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Soon, Mo Tian Yun’s state of mind became tranquil. He then plotted everything in the secrecy of his mind.

[I should be able to execute the plan I had thought in my mind since it’s like this… but, I must to go back and let other people discover this dead body first…]

[Then, I will pretend to have a sorrowful appearance…]

However, he wouldn’t need to pretend because he was already feeling enough pain in his heart.

Mo Tian Yun put the saber on his back. Then, he sighed and glanced at his grandfather. He then opened the door to walk out.

However, he suddenly cried out in fear as soon he opened the door. He then fell back on the floor!

Two white-haired old men stood in front of him, and they were firmly looking at him with expressions of hatred and indignation in their eyes. These old men were the Second Elder and the Third Elder of the Mo Clan. These were the other two Emperor Level Experts of the Mo Clan…

Mo Tian Ji was calmly standing behind them in a snow-white robe. And, he was calmly looking at Mo Tian Yun.

"You… you people…" Mo Tian Yun’s complexion became deathly pale. He cowered-up on the floor, and struggled to move backwards.

"Little Bastard! Old Bastard!" the Second Elder inconsolably started to talk in grief and indignation, "It’s hard to imagine that our Mo Clan got almost destroyed by the hands of you two bastards!"

Mo Tian Yun’s face turned deathly grey. His whole body turned ice-cold.

He knew that he was done for… through and through!

He had killed his biggest supporter with his own hands. And now, he had no one who could speak in his favor in the entire Mo Clan!

The Great Elder had been a master of all the techniques of the clan, and that man could’ve helped him escape to faraway places after this matter would’ve been exposed if Mo Tian Yun hadn’t done what he had today. However, Mo Tian Yun had killed him at such a critical time…

He had dug his own grave!

Nothing could describe Mo Tian Yun’s current situation better… except for these words.

People’s shadows fluttered over. The other Elders of the Mo Clan, the Clan Lord Mo Xing Chen, and the others also arrived in quick succession. And, they were greatly startled when they laid eyes on this tragic scene.

The Second Elder slowly explained everything he had just heard to everyone in an ashamed and uneasy manner. It seemed as if thunderbolts had struck Mo Xing Chen. He remained standing in a daze for a long while. Then, he suddenly screamed, and vomited out blood. After that, he collapsed while looking upwards!

He had nearly forced his own biological son and biological daughter to go into impasse for this son of a bi*ch!

Mo Xing Chen’s heart ached of hatred and regret. He remained unconscious…

Mo Tian Yun was chained up, and taken into custody. He was to be taken to the prison from here…

Mo Tian Yun passed through the front of Mo Tian Ji. He couldn’t help but glance at Mo Tian Ji. He felt ashamed of his inferiority when he looked at the genuine Eldest Young Master of the Clan. He forced a smile, and spoke-up in a husky voice, "You won. A bastard is a bastard. And, I am a bastard. Finally, I can’t compete with you."

Mo Tian Ji insipidly looked at him and replied, "You lost… but, not because you’re a bastard! But, because… you’re unreasonable… and too ruthless! You had many opportunities to win, but you ruined them with your own hands."

Mo Tian Yun was forced to walk by the ones who had chained him. Yet, he did his best to turn around, "Mo Tian Ji, I beg you one thing… the mother and son…"

Mo Tian Ji callously looked at him, and replied in a calm tone, "Wouldn’t he become like you… if I were to keep him alive?" He insipidly smiled, "When I – Mo Tian Ji –handle matters… I don’t leave space for any future troubles. I am also ruthless, but I’m different from you. And, this is the difference between you and me."

Mo Tian Yun screamed loudly. He shivered with a rustling sound, "But, he’s still a child!"

Mo Tian Ji gently waved his hand, "Take him away!"

The trace of a struggle flashed through Mo Tian Ji’s eyes as he watched Mo Tian Yun shout and howl. He mumbled, "Initially… you were also an innocent child."

Then, he immediately turned around. He picked-up his unconscious father, and left while taking large steps.

