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Chapter 1358: 1358

1358 Fate Decides Life and Death!

Chu Yang was greatly shocked .

Zhuge Clan’s prediction of heavenly secrets was immensely powerful . At such a time of chaos and confusion in heavenly secrets, they could actually calculate something like this so accurately .

Actually, even Zhuge Hun, who stood in front of him, couldn’t be sure of the real meaning of these words or whether he was right .

But Chu Yang knew that it was really correct .

So long as he was held at Zhuge Clan or assimilated by them, Zhuge Clan would be safe in any case!

It was completely correct! Because he himself was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master .

One night in the Nine Heavens, the tiger is in the plains and the dragon is in the sky .

Out of these two phrases, the first talked about the location, the second talked about both Ye Zui and himself… being a tiger in a desperate situation? Or that Ye Zui was, while he was a dragon in the sky?

Thinking all these made Chu Yang’s face heat up a little .

‘The drunken dream brings only pain’ referred to Ye Zui being injured? ‘But once it falls into Tianji everything is naturally safe’ should be the biggest purpose of Zhuge Hun’s coming this time? But this sentence was also somewhat vague .

Did he himself or both he and Ye Zui have to fall into Tianji… for everything to be safe?

Chu Yang sighed internally .

This Zhuge Clan was really willing to sacrifice . They were actually willing to trade the lives of three elders for the heavenly secrets guidance!

What he didn’t know was that the Zhuge Clan was completely helpless!

First, there was the Medicine Banquet, which turned the entire clan upside down . And then there was the Battle for Slaying of Tao, in which a small half of the clan’s high-end powers were gone .

And then, there was the matter of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master coming up soon . The Zhuge Clan was totally overwhelmed .

All the high-end powers started cultivating in seclusion, planning to improve whatever powers they could before the big battle .

Yet right at this moment, the Third Elder of the Holy Tribe, who had been dying in the secret dungeon, suddenly escaped and emerged alive and energetic! This was truly bad . Everyone at higher levels was in seclusion, there was no precaution for this at all .

And they actually let Third Elder meet up with the Holy Tribe people who had always waited for him and break out of the Zhuge Clan .

And then, the Zhuge Clan really panicked .

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Once the Third Elder returned and the Holy Tribe came back to avenge, it was not to be taken lightly .

Just as he was preparing for a large-scale hunt, suddenly they got another news: Li Clan was mobilizing on a large scale, there was a big move! It was suspected that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master was out!

It was really one misfortune followed by another .

The Zhuge Clan at once seemed a bit down .

As such, Zhuge Cangqiong endured the self-inflicted injuries of the heavenly secrets and made a prediction: in three years, the Zhuge Clan would perish!

So the Zhuge Clan panicked even more . In order to save the clan, three sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist elders offered their cultivation which was beyond the boundary between immortal and mortal, offered their lives and used their own soul blood to break the lock on heavenly secrets, seeking a way to survive .

Yet they only found such an inexplicable way… and then the three elders passed away .

The Zhuge Clan was also confused: what was going on?

Such a few inexplicable words, such an insignificant person could determine the life and death of the Zhuge Clan?

Under suspicion, they would rather believe it to be true .

Therefore, the Zhuge Clan made big arrangements, mobilizing powers from all sides . They didn’t hurry to capture the Holy Tribe Elder but actually used him as bait and chased him into the territory of the Ye Clan . At the same time, Zhuge Hun was entrusted with the great mission, he came to the Ye Clan and stayed with Ye Zui day and night . And then, he pretended to leak a bit of news accidentally .

How smart was Ye Zui, the Eldest Master of the Ye Clan! With just a bit of leaked information, he speculated the truth of the matter .

And then, he hurried to come hunting down the Third Elder of the Holy Tribe before Zhuge Hun .

All this silently progressed in an orderly manner according to the strict plans of the Zhuge Clan until now .

Right at this moment, Chu Yang was chased out of the inn by Wu Juecheng . He galloped all the way as fast as wildfire and finally managed to reach in time… to fulfill that prophecy by the Zhuge Clan . Chu Yang finally became the most important figure in it…

Now that everybody was together, they were actually all confused…

But Ye Zui wanted to escape, Chu Yang wanted to run for his life and Zhuge Hun actually wanted to capture both of these two to bring back… It said “once it falls into Tianji everything is safe”, it didn’t say it was this guy in front of him alone .

The safest method was, of course, to catch both of these two guys and bring them back!

Of course, the Ye Clan was powerful and the Zhuge Clan definitely wouldn’t dare to offend them under ordinary circumstances . But right now, the Zhuge Clan was only three years from disappearing… Why would they care about the Ye Clan?

So what was the big deal about attacking Ye Zui?

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This was pretty much the cause and effect of the matter . With such development, the Third Elder of the Holy Tribe who was previously seen as a very, very big matter was already… noticed by no one right now!

This world was so wonderful .

As for the Lan Clan, they were Zhuge Clan’s loyal ally: Lan Clan was becoming weaker and weaker these days, they had lost more professionals than any other clan . In desperation, they could only fully unite with the Zhuge Clan for the moment .

The look Zhuge Hun gave Chu Yang was also somewhat complicated: who on earth was this guy? He looked not only sloppy but also super dirty . Especially now, he was barefoot, had injuries all over his body and looked on the edge of dying… Chu Yang’s body and face were full of dirt, especially now that they were even dripping with blood…

Of course, Zhuge Hun couldn’t recognize that this guy in front of him was Minister Chu, Chu Yang, who once sent Tianji City into total chaos .

