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Ao Xie Yun's injuries had already been healed by the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pills Chu Yang had given him. So, he was walking on his own feet. He no longer needed anyone to carry him. However, he had been sad and silent all along this road.

"Senior Martial Brother, we've played enough tricks with Meng Luo. Why don't you slaughter him now?" Tan Tan shook his eyebrows.

"Slaughter him… Wouldn't it be letting him off lightly?" Chu Yang rolled his eyes. "There are big benefits of keeping him and his people alive. First, it'll distract the hunting-troop away from us. Second, it'll exhaust the strength of the people of those few clans. Third, Meng Clan is anyway already done for… And, this will make Meng Luo see the destruction of his clan with his own eyes. Wouldn't it be the best punishment for him?"

"So to say… we wouldn't get any of these things if we kill them right away. It's such a pity." Luo Ke Di explained with a self-satisfied look because the crotch of his trouser was still bulging out.

"Hey… Does it hurt?" Ji Mo had a lingering fear looking at Luo Ke Di's crotch. In fact, he was unable to control his emotions. He couldn't remain calm, and said in his heart. [Second Master Luo is incredible. Having such an erection for one day… would be a huge pain in the ass for me. And, he has a happy look on his face… It must hurt down there because of this fu*king boner…]

Chu Yang made a signal amidst their conversations, and everyone bent down. They all lay in the underbrush on their stomachs, and looked in the front at the same time.

They saw that there were two silhouettes in a faraway place. The silhouettes seemed to be running away from someone. A large troop was rushing towards them while issuing rumbling and rolling sounds.

It looked from a distance as if a colony of ants was chasing after two ants. Also, these two ants were carrying a small ant…

"It is fu*king satisfying." Luo Ke Di straightened his back, and said with a sigh, "It's too frantic… They are chasing these men with so much anxiousness. They must have great hostility against them…"

"Yes, keeping this boy Meng Luo alive wasn't in vain after all. So many great clans of the Middle Three Heavens are hunting him down right now. This is the payback from the Eldest Young Master of the Ao Clan to this motherfu*ker!" Ji Mo's eyes shone. He had an expression of admiration on his face.

"It can also be said that the Meng Clan organized a mission, and offended Ao Clan, Xie Clan, Mo Clan, Dong Clan, Luo Clan, Gu Clan, and Ji Clan. But now, their own allies Ou Clan, Black Devil Clan, Tian Clan, Tu Clan, Li Clan, and Zhao Clan are chasing them down…" Dong Wu Shang counted down the number of the clans. He then jumped in fright, "Fu*k! This Meng Luo has caused a lot of trouble for everyone."

"He must be very bold," Second Master Luo – Luo Ke Di said in admiration.

"The boldest is our Big Brother. You must know that Big Brother attracted all these people to deal with the men of the Meng Clan. In fact, Meng Luo didn't even do anything to them… he has been accused wrongly… But, it must be so hard for him to explain himself because there are just too many things to explain."

Ji Mo clicked his tongue twice, and concluded by saying, "Take a look at Meng Luo. We brothers must learn a lesson from his mistakes. Offend whomever you want, but never offend our Big Brother… You never know when you'll be secretly destroyed if you're like Meng Luo… Well, don't stare too much, Second Master Luo. I'm talking to you."

Luo Ke Di erupted in response. He clutched Ji Mo's neck, and choked him, "I'm like Meng Luo? You are like Meng Luo! Your whole family is like Meng Luo!"

Everyone started laughing.

Many experts were approaching those two people from all directions while these brothers were chatting in a carefree manner.

Chu Yang smiled. Then, he got up and said, "Let's go. It's all right now. These men are separated into four groups on four different roads. So, we don't need to worry even if they catch up with us. We'll go to the Xie Clan, and find Xie Dan Qiong."

Everyone rushed forward like a gust of wind. They flew away noiselessly, and disappeared into the dark forest in the blink of an eye.

Ao Xie Yun smiled. He said while running along, "Brother Chu, thank you for saving me today. Ao Xie Yun will give you a generous reward for this kindness and favor."

Chu Yang was also rushing forward. He insipidly replied without turning his head, "Oh? What generous reward do you want to give me?"

