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Chapter 509: Break through at the Same Time!

Chu Yang couldn’t help but became absent-minded as he watched the little and delicate silhouette bustling-about. He seemed to have returned to his previous life. They would get out of the bed together every morning in his previous life. And, the first thing Mo Qing Wu would do was dry the quilt in the sun…

Mo Qing Wu would feel headache on cloudy and rainy days when there would be no sunlight…

However, she would sniff the quilt every time she would dry it in the sun. Then, she would gently smile and complain, "Oh my, it’s so stinky!"

At present, Chu Yang was watching Mo Qing Wu dry the quilt under the sun, and doing things like she used to do in her previous life. And, this suddenly left him to feel warm in his heart. [Qing Wu, you are the best.]

[Having you in my life is really good.]

Splendid sunshine radiated on his face as he smiled brightly. His eyes filled with happiness…

Gu Du Xing and others were getting into the tent while groaning at this time. But, they could feel this warmth as well. So, they couldn’t help but stand quietly on one side for the fear that they would disturb Chu Yang and Mo Qing Wu...

They feared that they would disturb this peace.

A mysterious light suddenly flashed in Ji Mo’s mind as he watched this. And, he turned pale in alarm. He suddenly let out a strange cry. He opened his eyes wide in disbelief, and hastily held out his hand and covered his mouth.

Luo Ke Di asked, "What happened?"

"No… nothing." Second Master Ji felt dizzy and light-headed. Then, he shook his head twice. After that, he lifted his hand, and slapped himself twice with ‘smack’‘smack’. He then cussed, "You’re so sick, Ji Mo! Your brain is filled with dirty thoughts!"

"What’s up?" Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang also curiously gathered around. And, these four heads crowded-in as a result.

"I just had a random thought," Ji Mo felt somewhat awkward.

The other three of them became more curious, "What kind of a random thought?"

"I am thinking…" Ji Mo whispered, "Big Brother doesn’t seem to be interested in other woman. Has he taken a fancy to Little Wu… Well, this doesn’t seem to be reasonable… Big Brother can’t be such a beast… right? What do you guys say?"

Ji Mo became ready to get a beating after he finished. He was already prepared that the others would ridicule and scold him. In fact, he believed that they would gang up on him…

However, he didn’t expect that Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang would thoughtfully stroke their chins. A good while passed, and both of them looked at each other. They then whispered in unison by coincidence, "Perhaps, a little bit of a beast… I guess?"

Then, they looked at Chu Yang standing over there and smiling foolishly. After that, they looked at the petite body of Mo Qing Wu’s. Then, they again opened their mouths and said, "Truly a beast, ah…"

Ji Mo was also startled. He spoke-up with a stammer, "Do you also think so…?"

Both of them nodded in reply, "It’s possible, ah."

Luo Ke Di was also startled. And, he also spoke-up with a stammer after a while, "Would we… would we have to call this little girl sister-in-law in future?"

"First… let’s wait and watch for now," Gu Du Xing replied in profound tone.

"We will have to do a research first," Dong Wu Shang pondered.

"I also think so…" Ji Mo opened his eyes wide.

Luo Ke Di screamed in excitement.

"Let’s just leave this issue aside for the time being!" Gu Du Xing solemnly said, "No one is allowed to speak about it! Got it?"

"Correct!" Luo Ke Di excitedly said, "Let’s observe for a while! Let us observe from the sidelines and figure out why Big Brother is fooling around with this little girl. And, we also need to find out why he has kidnapped her. And, why…"

Xie Dan Qiong came over to Chu Yang with pale complexion at this time. His mouth was still stinking of the smell of wine. He said, "Brother Chu… Bro

ther Chu, you’re inhuman… I still have a headache…"

"Eh… Big Brother, what happened last night…" Ji Mo and the others opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

Xie Dan Qiong felt like crying as he explained, "… he out-drank all of us in the drinking competition yesterday."

