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A+ A- Chapter 560: Behead the Whole World Without Intention, Slaughte

The Emperor Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan — Qian Wan Tong was the first one to discover this place. But, he got scared by this frightening howl, and began to tremble.

In fact, Qian Wan Tong had thought in disdain when the half part of this long scream had sounded. [Motherfu*ker! Death is near at hand! What are you howling about?]

However, this howl changed midway. And, an endless murderous aura had gushed out! Qian Wan Tong felt that his hair had suddenly stood-up on end. He felt that his blood had run cold. Suddenly, his scalp also started to feel tightened. A chill rose straight up from his tailbone, and travelled up his spine to his brain. It left him quivering, and made him shiver.

He had never heard such a voice!

Even Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan became surprised. They inexplicably looked at Chu Yang. They were at a complete loss. But, both of them clearly felt, [This Chu Yang isn't the same person he was a moment ago!]

This feeling seemed utterly unreasonable, but they still felt so…

Chu Yang had turned his back towards Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan, and he was standing with his hands clasped behind his back. He was facing Qian Wan Tong. He had an expression of indifference in his eyes as he was looked at him disdainfully from the corner of his eyes. His face was still the same. His body was still the same. However, an endless stream of 'vicissitudes of life' was gushing forth from his facial expression!

It seemed as if this figure had been standing in the world alone without moving… for millions of years!

The figure that stood here wasn't Chu Yang anymore. Instead, it was the Sword Spirit… who had already been at the top of all existence for ninety-thousand years!

The people of the Black Devil Clan shouted out loud. Then, they flew over with 'shua' sounds from all the directions… as if they had received the orders to assemble. The twenty-five people gathered in the same place as a result. In fact, all of them had come here without any delay.

However, Chu Yang wasn't concerned in the least, and had an expressionless face. He very lightly stepped forwards, and insipidly asked with his hands clasped behind his back, "You want me to take care of these people?"

The twenty-five people felt the same thing as he spoke this; [The heavens have fallen, and the earth has crumbled!] The two Emperor Level Experts were no different.

They felt as if an invisible vortex had formed, and had drastically drowned their souls into despair. The felt as if there was a never-ending bottomless abyss in their minds!

They firmly shut their eyes, and shook their heads. However, they still felt haziness when they opened their eyes again.

In fact, there was misty snow swirling in front of them!

Every scene was undoubtedly different from before.

But, why had they felt such a horrifying sensation a moment ago?

"Brat, you're playing tricks on us!" a King Level Expert angrily yelled and cussed.

Qian Wan Tong and Wu Jiang looked at each other, and saw indefinite fright and uncertainty in each other's eyes. [Can this kid be a great expert in disguise?]

[How can he have such a frightening aura on his body?]

[Is it a trap? It's impossible ah… it wasn't there when they were in a troubled situation.]

Qian Wan Tong rolled his eyes and said, "Old Third Shen! You go and cripple this boy!"

He first sent out a man to go and check what the real situation was. He wanted to see if Old Third Shen could cripple the boy, or the boy would cripple him instead… this wasn't something he could decide beforehand.

After all, losing a man's life to see the situation of enemy was a trivial matter for Qian Wan Tong…

Old Third Shen went over. He lithely span in the air, and drew out a sword whilst being in midair. He shouted from midair, "Draw your sword! I will teach you a lesson!"

"Huh?!" Chu Yang slowly turned his head and opened his eyes wide to take a glimpse. A frightening aura came out from his body, and gathered together. In fact, it had seemingly taken form. It then shrouded Old Third Shen in midair!

The incoming Old Third Shen had assumed a confident and carefree posture in mid-air. However, he was left to scream at this moment. His consciousness sank into a primal sense of fear, and it seemed as if his body had suddenly been trapped inside the darkness of infinite hell.

Everything turned dark before his eyes. He let out a pitiful screech, and fell down with a 'thump' sound. However, his body assumed a kneeling position due to some unknown reason when he fell down. And, he fell to kneel in front of Chu Yang.

