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Chapter 1393: 1393

Starting from the center of the Lan Clan compound, if someone looked from the sky, they could clearly see the violent airflow, with a kind of decaying momentum, sweeping out to all directions!Everywhere it passed, the entire Lan Clan turned into nothingness .

Many human bodies disintegrated in a very bizarre manner when they got in contact with this wave, not even having the time to scream .

The impact of the explosion went out in all directions, only leaving a deep hole in the middle that was so deep that its bottom couldn’t be seen . There was a burst of smoke, and soil dropped down the cracks constantly, and then water emerged…

Immediately, the emerged water was swallowed down by the sudden cracks in the ground…

The widest crack was a few feet wide… Many youngsters of the Lan Clan fell in this crack, which extended all the way as though it had no end…

The Lan Clan covered a large area, almost one-fifth of Tianlan City! Tianlan City was a big city with millions of residents!

But this big explosion reduced the whole Lan Clan to flat ground from the middle, and its impact spread outward to the whole Tianlan City!

More than half of the houses had collapsed!

The entire Tianlan City became a mess .

The explosion had passed . But all around it was quiet like a ghost town . Everyone lost their voices under such shock . Only that huge mushroom cloud remained slowly rising, turning, going straight to the sky…

Lan Buhui stood high up in the sky, bleeding through his eyes, ears, nose and mouth . Under such shock, he was also temporarily deaf, and even his internal organs suffered serious injuries .

He did not deal with his own injuries but just stood in the sky, his expression calm and numb, his eyes sad and lonely . He stared at the chaos underneath .

The Lan Clan was exterminated!

Under such a concentrated and cruel blow, the Lan Clan very thoroughly became history!

In the Lan Clan, only fewer than 30 Supreme Martial Artists escaped from the explosion . Even the current Clan Head, Lan Yingfeng, was buried in this turmoil!

Even the 30 Supreme Martial Artists who escaped were wounded and in very bad states . All of them looked like ducks struck numb by the thunder . There was no psychological preparation for such things that happened to their clan at all!

They had never imagined that the big clan of tens of thousands of people would be destroyed with a bang just like this .


Dirt and rocks continued to fall through the cracks in the ground, and the dust slowly began to dissipate, revealing the incredulous faces of everyone .

“Ah!!!” One of the Supreme Martial Artists suddenly knelt down on the ground and yelled at the sky . “My god… what’s happening… What’s happening!??”

“My grandson… My son… My…” Another Supreme Martial Artist, who was bleeding all over, only managed to speak half a sentence before he lost consciousness .

At once, the messy site of what used to be the Lan Clan’s compound was filled with yells and cries .

Each and every person has a place where their sense of belonging is attached to .

Lan Clan was the place for all these people . It was where they belonged .

Under extraordinary circumstances, any place that gives you shelter, warm tea, warm food and family is where your roots are!

It’s your belonging!

So long as a group of people moves toward one direction together, belonging in this group gives your life a meaning even if it didn’t have one before .

This is the joy of life .

Right now, the Lan Clan was exterminated and tens of thousands of people were wiped out . It was tantamount to sucking out the backbone of these people and depriving them of their direction and meaning . This feeling was beyond description .

In this state of mind, even the heart of hatred couldn’t hold back the feeling of utter hopelessness! It was a feeling of being hollowed out from mind to heart and to soul .

After a long time, only a few of the people regained their hearing . They kept staring at the scene in front of them and looked around in disbelief . It seemed that they couldn’t believe yet that the home they had spent their whole lives in was just gone like that .

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Lan Buhui let out a long sigh up in the sky, spitting out a mouthful of blood .

“Clean up the mess… and wait . ” Lan Buhui said helplessly, and he suddenly turned back and disappeared .

The explosives were too powerful!

Mo Tianji’s habit was always to underestimate his own power and overestimate that of his opponents, so though he already tried to calculate the power of the explosives properly, he didn’t imagine that twenty thousand kilos of explosives going off at once would have such power .

According to his estimates, one kilo of explosives could destroy a house, then ten would destroy a small yard of several houses; one hundred would destroy a small hill, and one thousand… would destroy a whole mountain .

But some things were beyond Mo Tianji’s current abilities to calculate .

Such as the power of explosives .

One kilo of explosives worked differently from one hundred kilos . The power of two thousand or twenty thousand kilos was also not simple multiplications .

In other words, even if you multiply the power of two thousand kilos by one hundred… it would absolutely not be equal to or in fact, would be far inferior to the power of twenty thousand kilos of explosives going off at the same time!

Gu Duxing had just held Mo Tianji and supported that strange shield when he felt an overwhelming heaviness pressing down on him . He desperately held on and the cultivation of the two men rushed into the shield rapidly, resisting the violent impact . A strong and powerful force crushed against the shield, and the two lost consciousness, only knowing that they pressed onto the shield and were sent flying away .

