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Chapter 502: Worse Than A Beast!

Seven Fragrances Paralyzing Poison… his entire body had been paralyzed. Moreover, he couldn’t use his ‘Soul Sea Gathering Technique’ since he hadn’t reached the Monarch Level either. No one was an exception to this! Not even an Emperor Level Expert on the peak of ninth grade…

Mo Wu Xin’s body was shivering. His body shouldn’t have been able to shiver under the effect of Seven Fragrance Paralyzing Poison. But, his heart was so emotionally moved that he had managed to overpower the effects of this incredible poison.

His body had gone stiff, and he couldn’t move. But, he still couldn’t control his constant and instinctive trembling.

He couldn’t speak. But, his eyes flashed with a trace of deep regret. He wanted to say a lot of things, but he couldn’t speak at all…

He wanted to say… [You’re not Mo Xing Chen’s son, ah. You’re my biological grandson, ah…]

[You’re the son of my son Mo Xing Hai! You’re the direct descendant of my bloodline...]

[I had manipulated the entire Mo Clan at the time Mo Xing Chen’s wife delivered her first born son. And, I swapped their new born with you. You’re not Mo Xing Chen’s son. You’re my grandson!]

[This old man killed many people so that you could become the Clan Lord of the Mo Clan. I drowned that new-born baby while he lived. And, I even killed your biological mother…]

[Your father Mo Xing Hai met an accident a few years ago, and he was found dead. So, only this old man knows your history and your truth, ah…]

[This old man has always been good to you. I have been good towards you since you were very young… Do you think that there was no reason behind it? This old man is an Emperor Level Expert and a supreme elder of the Mo Clan. Why would I serve as a dog under an immature and inexperienced brat like you? Did you really think I am that cheap a person…?]

[Do you think there was no reason?!]

[Do you think there was no reason?!!]

[Do you think there was no reason?!!!]

His chest was thumping madly. He was yelling in his heart. But, those words couldn’t out of his mouth.

[I planned for my whole life. I manipulated the entire Mo Clan my whole life. Who would’ve thought that this old man would ultimately die by the hands of his own biological grandson? Who would’ve thought that I would die by the hands of the grandson I’ve nurtured myself?]

[I took unfathomable pains for him!]

[I racked my brains for him!]

[I committed countless murders for him! They were unreasonable acts… each one of them! I became utterly heartless for him. And, I perpetrated every kind of villainy for him!]

[And, he killed me in the end!]

Mo Wu Xin suddenly felt ridiculous. This fact was extremely funny. And, it was tragic in a rather very ironic sense!

He would’ve laughed wildly if he could’ve made a sound at this moment… And, he would’ve laughed at his fate…

"Old dog… do you find this funny?" Mo Tian Yun fiercely looked at the expression in Mo Wu Xin’s eyes. He then spoke in a low voice, "It’s aggravating to see you smile!"

He then unsheathed the saber. The saber-light was magnificent and as bright as a dream. But, Mo Tian Yun’s hands were shivering. He himself didn’t know the reason behind this. Even his heart was shivering…

However, he quickly controlled this shivering of his’…

[I am an accomplished person. How can my hands tremble for this old dog? He may have done many things for me, but… an old dog is an old dog. Whether it’s an old dog… or just a dog! It’s still just a dog!]

[He is a dog!]

[That’s all he is!]

Mo Tian Yun clenched his teeth. He slashed the saber down, and the dreamy saber-light went out to stab!

And, he fiercely jabbed it in Mo Wu Xin’s heart! He exerted himself in such a way that the blade of the saber penetrated through Mo Wu Xin’s chest. In fact, a huge part of the blade came out from his back!

Mo Wu Xin’s body shook. His pupils also


He had never expected this in the wildest of his dreams. He had always acted against his conscience to secure Mo Tian Yun’s future. He had covered up Mo Tian Yun’s traps against Mo Tian Ji and Mo Qing Wu. Then, he had shamelessly snatched this saber from Mo Qing Wu. However, his own biological grandson had taken this saber at this time, and had stabbed it in his heart!

