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Chapter 1310: 1310
Chapter 1310: Taking Revenge For A Deep Feud

“You know what happened after that . ” Lang Yilang only spoke again after a very long while . He said, “I didn’t expect Hong Wuliang to be so fortunate to find a good disciple during a time where it was already very difficult for him to earn Purple Crystals . And this disciple actually served him for a thousand years!”

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Lang Yilang’s thin chest rose and fell . Only after a very, very long while did he unobtrusively used his sleeve to wipe his tears . He said, “The story has finished . In it, there is the most pitiful person, the most despicable person and the stupidest person! They are just three people, yet they caused this tragedy which lasted for more than one thousand and six hundred years! Wei Wuyan… Is there anything you want to say?”

He actually smiled lightly, as though he was in a trance .

Wei Wuyan lowered his head morosely, murmuring wearily, “You keep saying that you’re an idiot, but how would you know that the stupidest one is actually me! You’re stronger than me; at least you’ve been filled with hatred toward him this whole time . And the one you lost is just your lover and not yet your wife… and don’t have any descendants yet…”

Lang Yilang frowned . “Oh?”

“I was deceived by him my entire life… Haha…” Wei Wuyan laughed tragically . “My family died a tragic death, including my parents . My wife was killed by him and my son strangled to death while still in the crib . I even served him for almost a thousand years after everything… Who’s the idiot here? Hahaha… You? What were you an idiot over? Are you more of an idiot than me?”

Lang Yilang was silent for a long time . Finally, he said, “I didn’t know that you had such a tragic story too . ”

Wei Wuyan laughed while he wept . “Do you feel it? How great it feels to find someone who shares the same trouble?”

Lang Yilang laughed . As he laughed, miserable tears streamed down his cheeks . He replied sadly, “It certainly feels great!”

After a long while, Lang Yilang took a deep breath . He said, “Come to think of it, your destiny and your tragedy is because of me . ”

Wei Wuyan was silent for a long while before he shook his head passively . “Perhaps that is so, but… you are not to blame for it . ”

Lang Yilang sighed .

“Hatred has made me insane!” said Lang Yilang in a deep and low voice .

“Whoever is full of hatred will be insane!” Wei Wuyan let out a tragic laugh .

“But today, we can stop being insane…” Lang Yilang reached out and grabbed a handful of snow, rubbing it onto his face forcefully . He said passively, “Today, we will settle all the scores . So, we’ll cry for a while first . When we’re done crying, it’ll be time to end everything . Wei Wuyan, if your hatred and feud run deep, I can let you deal half the blows . ”

Wei Wuyan was stunned . “You?”

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Lang Yilang laughed savagely . “Did you think I was joking when I said that I’m going to settle all the scores!”

As he spoke, he burst into raucous laughter . His laughter was filled with satisfaction . As he laughed, he leaped into the air and disappeared in an instant . Then, among the snow, he slowly walked over from afar . In his hand was a rope that seemed to be attached to something, which he dragged the entire way over .

When he came near, with a powerful flick of his wrist, he yelled, “Catch this!”

A dark shadow then flew toward Wei Wuyan .

When Wei Wuyan reached out and caught hold of it, he couldn’t help but be startled!

What Lang Yilang had dragged over was actually a person!

Hong Wuliang!

At this moment, Hong Wuliang’s eyes were dull and lifeless . His face was deathly pale and he was all curled up and trembling . There was none of that expert’s graceful bearing he had in the past .

“After I forced him to show himself last time, he has been under my surveillance all this while . I tortured him the whole way and refused to give him even half a Purple Crystal . I watched him beg, watched him get humiliated by others and watched him get spat on by others… I spent every day joyously, as if it was the New Year!”

Lang Yilang clenched his jaw .

“But how can there be nobody to act as a witness for what happened back then!” Lang Yilang laughed tragically . “That was why once I got news of you, I tried every way I could to drive you here! Don’t blame me for adopting such vicious measures… It’s because I want to end this feud here in this place where everything started, under the witness of someone who’s related to both parties… under the witness of the heavens and gods above!”

“If you had told me earlier… I would have come even if you didn’t force me to!” Wei Wuyan replied passively .

“But I was afraid that you wouldn’t!” Lang Yilang snorted .

“I believe that the parents and elders of both parties are here watching this now! Xia’er’s spirit in heaven is also watching quietly! Watching this scum of the earth getting his just deserts! Watching this vermin being punished today!”

Lang Yilang howled to the sky . “Are all of you watching? Are all of you watching?!”

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Wei Wuyan started shaking all over . His eyes bore into Hong Wuliang as he clenched his jaw audibly!

Lang Yilang struck Hong Wuliang a few times . Right away, a cloud of white vapor puffed out of Hong Wuliang’s mouth and life returned to his eyes . The next moment, when he saw Wei Wuyan, he couldn’t help but tremble . Avoiding his gaze, he shunned away from Wei Wuyan . Yet when he turned and saw Lang Yilang, those eyes of his which were originally rather ashamed and uneasy suddenly turned ferocious and savage .

Taking a deep breath, Lang Yilang’s voice was surprisingly mild . “Hong Wuliang, have you been well these last few days?”

Hong Wuliang panted a little before he suddenly yelled, “Lang Yilang! Kill me if you dare!”

“Kill you… Of course, I will!” Lang Yilang’s eyes were cold and unfeeling . “Just that before you die, there is something that I must clarify!”

Hong Wuliang snickered . “Say it!”

“Back then, Xia’er was already your wife and she had already been with you for more than ten years . Why did you suddenly beat her to death?” Lang Yilang’s eyes gradually turned red .

