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A+ A- Chapter 561: Spare None!

The whole bodies of Qian Wan Tong, Wu Jiang, and the others turned ice-cold. Their hearts, guts, and everything else were left to shiver!

They screamed and scattered in all directions with the intention to escape.

Who could dare to fight a decisive battle with such a monster…? Only a brainless person would think of handling this matter… They were indeed out of luck. And, it could be seen clearly. They were about to get the ninth grade spirit beast's inner core, but it got stolen from under their noses. They were about to get it again soon after. But, a guy came out of the blue, killed fifteen people, and ran away… They were about to get it this time as well… but, they had instead fallen into a deadly trap!

[Run away ah!]

Their hearts felt like crying as they ran. [You should've said that you are an unmatched expert. Why were you toying with us by not fighting back? Motherfu*ker, you teased everyone, and made us excited by pretending to be something you are not…]

[We would've eaten lard and ignored the urge to pursue if we had known that you would turn out to be such an expert. We wouldn't have dared to provoke such a Death God even if we became too gutsy…]

"You guys want to run away?" Chu Yang raised his eyebrows. A dense energy dissipated everywhere, "You guys think you can get away?" He took a step forward, and slashed his sword without any style or order!

He seemed to have suddenly jumped across the void with this step. He covered a distance of five-hundred-feet and reached in front of Qian Wan Tong. Then, he coldly looked at him.

His vision seemed as cold as ice as his sword fell down like lightning!

Qian Wan Tong let out a desperate and horror-stricken howl. He activated his Emperor domain-field with the entirety of his might in desperation. He then used his lifetime of martial power to block this blow!

However, this sword-blow disregarded his domain-field and defense as it slashed down. It cut through Qian Wan Tong's sword. It then slashed his body into two halves! His corpse hadn't even landed when two 'swoosh' sounds were heard. Two King Level Experts had also been chopped into two pieces out of the blue even though they had been at a distance of a hundred feet! This had obviously created a bloody mess!

The remaining people became terror stricken, and tried their hardest to run away!

However, Chu Yang caught up with them in no time. Then, he pointed his sword and sword energy flew out of the Sword Point. A bowl-sized bloody hole appeared on Wu Jiang's chest even though he was at a distance of a hundred feet from him. This action turned the surroundings bright red…

The sword energy went through Wu Jiang's chest, and bombarded on a mountain with a 'bang'. And, this resulted in the creation of a big hole in

the mountain.

Chu Yang then turned around whilst in midair. The sword-light was issued out like white silk. And, it neatly divided nine King Level Experts – who were fleeing away desperately – into two parts from their waist. The upper parts of their bodies were sent flying up. And, the lower parts continued onwards in a mad rush for a hundred feet even after they had lost their lives…

The vegetation and rocks of the vicinity were neatly cut off as well! In fact, the entire forest had gotten destroyed!

Chu Yang's body had flashed and vanished from that place in the instance the sword-light had flown out. In fact, he had already arrived in the south by now. One man had killed five fleeing King Level Experts with one single sword. He let out a loud shout at this moment. His bellow made his valor and killing intention to shoot up to the skies. He flew to several hundred feet in the sky like a rampaging and crazed devil. He then chased down the remaining seven King level Experts of the Black Devil Clan in the smoke and mist!


One of the King level Experts fell on his back and faced upwards with a look of disbelief. A faint glow of blood appeared between his eyebrows. Then, blood gushed out from there with a 'pop' sound. Blood spurted out from his forehead to his groin with a gushing sound. His body then slowly parted from middle, and everything inside his body was cut off into two halves like a watermelon.

However, Chu Yang went around this endless wilderness like a streamer of light as this man's body parted into two parts and fell on the ground. He obviously beheaded the remaining King Level Experts one by one.

His kills were clean and efficient; and, there had been no trace of mercy!

"The smell of blood always excites me," Sword Spirit deeply exclaimed, "Unfortunately, I can't always stay out in the world… Much of my spiritual power has already been used up."

His body flashed and left that spot. And, he arrived in front of Meng Chao Ran in another flash. Then, his body trembled ferociously, became limp, and fell down.