Mo Tian Yun grimly looked at the expanded pupils of Mo Wu Xin. He then coldly gritted his teeth since these pupils made him somewhat mad and confused. So, he maliciously said, "You haven’t died yet? You’re still staring at me? Do you think that you wouldn’t have to die if you continued to stare at me? Do you think that I am scared, huh?"

He had said that he wasn’t scared. But, his voice was shivering. But then, he suddenly called out in alarm and fear.

That’s because Mo Wu Xin’s ability to act had suddenly been restored when his heart was penetrated by the saber. It wasn’t known where this strength came from, but he extended his hands and grasped the saber!

His strength seemed to have restored even though he was on the verge of death.

It was as if this was the final radiance of the setting sun…

He had the full ability to terminate Mo Tian Yun’s life with his hand at this moment! After all, Mo Tian Yun wasn’t an Emperor Level Expert. And, he didn’t know the true tyranny of an Emperor Level Expert either…

However, Mo Wu Xin didn’t attack him. He merely looked at Mo Tian Yun with endless sorrow in his eyes. Blood was continuously flowing down from the corner of his mouth. He was firmly holding the saber with his hands. His hands were also bleeding unceasingly. He then said in a low and deep voice, "Tian Yun… you killed me… You killed me… You must know that… I am your grandfather… I am your grandfather! You’re my biological grandson… my own grandson ah…"

Mo Wu Xin said this in deep and low voice, and teardrops continuously streamed down from his old eyes with every blink.

"What?!" Mo Tian Yun retreated two steps, and sat down on the ground. Then, he pedaled his feet on the ground to slip backward, "What…what are you saying?"

"I am your grandfather… I am your biological grandfather!" Mo Wu Xin strenuously puffed out froths of blood. He looked at Mo Tian Yun with tears in his eyes, and spoke with a stammer, "…in those days, I…"

He stammered and unleashed the truth like thunder strikes from the sky in front of Mo Tian Yun, "…I am your grandfather… it’s the truth…"

Mo Wu Xin painfully shut his eyes, "You wanted this saber… you could’ve just asked… How could I say no to you? Your grandfather also… doesn’t want to live… if it bears upon… your life… How could I not give up… a saber for your life…? Your grandfather… can sacrifice… so many sabers like this… for you… Anything for you…"

Mo Tian Yun had been left dumbstruck!

He could’ve never imagined that he had killed his biological grandfather with his own hands!

Then, he recalled everything in detail, and finally understood — why Mo Wu Xin had always supported him since his childhood? Why he had never spared an effort for his cultivation even though Mo Tian Ji wasn’t inferior to him in any aspect…

Why did he go against the entire clan and supported him to be the Young Clan Lord…?

He could never understand because he always thought that he had the natural charisma of being a leader! However, he had now come to realize that it was all merely nonsense! [What leadership quality…? What aura of a ruler…? Everything has become very simple to understand… It was so simple that anyone could’ve understood it very easily…!]

[Because… he’s my own grandfather!]

[He would always find some crafty way to help me out… even if I didn’t work hard-enough…]

Mo Tian Yun saw Mo Wu Xin gasping for breath in that pool of blood… speaking while stammering… and struggling in desperation while being on the verge of death…

And, Mo Tian Yun suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart. He felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart…

[I wouldn’t have killed you if I had known that you’re my grandfather… I was worried that I would be the only suspect for the theft if this saber was stolen… Moreover, Chu Yang and the others wouldn’t have kept my secret…]

[I had no other choice but to kill you. And then, I would create a false pretense that this was the job of your enemy. And, no one would’ve doubted me once those rumors had spread out. Moreover, I would’ve shifted the blame on Mo Tian Ji since you had showed so much hatred towards him. And then, I would’ve been able to take the place of Clan Lord in one fell swoop…]

[Because… you had always been good to me…! So, no one would’ve suspected that I could’ve killed you!]