They didn’t know how far they went, but in Gu Duxing’s vague consciousness, they flew over two or three hills .

With a bang, the two fell down in a forest and suddenly leaves and twigs flew all around . The two bodies fell from the top of the trees, and when they dropped onto the ground, they were already in a mess .

Gu Duxing regained consciousness immediately, and the first thing he did was to check on Mo Tianji . After a long while, Mo Tianji slowly woke up, blinked a few times, and suddenly sighed . “How could my calculation be wrong? I’ve calculated hundreds of times… It was supposed to be foolproof…”

Gu Duxing didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry . This guy was actually thinking about this kind of thing under such a situation .

Taking a look at the shield, he saw that the back of the shield had been burned into a mess . The originally heavy shield was almost as thin as the wings of an insect now…

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Should the explosion be more powerful, this shield would have been wasted… In that case, Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing would unavoidably have to perish together with the Lan Clan…

Mo Tianji looked at the shield and gasped . “This… is unexpected . ”

Gu Duxing’s face was full of speechlessness . “Tianji… You’ve really gone too far this time… I guess the whole Tianlan City is destroyed now…”

Mo Tianji coughed, his eyes revealed a hint of embarrassment .

“How did you figure this thing out?” Gu Duxing made the gesture of an explosion, indicating the explosives .

Mo Tianji coughed and said, “That time, I went down to the Lower Three Heavens and happened to hear fireworks… It was to welcome guests . I did some research on it out of curiosity and verified the formula… And then I realized, though the Lower Three Heavens had this thing for a very long time, usually it was used for ceremonies, festivals, and the like…”

“It’s best to use it to attack a city . But in that case, the effect is not very obvious as well . I felt it was a waste . How could something so powerful not have any great use?”

Mo Tianji coughed . “So when I came back that time, I started to work on it; I changed the formula seven or eight times and realized that the power of the explosives can definitely be improved…”

Gu Duxing was dumbfounded . “That’s how you made this thing?”

Mo Tianji sighed . “Yes . Afterward, I realized that though this thing is powerful enough, it’s not very useful against experts above the cultivation of Monarch Level and Martial Saint, after all… Why would someone stand foolishly and wait for you to bomb them? So I set it aside . This time, it was only to blast the channel… that I got it out again . ”

Gu Duxing sighed, speechless .

Just such a thought destroyed one of the Nine Super Clans?

“How much of this thing do you have left?” Gu Duxing asked, taking a deep breath .

“None…” Mo Tianji spread his hands . “For many years, this is all I’ve made . This time, I was only afraid that it’d not be enough, so I used it all… I really didn’t expect that even a shield made of meteoric iron and star silver almost couldn’t handle it…”

Gu Duxing inhaled as though he had a toothache .

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The storage from several years ago was gone with a bang just like this…

Seeing this power and thinking that Mo Tianji had been carrying 20,000 kilograms of explosives on him when he was around himself and others, even with Gu Duxing’s calm temperament, he couldn’t help but feel shocked .

Oh my god…

If by any chance… had it exploded, there would not have been such a thing as Nine Tribulations anymore… Everyone would have perished…

Mo Tianji continued, “This shield is the heirloom of Xie Danqiong’s family . I took it for a look and realized that it could utilize the power of wind, especially when you need to move in the direction of the wind . So long as there is wind, a person could even fly up using the shield, and it is extremely sturdy . This time, since we held on to the shield, we were able to ride the wind and admire the scene of explosions behind at the same time…”

Gu Duxing’s face twitched .


We brothers were only a tiny bit away from seeing the scenery at hell… Though Eldest Brother’s nickname is King of Hell Chu, he’s not actually the King of Hell…

About the current situation, Gu Duxing felt fortunate and somewhat guilty .

“Tianji, it was really too much this time,” said Gu Duxing . “Many innocent people have died . ”

Mo Tianji was silent for a moment, a flash of guilt reflected in his eyes . He said quietly, “Maybe it’s too much… But it’s worth it . ”

Gu Duxing sighed . The power of the explosives was completely out of expectations, he really couldn’t blame it on Mo Tianji .

“The Lan Clan had done all the evilness possible, bullied the people as they wished . Now that they have died, we eliminated harm for the people . ” Mo Tianji laughed coldly .

“Under the oppression of the Lan Clan, there were many in here… who were good men who had the bravery to resist even at the risk of death, yet… reality was such that it didn’t matter even if they risked their lives… For these people, they probably would feel happy to die inside there as well? To die together with these scums… they arguably died with their wish fulfilled . ”

Mo Tianji said indifferently, “As for those who dared not even think of resisting… To live so cowardly, how is it any different from being dead?”

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