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Chapter 1359: 1359

1359 The Aura of Extraterrestrial Demons

This was a big surprise .

Everyone could see Ye Zui’s combat abilities clearly, and they knew that he was no easy man . Yet that sword injury on Ye Zui’s chest was clearly from the sword aura that apparently injured the meridians .

Under such a circumstance, it was definite that Ye Zui wouldn’t be able to use his maximum combat power!

And Ye Zui’s sword aura right indeed confirmed everyone’s speculations .

But the real surprise was absolutely not Ye Zui but Chu Yang!

Anyone could see that this guy had absolutely no less than fifty wounds on his body . Although all were injuries on skin and flesh, to be injured to this extent by Ye Zui the peak-level fourth-grade Sword Supremacy, he would probably die .

What’s more, everyone could see that the sword cut on his leg nearly chopped it off .

Even a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist was in agreement that if forced to fight, this person’s combat power would absolutely be less than 20% than his usual!

How could they imagine that now if he fought, it was actually more than 120% of combat power!

Even without any injuries at all, this would be extremely difficult .

Besides, more than that, this guy seemed already half-convinced because of his severe injuries… Yet he fought back within the blink of an eye?

And in just an instant!

There was Ye Zui in front and Chu Yang behind!

The two Sword Supremacy attacked at the same time with their full strength . Among all the sword aura, the three first-grade Supreme Martial Artists were turned into flesh and blood flying in the sky before they could scream .

The two fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artists fell out in a spin, their bodies covered with sword wounds .

They finally managed to stabilize themselves . The two fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artists roared with anger and fury, but they attacked with their full force!

There were two loud bangs!

Chu Yang and Ye Zui suffered a hit and grunted at the same time . There was a crack on Chu Yang as some bones were broken, but finally, the two joined together . In an instant, the amount of sword aura increased wildly, and two big waves merged to form a torrent, attacking toward Zhuge Hun and Lan Meng!

Zhuge Hun whistled and went on blocking with full force, together with the two beside him!

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This young master of the Zhuge Clan who looked gentle actually also had the cultivation of first-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

On all sides, all the professionals started rushing here at the same time!

Chu Yang and Ye Zui yelled at once, yet the sword light made an abrupt turn . Risking their body to bear the hit of several professionals, blood was spewed out of their mouths . But the attack finally changed direction and shot toward one side, passing by the side of Zhuge Hun’s body!

On the other side, Lan Meng was originally prepared to watch the scene, yet with the blink of an eye, two waves of sword light joined together and rushed toward him like a bolt of lightning!

At once, death came knocking at his door and his whole body turned icy-cold . He yelled with a crying voice, “Save…”

But the guards around him only just moved, they rushed back to block the attack, but it was already too late .

At the next instant!

In front of everyone, this Second Young Master of the Lan Clan let out a terrible scream and his whole body was suddenly shattered into pieces .

This Second Young Master of the Lan Clan was really disheartened . Ordinarily, he was always under the control of the Eldest Young Master, Lan Ruo, and now that he was finally able to come out to take a ride when the older brother was gone, he lost his life on the ride .

If he was from another clan, it would still be okay . But the Lan Clan’s Eldest Young Master Lan Ruo, the Second Young Master Lan Meng and the Third Young Master Lan Changge were all dead .

Just like what Ye Zui had said before, “The Lan Clan had no one to succeed!”

Chu Yang was really evil: till now, four Masters of the Lan Clan from the Nine Super Clans had already died in his hands!

Besides, they were all higher-ranked ones .

Once Lan Meng died, an opening suddenly appeared .

Chu Yang and Ye Zui turned into a flash of lightning and flew out, eloping in straight lines in the grass .

“Chase!” Zhuge Hun shouted coldly, “North-east direction? Can I not know that… that is the place with complicated terrains? Four fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists are right there waiting for you two losers . I’ll see how you can escape!”

The crowd chased after the two .

Only the Supreme Martial Artists from the Lan Clan stopped, looked at their second young master’s body which had already been torn into thousands of pieces, they wanted to cry but had no tears .

Bump .

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Only then did Lan Meng’s head fall from the sky . The sword marks were still clear, hundreds of them…

Chu Yang and Ye Zui rushed madly all the way!

At this moment, both of them were really seriously injured! Before fighting, Chu Yang put two incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulations Pills in his mouth, and after he attacked, within one breath, the two Nine Tribulations Pills were actually already used up!

Two Nine Tribulations Pills meant recovering from two fatal injuries!

Counting the very first time, it was equivalent to three incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulations Pills being consumed within a quarter of an hour!

He went to the gate of hell three times!

Such frequency made even Chu Yang himself ooze cold-sweat all over .

They rushed all the way .

Chu Yang suddenly realized that Ye Zui’s aura was slowly changing . He was injured multiple times and suffered two hard blows by fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artists . By right, he was supposed to get weaker and weaker, but right now, he was getting crazier instead .