He had become unconscious, but his teeth were still tightly clenched!

Meng Chao Ran was in a state of extreme shock at this moment! He had never imagined that his disciple could use such a terrifying and earth-shaking method!

He had slaughtered each one of those thirty people from the Black Devil Clan in a matter of moments! He had spared none!

Moreover, he had only seen the sword-light dancing like a divine dragon… And then, the heads had gone rolling, and blood had scattered everywhere. The fight had ended in an instant!

He had seen Chu Yang flying around in this state of stupefaction. And, he was about to go up and ask him how he had turned the tables. But then, he saw his disciple falling. He saw

saw that his disciple's body had started to convulse. After that, some foam came out of his mouth, and he lost consciousness…

Meng Chao Ran then turned around and saw that his other disciple was also convulsing and foaming at the mouth. Tan Tan had also lost consciousness…

Meng Chao Ran was at a loss and didn't know what to do…

"I guess I will have to nanny-you-two-around for your whole life!" Meng Chao Ran heaved a very deep sigh. He first plundered the spoils of fight. After all, Master Meng's mind was very meticulous; he absolutely couldn't let off this opportunity…

Then, he piled up his disciples in the same place. And, he carried the both of them on his shoulders like sacks. Then, he walked on a certain road while gasping for breath, and eventually found a cave. He then threw both of the brothers inside the cave, and sat down to catch his breath.

However, he found something strange once he had sat down… the serious injury that he had received while madly rushing by burning his vitality was already healed!!

[It has healed?]

Meng Chao Ran was left completely puzzled upon this realization, [But how?]

Then, he suddenly recalled that Chu Yang had stuffed a pill in his mouth before he had gotten into the fight. [Is it because of that pill? But, can such a wonder medicine even exist?]

Meng Chao Ran suddenly felt an incredible and mysterious energy filling his body. In fact, he felt as if he could even battle an Emperor Level Expert at this moment. He obviously couldn't help but be startled again...

He found that he was no longer injured. But, the oddest thing was… he seemed to have felt a hint that the hard-pressed 'primary force' of the 'ninth grade' of King Level which was keeping him trapped at the bottleneck had loosened up. He tried to circulate his martial power. Just then, an abundant power suddenly welled up from his Dantian, flooded into his meridians, and got poured back into his Dantian. And, this cycle happened three times…

Meng Chao Ran was amazed when he discovered that he had broken through to the ninth grade of the King Level so easily! Moreover, that primary force had continued to increase without letup. In fact, it had given rise to a pain in his whole body. But, he continued to circulate his martial power and brought it into his Dantian…

Meng Chao Ran's complexion had become very strange by the time he had stood up after collecting his martial power. He felt like crying and laughing at the same time. He frowned for a moment, and then he blinked for a moment…

He had discovered that he had made another breakthrough!

He was a first grade Emperor Level Expert now! Moreover, his martial power was stuck on the peak of first grade Emperor Level at this time. So, he could breakthrough to the second grade of Emperor Level if he were to get an

get an opportunity!

It left him to feel very dizzy!

[This has been lifelong desire. But, I've broken through… in such a bizarre situation?]

[Moreover, I shouldn't have broken through just yet! How did I break through?]

Meng Chao Ran was so shocked and startled by this outcome that he couldn't even breathe for a long while…

Then, he remembered, [Oh sh*t! Why did I put Chu Yang and Tan Tan together? They're both unconscious. Chu Yang must've been roasted by now…]

He hurriedly ran-in and separated them. Then, he touched. [Eh? Chu Yang is okay? Can this elder disciple resist heat as well?]

Then, Meng Chao Ran touched Tan Tan. And, he was left to open his eyes wide. [How come he is not burning anymore?]

Meng Chao Ran touched him again. Then, he touched all over his body. And, Master Meng was left dumbfounded…

It could be said that these series of events were too much for his eyes to take. Master Meng's psychological forbearance had always been very strong. But, he had no means to explain these occurrences. Moreover, they were happening in such a compressed away…

He was genuinely helpless in the face of them.

