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Chapter 1392: 1392
Chapter 1392 The First Chaos of the Nine Tribulations in the Upper Three Heavens 2

gu duxing was anxious, but he saw mo tianji coming over slowly and felt a fit of burning anger .

“you’ve dealt with them cleanly?” asked mo tianji via telepathy .

“wrapped in divine consciousness,” said gu duxing with a cold face . “everything is under the cover of my divine consciousness, it can totally block detection of other supreme martial artists’ divine consciousness . ”

mo tianji snorted and said, “can’t be careless!”

gu duxing snorted and said, “nonsense, if i was as tame as you, i’m afraid i would have long been discovered . ”

mo tianji smiled silently, visually inspected the distance between the guest room and the main building of the lan clan, and frowned slightly .

there was a distance of nearly a hundred feet, and this was a very difficult distance to cross!

if explosives were detonated in the guest room, although it could cause large-scale chaos, it couldn’t damage the foundation of lan clan at all .

the main building was the best place .

mo tianji frowned and observed for a while, then he said, “duxing, look … this is basically the topography of the lan clan, the north side is the main building, and… the direction deflected toward the north is surrounded by hills . according to the general layout of feng shui, there must be a clan shrine there . ”

gu duoxing knew nothing about these things and said, “aha . ”

mo tianji spoke calmly, “in general, the clan shrine is very important for every clan . however, because this place is a little dark and not many people were willing to be stationed here, so… the people guarding this important place would actually not include anyone with very high status…”

gu duoxing nodded understandingly . the clan shrine was only paramount in name, but its actual value was equivalent to nothing .

there could still be some treasures in the warehouse, but the shrine could only be used for ancestral memorial tablets: which thief would be dumb enough to come stealing things in the shrine?

so this place was very important for a clan but worthless to outsiders . by right, there shouldn’t be any professionals stationed there .

“the most unobtrusive place here is actually at the core of the lan clan overall; it is the point that can achieve the greatest results . ”

“ah… this… to blast their ancestors together with them… it was a bit wrong . ” gu duxing admitted that mo tianji’s words made sense, but he had concerns .

if they exploded the ancestral hall, it was equivalent to digging up their ancestral tomb . this was a taboo for the nine heavens .

mo tianji rolled his eyes and said, “if you don’t bomb his ancestors, we won’t have the opportunity to be the ancestors of others… at such moments, you actually got kind and respectful…”

gu duxing smiled bitterly .

mo tianji raised his eyes to look, used his mind to sense the place, and said, “dozens of feet away from the shrine, there should be a warehouse . there is the aura of treasure there… but it is obviously not above the ground, it should be underground . ”

“generally, such places are very discrete… but the more discrete it is, the more important it will be . ”

“then it’s the place where the lan clan sleeps…” mo tianji calculated and finally made up his mind . “this way, you will rush into the lan clan shrine within half a breath, i will rush with you . when you’ve reached in, i will precisely be five hundred feet away from you…”

“you will dump all the explosives at once and rush toward me immediately . the moment you leave will be the moment i fire my phosphorus arrow… and the moment you reach me, my phosphorus arrow hits the gunpowder… the first wave of explosion will begin… then we’ll leave at the same time!”

mo tianji said methodically, “then, it will cause huge chaos . even if someone found us at that time, it’d be too late to do anything…”

gu duxing took in a cold breath . “you’re mad… that is twenty-two thousand pounds of explosives . you and i will be just five hundred feet away… once detonated, there’s no way we can escape the cover range of the explosives . ”

mo tianji replied, “about this, i have my own plan! in a word, we can save our lives and escape . ”

gu duxing shook his head . “tianji, if so, you just rush out, don’t care about me . i’ll rush in myself to detonate it, then i’ll find my own opportunity to escape…”

mo tianji stared . “can i lie to you? that’s it! start acting now!”

gu duxing hesitated . “it’s only two in the morning…”

“at three the defense will be tight!” mo tianji sighed . “who doesn’t know that three in the morning is best for night plots… why are you so weird today . ”

gu duxing smiled bitterly and finally agreed . “okay!”

he thought to himself, “why am i so weird? isn’t it all for you? if it was only myself, would i really care? at any rate, i am a peak-level second-grade sword supremacy, i’d be prepared to run for my life if i have to, and i’d be totally confident . am i not afraid of something happening to you?”

mo tianji, of course, knew gu duxing’s state, he said with an accented tone, “duxing, you should know my temper… everything i do is done with utmost caution… if i was not sure, why would i accompany you to take risks?”

gu duxing’s spirit was lifted . “okay!”