“Hurhurhur… She’s my wife . I will beat her to death if I wish to . What business is it of yours?” Hong Wuliang laughed venomously . “What, does your heart ache?”

Lang Yilang’s limbs trembled slightly . “I want to know the reason why!”

“The reason?” Hong Wuliang was trembling, but there was a kind of malicious mockingness in him . He looked at Lang Yilang . “Who do you think you are? Why should I tell you?”

Lang Yilang’s breathing was heavy . “Will you say it or not?!”

Hong Wuliang burst into laughter . “I’m going to die soon anyway, so why should I tell you? Why should I satisfy your wish before I die? Even after I die, I want you to live with regrets for the rest of your life!”

He laughed cruelly . “That cheap woman! I just wanted to beat her to death! I just wanted to torture her to death! I just wanted to use all kinds of strange methods to torture her to death! Do you know, ever since the day she married me, I’ve been torturing her! I tortured her for more than ten years without even stopping a day! So I have tortured her to death; what are you going to do about it? Does your heart ache? Even if it does, you’re still an adulterer! Even after she has died, she’s still my wife! What… Do you want to avenge her?”

Lang Yilang’s robes and hair fluttered in the breezeless night . Clenching his jaw, he declared, “You will definitely say it!”

Hong Wuliang spat at him . “Don’t even think about it! I, Hong Wuliang, have been a despicable and shameless man my entire life, but I am still pretty stubborn! Lang Yilang, you don’t believe me? Try me; see if I say it or not!”

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Lang Yilang laughed coldly . Reaching out, he struck out a palm strike and cleared the snow to reveal the ground . With another two successive palm strikes, the ground became as sturdy as iron .

Then, he dragged Hong Wuliang down and placed him on top of the rock ground . He asked in an imposing manner, “Will you say it or not!”

Hong Wuliang snickered and cursed, “Adulterous couple!”

Lang Yilang nodded . “Fine!”

He took out a small jade bottle from his bosom and poured out a fragrant medicinal pill from within . The next moment, he grabbed Hong Wuliang’s chin and forced him to open his mouth . The pill entered his mouth immediately .

“Poison? Do you think that just because you poisoned me, I would…” Hong Wuliang sneered . But he had only spoken halfway when he suddenly started to yell in fright, “The Hundred Spirit Pill? Lang Yilang! How vicious of you!”

Lang Yilang gave the tiny jade bottle in his hand a little shake and smiled cruelly . “There are another ten pills in here! I exchanged three million Purple Crystals for eleven Hundred Spirit Pills, all to be used on you!”

At the side, Wei Wuyan suddenly felt his hair stand on end .

The Hundred Spirit Pill was not poison but a kind of extremely rare elixir! It was one of the few supreme-grade miracle pills for internal use among the law-enforcement officers!

Consuming the Hundred Spirit Pill could increase one’s cultivation and raise a person’s mental energy by a level within a short amount of time . It stimulated a person’s nerves limitlessly, such that the sensitivity of the nerves was a good hundredfold of what they usually were!

When this elixir was consumed, especially when one was attempting to break through cultivation bottlenecks and comprehending martial domain levels, it worked without fail every time!

It was honored as the breakthrough miracle pill!

And now, Lang Yilang was actually using this Hundred Spirit Pill as a means to deal with Hong Wuliang .

Wei Wuyan naturally wasn’t naive enough to think that Lang Yilang was helping Hong Wuliang to increase his cultivation . He was merely using this Hundred Spirit Pill to ensure that Hong Wuliang’s mental state was kept constantly in an abnormally alert state so that he wouldn’t pass out . He wanted Hong Wuliang’s nerves to be at their most sensitive so that he would go through the highest degree of pain and agony possible!

As he spoke, Lang Yilang thoughtfully helped Hong Wuliang to circulate his energy and trigger the medicinal effects of the Hundred Spirit Pill . Hong Wuliang’s complexion, which was originally deathly pale, turned rosy at a speed visible to the naked eye . He became full of energy and brimming with vitality .

But Hong Wuliang’s eyes became even more frightened and terrified instead .

“I don’t particularly desire to torture you!” Lang Yilang smiled cruelly . “Bear with it; whenever you can’t take it anymore, you can tell me what I want to know! Then I’ll cut your pain short for you!”

Without waiting for Hong Wuliang to respond, he grabbed Hong Wuliang’s hand and placed it on top of the rock surface . Then, he raised a large rock with his right hand and brutally smashed it down onto Hong Wuliang’s hand!

Blood and flesh flew everywhere!

A blood-curdling scream resounded!

Despite having gritted his teeth, Hong Wuliang still underestimated the power of this ‘hundredfold sensitivity of the nerves’! He felt clearly a wave of pain that was acute to the absolute maximum assault his senses…

Lang Yilang’s countenance was as cold as metal . The rock in his hand came smashing down again and again . Hong Wuliang’s screams rang out over and over!

What was the most tragic for him was that after consuming the Hundred Spirit Pill, he wouldn’t pass out even if it hurt so badly that he could have passed out a hundred times during usual times . And he would even stay in the most conscious state of mind to experience the pain!

He was trembling all over, yet his complexion was rosy and his mental state extremely alert .

It was as though Lang Yilang was doing something very pleasant to the eye . He smashed the rock in his hand down over and over again… In his eyes, there was a kind of satisfaction at finally getting his revenge .

Going from one joint to the next, he very meticulously smashed Hong Wuliang’s fingers to bits! He did not mess up the order one bit while doing this!

Every time he smashed the rock down, Lang Yilang would mutter in a low voice, “Xia’er, I’m finally avenging you! Are you watching?”

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