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Meng Luo suddenly felt as if he had been dreaming. This person had told him in that dream, [I'll take you to the top of the Nine Heavens if you help me in my matter…] But, he had woken up from that dream now.

"Did you deceive me?" Meng Luo looked at Tan Tan with grief and indignation. He felt as if his head was spinning. His eyes had almost popped out of his head.

"Deceive you?" Tan Tan eccentrically said. "I haven't cheated you. You can only blame your name for this. What are you called? You're called Meng Luo, right? Fu*k! Meng Luo means 'the dream will fall'. This means that the dream doesn't have any meaning in reality. I hope my explanation helps."

Meng Luo's entire body shivered. In fact, he trembled like sifting chaff. The only thing that he felt in his heart at the moment was, [I'm done for!]

[I've fallen in a deathtrap! I'll surely die this time.]

Meng Clan had already been struggling-on whilst at the death's door. And, no chance of survival was left now.

The three men of the Meng Clan were in daze at the moment. They had fallen weakly on the ground as if they had given up all hope. In fact, they didn't even have the strength to be angry. They felt dead in their heart at this moment.

The felt as if the world had suddenly lost its color.

"Yang-itchy… do you feel pleased? I feel very happy playing tricks on people." Tan Tan laughed heartily while issuing 'quack' noises, "Such a stupid c*nt is hard to find. He has entertained us a lot."

"I'll make you Yang-itchy now!" Chu Yang became angry, and kicked him. Then, Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others flocked around him. All of them seized the 'Second Master Ye of the number-one aristocratic clan of the Upper Three Heavens right in front of Meng Luo, and beat him up ruthlessly.

Chu Yang continuously punched and kicked Tan Tan. And, Tan Tan continuously screamed. Tan Tan's body was spinning in midair like a spinning-top. It hadn't fallen on the ground throughout the beating.

Meng Luo had been surprised by this even though he was in extreme despair. In fact, he was staring at them with his eyes wide open. [These servants dare to beat their own Young Lord? They are indeed audacious.]

Chu Yang vented out all of his anger, and finally let go of Tan Tan afterwards. Then, he arrived in front of Meng Luo…

"Young Master Meng, we must take our leave now. You may stay here, and enjoy yourself. Relax, Ou Du Xiao, Tu Qian Hao, and the others… they are your allies. They wouldn't do anything to you," Chu Yang said while brimming with smiles.

"No! You can't abandon me." Meng Luo miserably shouted. His entire body went limp. Allies? Ou Du Xiao and the others would eat him alive if they were to see him.

Meng Luo was sure about this.

"It seems that Brother Meng still hasn't recognized us," Chu Yang smiled. He then pulled off the mask that he had used to cover his face. Then, he softly smiled and said, "Brother Meng, do you recognize me now?"

Meng Luo was extremely shocked to see his face… It seemed as if he had seen a ghost or something. He crawled up from the ground using his hands and feet, "It's you? It's you?! King of Hell Chu?! How can it be you?"

"Why can't it be me?" Chu Yang gently smiled.

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and the others also pulled off their face masks at this moment. Then, all of them looked mockingly at Meng Luo.

They were looking at Meng Luo as if he was a wretched worm.

"It's you people… How can it be you?" Meng Luo yelled in grief and indignation, "Your build was completely different when I saw you before. How could I not recognize you?"

"Dumb-fu*k! Martial arts for changing one's appearance exist in this world. Don't tell me that you didn't know about this." Ji Mo shrugged his shoulder as he looked at Meng Luo disdainfully.

"Then he… he is not the Second Young Master of Ye Clan?" Meng Luo helplessly looked at Tan Tan. He still had a trace of hope in his eyes.

This guy still had such hope…

"He's my Junior Martial Brother. As for the Ye Clan that you're talking about… we're sorry," Chu Yang gently replied, "We have no idea about it."

Chu Yang smiled, "I wanted to deal with you. That's all! Do you understand?"

"King of Hell Chu…? When did I offend you? Why do you want to destroy and kill me? You could've at least let off my Meng Clan?" Meng Luo shouted in grief and indignation. His voice was full of misery, despair, and disbelief.

"How did you offend me? Ha ha ha…" Chu Yang sneered. "Meng Luo, you've committed an unforgivable crime against me. And, let me tell you that it is your biggest offense."

"Biggest offense…?" Tears of despair were streaming down from Meng Luo's face. He then lifted up his head, and thought hard. But, the more he thought, the more hollow his mind felt to be. [When did I offend a frightening character like King of Hell Chu? Why is he going out of his way to deal with me?]

[Meng Clan is a big clan. It had been established several hundred years ago. However, he has consigned it to damnation in the short time from Mt. Dingjun up until now. In fact, he has thoroughly pushed the clan into a hopeless situation.]

[This person's shadow has been behind almost all the unfortunate things that have happened to the Meng Clan. What offense have I committed against him?]

[He was in the Lower Three Heavens, while I was here in the Middle Three Heavens. We didn't even have any contact. Then, how did he get offended?]

Meng Luo was at a loss. He pondered, but couldn't think of anything.

In fact, he also thought about all the young girls that he had violated. However, not a single one of them had any relation with Chu Yang… So, he eventually asked in a very fierce manner, "How did I offend you? You must tell me."

He had a confident and righteous stance at the moment. [I haven't committed any offense against you. So, why do you want to deal with me? This is extremely wrong and unjust…]

"He-he… you have committed an outrageous crime. And, it doesn't have the least bit of relation with me. The evil technique that you practice is shit in my eyes even though others fear it. In fact, it is simply unworthy to be afraid of."

