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Chapter 470: Breaking the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique!

Chu Yang’s pupils contracted at once! And, his extraordinary spiritual sense activated. He clearly felt that a strange energy was pouring into his body through the sweat-pores in his body.

Meanwhile, each step Meng Luo took, every action and movement his’, every time he swung the folding fan, even the gentle smiling expression in his eyes, and the warm and tranquil look on his face – all these aspects were giving people a beautiful yet hazy sensation of a spring-like dream.

Meng Luo had already made 14 clones by now. They had assumed a semicircular formation, and were walking towards Chu Yang.

This hallucination was a compilation of light and shadow, and it was trance-inducing in nature. The spring-like atmosphere was getting more and more concentrated with every passing second. In fact, everyone could seemingly smell the sweet fragrance of the spring garden. And, they felt as if the world was full of vitality. Many people had already lain down on the rugged ground even though it had lots of oddly shaped rocks spread all over. However, they appeared comfortable since warm smiles had appeared on their content faces. It was as if they were lying down on soft grass that was brimming with life and vitality... this was the season of spring inside their dream...

Moreover, there were several first-rate King Level experts among these people!

However, there was anger burning in Chu Yang’s heart at the moment! A burst of hatred!

Others might not know this, but he clearly knew that this technique of Meng Luo’s had been developed with the help of ‘gathering yin to supplement the yang method’. He had extracted the ‘primordial yin’ energy of countless young girls of 15 years of age or below in order to practice this technique to such an extent. He had exploited the emotion of ‘first love’ of young and naïve girls to practice his Spring Dream Divine Technique!

In fact, this trance was basically the manifestation of the most beautiful feelings of ‘yearning’ and ‘longing’ which these young maidens had experienced their whole lives. It was precisely the manifestation of these girls’ purest dreams...

He would employ a sort of extreme pact on these girls in order to gather these dreams. Then, he would mercilessly destroy the dreams of these girls. After that, he would use a tripod furnace to refine the world’s purest and most beautiful feeling of love. This was precisely the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique!

And, the vivid dreams of the girls shattered in this spring dream. So, this so-called ‘spring dream’ was devoid of spring in reality. Instead, the beautiful dreams of countless young girls were shattering all over. Shattering the vivid dreams of young girls... was the price of spring dream!

This was true the origin of the name of 'Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique'.

This was the most inhumane and despicable technique.

Meng Luo had already practiced it to such an extent! Its influence was so big that it had already gone beyond Chu Yang’s expectations!

[Hundreds of girls have been ruined by him… at the very least!]

A strong killing intent suddenly surged within Chu Yang’s heart! And, his strong murderous intention seemingly broke through the enclosure of this spring dream!

He wanted to kill this scum! But then, he realized that he had arrived in the Middle Three Heavens very recently. So, his foundation wasn’t stable yet. Moreover, the Meng Clan was one of the top and most respected clans. He would certainly manage to vent his anger if he were to kill Meng Luo at this time. But, that scenario would be extremely unfavorable for him in the long run!

Keeping a sorcerer like Meng Luo alive is the most effective weapon to deal with the Meng Clan!

Chu Yang was unaware that Meng Luo had sent a marriage proposal to his beloved Mo Qing Wu. He probably would’ve killed this ‘piece of trash’ with his sword if he knew about that. In fact, he wouldn’

t have given two sh*ts about the matters of paramount importance even though he was the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword!

However, he was completely unaware of that situation at the moment.

Meng Luo sensed Chu Yang’s murderous intention, and his whole body shook. He ferociously urged the spring dream, and made it more vigorous. The smile on his face grew even more intoxicating as a result. And, his appearance turned even more chic and elegant. He appeared very handsome and refined… like the God of Wind himself. In fact, he appeared like a young hero who was briskly walking in the spring breeze.

A young woman who hadn’t yet experienced her first awakening of love would’ve definitely fallen hard in love with him if the poor girl was present at this scene! This dreamy youngster had nearly gathered the entire world’s attractiveness within himself...

Who knew that the gentle and refined looking young man in this fantastic illusion was a vicious and hungry wolf in reality?

Meng Luo’s clones had expanded to 27 by now!

The atmosphere within the spring dream was getting richer and richer. He was also about to arrive in front of Chu Yang. However, Chu Yang still hadn’t moved into action. Therefore, a complacent look appeared in Meng Luo’s eyes. And, it was accompanied by a trace of looming killing intent...