[I would’ve cried loudly! I would’ve cried until I had gone into trauma. I would’ve cried until I had lost consciousness. I would’ve cried until my eyes had started to bleed… I would’ve cried until everyone had started to feel sympathy towards me… And, my crying would’ve been absolutely genuine as well. In fact, that would’ve been a genuine sentiment…]

[You would’ve died, but you would’ve brought about a great benefit for me…! Not only would you have saved my life, but also my position… because I would’ve pulled out the trick that I was moved by the death of my loyal subordinate, ah…]

[I had planned everything properly!]

[But, how could I know… that the matter would turn out to be like this? You’re my grandfather in reality? You’re my biological grandfather? How is it possible, ah…? Why didn’t tell me this before? Did you think that I would’ve leaked it out if you had told me?]

[I am not that foolish.]

No one had expected that things would extend to this situation… including Chu Yang even though he had forced Mo Tian Yun to take this action… Not even Mo Tian Ji who was aware of the fact that Mo Tian Yun would try to steal the saber…

Even a wise guy like Mo Tian Ji had thought, [Mo Tian Yun would think of a method to distract Mo Wu Xin. Then, he would steal the saber, and escape with it.]

Who would’ve imagined that Mo Tian Yun would be so vicious and merciless?! Who would have imagined that he would kill the old man? In fact, he had killed the man who had shown him kindness the size of a great mountain! He killed his biggest supporter… just for some greater interests…

He had committed such a depraved act that it was beyond anyone’s expectations.

Mo Tian Yun shivered from head to foot…

Suddenly, he crazily pounced over, and went to grab the skinny shoulder of Mo Wu Xin’s. Then, he gritted his teeth, "You, you, you… you old bastard! Why didn’t you tell me earlier…? You, you, you… would you be in such mess right now if you had told me earlier? You, you, you… you old bastard… you old motherfu*ker… You motherfu*ker…"

Mo Wu Xin looked at him with his lifeless eyes. The expression in his eyes changed from hopeful to despair...

He had told the truth because he was facing death. And, he hadn’t killed this brat because he only wanted Mo Tian Yun to call him ‘grandfather’. But, he hadn’t expected that this brat would become even more insane after knowing the truth. ‘Old dog’ had changed into ‘old bastard’!

This made the sacrifices that Mo Wu Xin had made for him… unendurable!

Mo Wu Xin hoarsely smiled. Then, a strong martial energy suddenly erupted from Mo Wu Xin’s body, and sent Mo Tian Yun flying. His skinny body that was lying down on the floor unexpectedly stood up.

‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance’ Saber was still sticking out his chest as before.

"I was wrong…" Mo Wu Xin let out a long sigh. He extended his hand, and exerted his strength. He then pulled out the saber from his chest. It was dripping with blood. He looked at Mo Tian Yun with rigid expression in his eyes and said, "You want this saber? Come and take it!"

Mo Tian Yun looked at him in terror. He couldn’t help but became scared, and drew a step back.

"Come, take it!" Mo Wu Xin sorrowfully looked at his own grandson… the grandson who had just killed him. He then said in a hissing voice, "Come, and take it!"

Mo Tian Yun gritted his teeth, and finally took a step forward.

Mo Wu Xin smiled and spoke in a hissing voice, "Not bad! That’s my grandson! Take it! You must have what you deserve, right…" He threw the saber and the blood got splashed all over. After that, his body swayed as he murmured, "Dying at the hands of one’s own grandson… I – Mo Wu Xin – am probably the only unfortunate man in eternity to have died this, right?"

The life in his eyes suddenly disappeared. And, his body fell down with a ‘thump’ sound.

Mo Tian Yun’s body shivered as he caught the saber. Then, he suddenly laughed in a trembling voice. It seemed as if he was nervous. A good while passed, and he suddenly slashed the saber on Mo Wu Xin’s dead body. Then, he sobbed in his heart, and cussed, "You old bastard! Old bastard! You made me commit such a great sin! You old bastard…"

There were two men’s silhouettes in a shadowy area not-too-far away. These shadows were coldly looking at this scene. Their temples were throbbing in anger!

Mo Tian Ji stood in snow-white clothes in the shadow. He was apathetically looking at this scene from a distance. His vision was ice cold. And, his eyes didn’t have the least bit of expression in them.

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