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Chapter 1357

1357 Tiger in the Plains, Dragon in the Sky

Ye Zui’s face turned extremely pale .

Obviously, he knew who the person was .

Chu Yang was the only one who, besides shock, had more or less some doubts in his mind: this was already the Ye Clan’s territory, could someone dare to do something to the Ye Clan’s Eldest Master here?

Right then, he heard a voice say, “I’m lucky to meet you, Brother Ye . I didn’t expect to see you again here! In front of you must be the Third Elder of the Holy Tribe? I’m joyfully surprised . ”

Another voice said, “Indeed . I’m also so surprised that my eyeballs are almost dropping out . Big Brother Ye, what’s up with you sitting on the floor? Could it be that you can’t move?”

Ye Zui snorted coldly and jeered, “I wondered who it was, but it’s actually Zhuge Hun, “Student of heavenly secrets”! Haha, Third Elder had stayed at your place for such a long time, can’t you tell if this is him? As for you… Lan Meng, do you think you are qualified to speak to me like this?”

Chu Yang was shocked inside, immediately realizing who they were . It was actually Zhuge Hun, the Eldest Master of the Zhuge Clan and Lan Meng, the Second Young Master of the Lan Clan!

Zhuge Hun was the young master of the Zhuge Clan with the nickname ‘student of heavenly secrets’! It was said that his calculation abilities were already on the same level as the older generation of the Zhuge Clan… It was indeed extraordinary .

The first voice was obviously of Zhuge Hun . He said calmly, “I won’t bother Brother Ye to worry about this . Haha, I am able to recognize the Third Elder . If I say he is Third Elder, then he is . If I say he isn’t… then he isn’t! Now I’m saying he is!”

Chu Yang was flabbergasted .

He didn’t expect to be given the hat of “Third Elder of the Holy Tribe” just like that .

At this moment, his feelings were extremely wonderful . The real Third Elder had probably gone hundreds of miles out in the time of this one battle… Yet here I am called the Third Elder by a bunch of people… Do I look so much like a member of the Three Stars Divine Clan?

Holy crap!

Chu Yang cursed internally . Then he realized something: the young masters of these clans all had a special ability in common .

That included talking nonsense as though it was a fact!

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Being impressionable and handsome, without any blushing or heavy breathing!

It included Ye Zui in front of him, Zhuge Hun, who had just arrived, and Lan Ruo whom he himself killed in the Lower Three Heavens!

Ye Zui sneered . “Zhuge Hun, you are just eager for a hunt, you may as well just speak plainly . Besides, your Zhuge Clan has had so many dead or injured, you indeed need some supplants . ”

Zhuge Hun smiled calmly . “Brother Ye is speaking truly . One not only needs to supplement his own clan’s strength but also to weaken the strength of others . Bother Ye, what do you say?”

At the side, Lan Meng snorted . “Brother Ye, what have you been doing? This is your Ye Clan’s own territory and you ended up alone in your own territory… And even got followed by our two clans… You can see that one’s fortune or lack thereof is really unpredictable . ”

Ye Zui said indifferently, “Even if your clan’s eldest, Lan Ruo, is in front of me, he wouldn’t dare to say a word! Do you believe that if you speak one more word, I will kill you here? The two fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artists won’t be able to protect you if I use my full power!”

This sentence was full of murderous intent . Lan Meng shrank his neck, anger flooding his eyes . He really didn’t dare to speak anymore .

He understood that if Ye Zui really fought to kill him while risking his own life, the two fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artists really couldn’t stop him .

Not even when Ye Zui was injured right now!

Zhuge Hun took a step forward and said, “We are all good brothers, anything can be discussed and solved . Rest assured Brother Ye, I only meant to invite you to visit my place so that we can see each other day and night, discuss the martial arts and appreciate the beauty of the four seasons… As for this Third Elder, he presents a great opportunity to my clan . Hope you would not blame us!”

Ye Zui just sneered . “Zhuge Hun, you’ve been walking all around my Ye Clan’s territory these days, and actually didn’t report your purpose . But none from our Ye Clan gave you any trouble, right? What, now that I am left alone and injured, you want to pick a bargain?”

Zhuge Hun said, “What are you talking about, Brother Ye? Though I didn’t state my purpose, didn’t Brother Ye guess that I’m out to chase Third Elder? Otherwise, why would Brother Ye be here today?”

Ye Zui frowned and said gravely, “I see . You deliberately covered up but allowed me to guess it- you actually wanted to use me to find Third Elder for you!”

Zhuge Hun sighed . “Brother Ye is really smart… That’s correct . Though our Zhuge Clan is quite powerful, and it was all professionals that we sent out this time around, here in the middle of the continent, how can we compare to Ye Clan the local power? Besides… Our Zhuge Clan can only speculate on the future, but when it comes to the skill of tracking, we are far behind Ye Laixiang from the Ye Clan . ”

Ye Zui immediately felt that his chest was blocked . He was so angry that his whole face was red . “Zhuge Hun… You… You are really a seed of the Zhuge Clan! You are really vicious!”

