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This was a party night!

Xie Dan Qiong had almost gone crazy. And, he kept on forcing cups and jars of wine on Chu Yang…

Xie Dan Qiong’s goal was clear – [Get him drunk!]

[Only getting him drunk will show my sincerity, my hospitality, my gratitude, and my good intentions…]

Only God would’ve known how this thought came to him.

Chu Yang finished the first round of drinking after he had been forced to do so. He then saw that Xie Dan Qiong was completely intoxicated. His eyes had belied his drunkenness. In fact, he would sway thrice after taking one step. And, he came over to Chu Yang in this manner. His pretty face that could make any women jealous reeked of a tipsy look, "Come on, come on. Hic~ Brother Chu, hic~ drink more!"

He was constantly hiccupping. But, his heroic aura hadn’t decreased yet.

"If you don’t drink… it won’t do!" Xie Dan Qiong said in a loud voice, "I have secretly made this fine wine… I have mixed ‘immortal intoxication drug’ in it. So, it will inhibit your spiritual powers. And, that will allow you to get drunk… come on, come on… drink from this cup… drink from this bowl… empty this jar… How would I show my hospitality if I won’t get you drunk to death…?"

Chu Yang was flabbergasted.

[What did he just say? How would I show my hospitality if I won’t get you drunk to death…?]

[Fine, then! Who’s afraid of you if you want to drink like that…?]

Chu Yang became enthusiastic. He then stood up and shouted loudly, "Fine! Let’s drink, let’s drink! I will show my drinking capacity to everyone. I challenge the entire Xie Clan! I would stop calling myself a drinker if I can’t get you drunk-enough to reach a state where you collapse."

This sentence thoroughly instigated everyone.

And, the members of the Xie Clan stared at him since they had gotten furious.

"What did I just hear? This guy wants to challenge the entire clan to a drinking competition?"

"Get him drunk to death!"

"Outdrink him!"

"Get him drunk to death!"

"Everyone together!"

"Line up in a group! This feast wouldn’t be over until he passes out due to excessive drinking!"

"Let’s begin…"

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had tried to slip away the moment Chu Yang had made this statement. But, a few old men of Emperor Level who had tipsy expression across their faces caught these few youngsters, "Everyone is drinking! Why aren’t you drinking? Why don’t you try?!"

Ji Mo’s head heavily fell on the table with a ‘thump’ sound not long after. His head then further slid down like mud. After that, his body slipped down the table like a snake. The way he lay down on the ground was… glorious.

After a while…

Luo Ke Di foolishly hummed a few folk songs. He then howled thrice in a row, "Ahwooh! Ahwooh! Ahwooh!" After that, he slammed to the ground with a ‘thud’ sound, and lost consciousness.

After a while, Dong Wu Shang burst into loud laughter. Then, he emptied three jars in one go.

However, Gu Du Xing didn’t utter a word. He merely got under the table, and started to snore…

The cute little girl Mo Qing Wu started to jump around as she clattered. And, she continuously cried out in surprise, "Wow! Brother Ji Mo has collapsed…"

"Wow! Brother Coyote has also collapsed…"

"Wow! Brother Wu Shang is also drunk…"

"Wow! Brother Du Xing is snoring…"

"Wow… Elder Brother Chu Yang is still drinking…"

Only Chu Yang was left alone. So, the clan members of the Xie Clan felt excited because they had begun to hope that they would win the competition soon. The Xie Clan had sacrificed many Masters to the wine to get Gu Du Xing and the others drunk. But, they still had the numerical advantage…

However, there was one thing that no one could understand, [This King of Hell Chu looks like the king of drunkards! How come he hasn’t collapsed after having drunk so much?]

[King of Hell Chu seemed drunk and on the verge of collapsing soon after this feast started… And, he has drunk so much more by now. But, he’s still in the same condition...]

[He’s still drinking, and still looks like he’s on the verge of collapsing… How much has he drunk?]

"Bring more wine!" Minister Chu shouted.

"Bring more wine!" Minister Chu shouted again.

"Damn it! Pour more wine in my cup!" People of the Xie Clan shouted.