The Mo Clan made an announcement the next day – [Mo Clan has disowned the Eldest Young Master Mo Tian Yun. The Clan Lord of the Mo Clan, Mo Xing Chen has resigned. Mo Tian Ji is officially the Clan Lord of the Mo Clan! He will be the thirteenth Clan Lord of the Mo Clan!]

This notice was announced to the whole world!

After that, the new Clan Lord of the Mo Clan made an announcement – [The Mo Clan will be fully reorganized from today onwards.]

[Marrying off women of the Mo Clan to form alliance will be abolished from today onwards! Child marriages wouldn’t happen because their parents have become matchmakers for them. They may happen only if they have a mutual attraction towards each other.]

[Mo Qing Wu is the Young Miss of the Mo Clan. The one who would dare to disrespect her would be the enemy of the Mo Clan!]

[The Mo Clan won’t tolerate any threat from today onwards!]

[The Mo Clan will cooperate with… Ji clan, Luo Clan, Dong Clan, and Gu Clan in all fields, and will have business partnerships with them!]

[And, send a letter through a falcon to Mo Qing Wu. She is the middle of a journey. Inform her that ‘the saber is yours, and it will always be’!]

Mo Tian Ji carried out a ruthless and rough cleansing process of Mo Tian Yun’s former forces. Mo Tian Ji was aware of the people who were loyal to Mo Tian Yun because they were loyal to the Mo Clan. And, he had been observing the ones who had only been loyal to Mo Tian Yun only. Mo Tian Ji obviously had accounts to settle with most of them.

And, this was obviously the right time to settle those accounts!

He simply had no tolerance to spare. So, Mo Tian Ji displayed an absolutely decisive stance. And, his decision of killing them left everyone to tremble…

A river of blood flowed through the Mo Clan…

Mo Tian Ji carried out the purge in the residence of maid-servants as well. Most of the maid-servants showed-off liking towards Mo Qing Wu when her Three Yin Meridians were intact, but many of them had avoided and ignored her after the Three Yin Meridians got damaged. He meted-out uniform punishment to them… regardless of their statuses!

The two concubines of Mo Xing Chen were also included in Mo Tian Ji’s blacklist. In fact, some of their relatives were a part of his list as well. So, he took action on them..

Mo Tian Ji had only one justification in his heart – [A small group of three people can turn the world around if they work wholeheartedly. But, thousands of troops and a strong foundation established in hundreds of years needs only one traitor who can make the great efforts of innumerable generations go to waste!]

[Now isn’t the time to show womanly compassion!]

Two Elders objected his way of handling the matter of the ‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance’ saber when the elder’s assembly was held. They believed, [This saber is the most treasured saber of the world. How can it be given to a crippled person?]

Mo Tian Ji didn’t speak anything on this subject. He simply meted-out the death penalty since he was the Clan Lord – [Kill them without amnesty!]

His words were clear — [Our Mo Clan needs undivided attention! And, you two old bastards aren’t being respectful to the Young Miss of the Clan. Calling her a ‘disabled person’ is greatly disrespectful! What use are you of if you disobey me like that? And, what harm is there in killing you if such is the case?]

The power and influence of the Clan Lord was in the hands of Mo Tian Ji at this time. This was his era. He had genuinely achieved this power and influence, and had gathered it in one place. The command of the Clan Lord was above everything!

The Mo Tian Ji’s power left the two Emperor Level Elders terrified!

Afterwards, Mo Tian Ji issued the order — [Don’t seek for expansion. Seek for stability. This way, we would be able to build a firm foundation for the clan in the shortest period of time.]

Mo Clan started a new day, and let go off the past as a result of this.

Chu Yang, Mo Qing Wu, and the others were hastening-on with their journey when such a tremendous change was happening in the Mo Clan.

Chu Yang and others carried 500 kilograms of Star Iron along the whole way, and they walked for eight days. They couldn’t adapt to the training for the first three days. And, they eventually sank into an extremely exhausted state on the fourth day.