It was as though the repeated injuries actually suddenly triggered some madness .

The wild, violent and cruel aura on him was getting denser and denser!

With every bit of increase in this kind of aura, his speed increased a bit more and his breath went a bit stronger…

Besides, even during such wild running, there was actually a bit of black aura vaguely emerging from Ye Zui’s body and his sword…

The more the black aura emerged, Chu Yang realized, the more the wounds on Ye Zui’s chest slowly healed . The bones inside his body were also cracking quietly, slowly returning to position and recovering…

“What’s going on?” Even though the two were cooperating, Chu Yang couldn’t help but be very shocked!

“This is the demonic aura!” said the Sword Spirit slowly inside his consciousness . “No wonder Ye Zui’s cultivation is so fast, he can actually produce the demonic aura . But he’s an ordinary human, how can his body produce this kind of demonic aura?”

“Demonic aura? The aura of extraterrestrial demons?” Chu Yang was shocked as he asked . He was so shocked that his footsteps almost stopped .

“I’ve never seen an extraterrestrial demon as well…” The Sword Spirit was a bit embarrassed . “However, according to the legend, such an aura is very much like …”

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Chu Yang suddenly felt doubtful . How can there be a demonic aura on Ye Zui’s body? Can extraterrestrial demons be accessible from the Nine Heavens Continent?

If that’s the case, everything on the continent would have gone extinct long ago, right?

Yet they remain until now?

The Sword Spirit hesitated and said, “Not necessarily… This aura, there are several possibilities for it . The first is that a powerful demon’s body burst, passed through the space, came to Nine Heavens Continent and was obtained by Ye Zui . But if that’s the case, Ye Zui shouldn’t be as weak as he is now . ”

Chu Yang asked, “What about the second possibility?” ”

“The second possibility is that something that some extraterritorial demon wore, such as jade, or a sword, etc, was obtained by Ye Zui, but Ye Zui hasn’t really figured out its secret… Yet at this moment, it is already open…”

“The third possibility is that he is possessed by an extraterrestrial demon… But if that’s the case, at this moment, the Nine Heavens would no longer be here… So the third is not possible as well . ”

The Sword Spirit spoke in one breath

Chu Yang figured out something . “That means there’s only the second possibility!”

The Sword Spirit nodded heavily . “Ye Zui must have had an extraordinary experience and it must have something to do with extraterrestrial demons!”

The sword lights passed over the grassland . Its speed was not only like a ray of light, but it looked like a ray of light!

Behind it, several figures chased like hunting predators .

Dozens of miles were covered in the blink of an eye .

Ye Zui also felt very confused about Chu Yang on his side . Wasn’t this guy about to die just now? How did he manage to stay alive? Could he have been saving his strength all the time while battling me just now?

In this case… After this, I can’t hurry to kill this person but rather battle him once more…

The sword lights went right across a dense forest and with a squeak, it directly plowed out a straight and smooth passageway; a high mountain appeared in front of them .

This mountain was a bit strange . The whole mountain looked like a pagoda .

From bottom to the top, it went up in storeys and the second layer was already hidden in the clouds and only half-visible . From the fourth storey onwards, nothing could be seen at all .

Besides, this was under a clear and cloudless sky .

If it was cloudy or rainy… the whole mountain except the foot would be totally invisible .

The Pagoda Mountain had characteristics like Mount Xingyun at the Zhuge Clan and even had a harder texture than Mount Xingyun . On all sides of the continent, there was a strange place like this . It seemed to be a coincidence but also seemed to be… deliberately arranged .

But in terms of mysteriousness, the Pagoda Mountain was the most mysterious!

There was a local folk song that talked about the Pagoda Mountain: Pagoda Mountain, it’s top is sharp, which is where the gods stay . One foot on the ground, one hand holding up the sky, the sky is the Nine Heavens!

In front of the Pagoda Mountain .

To enter the Pagoda Mountain from this direction, there were only four routes .

Right now, these four routes were occupied by four men .

Looking at the bright sword lights approaching at top speed from the distance, the four people automatically adjusted, gave up two routes on the sides and held the two right in the middle .

“It’s just like what Young Master predicted, they really rushed out and came from that direction . ” One of them smiled . “Perhaps Ye Zui didn’t know that if he really ran away in the direction of the Ye Clan, there would be no one there to stop him!” ”

Another laughed . “Young Master’s great calculations have really reached a certain level!”

The third person said heavily, “They’re getting closer, we must get them at one shot!”

The other three chuckled at the same time . “We’ve been ready since long ago! Even if these two were Nine Tribulations Sword Masters, today they wouldn’t be able to escape from the four of us!”

There was no boasting in this sentence at all .

Four fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists, against a heavily injured fourth-grade Sword Supremacy and a dying second-grade Sword Supremacy, could be absolutely confident that there was no way they would fail .

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