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Zhuge Hun replied apologetically, “To be vicious is better than to be upright and die after all… Brother Ye, I am really sorry . ”

Chu Yang turned around and saw two groups of men, one in green while the other in blue, standing not far away .

The man at the front of the group in green stood tall and straight, his face as though jade, his brows oblique and the expression on his face gentle and elegant . He looked like a learned man, a mild youth!

The one at the front of the group in blue was actually a young man, he looked about the same age as Lan Changge, and there were some similarities in their looks .

There were seven or eight people behind each of them .

Chu Yang sighed inside . “I originally wanted to get hold of Ye Zui, sneak into the Ye Clan and find that sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword . I didn’t expect that just when I was about to succeed… Two clans actually came together to make trouble . ”

“Aren’t you trying to kill me?”

Looking at these dozen or so people, even the one with the lowest cultivation was a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist . Besides, there were also two fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artists!

What to do with this!

Since the other party was so brazen, they must have more manpower in the periphery . Since they were attacking Ye Zui, they must have absolute confidence .

Otherwise, how would they dare to confront the Eldest Master of the Ye Clan in the Ye Clan’s territory?

Seeing that Chu Yang turned around, Zhuge Hun smiled kindly . “Third Elder, I’ve not seen you for three months, I didn’t expect you to actually have recovered so well . And you even severely injured Brother Ye Zui, I’m really surprised!”

Chu Yang was extremely speechless . “I mean… Young Master Zhuge, look at me, in what way do I look like the… Third Elder you are talking about?”

Zhuge Hun looked at him seriously for a moment and suddenly laughed . “Third Elder, why are you joking with me…”

Chu Yang sighed and murmured, “It’s really time for the Zhuge Clan to be disbanded . The first heir to the throne actually has blurry sight…”

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Ye Zui laughed out loud .

Zhuge Hun replied mildly, “As long as you return, it’s okay if Third Elder doesn’t admit it . Everyone back home has missed you these three months that you have been away . ”

He waved and yelled, “Take him!”

“Wait!” Ye Zui stood up . “Zhuge Hun, give me a reason!”

Zhuge Hun was silent for a moment and then spoke lightly, “Brother Ye, Ye Shifeng is already dead . Ye Shiyu is dispirited and despondent somehow! Among the three eldest sons of the Ye Clan clan, you are the only one left to manage their affairs . ”

Ye Zui nodded slowly . “So… If I am also gone, Ye Clan will have no one from the younger generation to be in charge for a very long time!”

“Brother Ye has good foresight indeed!” Zhuge Hun smiled . “But the most important reason is not this . ”

“Oh?” Ye Zui responded .

Zhuge Hun said lightly, “Brother Ye, Third Elder being able to escape was indeed an accident that none of us expected . But after he escaped, we purposefully increased the blockade on the other sides, so that he could only escape here . Besides, this allows him to meet with the people waiting for him…”

“And I came here at the same time . Brother Ye, this is all for you!”

“An accident allowed a premeditated plan to succeed… Maybe this can also be called… destiny?” Zhuge Hun smiled gracefully and bowed a little . “Forgive me, Brother Ye . ”

Ye Zui took a deep breath . “So, your target has been me from the very beginning? Why?”

Zhuge Hun smiled . “Not exactly, Third Elder is also a very important aim . But… There are unknown forces that gave us directions, and this Third Elder in front of Brother Ye right now would be even more important… Besides, Brother Ye yourself does not see these two as separate people . ”

“As for the reason, when Brother Ye reaches the Tianji City of the Zhuge Clan, I will tell you everything for sure,” said Zhuge Hun magnanimously . “Brother Ye, don’t trouble yourself . You are a Sword Supremacy . To be injured by sword aura, you won’t recover in a while even if there are heavenly medicines!”

Ye Zui’s countenance changed .

Chu Yang at the side asked, “I have a question . Why am I… more important? Do you know who I am?”

Zhuge Hun fixed his eyes on him and laughed . “Our Zhuge Clan sacrificed the souls of three ancestors to find out that though you are of an unknown origin, you have a great connection to our Zhuge Clan . If you are at Zhuge Clan, Zhuge Clan will be safe; if you are not, Zhuge Clan’s fate is uncertain . ”

He finally stopped insisting that Chu Yang was some “Third Elder”, this also showed clearly that he would not let Chu Yang go in any case!

“Don’t ask me why, because this is the instruction that heavenly predictions gave us,” said Zhuge Hun patiently and politely .

Chu Yang raged . “It’s nonsense! You have absolutely no idea who I am or what I look like, but you’re actually doing something so ridiculous! This is completely nonsense!”

Zhuge Hun said lightly, “In the night[1] of the Nine Heavens, the tiger is in the plains and the dragon is in the sky . The drunken[2] dream brings only pain, but once it falls into Tianji everything is naturally safe!”

He smiled lightly . “This is the heavenly secrets released back then at the cost of three ancestors . The person who was with Ye Zui and hurt him is related to the safety or lack thereof of the clan of Tianji… Gentleman, do you understand now?”

[1] “Ye” means night in Chinese

[2] “Zui” means “drunken” in Chinese

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