"Come on… one by one… Don’t cause a ruckus," Chu Yang kept them in order, "Come on, come on… Xie Dan Qiong, let’s start from you. I will outdrink you first! Next turn is of your men. Everyone, just go over there and lie down after you’ve gotten completely drunk…"

Wine puffed out of Xie Dan Qiong’s nose and mouth with ‘Bang’‘bang’‘bang’ of three jars. He murmured, "I will get you drunk to death…" then, he collapsed with a ‘thud’ sound.

Then, another man came. Chu Yang drank three jars, and outdrank that man too!

People continued to come, and continued to fall! However, Minister Chu refused nobody, and continued to empty the wine cups! The people of the Xie Clan had a cold thought in their hearts, [Such drinking capacity he has… is he even human?]

[Crap! He has drunk fifteen to twenty liters of wine by now…]

However, Minister Chu’s drinking capacity wasn’t good in reality. And, this wasn’t hidden from the people of the Bu Tian Pavilion in the Iron Cloud Nation. He had only had drunk one or two liters back then, and had passed out as a result…

But, the thing in this case was…

The Sword Spirit had made a huge wine-barrel in the Nine Tribulation Space. And, he was helplessly looking-on as cup-after-cup and jar-after-jar of wine were being poured into the barrel. It was like the Milky Way itself was being poured into that huge wine-barrel from the ninth heaven… The barrel was about to be filled soon…

Therefore, he made another extra-large barrel…

The Sword Spirit laughed bitterly, [How would he get drunk when he’s drinking like this? Make him drink the wine of the whole world, and he still won’t get drunk!]

[This is cheating…]

[The Xie Clan’s people are the genuine drinkers…]

At midnight!

Minister Chu bellowed, "Is anyone still left? Is anyone still left?"

Everyone was lying here-and-there…

The only man who hadn’t gotten drunk was the Ancestor of the Xie Clan — Xie Zhi Qiu. Xie Zhi Qiu bitterly smiled, and sneaked away in silence… [I am very old. I can’t follow this gang of these crazy youngsters! My effort will go in vain even if I try to participate against this young lad…]

The servants of the Xie Clan kept quiet out of fear. However, they were looking at this King of Hell Chu with reverence in their eyes. [Crap! It is unbelievable… These dozens of men are heavy drinkers. All of them have insane drinking capacity… In fact, they are so good that they are almost immune to alcohol. Yet, all of them have been out-drunk by just one boy. And, he’s still clamoring…]

[I have never heard about such a freak-show! This is no ordinary wine. The immortal intoxication drug is mixed in it. This wine can intoxicate a spirit as well!]

It seemed extremely unusual and unjustified to watch someone as young as Chu Yang with such drinking capacity!

Chu Yang finally knelt down after he had shouted for a few times… he then swayed for a while, and fell down with a ‘thud’ sound… However, he was still murmuring, "Bring more wine…"

Minister Chu was drunk. In fact, he had been drunk ever since he had drunk one-and-half liters of wine. But, he hadn’t collapsed thus far because of his willpower. However, his mind suddenly became relaxed since he had won. And, the immortal intoxication drug finally took over him. He was unable to remain in a standing position as a result…

The Sword Spirit looked at the four big barrels in the Nine Tribulation Space. Each of them was filled with such exquisite wine. He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. [The capacity of every barrel is fifty liters. This boy drank so much, and his belly hasn’t even bulged like a drum… Can’t the people of the Xie Clan see it?]

Everything had been extremely chaotic this entire time. So, nobody had gotten the time to look at Chu Yang’s belly… Everyone was busy drinking… that’s all…

The Sword Spirit sighed. He made a cup, and drank a cup of wine out of curiosity…

He started to feel dizzy as a result. Then, he swayed for a little while, and cussed, "Crap… I already feel drunk… Damn it…" the Sword Spirit also collapsed…

The immortal intoxication drug had directly hit his mind. The Sword Spirit was a residual wisp of his original soul. So, he bore the maximum brunt of the wine. Therefore, the glorious Sword Spirit was taken down by just… one cup!