Chu yang sneered, "But, the thing that you shouldn't have done… is that you dared to set your eyes on Mo Qing Wu. He-he-he… The demise of you and your Meng Clan was set in place the moment you sent that marriage proposal to the Mo Clan."

Chu Yang exposed a bright smile on his face. Then, he lashed out, "I will destroy any life that's related to your clan. I will erase your clan's existence."

"Just for a girl?" Meng Luo opened his eyes wide, "You want to deal with me for such a crippled girl? And, that too a little girl…?"

"Yes, I can kill you a hundred times over for her!" Chu Yang coldly looked at him, "And, your family too."

"I see…" Meng Luo's head drooped in a daze. Then, he finally spread out on the ground like mud. He couldn't even stand anymore. He had lost all of his strength.

In fact, he had lost the will to live.

He didn't want to live even though he felt revengeful towards Chu Yang. He was only thinking of killing himself. After all, where could he go to show his depression?

"So, you guys were tricking us all along! And, that's why you people deliberately saved Ao Xie Yun!" The two Emperor Level Experts of the Meng Clan looked at Chu Yang and the others with hatred in their eyes… as if they wanted to tear them apart with just their gazes.

"You people want to kill Ao Xie Yun. Isn't it to deal with us?" Chu Yang generously smiled and said, "So, we would obviously wish to save him!"

"You!" The two Martial Emperors suddenly stood up. They exposed an ominous glint in their eyes.

"Are you not going to escape with your Young Clan Lord? Don't tell me that you're still thinking of having a fight with us?" Chu Yang sneered, "Wouldn't it be acting recklessly? Don't you have families to look after?"

"You won't kill us?" The hearts of both the Emperor Experts were palpitating with fear.

"Why would I want to kill you?" Chu Yang turned around indifferently, and started to walk away, "I want my hands clean."

Dong Wu Shang carried Ao Xie Yun on his back. Then, a long whistling sound was heard. And, the seven men flew away from the summit like whirlwinds.

The two Emperor Experts then noticed this point, [These seven went as vigorously as lightning, but no leaf or underbrush swayed as they went away.]

A series of sounds were heard from all directions behind them at this moment. It was obvious that the pursuers were near.

The two Emperor Experts immediately understood — Chu Yang hadn't had any good intentions towards them. Chu Yang and the others had waited here just to leave Meng Luo exasperated. They had conveniently stalled for time until they found that the hunting-army had come near. Then, they all ran away.

Chu Yang had led them closer to the army of pursuers in this way… so that they themselves could run away without any hassle.

These seven brothers couldn't dare to disperse while facing such an enormous hunting-army. At least one of them would've inevitably died if they had done so. Therefore, they had remained together for their safety. And, they would now be able to escape from here as long as they could find the right path.

They had drawn Meng Luo closer to the hunting-army. This was because Chu Yang and the others would have a better chance of making an escape if Meng Luo and his men could lead away even a portion of the army.

And, Meng Luo and his men would die if they didn't lead away the pursuing troops…

After all, those pursuing clans' hatred towards the Meng Clan had reached to its peak now. So, they wouldn't believe Meng Luo regardless of what he would say to them…

Therefore, Meng Luo and his men had to flee even if they didn't want to. And, they would be helping Chu Yang by doing so…

This kind of grievance was indeed unprecedented.

They had been deceived into doing something for someone. And, the other party had destroyed the bridges after crossing the river. Consequently, they had been abandoned once the job was done. Moreover, they would now be indirectly helping the ones who had abandoned them because things would be worse if they didn't do so…

The two Martial Emperors wanted to take Chu Yang and the others down with themselves. But, they didn't dare to do it because they had to think about their clan. After all, their clan knew nothing about what was happening in this mission…

Their clan would be exterminated if they didn't manage to escape successfully.

"Meng Clan is finished this time…" Both the Emperor Experts sighed. They both felt powerless, "Young Clan Lord, let's go. We must leave as soon as possible. We must report to our clan."

Meng Luo was sitting down in a daze. He murmured as if he was dreaming, "Go? Where should we go? What road is left for me to go on?" He was filled with gloomy intentions of dying at the moment. His eyes looked lifeless.

Meng Luo had always been proud and arrogant. He should've been one of the twelve influential figures of the Middle Three Heavens in the future. But now, he had been reduced to a walking corpse by the repeated blows.

He didn't have any fighting spirit left in him. He didn't have any will to live. In fact, the desire of seeking survival that he used to have had also been shattered.

He was alive. But, he was as good as dead.

Both the Martial Emperors felt anxious in their hearts. The enemy was close at hand. But, their Young Clan Lord had sunken into such a depression. Both of them looked at each other, and finally made a decision. Then, one of them smacked at Meng Luo's nape with a thumping sound.

Meng Luo remained in a daze. He didn't resist or dodge the blow. He simply collapsed like a pile of wood.

One of Emperor Experts put Meng Luo's body on his back, and stood up. Then, the two Emperor Experts started to run. However, they suddenly heard an angry voice shouting, "I saw them. They are there!"

[The hunting-army has arrived!]

Both the Martial Emperors flew in the direction in which Chu Yang and the others had fled. But, these two had done so in grievance and anger. [I must drag you people down even if I have to die today!]

The hunting-troop behind them bellowed as they chased them from all over…

"Let's go this way," Chu Yang and the others had been moving swiftly throughout the journey. Finally, they arrived at the foot of the mountain. Chu Yang took the lead, and changed their direction. He went to the southwest. This direction was at a right angle to the direction in which they were originally headed.

"These devils won't be able to implicate us." Chu Yang mischievously laughed, "I'll let these three fools take the lead. The farther they go… the better it is."

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