His whole body shivered, and his complexion turned pale.

"Teach me a lesson…" Chu Yang listlessly raised his head. Then, he softly and inaudibly muttered, "It has been a hundred-thousand years since I've heard these words… they sound very fresh."

He didn't seem to be guarded as he stood there. He looked upwards and sighed; it seemed as if he was lost in recollection. In fact, it seemed that the kneeling Old Third Shen's sword would pierce through Chu Yang's throat if he were to raise a hand. But, Old Third Shen had firmly knelt down on the ground, and his head was lowered even firmer. Moreover, his whole body had been left to sweat. And, his face had turned red… as if it was bleeding. In fact, he couldn't raise his head

head even if he wanted to.

Old Third Shen suddenly regained control over his senses at this time. And, he felt extremely ashamed when he realized that he had been kneeling before the enemy in front of many staring eyes. In fact, he felt so ashamed that he wanted to commit suicide; he had no alternative…

Qian Wan Tong and Wu Jiang were watching this scene, and they suddenly felt that their eyes had popped out of their heads. They couldn't help but fiercely suck in cold air!

Who was Old Third Shen? He was a seventh grade King level Expert! Even these two Emperor Level Experts couldn't beat him so easily.

However, he couldn't even start fighting when facing this boy. Instead, this boy had forced him to kneel on the ground by his imposing aura alone…

Chu Yang's vision suddenly turned scary!

However, Chu Yang was still facing upwards. He heaved a deep sigh and slowly recited, "This body has long discarded the mundaneness of life and livelihood. It has been 90,000 years since I've left the human world. …drifting over the pinnacle of human civilization… without experiencing the vicissitudes of life… without meeting any immortals!"

He slightly lowered his head after he was done speaking. Then, he gently sighed and helplessly shook his head. He said, "I don't wish to kill anyone." Then, he stretched out the fingers of his right hand and gently dropped them on the head of Old Third Shen. And, he pulled out Old Third Shen's head from his neck with a snapping sound. In fact, it had seemed as if he had pulled out grass from the ground…

He lifted his head, and heaved a long sigh. He had committed a murder with a mere lift of hand. There had been a sense of 'bemoaning the state of universe and pitying the fate of mankind' in his words. However, he had still been merciless in his actions!

Then, he continued to say the words he hadn't spoken yet, "… But, it's a pity that this is my mission!"

'I don't want to kill anyone, but it's a pity that this is my mission' this was the complete sentence. But, it was a pity that Old Third Shen had only gotten to hear half of it. So, his soul had already regretfully returned to the heavens.

Blood gushed out from his headless neck with gurgling sound.

Chu Yang gently sighed and said, "It is so pitiful that he had to die like this… Oh my, decades of training and hard-work got destroyed in an instant. Was it worth it to come all this way?"

Qian Wan Tong and Wu Jiang felt a chill welling up in their hearts.

Chu Yang's mouth had previous said 'I don't want to kill anyone'. So, everyone had felt relaxed in their hearts; the now-dead Old Third Shen

Third Shen had been no exception. Therefore, they had heaved a long sigh of relief, [You don't want to kill anyone? That's good!]

However, this guy had pulled-out that man's head while they were thinking this!

[It looked like a farmer had pulled out the weeds from his vegetable field.]

[He did it so easily…]

[He killed the other guy with his own hands, and said very sadly, 'decades of training and hard-work got destroyed in an instant…']

[Crap, is he even a human being?]

Everyone felt dizzy.

Then, they looked-on as Chu Yang turned his head and looked at Qian Wan Tong. He then indifferently asked, "Are you the boss? Go ahead. Please, create a reason for me to kill you!"

Qian Wan Tong was scared out of his wits. He couldn't help but take three steps back. Then, he suddenly felt dizzy for some unknown reason. He bellowed, "Everybody, go together. He's just one person! We can kill him if we work as one!"

This order was full of decisive and murderous intent!