Dong Wu Shang burned with impatient as he saw this scene. Meanwhile, he also activated his martial power in order to forcefully resist the invasion of spring dream on himself. He was about to shout in order to warn Chu Yang… when...

Chu Yang let out a loud shout, "Wu Shang! Watch clearly!"

He suddenly backhanded his sword, and stabbed his own left arm. And, his own blood spurted out with a ‘puff’ sound! After that, Chu Yang operated his martial power, and turned the blood into blood fog. And, this blood fog spread everywhere...

Meng Luo’s complexion changed drastically in an instant!

Then, Chu Yang wielded his sword to attack! The sword light flashed and stabbed Meng Luo’s wrist. ‘Thud’ his folding fan fell to the ground! ‘Shua Shua’, the sword slashed twice and stabbed the both of Meng Luo’s legs. Meng Luo screamed, and knelt to the ground with a ‘thump’. Thereby, he was left to kneel in front of Chu Yang!

The spring dream illusion disappeared in an instant!

Everyone regained their consciousness at this moment, but saw one of the eight big young masters – Meng Luo – looking distressed. In fact, both his knees were on the ground, and he was kneeling in front of Chu Yang!

[He may have been defeated... but, there’s no need to kneel down, right? What is this Young Master Meng Luo doing? Is he begging for mercy?]

Other people hadn’t seen what happened in reality… except for a handful of superb King Level experts!

Chu Yang went on like ‘oh my’ and continued, "Young Master Meng, what are you doing? This was only a friendly match between two experts. How could I possibly kill you over this? You, you, you... What are you doing? Get up quickly! Why are you kneeling down before me? Come on… I won’t kill you. Trust me, I won’t kill you..."

These words had been spoken in a loud and resounding voice!

A few among the onlookers had seen the truth. However, a look of contempt appeared on the faces of everyone else. [Meng Luo, you are the heir to a top clan. You are also one of the eight big young masters of the Middle Three Heavens. You may not take note of your status, but you’re still a King Level expert... How can your self-respect and moral integrity allow you to kneel before the enemy and beg for mercy?]

[This is simply disgraceful!]

[This is so despicable!]

Dong Wu Shang’s jaws dropped. He had never imagined that things would turn out so dramatic. Meng Luo had a complete upper hand a moment ago, while Chu Yang had merely stood there motionless. However, Chu Yang had suddenly brandished his long sword in an awe-inspiring manner the very next moment. Moreover, those sword strikes weren’t even swift or fatal. In fact, Dong Wu Shang knew that he would’ve managed to dodge with a little bit of effort if he were in Meng Luo’s place. However, Meng Luo had fallen prey to the strange sword attack, and had knelt down in front of Chu Yang thereafter!

Such a baffling and unexpected change in the situation had left Dong Wu Shang to believe as if he was still in that spring dream. So, he rubbed his eyes in disbelief...

Meng Clan’s ten King Level experts blushed with shame! Meng Luo’s front was facing them, and Chu Yang’s back was turned to them. Chu Yang’s black robe was fluttering, and it had blocked their line of sight. They had only seen a flash of sword light as a result, and Meng Luo had heavily fallen to his knees after that!

So, he was kneeling in front of this black-clothed youth as far as they were concerned!

[What the hell is this? Why is Young Lord kneeling in front of the enemy and begging for mercy… and that too before such a large audience?]

Chu Yang helped Meng Luo to his feet in a very cordial manner.

Meng Luo’s eyes were absolutely empty. In fact, it seemed as if he was looking into the void. His mind had gone blank too. He suddenly spoke-up in a manner that made it seem as if he was sleep-talking, "How do you know?"

Chu Yang coldly looked at him, but didn’t answer his question. He simply stated, "You lost!"

"I lost... I lost..." Meng Luo muttered to himself. Then, he suddenly let out a long and loud cry. He turned around and took a few steps. Then, he turned around again and asked, "State your name! I will come to look for you!"

"The person who defeated you is called Chu Yang!" Chu Yang proudly raised his face, and looked at him disdainfully, "The person you just knelt before is also known as Chu Yang!"

Meng Luo let out a scream. He opened his mouth, and spouted a mouthful of blood! After that, his figure flashed as he leapt back to his own team. Then, a frightened whimpering sound was heard as a small figure was tossed away by Meng Luo the very next moment.

