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Chapter 1318: 1318
Chapter 1318: A Sad Request

Something astonishing was happening right under everyone’s watchful eyes .

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Between Lang Yilang’s lips, the Heavenly Orchid petal turned into a ray of light of ten colors before it vanished instantly .

A cloud of white vapor emanated from the top of Lang Yilang’s head . The dense white vapor slowly changed shape and gradually formed into a holographic image that looked exactly like Lang Yilang .

A flower petal of ten colors floated above him as he gazed at everyone somewhat sorrowfully .

Smiling, Chu Yang held up his hands in a gesture of respect . “Brother Lang, rest in peace! May you have a happy, loving and lasting union in your next life!”

Wei Wuyan and the others bowed at the same time . “May you rest in peace!”

The four officers dropped to their knees . “Boss… May you rest in peace… sob…” They simply couldn’t hold back the sorrow and grief in their hearts . Even though they knew that they shouldn’t cry, they couldn’t help it nonetheless .

There was a hint of a smile on the holographic image of Lang Yilang . He seemingly let out a sigh before he floated into the sky . The next moment, he had dissipated and turned into nothingness .

For a long while, everyone stood in a daze, none of them saying anything .

Lang Yilang, a Supreme Martial Artist expert who had already crossed the boundary between immortal and mortal, disappeared from this world in this manner .

“Brother Chu… Do you think the… other world truly exists?” One of the officers was sobbing so hard that his face was all wet . “Will Boss’ wish come true?”

Chu Yang took a deep breath . “I’m sure it exists! It will definitely come true! Definitely!”

As though Chu Yang’s affirmation gave them the strongest assurance, the faces of the four officers were now filled with pious devotion and their blessings toward Lang Yilang .

Boss… You must find Sister-in-law!

That world exists for sure!

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You can do it for sure!

Everyone took a deep breath, their hearts heavy .

Reuniting in the netherworld and looking forward to one’s next life… This was originally just nonsense which regular people bluffed themselves with . But Lang Yilang, as a powerful Supreme Martial Artist of his generation, had truly walked down this path .

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Did that world truly exist?

Chu Yang didn’t know, because there wasn’t any evidence proving that that world truly existed .

But at this moment, Chu Yang prayed .

Please… let it exist! Let it truly exist!

It wasn’t just him; everyone was praying for the same thing at the same time…

“Bring back everything on Brother Lang that can be brought back… or must be brought back . The four of you, pack the things up and keep them on you . ” Sighing, Chu Yang continued, “We have to bury Brother Lang now . ”

“Understood . ” The four officials were very obedient toward Chu Yang now . Toward him, they were also filled with gratitude that came from the bottom of their hearts .

At this point, even if Chu Yang really were an Extraterrestrial Demon, the four of them would still follow him and obey him without any reservations regardless!

Because… he had fulfilled Boss’ final wishes!

Wei Wuyan, Wan Renjie and the other two looked at each other, all of them somewhat emotional .

All this time, the law-enforcement officers had always been said by the people in the martial world to be sinister and evil . They were known as murderers who were cold-blooded and heartless from head to toe .

They didn’t expect at all that there would be such an admirable man who stayed true to himself among them!

“Chu Yang, can I ask something of you…” Raising his head, Wei Wuyan gazed at Chu Yang .

“Shut up! No way!” Chu Yang replied fiercely, “Circulate your energy and heal your injuries now! There’s nothing else that you have a share in!”

He knew what Wei Wuyan wanted to say .

Because right when Lang Yilang passed away and the astonishing phenomenon appeared, a hint of deep envy and longing, as well as joy, had flashed past Wei Wuyan’s eyes .

If Lang Yilang could do it, then didn’t that mean that he could too?

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How could Chu Yang possibly not know what was weighing on Wei Wuyan’s mind?

As such, the moment Wei Wuyan opened his mouth, Chu Yang immediately rejected him firmly and resolutely! This idiot wanted to die too? Wasn’t it good to continue living…

“Please agree to it!” Even after being rejected, Wei Wuyan continued to persistently make his request . His eyes were intense and his face was all red . “Chu Yang!”

Chu Yang gritted his teeth . “No!”


Wei Wuyan dropped onto his knees . “Chu Yang, I beg of you!”

Chu Yang clenched his jaw, his cheek muscles twitching constantly . His expression was rather savage right now . He snapped furiously, “Are you forcing me?! Huh? You bastard! Is there really nothing else in this world that you can cherish?”

He reached out and pointed at Wan Renjie and the other two . “Wei Wuyan, open your eyes wide and look at the three of them! It’s exactly because they were worried that something would happen to you that they followed you the entire way over several thousand kilometers! Accompanying you, sticking with you through thick and thin and braving through countless battles with you! Are you not letting them down if you choose to die instead?!”

Then, he retracted his arm and pointed at himself . “And what about me? I didn’t want to use indebtedness to pressure you! But you’re forcing me into a corner! I saved you from death several times and helped you to clarify the truth . When the truth was revealed, I helped you to take revenge and settle your long-cherished wish!”

“Now that your wish has been fulfilled, you actually want to die and just be done with it? Don’t you think that you’re letting us down?” Chu Yang’s words were harsh and his voice deep and low .

Wei Wuyan remained on his knees, his back straight . He didn’t get up . “I know that I have let all of you down, but I have no other choice . I only ask that I, Wei Wuyan, can escort my brothers and fight our way out this time . As long as my brothers are safe, I can set my heart at ease… When the time comes, Brother Chu, please… give me a petal of the Heavenly Orchid!”