Everyone bellowed and ferociously rushed over under Wu Jiang's leadership.

"Kill him…"

Qian Wan Tong started to cry!

He had sworn to god to not to say those words a moment ago. In fact, he had wanted to say, [We can't deal with this enemy. Everyone, run away!]

However, he didn't understand why his head had suddenly felt dizzy; and, that erroneous order leading came out of his mouth as result…

His enemy had asked him to give a reason to kill him. And, he had given his enemy this reason in the blink of an eye.

[This, this… this is the reason that will bring us to our doom!] Tears streamed down the cheeks of Qian Wan Tong.

Chu Yang burst into loud laughter as the stream of people welled up. However, a kind of ancient loneliness derived from the vicissitudes of life was still congealing and rippling upon his person even though he was laughing.

Then, he tossed away the head he held, and shook his arms. The hair-knot on his head blasted open with a 'bam', and revealed a head full of black hair.

Suddenly, a savage murderous aura madly burst out! And, the entire Northern Wilderness had seemingly been shrouded by it!

The complexion of Wu Jiang and the others turned white. They had a look of extreme fright in their eyes. They couldn't help but halt their steps.

Chu Yang slowly walked forward. His black robe suddenly turned dark like the night itself. Countless seemingly substantial sword energies were emitting out of his whole body. He stretched his right hand, and a shiny sword appeared in his hand with a clanging sound. It then issued a lively sword-cry!

Chu Yang had conveniently pulled out the sword. Then, he recited loudly, "Lone person moves unhindered in the mortal world. What difficulty there can be with a sword in hand? Behead in hand? Behead the whole world even without the intention, and slaughter the world for no apparent reason!"

Chu Yang's black form drifted forwards as he recited these few sentences. He looked at the experts in front of him as if they were nothing. His loose and long hair floated upwards as he slowly walked forward. However, he looked like an elusive wraith in this world of snow to the eyes of the enemies.

"… The sword falls and a thousand-feet-high wave of blood surged forth. A ten-thousand feet mountain is built on the foundation of the bones of the dead. Completely slaughtered 90 million lives. And, not even a single drop of blood has turned cold yet! Ha ha ha… this is fun!"

He severely roared, "This is fun!"

Suddenly, the sword-light rushed straight to the sky, and covered it in its entirety. It then continually to split-open the snow-laden dark clouds with a rumbling sound!

A ray of sunshine came in from the opening! The sunshine faintly glittered. And, the falling snow of the Northern Wilderness fluttered and floated densely. It seemed to be dazzling and colourful under the blurred illumination of the sunshine…

This Great Northern Wilderness hadn't seen sunshine in the past ten-thousand years!

The sword energy had broken through the cloud and mist that were spread over the entire sky! And, sunlight had spilled in from the opening.

Tan Tan had stood behind Chu Yang. And, nobody discovered that he had suddenly emitted out red light from his eyes at this moment. He looked straight at the exceptionally extraordinary sword energy, and blanked out.

The red light flashed past. And, Tan Tan gently fell and sat down on the ground. He lost consciousness. But, his whole body had been so hot that it could burn even his friends. However, it had now cooled down in this moment. The fever had vanished like a miracle!

It seemed that the frightful sword energy had aroused something. It seemed to have awakened something. Or maybe… touched upon something…

Another sword-energy similarly soared up from a distant area at this moment! It majestically surged up and pierced open a big opening in the sky. It was like a demon of ancient times had suddenly been reborn!

The sunlight spilled in once again. These two rays of sunlight in this gloomy weather made it seem as if a monster had woken up from slumber, and had suddenly opened his eyes.

That sword light then disappeared with a flash.

Chu Yang swiftly turned and looked in that direction. He then revealed a look of eagerness in his eyes as he said in a voice that could be barely heard, "There…"

Then, he slowly turned his head, and slowly lifted his head. He looked at the twenty-four people before him. His hair fluttered about as he faintly smiled, "Come on! Come and die!"

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