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Chapter 1325: 1325
Chapter 1325: A Crisis of Life and Death In Just The Blink of An Eye

“Don’t force you to make a move? It won’t be pleasant for us all? Hahaha…” One of the white-robed men guffawed mockingly before he said austerely, “I would like to know how you intend to make it unpleasant for us all . Actually having the guts to threaten the Li Clan; even this old man is practically full of admiration for your courage!”

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“Exactly! Just this sentence of yours is enough to warrant a death penalty!” The others at the side interrupted one by one . “We didn’t want to take action against the two of you at first . To think that you would actually say something this insolent!”

They were clearly committing daylight robbery, but now it had actually turned into them taking retaliatory action after the other party offended them . In the blink of an eye, they had actually grasped the right of reason in their hands once more!

“You’re just twisting the facts…” Chu Yang protested furiously and indignantly . “Is there still justice in this world?!”

“In the north-west, the Li Clan is justice itself!” Snickering, one of the white-robed men waved his arm . “Go! Finish this as quickly as you can!”

Five to six white-robed men swarmed forward at once .

With grins on their faces, the others folded their arms and stayed at the back as moral support!

Pitting five to six Supreme Martial Artists against two first-grade Supreme Martial Artists was practically too easy of a task . What more when there were so many people at the back acting as moral support too? Just this lineup alone could scare them to death .

Not only did they stay as moral support, three to four of them even had the leisure to jointly set up a barrier to cut off the noise of battle and the presence of people here . They absolutely mustn’t let the other two groups of people realize that there was a battle going on here .

Otherwise, if they were to come over to assist… how could they possibly not notice the Purple Crystal Jade Essence?

This was originally already a situation where supply didn’t meet demand; if they were to come over… then wouldn’t that be… really unpleasant?

Two of the Supreme Martial Artists were placing bets — One of them betted that those two would only last a total of ten breaths at best, while the other was very confident that they would lose the battle within eight!

And indeed, what happened was true to their expectations .

Chu Yang and Wan Renjie tried their best to fend off the attacks while cursing and fleeing as best as they could . However… in merely an instant, they were already covered in injuries . Under the joint attack of several Supreme Martial Artists, the two of them didn’t have any chance of retaliation at all right from the start…

“Bam!” Struck by a palm strike, blood spurted from Wan Renjie’s mouth as he was thrown into mid-air .

Then, a white shadow leaped into the air and landed yet another powerful palm strike on Wan Renjie’s back . When he fell to the ground, Wan Renjie’s body twitched a couple of times and then there was no longer any movement coming from him .

The white shadow then removed the cloth baggage from his back . After weighing it in his hand, he revealed a satisfied smile on his face .

“Big Brother…” Chu Yang cried out in grief as he rushed over . But just this short distance alone and he had already suffered three punches and a kick . Then, he suffered another two palm strikes . By the time he landed on the ground, he had almost become unrecognizable…

After spasming a couple of times, he muttered, “Even when I become a ghost… I will never…”

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And then he stopped breathing .

The four officers watching in the mountains were so furious that their eyes were almost spitting flames . They were about to charge out when Wei Wuyan and the others stopped them . “Keep calm for now! They are carrying out a plot against them; how could they possibly die for no reason?”

One of the officers replied furiously, “What nonsense! They are just first-grade Supreme Martial Artists! There was no acting involved at all in the battle just now . What they had suffered were real injuries . How could that be mere acting?”

Wei Wuyan and the others also felt very unsettled in their hearts . However, they placed absolute trust in Chu Yang and Wan Renjie, so they stubbornly held the four officers back regardless .

On the other side .

The two cloth baggages had already been opened . An enticing and mesmerizing glow shone from easily more than twenty pieces of Purple Crystal Jade Essence as they revealed themselves before everyone’s eyes .

There was a look of captivation in the eyes of all of them .

“Cough, I’m only taking four pieces of these Purple Crystal Jade Essence . That’s not a lot, right?” The white-robed man in the lead was as swift as the wind . Grabbing the four largest pieces, he said sanctimoniously, “You can split the rest among yourselves . ”

All of the others pursed their lips .

