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Chapter 1326: 1326
Chapter 1326: Luring an Opponent out of his Lair

Even until recently, the four officers were still a little unconvinced about it .

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Looking at the 36 corpses lying disorderly, it was just like a nightmare . This did not look like Chu Yang and Wan Renjie were acting . Rather, it looked as if these 36 people were acting .

Wei Wuyan and the others looked calm on the surface, but in reality, they were shocked inexplicably!

They thought in their minds, “What is going on here?”

Everyone was wise, so they could tell that it was not an act .

In the previous battle, it was definitely a real fight as well . The injuries that Wan Renjie and Chu Yang sustained were definitely real! Otherwise, would any of the 36 expert opponents be so silly?

If they were not certain that these two people were dead, how would they start to divide the spoils so daringly while letting down their guard?

A dead person was definitely an enemy with the least threat to them .

Everyone in the martial world was well aware of this logic .

However, what was going on in front of them? Dead people suddenly jumped up to kill others? Even if they did not get killed, they would get scared to death…

“What is going on here?” asked one of the officers, appearing startled as if he had seen a ghost .

“This is a heavenly secret that cannot be revealed . ” Chu Yang laughed out loud and very quickly picked up all the Purple Crystal Jade Essence that were scattered on the floor . He said, “Hurry, pick and change into white robes that are still clean . If they are in excess, bring them along . ”

Wei Wuyan and the others immediately sprang into action .

Even after he had changed into white robes, Wan Renjie was in a daze and muddle-headed . However, he of course kept silent . Amongst them all, Wan Renjie was the one who had the greatest right of way to comment on the current situation . However, it was very coincidental that he was also the one most in shock!

From the moment he was chosen by Chu Yang to execute this plan, Wan Renjie had already embraced the belief to die for the plan .

As long as the plan succeeded, his own death was nothing . At the very least, it would ensure the safety of his brothers .

Therefore, he agreed readily .

However, when he came down, Chu Yang secretly passed him one medicine pill and asked him to hold it in his mouth, while reminding him not to catalyze it using his cultivation .

Following which was the battle . Wan Renjie pointed at the Sun, Moon and stars above him and swore that he had done his absolute best! He was indeed beaten to death!

That fear and terror of death was still lingering until now!

However, at the moment when he lost his consciousness, at the moment when even the enemy thought that he was dead…

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That medicine pill suddenly turned into rolling torrents . The huge effect of medicine instantly flooded all the limbs and bones in the body, healing and eliminating all the injuries!

The expended cultivation was also instantly restored!

The body which had lost all life energy was instantly revived!

The bones which were broken were instantly reconnected!

From top to toe, the whole body was restored to its peak level instantly! Furthermore, it was better than before!

Under such circumstances, Wan Renjie waited for Chu Yang’s signal to massacre the enemies at any time…

As for the experience of today, Wan Renjie dared to touch his consciousness and say that it was the strangest, most thrilling and most enjoyable experience of his lifetime!

While he was thinking, the clothes from the people dressed in white were already removed and put on his own body .

“Let’s go!” said one of the officers excitedly .

“Go? Where?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes .

“We have already made a passageway on this road, of course it would be to…” The officer seemed puzzled as he thought to himself, “The road has been made clear? Not going? Then why waste so much of our effort?”

“Furthermore, isn’t the purpose of you making us change our clothes to blend ourselves into the surroundings and get past here?”

“Therefore I said… you people have no awareness of unexpected development! Who told you that we have to take this road since we were the one to clear it?” Chu Yang said disappointingly, “Follow me!”

Everyone was at a loss and followed behind him . They realized that Chu Yang led them back to their hiding place just now at the peak of the mountain . Following which, he laid down at the original position with the same posture as before .

Everyone was even more confused as they thought to themselves, “What is he doing?”

For all the effort spent on opening up the passageway, was it all for returning back here to hang around idly?

However, with Chu Yang revealing a solemn expression in his face and eyes, no one dared to say a word .

After waiting for a long while .

They saw a white figure flying over here . Upon seeing the scene, the white figure became really shocked and let out a howl while looking into the skies…

Instantly, shadows of humans flew in from all directions .

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Far away in the mountains, the voice of this white figure howling could also be heard . “This place has been overrun! No survivors out of these 36 people, such ruthless means!”

The crowd held their breath, as they looked on quietly from the mountain…

They saw a countless number of martial arts experts dressed in white coming over speedily and continuously from far away . With so many experts laying an ambush, all nine of them watched on anxiously .

After the people all arrived, they had a quick discussion and a soft voice could be heard saying, “The enemy broke through from here . Furthermore, the enemy took all their clothes… Right now, they must already be far away from here… Let’s chase after them quickly!”

“Hurry and give the front a signal!”

Following which, another loud howl could be heard from the signal flying into the air .

From the various places afar, similar loud howlings could be seen and heard as a response to this .

Immediately after, these people went down the path rapidly, chasing after the enemy like a huge sharp arrow .

“Let’s go!” Chu Yang jumped up and added, “At times like this, be extra careful to hide your divine consciousness, seal off your signs of life and follow me!”

Chu Yang went ahead first, his white robe fluttering around as he dashed down the mountain .

