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Chapter 1317: 1317
Chapter 1317: His Final Order

There was a resigned smile on Chu Yang’s face .

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Not a single one of these people standing at the top was a simple person; each and every one of them was a sly old fox!

Lang Yilang understood the extent of his injuries very clearly . However, upon discovering how much his injuries had recovered right after being treated by Chu Yang, he actually determined at once on his own that Chu Yang was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

The last line that he had uttered —’Perhaps you desire to go against the Heavens, but I don’t wish to do so’— very subtly expressed this .

“Therefore, it’s better that you don’t dissuade me anymore . I feel terrible hearing it… and it’s hard on you as well . ” With a meaningful tone, Lang Yilang said, “Just let me die; it’ll be better for everyone that way . ”

Chu Yang could only give a wry smile in response . Chu Yang could only return a wry smile .

Lang Yilang was truly harsh on himself .

Not only did he cut off his own path of retreat straight out, but he also cut off the path for CY to go in —”You have saved my life, but I’m the Master of the Law Enforcement Interrogation Hall . As long as I make it back to the Law Enforcement City, your identity as the Nine Tribulations Sword Master will no longer be a secret . ”

“So, don’t save me . ”

It was obvious just how much he longed for death .

Chu Yang held his hands out . “Since Master Lang has gone to the extent of putting it this way, there’s really nothing else that I can say . It’s just that I personally cannot help but find it a pity . ”

Everyone was baffled by their conversation . They didn’t understand what the two of them were talking about at all .

And this was Lang Yilang’s concern as well . Were he to spell it out, he would end up dooming his four brothers to death . Even if Chu Yang didn’t wish to silence them, he could only do so! As such, this problem would be resolved as long as he cut off his own path of retreat .

“There’s nothing pitiable about this . ” Lang Yilang smiled . “You don’t know just how much I’ve looked forward to this day . Back then, it wasn’t as if Xia’er didn’t have the chance to leave with me… but she ultimately didn’t do so, hurhur…”

“I know, it was because she felt that she was already tainted and no longer chaste… and I had misunderstood her at that time too . Because of this string of unfortunate events, I caused Xia’er’s life to become a tragedy…”

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Sighing, he stared at the mud wall in front of him, his eyes clear and calm . There was actually boundless gentleness in his eyes . “This time, when I leave, I can’t wait to tell her that I don’t care about that! No matter what she has become, I don’t care at all! All I care about is whether we can be together!”

“It’s been so many years… I’m really afraid that she has already gone into reincarnation…” Lang Yilang was rather fixated on whether the outcome would be positive or negative . He mused, “I wonder if she’s still around…”

“She will be!” Chu Yang sighed . “She died while harboring infinite regrets and great hatred . I heard that those whose grievances haven’t been resolved won’t even be accepted by the cycle of reincarnation…”

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“Then I can finally set my heart at ease . ” Lang Yilang breathed a sigh of relief .

To be honest, what Chu Yang had told him was merely a myth . Yet Lang Yilang, a Supreme Martial Artist expert in a high-ranking position of power, actually believed him without even a second thought .

Everyone heaved a sigh in their hearts .

Lang Yilang had already lost all interest in living . Finding that ‘Xia’er’ was instead his biggest wish .

This was the reason why even though he knew full well that the so-called ‘other world’ was vague and insubstantial, he still looked forward to it without thinking twice . Even though he knew full well that Chu Yang was saying positive things just to comfort him, he chose to believe him without any hesitation nonetheless .

Because it was only by doing so that he could go ahead and look for his lover with confidence .

If he were to lose even this bit of confidence… be it life or death, it would no longer hold any meaning to Lang Yilang .

Chu Yang contemplated for a moment before he flipped his hand over with a flourish . He said, “Master Lang, if you really wish to do so… then perhaps this item will be of help to you!”

A tiny flower petal sat in Chu Yang’s palm, seemingly glowing .

Its glow was surprisingly brilliant and dazzling, just like the rainbow .