There were only so many and yet he ‘only’ took four?

There were 36 of them while it looked like there were only 22 pieces of Purple Crystal Jade Essence here .

What were they supposed to do, now that he took away four pieces in one shot?

“Cough, since Big Brother is only taking four pieces, then I can’t take too many either,” said another white-robed man . “I’ll just take three . ”

At once, there were voices of dissension . “Second Brother, how can you be so shameless? Big Brother is the leader, so it makes sense for him to take four pieces . But what right do you have to take three?”

This ‘Second Brother’ replied, “Based on the fact that all of you must honor me as your Second Brother! Would that do?”

Seeing that this fellow had taken another three pieces, the one who had spoken earlier said in a fit of pique, “Since Second Brother has taken three pieces, then Number Three here naturally can’t take more than him . I’ll just take three pieces too then . ”

The next moment, several hands reached out at the same time . “Dream on!”

At once, they started pulling and grabbing at each other . In no time at all, the Purple Crystal Jade Essence within the bag had disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only two empty cloth baggage flying about in the air…

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Seven to eight Supreme Martial Artists were slower to act, but by now, there was already nothing left .

“Who was it? Who took them? Cough it up!” These seven to eight people flew into a rage at once . Among them were the few who had participated in the battle earlier . They felt like they had been treated especially unfairly .

So we fought for nothing? There’s nothing for us at all?

All at once, there were happy people and people creating a huge fuss while they argued with one another without pause .

At the side, twenty Martial Saint experts exchanged looks with one another in silence .

There are so many Supreme Martial Artists who didn’t even get anything . Looks like all the more we’re not going to get any .

They couldn’t help but lament and feel rather sorry for themselves .

But what fairness was there to speak of in this world? They could only watch on in envy as the few Supreme Martial Artists split the loot agitatedly among themselves, while they didn’t qualify to say even a word…

Right at this moment, a ray of white light suddenly flashed brightly!

This ray of light was completely outside of everyone’s expectations . They had only just killed a couple of strong enemies and looted their treasures . They were still in the midst of being excited or disappointed over whether they got a share of the loot or not…

None of them could have ever expected that there would be an enemy attack at this moment!

And in a situation where there was no one else around at all within several kilometers of where they were…

Who would have thought that two corpses that couldn’t be any more dead would suddenly go on a rampage?

Chu Yang had already drawn the Nine Tribulations Sword before he even got up . He charged out swiftly . In less than the time it took to even blink —’A ray of chilling light illuminates ten thousand feet’, ‘What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’; ‘A sharp will buried deep will not change’, ‘Gather wind and cloud to rule over all’; ‘A sword’s edge famous for all eternity’, ‘Wind and cloud move unhindered from east to west’…

In short, he threw out every sword move he could use in this amount of time .

His target — the group of Supreme Martial Artists .

On the other side, Wan Renjie went on a fierce rampage — The divine sword, Yinyang Bridge! His target was the group of Martial Saints .

‘When one sees the Yinyang Bridge, the sword shall bring him to the Yinyang Bridge . When you see the Yinyang Bridge, you shall cross over the Yinyang Bridge!’

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Aside from them, a half-materialized black shadow holding a glowing black sword also charged out like a specter — the Sword Spirit . Right now, he was using his true form to join the battle .

And even now, the entire area was still within the presence-sealing barrier which those few Supreme Martial Artists had erected earlier! No sound could escape into the open at all .

If those few Supreme Martial Artists were to realize that this barrier they had erected was actually to make it convenient for others to kill them, they would probably be so furious that they would come back to life after dying from anger and then die from fury once more .

As the saying goes, “Confusion occurs right under one’s nose”!