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mo tianji said via telepathy .

gu duxing’s body went out like an arrow!

from the start, gu duxing reached his fastest speed! the speed of a peak-level second-grade sword supremacy was completely, unreservedly shown!

his thin body, clad in black, shot through the space . it actually produced a fuzzy line of white smoke, and then it lit the explosives up quietly! with just a flicker, it was already seven to eight hundred feet away .

mo tianji followed it closely .

everything was according to mo tianji’s expectations . so long as one started the action, it was irreversible and unstoppable .

because there was just that little time . even if these two people were found now, it was definitely too late to do anything to stop them .

just when gu duxing started moving, three people in the lan clan opened their eyes at the same time: there are supreme martial artists running desperately? what happened?

in the next instant, the two flew up and out of the houses they lived in, and went up high in the sky, looking down on the entire lan clan compound .

but when they just started to think about this, gu duxing’s body swayed in the dark, and it had already rushed into the shrine, quick like a flash of lightning . immediately, without even caring if anyone was inside, the two rings were completely opened and all piles of explosives were dumped on the ground, looking like a little hill . and then with some splashing sounds, several barrels of oil was poured onto the pile of explosives .

when the three supreme martial artists had just begun to move out, gu duxing was already flying back, retreating along his original path!

when their bodies rose up into the sky and started observing the compound…

mo tianji was already five hundred feet away from the shrine, stretching his bow to the full, and an arrow that was flickering with phosphorous fire like a black ghost shot out!

and entered the shrine!

and this time, gu duxing had already come to mo tianji’s side!

“go!” mo tianji roared and hoisted onto gu duxing’s back, who grabbed mo tianji’s belt and rushed out like a flash of lightning .

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immediately, mo tianji’s expression relaxed, his finger wiped over the ring, and a strange-shaped purple crystal shield appeared in his hand . then, he held up the big shield, covering the backs of himself and gu duxing .


“where are you going!”


from three directions, three angry voices sounded at the same time, then three figures pounced over from three directions at once . before the people reached, a mountain-like heavy pressure already pressed down on them .

a long whistle shook the night sky within the lan clan . “the lan clan of the nine super clans, from today on, becomes history!”

it was the voice of gu duxing .

gu duxing had already come across two thousand feet . opposite them, several experts of the lan clan came to intercept them . when gu duxing was just about to pull out the black dragon sword in his hand, he was stopped by mo tianji .

gu duxing felt it extremely hard to understand: they were running for their lives, yet mo tianji took out such a strangely-shaped big shield, which also slowed down the two by more than half of the speed .

and now mo tianji actually didn’t allow him to use his sword…

could he be really sending them to die?

now, a big fire had already started on the side of the shrine, though there was no explosion for the moment .

several figures flew to the shrine rapidly, and several others rushed toward mo tianji and gu duxing, hatred flashing in their eyes . several others were busy going up into the sky… in the distance, experts of the lan clan were gathering…

at this rate, gu duxing and mo tianji would absolutely not be able to get away even if they had wings .

right at this moment, a bright light shone suddenly and there was immediately a world-shaking explosion!

with a bang, a large mushroom cloud appeared in the direction of the lan clan’s shrine, and all the buildings around it collapsed at once . the experts who were rushing to fight the fire all became roasted pieces of meat…

everyone became deaf at this moment!

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many fell from the air, looking like dumplings .

this was only a small portion of the explosives, and the vast majority of explosives were blown up by this explosion, and they flew out in all directions .

then, there was yet another extraordinarily huge explosion!

this was the major explosion!

immediately, all directions saw explosions at the same time… that was the explosives pushed out by the airwave exploding . the lan clan compound was turned upside down!

on the ground, a huge crack hundreds of miles long suddenly opened up . it was so deep that the bottom could not be seen . then, there were countless extensions from the crack, and countless human bodies and houses fell inside just like this…

the tragedy of this moment could not be described by words…

the most solid house out of the main buildings of the lan clan actually flew up into the sky as a whole, going several hundred feet up in the air before dismantling . if someone carefully observed it, they could see several completely naked human bodies flying out of the dismantling house…

gu duxing and mo tianji only felt a sudden sinking behind them, and the airwaves from the explosion came pressing down on them . the two used all their force to press against the shield made of some unknown material . in almost just an instant, blood spurted out of the mouths, noses, ears, and eyes of the two .

the power of the explosion came like a rage of earthquake, making this shield disappear into the night sky with a whistle . there was no knowing how far it went…

in a word, the lan clan experts who were in front of them, soaked in blood, only heard a whistle while the two people in front of them were gone .

and then, a burning heatwave came right in their faces with an endless aura of destruction…

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