The petal was only the size of a fingernail, yet it was clearly divided into ten different colors! Red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, violet, black, white and colorless transparency .

Lang Yilang got a huge shock . “An orchid petal of ten colors? Could this be… the Heavenly Orchid? That… otherworldly divine herb that changes colors once every ten thousand years, the Heavenly Orchid?”

“Master Lang is truly well-informed!” Chu Yang remarked approvingly .

“It’s not that I’m well-informed… Rather, it’s because I’ve been looking for information on and searching for this for more than a thousand years…” There was a wry smile on Lang Yilang’s face . “If I had managed to find it before today, would I even hold any interest in looking for Hong Wuliang for revenge? I would have consumed it long ago and gone to look for Xia’er…”

Although he was smiling sadly, everyone couldn’t help but be moved by his words!

Lang Yilang was… really so devoted that it was frightening .

“Since that is the case, then I’m sure Master Lang knows how to use it… I only have one reminder for you — When you’re about to die, I’ll put this petal into your mouth . After consuming it, it can ensure that your soul doesn’t disintegrate after you die . If you can find your lover’s soul and share half of the medicinal effect with her through soul legacy… both your souls will be able to remain intact and the two of you will become able to sense each other . When both of you go into reincarnation… you’ll be able to become an enviable couple and loving husband and wife!”

Chu Yang sighed . “Being companions in the underworld can never compare to being husband and wife in the material world, isn’t it?”

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Lang Yilang’s eyes were bright and intense . His hands couldn’t help but shake . He was so worked up that his eyes even turned red . Barely audible, he whispered, “Thank you so much…”

Just like what Chu Yang said, how could being companions in the underworld ever compare to being a happy couple in this world of humans? Of course, Lang Yilang wished he could, but he didn’t dare to hold any hope towards it…

But now, Chu Yang had solved his biggest problem!

There were tears in Lang Yilang’s eyes, but the corners of his lips were curled up in a smile . It was a kind of sincere yearning that he was feeling .

He looked forward to their next lifetime!

It wasn’t a dream anymore!

Now, the biggest problem was whether… he would be able to find that… Xia’er after he died .

Chu Yang couldn’t help but feel a sense of melancholy in his heart as well .

He could understand Lang Yilang’s feelings very well .

That was why he had offered him the Heavenly Orchid and only given him half of it . If a person were to consume the entire petal, he would be able to stabilize his soul for eternity . After he was reincarnated, his memories, as well as 30 percent of his current lifetime’s cultivation, would remain with him… allowing him to become a legendary figure!

But what Lang Yilang wanted wasn’t glory .

What he wanted was happiness .

If two people shared a Heavenly Orchid petal, the effect would only be able to stabilize their spirits and allow them to sense each other… creating a kind of ‘soul linkage’ phenomenon . However, they would neither retain their memories nor their cultivation .

Fighting together, improving together and caring for each other… That was the true way of a married couple .

And what Lang Yilang longed for was precisely that!

“But you must remember this!” Chu Yang instructed him sternly, “When you enter the cycle of reincarnation, you mustn’t ever hold each other’s hands… Otherwise, if the two of you end up becoming a pair of twins… then that would be absolutely terrible!”

Lang Yilang shivered in belated fear . His complexion was pale as he replied, “Yes, yes, thank you very much for the reminder . ”

He had been thinking of exactly that earlier — Once he took her hand in his, they would never separate again!

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Chu Yang’s reminder frightened him so much that his soul almost disintegrated… If that really happened, then he would truly be filled with everlasting regret…

Lang Yilang’s mood lightened . In fact, ever since the Heavenly Orchid came into his sight, that hint of a gentle smile at the corners of his lips hadn’t disappeared even once .