Meng Chao Ran firmly pinched his own thigh. But, he suddenly felt pain as a result. So, he grimaced in pain, [I'm not dreaming!] He couldn't help but stay startled there.

A very long time passed before Chu Yang groaned. He then weakly crawled up. Meng Chao Ran was still immersed in these thoughts, and hadn't been able to free himself from them...

"Master, are you okay?" Chu Yang stroked his forehead. His head was somewhat aching. In fact, he felt as if countless needles had been pierced into his head. Moreover, there was a strong sense of powerlessness in his whole body. Every joint of his body was aching, and he felt as if his bones were falling apart. In fact, it was as if this feeling of weakness had evolved straight from his soul.

This was the aftereffect of the Sword Spirit entering his body. And, it had left Chu Yang with an intense sense of lingering fear. In fact, this painful feeling had left Chu Yang with a desire to never try this again even though he had nerves of steel.

The Sword Spirit also felt unwell inside Chu Yang's mind. He had drilled into the mountains of Mysterious Yin Jade and Mysterious Yang Jade to restore his lost strength…

He had restored much of his strength during this period of time. But, this time's consumption wasn't small.

"Chu Yang…" Meng Chao Ran's voice was very heavy, "You seem to have so many secrets."

"Yes, Master." Chu Yang softly smiled.

"Well, you don't need to tell me since they are secrets." Meng Chao Ran warned him, "In fact, it's best not to tell anyone. Just let them rot in your heart."

He heaved a sigh and said, "These kinds of secrets are too formidable… if they got leaked… I'm afraid…" He exposed a look of deep worry on his worry on his face. Then, he solemnly looked at this disciple he was so proud of, "I don't know how many powerhouses are there in this world. The so-called King and Emperor Experts are as transient as fleeting clouds. Those other over-powerful experts are certainly elusive and the proof their existence is not known to us, but it doesn't mean that they don't exist… And, no one can protect you even if one exists and got to know your secret by any chance…"

Meng Chao Ran deeply looked Chu Yang in the eyes, "Do you understand?"

"I understand!" Chu Yang sternly replied.

Chu Yang was already familiar with Meng Chao Ran's nature, but he still couldn't help but be impressed by the fact that Meng Chao Ran was opting to ignore so many things that he had witnessed today. In fact, Chu Yang felt a deep admiration for his master!

Even someone as strong as Young Master Yu would've asked for sure…

However, Meng Chao Ran wouldn't ask… no matter what! He would rather let the secret rot in the heart of his disciple than carry the burden of not letting the secret leak to the others for his whole life. After all, he must maintain his disciple's secrecy...

"Master, this disciple didn't know that your decision-making power is so outstanding," Chu Yang sincerely said.

"He-he… I'm a family man with wife and children… We – master and disciple – are like father and son. So, we can talk about anything. But, I might not be able to protect your secret if I run into someone as an expert… Everyone has a person that they can't keep any secret from. And, no secret remains a secret once it reaches the ears of a third party!"

Meng Chao Ran said, "Therefore, I don't wish to hear your secret even if you want to tell me."

"I get it, Master," Chu Yang respectfully replied. Then, he started to interrogate, "Master… there's a thing that I've never understood..."

Meng Chao Ran said, "What is it?"

Chu Yang thought for a while and said, "I can't be certain that Master's decision-making power is number-one in the whole world. But, I've never seen another person with greater decision-making power. I am just saying… but, you ought to have the cultivation to back it up under normal circumstances, right? But, why is yours lacking…"

He paused.

Meng Chao Ran chuckled and replied, "This is very simple… because, I got caught in a little something in the past… for your master's wife's sake. I had got hit by the Melting Meridians Hand back then!"

"Melting Meridians Hand?" Chu Yang's whole body shook out. He exposed sharp and swift brilliance in his eyes, "Isn't it the unique skill of the number-one ruling clan… the Ye Clan of the Nine Heavens? The meridians of whole body vanish into thin air if no solution is found within three days. And, the victim is turned into the most miserable handicapped person of the world, right?"

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