Besides, he didn’t interact with Chu Yang much back then .

“Sir, who are you?” asked Zhuge Hun .

Chu Yang was silent for a moment and didn’t answer . He only said lightly, “Young Master Zhuge, I heard you speaking four sentences of poem-like things, this poem of Tianji seemed somewhat incomplete? There seemed to be a few more sentences that weren’t spoken?”

Zhuge Hun’s face immediately changed . He smiled . “Whether or not it is complete, Sir, you will know all about it once you are at Tianji City!”

Chu Yang thought for a moment and said sincerely, “To go to the Zhuge Clan and without worrying about my life… It naturally isn’t anything hard; but… can you allow me to consider it for a while?”

Zhuge Hun was a little surprised but still pretended to be generous . “Yes, of course!”

Chu Yang lowered his head .

Because just now, a voice soft like that of a mosquito’s sounded in his ears . “We will fight our way out together!” It was the voice of Ye Zui .

Yet when Chu Yang looked, he actually saw Ye Zui’s lips pursed tightly and he didn’t move at all . He really didn’t know how he made the sound and condensed it and sent it over through telepathy besides .

Yet Chu Yang didn’t have such an ability, so he could only bow his head, appearing to be in deep thought but was actually asking secretly, “A way out where? How? Which side has a more complicated landform?”

Ye Zui’s voice continued to sound . “They have five more fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists, but they don’t seem to be nearby, they must be waiting on the outside… We can only try our luck . ”

Chu Yang said, “We cannot go toward the Ye Clan . ”

Ye Zui said, “Going toward the north-east from here, there is the biggest magical mountain of the continent: the Pagoda Mountain . The terrains here are the most complex . Once you enter the mountain, there are thousands of turns and twists . Even someone who knows the terrains well may not be able to get out successfully . But right now, it’s the only place that’s a bit safer for us, as to whether or not we can get out later… We’ll think about it afterward . ”

Chu Yang agreed, “Fair enough, save our lives first!”

“How’re your injuries?” asked Ye Zui .

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“I’m worried about your injuries!” There was a sense of concern in Chu Yang’s voice .

Ye Zui also smiled . “In that case, look at my gesture, we’ll charge together and aim not to kill the enemy but escape first!”

“Since the terrain over there is complicated, there may be professionals in ambush,” said Chu Yang .

Ye Zui said, “If there is, I’d have to do my best to fight; if we can survive we are lucky, if we can’t, it’s our fate!”

There was a surge of approval in Chu Yang’s heart .

Ye Zui, being the Eldest Master of the Ye Clan, though he was not a good person, he was definitely open-minded and willing to let go, and this was a world-class character!”

But Chu Yang knew that they would probably make it past that side . With the scheming of Zhuge Hun, since he appeared like this, he definitely had more than absolute confidence!

Chu Yang even recognized special traits in him like the ones in Diwu Qingrou and Mo Tianji .

Of course, as compared to these two people, Zhuge Hun’s obvious weakness was that he talked too much .

Since that’s the case, when they reached that mountain, he’d find another opportunity . At least once they broke out of this siege, the whole world was in front of him .

It might be easy for them to catch Ye Zui but to catch Chu Yang… It really wasn’t so easy .

“I’m ready!” Chu Yang looked up .

Zhuge Hun smiled lightly . “And?”

“I can agree to go to the Zhuge Clan, but I have a condition,” said Chu Yang seriously .

“What condition?” Though Zhuge Hun was smart, he couldn’t help but feel joyful in his heart .

“I disagree!” Ye Zui yelled . “If you’re going to the Zhuge Clan, I’ll kill you first! The Zhuge Clan wants to get rid of me, how can I allow you to help them! If I have to die, we should die together!”

Zhuge Hun was furious and shouted, “Take Ye Zui first!”

With his order, seven or eight figures flew up at the same time .

Ye Zui roared, and with a flash of sword lights, he did not dodge but actually stabbed his sword onto the back of Chu Yang .

Chu Yang was very shocked and furious . He dodged and cried out . “Are you crazy?!”

Ye Zui snorted coldly and cried out wildly . “We’ll all die together!”

And he came again! His body spun, followed by a somersault, and he already made a circle of sword light in mid-air, which flew toward Chu Yang fiercely like a big rainbow!

Chu Yang’s forehead was sweating . The leg that was severely injured just now didn’t seem to be quite working yet, and he looked extremely embarrassed . He cried out loud . “You… You lunatic! What are you all waiting for…”

Before he finished, Ye Zui’s sword light already reached him .

Chu Yang moved his sword horizontally to block it but to no avail, and his chest and stomach were immediately all bloody . He groaned under the pain and fell backward softly .

Ye Zui shouted like a rumble of thunder and continued attacking, as though he would not stop until he smashed this guy into pieces!

“Stop him!” Zhuge Hun had a bit of doubt inside and added, “Be careful!”

But though Zhuge Hun thought that this might be their scheme, those Supreme Martial Artists, who rushed forward, weren’t so smart . They only knew that this person in front of them was very important .

If Ye Zui were to kill him, they had to protect him .

A body straightened and stopped right in front of Ye Zui .

Right at this moment, two waves of sword aura attacked him from both front and behind!

The two Sword Supremacy attacked at once!

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