“And let us husband and wife be reunited!” Wei Wuyan begged .

The four officers were stunned .

What the f*ck! We’ve only just sent off the Master and now there’s another one here! Are all the hopelessly devoted men of the world gathered in this spot right now?

“I’m sorry, I’ve let all of you down . But I can’t repay your kindness even if I’m alive…” Wei Wuyan continued tragically, “You can say that I’m irresponsible or call me a coward, but I beg you to let me owe all of you this kindness…”

Chu Yang’s facial muscles trembled . At last, he became completely speechless and full of grief .

How could he possibly not know that Wei Wuyan no longer had anything to live for?

And now, Hong Wuliang, the one who caused the tragedy in his life, had already died before his eyes . Wei Wuyan no longer had the desire to live on . And with Lang Yilang’s incident…

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It would be strange if Wei Wuyan could continue to hold himself back .

But… even if he could abandon them, how was Chu Yang supposed to abandon his friend?

Even if he had gotten what he wished for, in the eyes of them living people, he was still dead! And it was him who personally sent him on his way!

Chu Yang heaved a heavy sigh . Completely discouraged, he said, “Never mind… You can get up! I don’t wish to say even a single word anymore… Fine, when we leave this place, if you really feel that you can leave without any worries or concerns, feel free to look for me again at that time!”

“As long as you look for me at that time, I will definitely fulfill your wish!” There was an intense and forceful light in Chu Yang’s eyes . He gave Wei Wuyan another look before he closed his eyes, not speaking anymore .

“Thank you very much!” Wei Wuyan sighed and got to his feet . Then, he added, “I’m sorry!”

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry about . I’m not lying . ” With a slight smile, Chu Yang continued, “A person only has one heart in his whole life — his conscience . Some people see power and status as something more important than emotional ties, while some see friendship as the most important . But there are also some who see romantic love as more important than friendship… This is something understandable and relatable . As long as you have inner peace, as friends, we will only give you our blessings . ”

He heaved a deep and heavy sigh . “At the end of it all, Lang Yilang and you are the same type of person . If Lang Yilang had been able to spend his whole life with his beloved, even if the person he loves passes away mid-way, he wouldn’t be as persistent about dying as how he had been . The same goes for you as well . If your wife and son had really merely been killed by your enemies, you wouldn’t be like this either…”

“Persistence exists only because one never got what they wanted… or because of guilt…” Chu Yang told him seriously, “I understand… I really do . ”

Sighing deeply, he thought of Mo Qingwu .

Wasn’t he exactly like that too?

If it weren’t so, if it weren’t for that persistence, if it weren’t for that sense of guilt, how could he possibly have come all this way?

Since that was the case, what else could he say about Wei Wuyan?

“I only hope that you and Lang Yilang… When both of you have really reincarnated… I hope that you will not become like me . ” Chu Yang sighed . “Chock full of love debts… Wanting to make it up to someone and yet owing her once again… Caught in a dilemma and left without a choice…”

Chu Yang remained in a daze for a long while . He murmured in a low voice, “Fearing the sight of a woman’s tears my whole life, I must take care not to break the heart of the beauty…”

Wei Wuyan stared at him, stupefied . He understood what his words meant, but he didn’t know why Chu Yang had said that .

But he could hear very clearly the regret in Chu Yang’s voice .

After being sorrowful for a while, Chu Yang started to direct the others . They dug another large hole in the underground and buried Lang Yilang’s corpse before replacing the soil . They shall let Lang Yilang stay deep down here…

This was the northwest, as well as his hometown .

This could also be considered as returning him to his roots, right?

“The Master is buried so deep underground… Surely no one will disturb his peace anymore!” said one of the officers in a daze . Tears started trickling down his cheeks again as he stood there in a daze…

Sighing, Chu Yang said, “He has been laid to rest . Let’s not bring this up anymore . Lest the dead be unable to find peace even in death!”

“We need to stay here for at least three days; perhaps even five . Food and water is not an issue . During these few days, all of you must try your best to recover your strength and cultivation as much as you can…” Chu Yang continued calmly, “You must understand that once we leave, we will face the Li Clan’s insane pursuit! When that time comes, it won’t be just a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist after us . The entire Li Clan will likely be activated!”

“Especially the four of you . The Li Clan definitely will not allow you to return to the Law Enforcement City! If you manage to return and report this situation to the law-enforcement officers, the Li Clan will probably face imminent annihilation…”

“Therefore, the four of you must be careful! You… must take absolute care of yourselves! Also, I dare say for sure that not all of you will be able to make it back! So you must start strategizing now and determine who the one with the highest hope of returning is… In this aspect, all of you understand each other the best . Therefore, it’s not advisable for us to offer any input . ”

Chu Yang asked, “Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes, completely!” The four of them nodded slowly, their expressions grave .

“We will try our best to protect all of you . We’ll work together to charge out, but the situation is ever-changing and we could be separated at any moment . This is almost certain to happen . Even if by any chance we end up separated… the four of you must know what to do!”

Nobody spoke anymore; only the few officers continued to discuss with each other softly . Occasionally, an intense argument would break out… Because none of them wanted to be the one with the highest hope of returning…

But they had begun their discussion after all .

While Chu Yang and the rest were recuperating and conserving their energy underground, absolute chaos was occurring inside the Li Clan!

This chaos, coupled with the failed pursuit of Lang Yilang, made the Li Clan feel as though doomsday had come .

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