They felt powerless on the fourth day. Even Chu Yang felt terrible. So, what could one say about about Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo and the others… The tiredness obviously came from the depth of their souls. It had nothing to do with their physical strength.

Chu Yang was very fierce in his heart. He had been speeding-up through the journey even if he was very exhausted. Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo vomited three times in the morning. Dong Wu Shang vomited out twice. Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang also vomited twice. In fact, they had vomited out everything in one go…

However, they felt better in the afternoon. And, they again found strength in their feet in the latter half of the afternoon. They slowly started to feel habitual of it from the fifth day. And, they felt somewhat light on the seventh day… as if the weight was nothing…

Perhaps an average person’s body would’ve collapsed by now if they were to go through such an intense strength-training. But, Chu Yang and the others were able to go through such an intense training since they had already tempered their internal organs when they were Revered Martial Artists. Therefore, they wouldn’t be harmed in their present training as long as they would relax for a sufficient period of time.

No significant improvement had been noted so far. But, their physical resilience had been increased greatly. They could already feel a huge increment in their strength. In addition, their concentration power had also increased while they were going through the training. However, they would have to wait for half a month to put down the 500 kilograms Iron Steel. Only then would the results be visible…

Also, what was worth mentioning was… Mo Qing Wu.

Mo Qing Wu displayed rare strength through this long and difficult journey…

Chu Yang hadn’t told her why he wanted her to walk. But, Mo Qing Wu gritted her teeth, and went on. In addition, she had been constantly taking out her small handkerchief to wipe Chu Yang’s sweat.

The cute little girl’s cheeks were bulged up. She had become so tired on the journey that her face had turned red, and she had been dripping with sweat the entire time. But, she didn’t whine about it. Instead, her vision was filled with resolve – [I won’t! I won’t hold back Elder Brother Chu Yang!]

She hadn’t spoken out these words. But, her actions were showing her extremely conscientious efforts!

She was a child of an aristocratic clan, and she was only eleven years old. In addition, this girl had inborn debility. And, there was another disastrous issue upon that – her Three Yin Meridians were damaged!

Therefore, this whole journey had been very difficult to her. In fact, these hardships were simply inadequate and inhumane.

She even fainted several times on the road. Her spiritual power had already exhausted, and her physical strength had also arrived at its limits. And, this had caused the injuries of her Three Yin Meridians to rebound.

Chu Yang would hold her in his arms whenever this would happen. Then, Sword Spirit would use his spiritual power, and would relieve the injury of her Three Yin Meridians. The rebound of the injuries would get eased down as a result. Her injuries would erupt from time to time, but the Sword Spirit would relieve them every time. He was doing this because he intended to use the Nine Tribulation Pill at the final moment in order to get the best result…

Chu Yang felt heartache when he watched her like this, but he knew that this was necessary! [Mo Qing Wu’s strength must promote.]

[I don’t know what kind of powerful enemies she’d have to face in the Upper Three Heavens when we go there. It might bring another new tragedy if her strength wouldn’t upgrade.]

Mostly, Mo Qing Wu would faint five times in one day. However, Chu Yang had made these exact calculations in advance. [She would hasten-on with the journey with her full strength in the beginning. The injuries of her Three Yin Meridians would be triggered within half an hour. And then, she would faint!]

However, she was soon was able to continue for one-and-half hour in one flow!

This increased to two hours soon-after. How much willpower Mo Qing Wu had, and how much patience Chu Yang had… it couldn’t be described in a clear manner…

Mo Qing Wu would struggle to walk on foot every time she’d regain her consciousness. But, she was determined that she wouldn’t rely on Elder Brother Chu Yang’s arms. She wanted to be carried in his arms… but, she knew that Elder Brother Chu Yang was already very tired…

This little girl showed strength, cleverness, and sensibility. And, this left Gu Du Xing and others so emotional that they couldn’t bear to watch it…

The falcon came with the letter on the ninth day…

Gu Du Xing hurriedly found Chu Yang after they had taken their evening meals. His very first sentence was, "A major incident has happened in the Mo Clan!"

Chu Yang became startled.

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