“Brother Chu, surely there’s a reason for you saving me?” With a smile, Lang Yilang went on, “Just say the word and I will do everything I can, even if I must give everything I have to do so . ”

Chu Yang laughed . “Master Lang is a clever man indeed . ”

Lang Yilang returned his smile . “Please say it . ”

Both of them understood this very well — If Chu Yang had just wanted to save Wei Wuyan and the others, he definitely wouldn’t have suddenly turned back at the last moment and escaped with him on his back!

One must know that he was truly risking his life when he did that .

If the other party had been faster by even just a little… Chu Yang wouldn’t be able to escape even if he had nine lives .

Much less running a distance of 500 kilometers with Lang Yilang on his back…

“The place of Violet Aura From the East!” Chu Yang communicated a short and concise message to him via telepathy .

Realization dawned on Lang Yilang . Without any hesitation, he replied, “No problem . Brother Chu has shown me kindness tantamount to giving me a new lease of life . I, Lang Yilang, am someone who’s already at death’s door . Being able to be of help to Brother Chu is also a form of resolving the karma in my life in this material world . ”

Chu Yang breathed a long sigh of relief .

The sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword was finally in sight now . He wondered just where exactly… could the seventh and eighth fragments be?

“Brother Chu, you and the others will need to stay here for at least three to five days…” Lang Yilang’s breathing was rather weak . He leaned against the wall of the cave and continued rather apologetically, “I didn’t want to die here at first… Letting everyone be stuck next to a corpse isn’t a good idea after all… But after seeing the Heavenly Orchid… I really can’t wait any longer…”

Now that he had gotten his wish and taken revenge for his deepest feud and his promise for the next lifetime had also begun to take shape… Lang Yilang was completely at peace now . He no longer wished to draw any more breaths…

Chu Yang replied solemnly, “It’s all the same… whether in life or death . Brother Lang, if you’re here, you can accompany us . And if you leave, we’ll send you off!”

Lang Yilang smiled with much difficulty . “I entrust to you… my four brothers here… Chu Yang, let them… go back alive!”

“I cannot guarantee it; I can only promise to try my best!” Chu Yang answered seriously .

Lang Yilang nodded understandingly .

If Chu Yang had patted his chest and made a promise to him, he would be worried instead… After all, they were currently in such a dangerous situation . Their chances of survival were simply too low .

“The four of you… Go back and tell the other brothers… that I… I’m going ahead . ” Lang Yilang gazed at the four officers and went on with difficulty, “We’ve been through so much all these years… I’ve made use of you and also schemed and plotted things . But in my heart… All of you are my little brothers… I… cherish all of you very much . I owe all these years to my brothers . What a shame that… all of you will have to go on by yourselves in the future…”

Tears streamed down the cheeks of the four officers . They nodded incessantly as they replied, “Big Brother… we really don’t know what to say now… Yet this one line of ‘rest in peace’ breaks our hearts so much…”

Lang Yilang gave them a weak smile . “Don’t worry about me… You should be happy for me instead . This departure of mine… is something that I’ve dreamed of… all of you, go back… and tell the other brothers… to resign from the position of law-enforcement officer and go and wander the world instead . Don’t be law-enforcement officers anymore… This is… my final order to all of you!”

“Why? Why is that, Big Brother?” The four officers were dumbstruck . Why would Lang Yilang say such a thing during his final moments?

“You must remember this! Right now, the law-enforcement officers… are standing against the Nine Tribulations Sword Master… There won’t be a good ending for them . All of you have always trusted me… so trust me one last time…”

Lang Yilang’s voice became fainter and fainter . “If you continue to oppose the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, all of you will… will die…”

A hint of rosiness appeared on his complexion . “Promise me!”

He had already reached the point of momentary recovery of consciousness just before death .

“Yes, we promise!” Tears fell from their eyes .

Lang Yilang panted heavily . Then, he suddenly cried out . “Chu Yang… Do you understand?”

All of a sudden, his body jerked and his breathing stopped .

Right at this moment, Chu Yang moved at the speed of light . A Heavenly Orchid petal entered Lang Yilang’s mouth just in time .

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