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Chapter 1311: 1311
Chapter 1311: Everything Has Ended?

Hong Wuliang’s agonized screams became more and more tragic, while Lang Yilang’s eyes became filled with more and more devotion .

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In the beginning, Wei Wuyan watched comfortably, but gradually, he started to look away . After it continued for a while more, he turned his back to it .

This person was his biggest enemy!

The tragedy in his life was all because of him!

But why was it that in his heart… there was still a hint of compassion?

The rock came smashing down time and again . At last, it disintegrated .

Hong Wuliang’s left hand was already a mess of bloody pulp .

Hong Wuliang’s screams had also gradually died down until his eyes finally rolled up and he passed out .

Lang Yilang calmly took out another Hundred Spirit Pill, fed it to him and considerately helped him to circulate his energy and activate the medicinal effects . Then, he woke him up and let him revert to his original rosy and alert self…

After that, he picked up another rock from the ground and grabbed Hong Wuliang’s right hand . Forcing his hand to lie flat, he meticulously measured the fingers before he started to smash the rock down on the hand…

He no longer asked things like ‘Are you saying it or not’; he merely smashed the rock down savagely over and over!

As though this had become his biggest pleasure!

His eyes were persistent and his hand steady .

The bloody mess in front of him seemed like an exceptionally beautiful painting that relaxed and refreshed him . He chanted over and over silently, “Xia’er, are you watching? Xia’er, are you watching?”

Hong Wuliang screamed bitterly, his facial muscles contorting into various bizarre shapes…

Lang Yilang continued to smash as he chanted . Suddenly, tears streamed down his cheeks .

At last, Wei Wuyan could no longer stand it . He said, “Elder Lang, if you really want to torture him, surely there are various kinds of torture methods such as the Body-Severing and Bone-Moving Method, etc? You’re in charge of the Interrogation Hall, so surely you know of even more? Why must you…”

Why must you use this kind of method that was the most common and most disgusting?

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He didn’t say this .

But Lang Yilang understood what he meant .

Lang Yilang continued to smash the rock down while replying through his sobs, “Xia’er’s cultivation is low . If I use those methods… she won’t be able to understand… Since I am avenging her, I will use the method which she can understand the easiest!”

“She’s watching and smiling . I can feel it . ” Lang Yilang bit his lip and smashed the rock down savagely as his tears flowed…

Wei Wuyan sighed .

“Wuyan! Wuyan! Aaaahhhh~~~” The screaming Hong Wuliang suddenly started to call Wei Wuyan’s name as though he had gone mad . “On account of our Teacher-disciple relationship, kill me! Kill me! Kill me, please, I beg you…”

Wei Wuyan was shaking .

The form of his dead wife and son suddenly appeared in his mind . He became worked up and bellowed, “When you killed my wife and my son, did it ever occur to you that you’re my Teacher?!”

“I was wrong… Please, kill me… Kill me and avenge your wife and son!” Hong Wuliang cried out pitifully .

Right at this moment, Lang Yilang’s palm struck out . A jolt went through Wei Wuyan and he found himself unable to move .

“Although you may not necessarily be convinced by him, I don’t wish to take the risk! I just want to torture him to death!” Lang Yilang said passively, “Therefore, I can only let you suffer a little . You need only to listen and watch!”

Hong Wuliang started cursing ferociously . “Lang Yilang! You animal! You bastard… You adulterer! I wish I could…”

But right after, his cursing turned into screaming again .

After a long while, Lang Yilang had already turned Hong Wuliang’s arms into two masses of bloody pulp . Suddenly, he halted his movements and asked, “Are you hungry?”

As he spoke, he took out a knife . With a few slashes, he sliced the bloody pulp of flesh into a few pieces . Pinching Hong Wuliang’s nose, he stuffed the pieces of flesh pulp originally from Hong Wuliang’s arm into his mouth . He said apologetically, “I forgot; I should at least let you eat a little . If you don’t eat, where are you going to find the energy to continue being tortured by me?”

Hong Wuliang made sounds of protest in his throat, trying desperately to spit it out .

However, while Lang Yilang fed him, he also circulated his energy to help him to digest . Hong Wuliang could neither shout nor spit anything out . Even fainting had already become a kind of extravagant wish…

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Before long, there was a big bulge where Hong Wuliang’s stomach was . He had actually swallowed his entire arm .

“Now that you’re full, we can continue to work! Hong Wuliang, don’t you ever beg for mercy . Otherwise, I will be disappointed!” Gritting his teeth, Lang Yilang reached over and pulled Hong Wuliang’s left leg toward him .

“I will let you eat yourself bit by bit!” Lang Yilang said viciously .

“No… Lang Yilang… Brother Lang… I was the one who let you down… I am inhumane… Please let me off… Kill me…” Hong Wuliang finally broke down .

Who knew how it actually felt to eat one’s own flesh?

Hong Wuliang finally couldn’t take it anymore .

“You know what I want!” Lang Yilang smashed his left leg with the rock . “If you’re too slow, then you can start eating your own leg . ”

“I’ll say it… but… after I tell you, please give me an instant death! I beg of you!” Hong Wuliang’s tears and mucus flowed . “You’re too slow!” Lang Yilang smashed down the rock once more . “I’m the one calling the shots now! Fine, as long as you come clean, I will kill you! And give you a quick death!”

“You’ll keep your word, right?!” Hong Wuliang’s eyes brightened . This was a legendary Supreme Martial Artist once upon a time . But now, begging for death had actually become his most extravagant wish?!