Chu Yang caught it, and saw a pair of frightened ‘black and white’ eyes looking at him. This was the Storm Leopard cub! Meng Luo hadn’t gone back on his word.

He couldn’t dare to go back on his word!

"Let's go!" Meng Luo gave an order, and walked away with his tail between his legs.

The ten King Level experts of the Meng Clan glared at Chu Yang. It seemed as if they were trying to remember this person’s face properly. However, they didn’t say a word, and followed after their young lord.

Not only the experts of Meng Clan, all the experts present nearby (/in the surroundings) were looking at Chu Yang. There was shock as well as doubt in the eyes of all. They were trying to guess… [When did such a stunning Young Master appear in the Middle Three Heavens…?!]

"Young Master Chu, please heed to this old fogy’s presumptuous request. I request you to clear up a doubt that’s bugging me. I don’t know whether you’d be so kind to help me out…?" the one who had spoken this was a blue-clothed old man. This was a Ninth Grade King Level Expert. He had been lucky that he was far away when Meng Luo had implemented his attack. So, he hadn’t been enchanted into the dream. Else, he would’ve really made a fool of himself…

This is exactly what Chu Yang had wanted. So, he replied, "Senior, I wouldn’t dare to be pretentious before you."

The old man in blue immediately got happy and smiled. He was very satisfied with the fact that Chu Yang had showed a friendly attitude towards him. He felt proud and appreciated Chu Yang for that. He leisurely stroked his beard and asked, "Young Master Chu, the mysterious technique that Young Master Meng Luo displayed was very fierce and difficult to deal with. Young Master seems to be a Second Grade King Level Expert at present, but he knows a martial technique which even I would find hard to contend against. But, I don’t know the technique he implemented?"

He had asked what technique it was, but he hadn’t asked Chu Yang on the possible methods of cracking it. He was obviously scared to offend the Meng Clan.

Chu Yang would’ve explained even if no one had asked him to. Not to mention that someone had asked him to explain in this case! Let’s say that he wanted to doze off, and someone actually came with a pillow. Would he be willing to let the pillow go?

"I will gladly explain to everyone since the senior has asked. This would perhaps save everyone from falling into this trap in the future," Chu Yang put on an innocent smile. In fact, he seemed to be some kind of a magnanimous and openhearted guy...

Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo trembled from head to foot. [Someone comes across bad luck each time Chu Yang exposes such an innocent smile. It seems like the Meng Clan is going to meet with some bad luck this time...]

"This martial technique is called Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique... it’s extremely difficult to deal with!" Chu Yang lowered his voice, and explained in a spooky manner. Everyone’s curiosity had been aroused by him in the process. So, they erected their ears to listen closely. They were paying such close attention that they would’ve been able to hear him clearly even if his voice were two times lower than its present volume…

"This magical ability is extremely scary. Forget about King Level expert… even an Emperor Level expert will find it difficult to escape death if they aren’t aware of it in advance!" Chu Yang explained in a serious tone, "One needs to extract the ‘primordial yin’ energy from several young girls under the age of 15 in order to practice this evil technique. Furthermore, one must have a compatible cultivation method to be able to practice it..."

"What!?" No one had expected that this question would bring out such a sensational matter!

"Not only that… a young girl – after getting her yin extracted – loses her mind completely. Her intelligence gets destroyed, and she ends up becoming a zombie-like plaything from then on. This is the so-called ‘gathering yin to supplement the yang method’..." Chu Yang explained slowly in order to provide people with enough time to digest the details…

"The Meng Clan unexpectedly has such a heinous martial technique?" everyone shouted angrily. They felt very indignant at this injustice!

[Gathering yin to supplement the yang is already evil enough. This Meng Luo has gone even further by specifically targeting young girls. This is the most heinous crime! It is already beyond the point of insanity!]

"This evil method involves the extraction of the ‘primordial yin’ of pure young girls… as well as their happiest fantasies. Those elements are then refined to form this unique magical ability. This attack can make the enemy plunge into a beautiful illusion of spring once it is executed. Then, one can slaughter the enemy on a whim!"

Chu Yang explained slowly.

Everyone got furious! [Such an insidious martial technique… such an evil method… he’s the public enemy of the Middle Three Heavens!]

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