Ao Xie Yun was shocked by this. He had only said these words out of politeness. He hadn't thought of repaying him in such situation and time. Therefore, he was left baffled since he hadn't had get enough time to think about it…

"He-he… I didn't save you in hope that you'd repay me." Chu Yang gently said, "And, I didn't save you because you were in any ordinary situation, or any chaotic situation. In fact, I saved you because those people wanted to deal with us by killing you. They wanted to shift the blame of your murder onto us. Your death would've been a very big trouble for all of us. I wouldn't have saved you if it weren't so… even if you're the Eldest Young Master of one of the nine great clans of the Upper Three Heavens."

"Therefore, you don't need to thank me!" Chu Yang gently concluded, "Wait until we reach Xie Clan. Then, you'll be completely safe. We'll deliver you to your clan when the time is right. And, we'll also feel relieved then."

Ao Xie Yun smiled and said, "It's okay if it doesn't matter to you. But, you've saved my life, and this is a big favor as far as I am concerned. But fine; I won't thank you even though you've done such a big favor. However, don't say later that Ao Xie Yun doesn't know how to show proper appreciation, he-he."

"We won't say, alright?" Ji Mo moved closed to them, and said.

Ao Xie Yun smiled and said, "Brother Chu… I truly feel that I owe you. But, my Ao Clan is no fool. The enemy wouldn't necessarily have succeeded in shifting the blame on anyone. So, they couldn't necessarily have framed you even if I had died."

Chu Yang mischievously smiled, "I know this better than you. They wouldn't have succeeded in shifting the blame. It is because there's a person called Mo Tian Ji among the people that they want to deal with."

Ao Xie Yun forced a smile, "Mo Tian Ji may or may not have such remarkable abilities… But, we people of Ao Clan are not fools."

"Mo Tian does have such remarkable abilities!" Chu Yang responded with confidence. Then, he squinted and looked at him, "Your Ao Clan isn't full of fools. But, there are still many fools in your clan!"

He sneered, "You are Ao Xie Yun; not Ao Clan. Your Clan will still be Ao Clan even if you die. But, you've only referred to the Ao Clan in everything that you've said until now. What's wrong? Don't you have confidence in yourself?"

Ao Xie Yun was startled by this.

He indeed lacked confidence in himself, and had been subconsciously latching on to the Ao Clan. However, he hadn't expected that Chu Yang had such a keen observation.

"Their plan of shifting the blame wouldn't have succeeded since Mo Tian Ji was there. So, I've only saved you to prepare against contingencies. After all, the present Mo Tian Ji is still too inexperienced," Chu Yang randomly said. Ao Xie Yun didn't understand the meaning behind these words.

[After all, the present Mo Tian Ji is still too inexperienced?] Ao Xie Yun pondered upon this sentence in his heart for a long time.

Gu Du Xing flitted across from his side.

"Brother Gu, are you a… Sword Emperor now?" Ao Xie Yun asked.

"Yes, a first grade Sword Emperor," Gu Du Xing honestly told him.

"Oh~" Ao Xie Yun felt disappointed… as if he had failed to meet his own expectations.

"Brother Dong, are you a… Saber Emperor now?"

"Yeah. Luckily. A first grade Saber Emperor."


Ao Xie Yun's complexion turned dark.

"Ji Mo, what's your current cultivation level?"

Ji Mo's face turned black, "I'm just a ninth grade Martial King. Why are you asking?"

Ao Xie Yun was startled. [Even you're a ninth grade Martial King?]

"Coyote, you're currently… at what level?"

"I'm at the same level as Ji Mo's. I'm ashamed to death." Luo Ke Di's happy mood was attacked to death as soon as he mentioned this.

[He's ashamed to death…]

Ao Xie Yun felt giddy. He felt as if his head was spinning.

[How old are you right now? You're ashamed despite being a ninth grade Martial King? I'm some years older than you… and, I'm at the sixth grade Martial King Level. Shouldn't I be the one to feel ashamed?]

"Brother Rui, what about you?"

Rui Bu Tong replied in a bad mood, "You want to make fun of me, right? I'm at the eighth grade Martial King Level. I'm the lowest!"

Ao Xie Yun's cheeks started streaming with tears.

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