“Bam!” Lang Yilang smashed the rock down . With a crunch, one of his toes was crushed and instantly turned into minced meat . “If you don’t trust me, then don’t say anything!”

“I’ll say it! …” Hong Wuliang was in so much pain that his entire body was spasming . He sucked in breaths of cold air . “I’ll say it… It’s like this… That day, I, I… During the sixteenth year of our marriage, I-I… I robbed a rich family, hissss~~”

As he spoke, he sucked in breaths of cold air and trembled . “I found a piece of Purple Crystal Core… I-I, I got someone to turn this Purple Crystal Core into a… a piece of jewelry . I… I went home happily and gave her the jewelry…”

Hong Wuliang suddenly burst into tears . “I love her too! Do you know… I also wanted her to be happy… I tried so carefully to please her for so many years…”

“But when I gave her the jewelry with a heart full of happiness, she was unhappy instead . I was drinking in the living room while she was inside the bedroom . The more I drank, the more depressed I got . Why was it that even though I had tried my best to make her happy, she was still so unhappy?”

“Right at that point, I heard her recite a poem softly . I… After I heard it, I was overcome by the alcohol in me and suddenly became very violent . I charged into the room and gave her a beating . I didn’t expect… didn’t expect that I would actually kill her…”

Hong Wuliang bawled loudly, his tears and mucus flowing . “I really didn’t want to kill her… but when I was beating her, not only did she not duck, she came toward me with her vital spots instead… I, I, I… I had drunk more than usual at that time too…”

Lang Yilang’s adam’s apple shifted up and down . With a hoarse voice, he asked, “A poem… What poem was it?”

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“She said…’Even if I gain countless treasures, my youth is no longer . Priceless treasures are easy to come by; what isn’t is a devoted man’!” Hong Wuliang moaned and cried out pitifully . Then, he suddenly yelled furiously, “If it were just these four lines, I wouldn’t have reacted that strongly! But after she recited it, she actually repeated the last three words —’a devoted man’! ‘Lang[1]’! ‘Lang’! F*ck her! Did I not treat her well… Even at her death, she was still thinking of you… What’s so great about you? You bastard, what’s so great about you? Which part of you is better than me? I, I…”

Lang Yilang was stupefied!

‘Priceless treasures are easy to come by; what isn’t is a devoted man’!

A devoted man!


He didn’t expect Xia’er’s death to actually be because of this . Because of him!

Suddenly, he let out a ferocious cry . Full of tears, he raised the large rock and brutally smashed it down . As he did, he cried out madly in deep sorrow and grief . “Xia’er! Xia’er! Xia’er! ~~~~My Xia’er…”

His cries were miserable and wretched, as though an injured lone wolf in the wilderness howling at the heavens . It was a kind of heartbreak, as though one’s heart was splitting into pieces…

Lang Yilang was shouting madly, but Hong Wuliang, under this string of even more frequent hits, actually became worked up as well . He yelled, “She’s mine! She’s mine! Mine…”

Both of them shouted and screamed desperately, as though they were fighting and competing whose voice was louder . The rock in Lang Yilang’s hand quickly disintegrated; he picked up yet another piece and continued smashing down brutally . Amidst the blood and flesh spilling everywhere, his shouts were also carried far, far out and beyond the clouds…

The snow in the sky slowly became heavier . The clouds became denser and denser, while the wind also became more and more sorrowful…

After a long time…

There was no longer any sound…

A dazed Lang Yilang threw aside the bloodied rock in his hand . It landed on the ground with a thud; his heart also trembled along…

Hong Wuliang, who was on the ground, had already turned into a pile of minced meat from head to toe . Under this tremendous shock which caused him to lose his mind, Lang Yilang had lost control of himself and smashed Hong Wuliang’s entire body into minced meat!

Hong Wuliang had forever disappeared from this world .

Tears trickled down the cheeks of Wei Wuyan, who couldn’t move the entire time . All of a sudden, his heart felt empty and void, as though he was all alone in a wide expanse of land without anyone in sight…

Lang Yilang got up . He staggered and fell back onto the ground .

He sat there in a daze, his eyes blank and vacant . After a long while, he held his head and covered his face as he squatted down . Then, he slowly bent over and suddenly sprawled onto the snowy ground, crying his eyes out loudly…

“I’ve avenged you… Sob… I’ve avenged you… Xia’er…”

The sound of the wind was shrill and bitter, howling as it swept across above them . It was as if the heavens were also heaving a deep sigh…

After a long while, Lang Yilang, with his lips trembling, finally turned over and patted Wei Wuyan’s body once . Wei Wuyan felt his body’s freedom returning to him . Turning around, he was about to speak when he suddenly got a huge shock .

The face of Lang Yilang in front of him was full of wrinkles and he looked old with age . His hair which had been black and shiny earlier had turned snow white .

It seemed like he had aged several thousand years in a mere moment!

“It’s all over…” Lang Yilang sighed . When he said that, his lips lightly trembled constantly . His body seemed to have shrunk too . He hugged his arms and squatted down, as though he couldn’t withstand the cold . Burying his head in his arms, he heaved yet another deep sigh . “It’s all over…”

“Yes… It’s all over…” Wei Wuyan repeated after him . He understood too well how Lang Yilang felt, because he also had the same kind of empty feeling in his heart right now…

The two of them faced each other, neither of them speaking .

All of a sudden, an indifferent voice rang out . “No, it hasn’t ended yet! Master Lang, it’s been a long while!”

[1] The last character of the term ‘a devoted man’ is the same character as the last character in Lang Yilang’s name

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