The four brothers became surprised, and looked at Chu Yang. Suddenly, Luo Ke Di sighed and said, "This is so strange, ah…"

The entire Xie Clan was knocked out in the competition last night! All the fogies of the Xie Clan had withdrawn to their rooms, and hadn’t come out this morning. They were ashamed… After all, the entire clan had been out-drunk by just one guy. He had made all of them fall on their stomachs. How could they bear this shame?

However, there was nothing to be done. Xie Dan Qiong was the Young Clan Lord of the Xie Clan. So, everyone had thought the same thing, [You had the biggest benefit from this association among all of us! Who would go and bear the shame for all of us if you don’t?]

Therefore, Xie Dan Qiong had shamelessly come over…

"Brother Xie… you got up so early?" The sunlight was shining on the face of Chu Yang. He seemed very fresh. He was standing in front of Xie Dan Qiong in a calm and composed manner, "This is beyond my expectations…"

Xie Dan Qiong’s face became red. He could smell his own mouth since he was continuously puffing out the smell of liquor. He took a look at the neat and tidy body of Chu Yang’s. This was obviously very shameful and awkward for him.

The difference between the two of them was poles apart…

They again started on their journey in the afternoon. Xie Dan Qiong had to make preparations for the new practice method on the other hand. The key was to first get familiar with the soul seizing flower blade. Therefore, he didn’t go with them even though he was reluctant to part with them.

The elderly of the Xie Clan also embarrassingly came over to see-off Chu Yang and the others. Everyone felt embarrassed as they looked at Chu Yang…

Everyone had decided in their hearts, [I will never have a duel of drinking wine with this guy in the future! I will run away the moment I see him if the matter comes to drinking...]

They were very broken-hearted!

The masters of the Xie Clan then looked-on as Chu Yang and the others hastened-on with their journey with 500 kilograms of the Star Iron on their backs. And, their faces filled with heavy and pensive look at this sight.

They had obtained the core of the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal. So, it could be said that Xie Clan was going to step into the phase of rapid development. But… there would inevitably be some limitations. This core was obviously the most valuable treasure! But, one can’t become an Expert if he doesn’t have willpower and perseverance!

Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing, and the others had taught the people of Xie Clan an important lesson by their practical actions.

[Would we have done such rigorous physical training so frequently while going on a journey if we had been in their place in our youthful days? We would’ve just hurried along, that’s all…]

"Dan Qiong, you would have to work hard." Xie Zhi Qiu softly sighed as he watched the shadows of Chu Yang’s team fade into the distance. Then, he heavily said, "This is called practicing Martial Arts! It can be said that the way you’ve been practicing Martial Arts is nothing in their comparison!"

Xie Dan Qiong’s face filled with a look of shame as he replied, "True."

He firmly decided in his heart, [I won’t lag behind you guys!]

An Expert of the Xie Clan suddenly shouted in shock, "Eh? Why have they started on their journey empty-handed? What about the stuff they took away yesterday?"

Everyone was suddenly woken by this. They then looked at the place where the Gu Clan had pitched their camps. But, they saw that it was empty. In fact, there was nothing there…

Everyone sucked in cold air…

[What did they do with all that stuff?]

Chu Yang and the others covered a distance of 250 kilometers in one stretch. The sky had started to fill with the star light by now. So, they stopped and set up a camp.

Chu Yang started to circulate his martial power on the same night. Those forging materials had been piled-up inside the Nine Tribulation Space. The Sword Point was well-pleased as it began to consume them in frenzy…

Chu Yang examined the drug ingredients that were delivered by the Xie Clan. He now had a very big pile of them. They weren’t particularly precious. But, these treasures had good abilities. Moreover, they were high in quantity…

The Sword Spirit sat down in contemplation as he watched the Sword Point absorb these items. However, the Sword Spirit didn’t dare to let his guard down. The Sword Spirit believed that the Sword Point was like a small thief that couldn’t be guarded against that easily.

The Sword Point would absorb everything if they weren’t protected properly…

Chu Yang felt that his bottleneck had become loose by night fall. So, he wanted to seize the moment in order to make the breakthrough.