The entire place had now been filled with snoring sounds.

The next day…

Chu Yang opened his drowsy eyes. He shook his head twice. He felt a little dizzy. [What is this fragrance?]

A small head stretched out from his side, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, you woke up, ah…"

It was Mo Qing Wu. She was dressed in a thin night-dress. She came out of the blanket like a kitten. And, she looked at him with a concerned look on her face.

"Qing Wu? Why are you here?" Chu Yang shook his head. He was a bit perplexed, "How did you get in my bed?"

"You were drunk yesterday night. And, I was worried that you would feel unwell. So, I slept with you." The cute little girl became visibly shy, "Elder Brother Chu, are you alright? You grabbed my buttocks, and it’s swollen now. Also… this is my bed… not yours…"

"Huh?!" Chu Yang was gob-smacked. He suddenly sat up. Then, he saw that his upper body was naked. He became shocked. He hastily turned his head, and asked Mo Qing Wu, "I didn’t do anything, right?"

He had started to pray in his heart, [I hope I didn’t commit a sin… Qing Wu is still so young…]

"Do what?" Mo Qing Wu opened her eyes wide, and looked at him since she was at a loss, "What are you talking about?"

"Eh…" Chu Yang blinked. He was baffled. [How do I explain this?]

"What did you not do?" Mo Qing Wu’s big eyes glittered since she was curious.

"I… I didn’t drink enough…" Chu Yang embarrassedly opened his eyes wide. A brilliant idea suddenly occurred to him. So, he said, "So, I am thirsty, ah…"

"You didn’t drink enough? Humph! You were stinking so much last night that it was unbearable." Mo Qing Wu wrinkled her small nose, "Wait, I will go and get you some water," She bare-footedly ran to bring the water bag.

Chu Yang looked at the bed, and let out a sigh of relief. [It seems that I didn’t do anything last night. Finally, I feel relieved.]

He drank the water with ‘gulp’‘glug’ sounds. Chu Yang was about to stand up and wear clothes, "Eh, Xiao Wu, you first go out. Elder Brother Chu Yang wants to wear clothes."

"Then, wear them," the cute little girl put her palms on her cheeks.

"You’re here… So, it’s embarrassing." Chu Yang was embarrassed.

"What is embarrassing?" Mo Qing Wu felt that this concern was unnecessary. She wrinkled her nose, "They are yours. So, wear them already."

Chu Yang felt helpless. He suddenly remembered an important thing, "Who took off my clothes last night?"

"Obviously, I did." the cute little girl replied with a sense of achievement. She then proudly added, "Who else would do it if not me?"

Minister Chu’s face turned red when he heard this. [I don’t even remember when I was stripped naked and left with only these pair of shorts…]

Mo Qing Wu looked at Chu Yang and giggled, "Elder Brother Chu Yang, are you feeling shy?"

Chu Yang suddenly felt ashamed when he looked at the purity in Mo Qing Wu’s eyes. [Yes, ah. Little girl, you don’t understand anything. You are wholly devoted to me, and care for me. Why would I be shy? It’s just that I just had an extremely filthy thought…]

He lifted the quilt. He then calmly got out of the bed, and spoke with a smile, "Where are my clothes…"

Mo Qing Wu covered her nose with her hand and fled out, "Elder Brother Chu Yang… I have to say that I almost died because of the smell of your feet last night… And, you’ve lifted this quilt now, this… this… How can your feet be so smelly…"

Minister Chu who was only in his shorts stood dumbstruck like a wooden chicken…

A while passed before he could even let out a weird cry in his mind – [Damn it! I was so drunk last night that I forgot to wash my feet…]

Chu Yang tidied up, and came out of the tent. Mo Qing Wu swiftly stepped into the tent. She then grabbed the quilt, and brought it out to put it in the sunlight.

A rope was pinned between two trees. Mo Qing Wu spared no effort, and proficiently put the quilt on the rope. She looked left and right to see if anyone was around. Then, she secretly moved her small nose close to the quilt, and sniffed it. Consequently, she frowned and covered her nose. [Oh my! So stinky!]

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