Chu Yang’s Nine Tribulations Sword moved soundlessly yet as swift as the wind . With a few slashes, seven men were successively severed in half under his sword . Charging into the middle of the crowd, he thrust his sword forward without stopping as he dashed about .

toward both sides . His aim was precise and accurate; three Supreme Martial Artists on his left and three on his right were attacked head-on by the smog . This colorless and odorless gas was simply too handy against these people who were in the midst of an intense argument…

The next moment, the Sword Spirit’s spiritual manifestation happened to reach the same area as him . With a loud poof, he used his unique spiritual power to seal off the mouths and noses of these six people . Another wave of spiritual power then separated into six and invaded their bodies ferociously, rampaging through and destroying their brains . In a mere instant, the impact from the waves of spiritual energy had already reduced their brains to tofu bits…

Poof, poof, poof…

Amidst the blood flying everywhere, yet another two Supreme Martial Artists were severed at the waist . Chu Yang had already reached where the leader was . The eyes of their ‘Boss’ had only just widened in shock and fear from the incoming enemy attack when the bloody sword blade already reached him .

He retreated hastily diagonally to the back in abject fear . Chu Yang followed after him closely and persistently, as though his shadow . His sword light was as sharp and forceful as ever! However, the gleam in his eyes was even sharper and more merciless than the sword light!

With a flash of sword light, the ‘Boss’ wasn’t even in time to cry out before he had to draw his own sword . As long as he could hold him off for a moment, he could sound the signal! He didn’t believe that he couldn’t even gain a bit of extra time when he fought at the risk of his own life .

But he ultimately didn’t manage to!

Against the Nine Tribulations Sword, it was as though his sword was made out of tofu . It broke into pieces with a clang . Then, that dreadful sword pierced his chest mercilessly . The sword aura rushing swiftly into his body assaulted and completely crushed his internal organs in an instant .

He fell limply to the ground with his mouth ajar, as though wanting to shout . But he could no longer do so .

There was only boundless regret in his eyes . His last vestige of consciousness told him that these two were very possibly Lang Yilang’s men… So this was a scheme…

How could he be so naive as to be duped by them…

Without even pausing, Chu Yang charged out . Then, as though a bolt of crackling lightning, he spun around . His sword brought along wind and thunder as he stormed into the mass of Martial Saint experts in an instant .

At this point, Wan Renjie had already killed 11 people after starting on his rampage; there were nine people remaining . Looks of absolute fear spread all over their faces . A few of them were about to open their mouths to cry out in surprise…

But before they could even utter a sound, like a bolt of lightning, Chu Yang was already there . As though a venomous snake, his sword stabbed into their mouths . Someone’s head exploded immediately; by then, his sword had already entered another man’s mouth…

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

As though watermelons being smashed by a sledgehammer, their heads exploded one by one . The last man standing had only just taken a step out when Wan Renjie’s sword pierced into his back . CY’s sword also entered his throat at the same time…

On the other side, the six people whom the Sword Spirit was controlling swayed and staggered left and right as strangled sounds came from their throats . They were the most pitiful ones . They could only watch as their subordinates were killed one by one . Yet because they had fallen victim to Innate Poison and were being controlled by a strange spirit, their mouths and noses were sealed off and they couldn’t even make any sound…

The only thing they could do was wait for death, unable to do anything…

At this point, they also finally reached the end of their lives . One by one, they collapsed to the ground . Their bodies spasmed for a moment . And then, all was still .

This entire process was timed accurately and precisely from beginning to end by the Sword Spirit . It didn’t exceed even half the time needed for someone to blink!

In human terms of calculating time — It only took half a second!

And 36 experts had become 36 dead bodies!

The first reason was that their scheme was apt; the second reason was due to the sharpness of the Nine Tribulations Sword . The third reason was that it had occurred out of the blue, while the fourth reason was that the poisonous smog was so ferocious . The fifth reason was that Chu Yang’s cultivation was higher than theirs .

All of them were first-grade Supreme Martial Artists, but Chu Yang was a Sword Supremacy who could fight on par with a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

They had succeeded in one strike!

Chu Yang waved .

In the mountains, Wei Wuyan and the others flew over at once .

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