However, he wasn’t the only one. Gu Du Xing and the others also had the same feeling…

The main thing was that they had hastened-on with their journey while carrying heavy weights, and had been using their entire strength for eight days at a stretch. They had then taken one day’s break to relax in the Xie Clan when they had become habitual of this training. And, this one day’s break had been extremely crucial!

The result of the training that they had been doing had manifested itself after thorough relaxation! And, the entirety of that pent-up spirit energy had suddenly burst out and channeled into their meridians like the rivers that converge into the oceans…

The ten King Level Experts of the Gu Clan saw the spirit energies that were hovering over the heads of Chu Yang and the others. And, the spirit energies were becoming increasingly violent. In fact, they had soon taken the shape of a whirlpool over their heads…

It was quiet, and very late in the night. The spirit energies were gathering towards this side like the rivers that converge into oceans, and were issuing whistling sounds.

The spirit energies in this area had gradually become so thick that a person with low cultivation wouldn’t be able to breathe in this vicinity…

The spirit energies continued to gather, and continued to form increasingly thicker clouds… they just kept on gathering…

"One, two, three, four, five… hiss!" A King Level Expert of the Gu Clan sucked-in cold air. His mouth and eyes got crooked in disbelief, "Five people are soon going to break through at the same time! Moreover, all of them are King Level Experts! This… this… this is like an illusion!"

He didn’t need to say this. The other King Level Experts had already discovered the situation by now. One of the high-level King Level Experts called out in a soft voice, "Be silent! Everyone must scatter out to make a guarding formation to protect them! We can’t allow the slightest amount of disturbance to their practice at this time!"

The ten people immediately scattered in all the directions. They then started to watch all sides in the dim light of the night with vigilance in their eyes. But, the excitement that they felt in their hearts became increasingly powerful and overwhelming. In fact, it seemed as if seas and rivers were overturning in their hearts…

[Five youngsters! They are about to break through at the same time! Such brothers… at such age… have such strength…]


The spirit energies suddenly issued a sound of explosion at the center of this group of whirlwinds. Then, they suddenly dispersed out in a ferocious manner. After that, they again gathered together. Then, they came downwards in a spiral, and issued whistling sounds. These spirit energies had become so dense at this moment that they had become visible, and had started to exude a mild-green color!

"Hwoo~~~" Gu Du Xing exhaled a long breath, and slowly stood up. He opened his eyes, and shot two fierce sword-like-sharp rays of light from his eyes! He happened to look at a King Level Expert of the Gu Clan who was right opposite to him. The King Level Expert felt a chill all over his body as a result. It seemed that the two swords had suddenly arrived in front of his throat. And, he felt that he would get sliced if he were to come in contact with them. So, he didn’t dare to move!

Third Grade Sword King!

Gu Du Xing couldn’t help but feel excited in his heart, [I finally broke through!]

He then looked at the other four people with deep concern.

The second breakthrough was that of Dong Wu Shang’s!

The spirit energy over Dong Wu Shang’s head infused into his meridians when he broke through. And, the saber energy dispersed out of his body, and spread all across…

The saber energy pierced through the air, and issued cracking sounds… as if they had substance to themselves!

Third Grade Saber King!

Dong Wu Shang stood up. He and Gu Du Xing went to the left and the right side respectively, and made a protective formation for their brothers…

It was like a dream scenario for the King Level Experts of the Gu Clan!

They had just witnessed a Sword King and a Saber King breaking through at the same time! It was very unusual to see such things in the world!

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo also stood up soon-after. They had also made a breakthrough!

However, the biggest whirlpool was left in the air. And, it was still spiraling endlessly. The spirit energies were constantly rushing over from all directions, and were moving towards Chu Yang like moth flies to the flame.

The plants within the radius of several thousand feet had dried up at such a speed that the process of their withering could’ve been seen with naked eyes…

The quantity of spirit energy that Chu Yang needed to break through was simply frightful!

Gu Du Xing and the others looked at each other in dismay. And, they saw a look of terror flashing in the each other’s eyes!

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