Wei Wuyan and the others followed behind him closely and dashed down the mountain . They saw that Chu Yang did not take the original road, but instead, he took a diagonal path for about 30 miles and then took another route .

It was the route that they took when they went over to reinforce just now .

“The breakthrough on the other side is already confirmed . Therefore, the ambush on this side is rendered useless . Right now, all the guards on this road should have rushed over to the other side . Hence, this road should be the safest now!”

Chu Yang spoke rapidly as he walked, “The current plan is to break through at the front . Any further distance forward would be useful! Even if it’s just an additional step, it would be a step closer to getting out of here!”

The rest awakened to realization .

Chu Yang was leveraging on the flaw in people’s way of thinking, ‘Breaking through from here would mean that the enemy would escape from here!’

Everyone would have a similar way of thinking and prediction .

Everyone, including the four officers who spent many years hunting down criminals, asked themselves in their mind, “If I were a member of the Li Clan and saw that there’s a breakthrough here, what would I do?”

After much deliberation, their decision was actually the exact same as that of the Li Clan member!

Thinking up to this point, they could not help but break out in sweats . They thought in their minds, “As long as you thought like this, you would never be able to catch the enemy . ”

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This was because Chu Yang did not take that route at all .

Instead, he retreated back from it .

Taking a new route from the start .

This time, all the routes were initially filled with ambushes but had all already been removed or reallocated to other places… it was equivalent to both sides collaborating to opening up a huge wide path for the enemy to take!

Up to this point, it was nothing but respect for Chu Yang . This young man’s thinking was indeed meticulous and far-sighted .

Only Chu Yang smiled bitterly in his mind . He knew that his plan was meant to work . However, there was a loophole . The success depended on the fact that there was no one of a similar caliber like Diwu Qingrou or Mo Tianji in the Li Clan .

If someone like these two was right here in charge of capturing his people, then the only choice that Chu Yang had would be to retreat to the north-west and slowly wait for an opportune moment after a long, long period of time…

This kind of decoy tactics would be completely useless to these two people!

Chu Yang was leading in the front, however, his speed was not that fast .

At the very least, it was one level slower than the speed of those from the Li Clan who were chasing after the enemy just now .

Although this made everyone puzzled, it was never a doubt . Chu Yang must have a reason for walking slowly . The rest just needed to follow!

When they reached the junction, they could see clearly for those trees that were chopped down and laid disorderly along the roadside . On the ground, there were also numerous snow caves with no one inside .

Chu Yang walked past without any hesitation .

Everyone else was scared and constantly on the edge as they followed Chu Yang . They were ready to counter any attacks from the flank at any time… However, there was neither anyone nor any ambush coming from the flanks at all!

They actually managed to walk right through without any obstacles .

After dashing through forty or fifty miles and passing the second gate for a few hundred feet, Chu Yang suddenly stood still and thought through quietly for a moment . He then said, “All of you stay here, do not move! Do not leave behind any footsteps . ”

Thereafter, he leaped ahead with two legs stepping down onto a neat piece of snow land . He created a footprint on the snow . Immediately after, another leg stepped ahead and created a light footprint .

Following which, the two legs took turns to step forward . The footprints became lighter and lighter until it finally left no signs behind .

The crowd stared widely and were completely unaware of what exactly Chu Yang was trying to do .

Chu Yang’s body came back over at lightning speed and he said, “Follow after me! Be especially careful not to make any sound! Do not breathe! Do not release any divine consciousness, do not…”

Immediately after, he took a turn and enter the mountain forest on the left .

Cutting right through it .

“Why?” Wei Wuyan appeared to be a little confused .

Chu Yang spoke in a low voice, “The enemy is not entirely silly . Based on the thinking of an average intelligent person, they would chase madly after the enemy in a moment of rage . By now, their brain should have calmed down . The moment they realized that they did not catch up to the enemy, they would definitely suspect if it could be a plot by the enemy to lure them to another place? About this time, they would start to change their strategy . ”

“Furthermore, we have already gone past the second gate . By the time they reached the second gate on their side, how would they not suspect anything when there are absolutely no activities or signs over there?”

“Therefore, while they have not yet rushed over here from both sides, it is about time for them to do so . What we need to do now is to return to our original route!”

The nine of them were baffled, as they dashed ahead .

On the other side, the raging group of experts from the Li Clan continued to chase down their enemies madly . As they chased, they also called for reinforcement and gave warnings to those in front of them .

Before long, they had already gone past the second gate . Finally, the leading Supreme Martial Artist stopped and said, “Wrong! Something’s not right! How is it possible for this second gate to have no activities or signs of people passing here at all?”

This suspicion changed the faces of the crowd immediately . They said, “Could it be… a decoy tactic to lure us out of our lair?”

“It must be! This is terrible, we have been tricked…” The face of this Supreme Martial Artist was extremely bad looking . He added, “Everyone, split into two groups, left and right . Head back immediately to take a look! The enemy is not taking this current route… F*ck! It’s a plan to lure us to another route! I have been tricked! Chasing wildly after just air for 80 miles… F*ck…”

The fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist finally could not hold back the frustration in his mind and started to scold out loudly .

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