. We lost three King Level Experts in just probing his strength. He has turned out to be beyond my expectations."

He turned around and said, "Anyway, it's better this way. We'll exert pressure on the Gu Clan while Gu Du Xing returns to the clan. It'll make the entire Gu Clan come over seeking shelter."

The group followed him, and they all disappeared in the forest.

A long time passed. Then, a man's shadow flashed in the forest with a 'whoosh' sound. It was Gu Du Xing. He should've already left the forest by now. However, he had stealthily come back after having left this area at first.

"So, they were the Ao Clan's people. So, that's why I found the attack to be so strange…" Gu Du Xing's complexion was as cold as steel. He then disdainfully thought aloud, "It's just Ao Feng Yun. You want to exert pressure on the entire Gu Clan…? Good… I'll wait for you to exert pressure. This will be a big gift to Ao Xie Yun from my side.

"Well, they said that there's another brother waiting for me ahead…" Gu Du Xing wrinkled his brows. "Has Ao Clan gone insane? They are targeting me at such a crucial time?"

He then rushed through the forest with a rustling sound. 

He covered 250 Km. Then, someone from the woods in front of him lightly said, "So, Gu Du Xing of Gu Clan has arrived…" Gu Du Xing knitted his brows. He then saw the next wave 'waiting' for him. He stopped his steps and shouted, "Who is it?"

There remained silence in the forest. However, two shadows quietly appeared from both sides; they were wearing wide robes with long sleeves. Their visions were indifferent.

"Two Emperor Level Experts!" Gu Du Xing's pupils shrank. Two Emperor Level Experts had appeared in front of him!

"Gu Du Xing, I've come to bestow an enormous fortune upon you today," The man on the right side had an expressionless face. He insipidly said, "Join us, and I'll ensure that your Gu Clan stays safe and sound."

Then, the man on the left mischievously laughed, "And, Gu Clan will be thoroughly destroyed within an instant if you reject this proposal."

Gu Du Xing suddenly raised his sword-like eyebrows. And, his murderous aura swept across like tides.

He didn't say a word. He just ferociously emitted bone-chilling sword-energy from his body. It seemed as if he had changed into a heaven-startling sword. His body emitted such dazzling light that it that could leave people incapable of looking up to him.

He then put his right hand on the hilt of the sword on his waist, and slowly clenched his fingers. The Black Dragon Sword issued a sword cry in excitement with a 'clang' sound in the sheath.

Simultaneously, the swords in the sheaths of those two men also issued crisp sword cries. Their sounds seemed to be respectful and submissive… as if a subject had seen their emperor… as if they were kneeling down, and performing the ritual of kowtowing.

Suddenly, the color of the two men opposite to him changed. They then clenched the hilts of their swords, and coldly stared at Gu Du Xing, "So, you don't want to join us?"

Gu Du Xing coldly snorted. He then took out the Black Dragon Sword from its sheath, and his figure turned into a sword-light the next moment.

He had killed those three people a while ago without even knowing the circumstances. So, there was no way he would spare these two now that he knew.

He didn't speak a word from the beginning to the end. [What's the difference between speaking to the dead, and not speaking at all?]

Then, the sword-light moved like dragon!

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