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Chapter 1304: 1304
Chapter 1304: Continuous Appearance of Auspicious Signs

Only one person knows? Li Wubo was delighted: in that case, he just needed to kill this person, and the largest Purple Crystal mine in the world would belong to the Li Clan?

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If what this successor to the Purple Crystal Clan said was true… then…

At that time, the Li Clan would own not only this Purple Crystal mine right now but also the largest mine in the world… Who in the whole world would be able to stop him?

“Who is this person?” An obvious sense of killing was already in the voice of the head of the Li Clan . An intention of “secret murder in the depth of the night” was growing stronger .

“Do you know that there is an extinct art in the world called Purple Crystal Hand?” Chu Yang asked .

“Purple Crystal Hand? Of course, I know about it! This is an extremely toxic type of martial technique…” Li Wubo described Purple Crystal Hand in an exceptionally detailed manner, “But I’ve only heard about this technique, nobody has ever seen it; I heard it has already been lost in teaching… You were saying?”

“According to my knowledge, the practice of Purple Crystal Hand can only possibly be successful in an environment with a horribly high density of Purple Crystals!” Chu Yang smiled faintly . “And this person I’m talking about has already cultivated to the level of third-grade Supreme Martial Artist… Or perhaps fourth-grade or even higher…”

Chu Yang smiled . “Sir Head of Li Clan, tell me… How high must the Purple Crystal density of the place where he practiced Purple Crystal Hand be, for him to attain such achievement in such a short period of time?”

Li Wubo breathed in deeply and smiled faintly . “This person is really lucky indeed . ”

Chu Yang laughed . “I think that you, Sir Head of Li Clan, are even luckier . ”

Li Wubo smiled faintly, but there was a cold light flashing in his eyes . “Since you know about this person, then with your level of cultivation, why don’t you do the deed yourself? Isn’t it better if you get the Purple Crystal mine for yourself?”

Chu Yang spread his palms helplessly . “Did you hear it wrong, Sir? Just now I said, this person is a third-grade Supreme Martial Artist in the least, and possibly a fourth-grade or even higher… Do you think that I can kill him?”

Li Wubo replied calmly, “You can’t be certain that you cannot? You are a Supreme Martial Artist of the sword!”

Chu Yang smiled bitterly . “It’s a pity that this person also has great power behind his back… Although this great power doesn’t know this person possesses a Purple Crystal mine, an enormous amount of trouble would result from killing this person . ”

“Indeed . ” Li Wubo snorted internally and thought to himself: If he were confident, why would he leak the news to me?

Can you possibly be this kind?

“What’s the name of this person?” asked Li Wubo .

“This person is called Lang Yilang,” answered Chu Yang slowly .

“Lang Yilang!” Li Wubo was shocked . “Law-enforcement officer! Master of Interrogation Hall!”

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“Yes! It’s him!” said Chu Yang calmly .

“Absolutely impossible!” Li Wubo was suddenly displeased . “You are lying to me! A little more than eight months ago, news leaked from somewhere said that Lang Yilang might possess the extinct technique of Purple Crystal Hand, and law-enforcement officers once examined Lang Yilang . Their conclusion was that… Lang Yilang doesn’t know that technique at all . ”

Chu Yang smiled faintly . “Sir, if there was a person in your clan who possesses the technique of Purple Crystal Hand, would you announce it to the whole world?”

“Well…” Li Wubo fell into deep thoughts .

“Under such a circumstance, there are only two possibilities,” said Chu Yang . “First is that Lang Yilang has already cultivated Purple Crystal Hand to a level beyond the sixth grade of Supreme Martial Artist, such that he can conceal it as he wishes . Sir Head of Li Clan, you ought to know that the cultivation of Purple Crystal Hand is bizarre, such that if one intends on concealing it, even a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist would not be able to find out . Unless the person who does the examination also has Purple Crystal Hand cultivation . ”

“The second possibility is that… the law-enforcement officers want this Purple Crystal mine for themselves . ”

Chu Yang said slowly, “I have Purple Crystal Divine Technique, and I can totally prove this . Besides, I have physical evidence and witnesses to prove that Lang Yilang really has practiced Purple Crystal Hand!”

Li Wubo thought for a moment before replying, “This matter has to be planned in the long term . ”

“Of course . ” Chu Yang smiled and nodded .

“I will send people to prepare the Purple Crystals first . ” Li Wubo stood up and left hurriedly .

Though he said “planned in the long term”, Chu Yang realized that it was obviously an eagerness that shone in the eyes of this head of the Li Clan .

Chu Yang smiled internally .

Of course Li Wubo couldn’t wait . Right now, for the Li Clan, the law-enforcement officers were none to be feared at all! Right now, the law-enforcement officers were publicly positioned against the Nine Tribulations Sword Master .

And the Li Clan stood with the Nine Tribulations Sword Master clearly and publicly, so they were certainly and indisputably against the law-enforcement officers . Under such circumstances, why would the Li Clan be concerned about the Master of Interrogation Hall?

Even if it was the Dharma Supreme… If the Li Clan had an opportunity to hit him at his time of weakness, they would attack without hesitation!

What Li Wubo cared about was not this but the accuracy of this piece of information . Besides this, Li Wubo wasn’t quite clear about some things that Chu Yang spoke about .

So he had to go back to ascertain it . That was all .

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Within one day, three million pieces of Purple Crystal were in place .

The Sword Spirit started performing the technique of Whale Sucking, converting all the Purple Crystals into energy and absorbing it into the Nine Tribulations Space…

And Li Wubo was also trying to understand things by seeking out several elders .

“I heard that Purple Crystal Hand has to be cultivated at a place with high Purple Crystal density?”

“Of course! If Purple Crystal Hand could be casually cultivated, why would it be called Purple Crystal Hand? Of course it can only be cultivated when the density of Purple Crystal reaches a certain level! It won’t work even if the density is too low!”

“Then this Purple Crystal mine in our Li Clan… Will it work?”

“If you count those not yet extracted, of course it will . But with only those at present, it probably won’t yet reach the level of attracting Violet Aura From the East . ”

“If this is the case, would a Purple Crystal mine that allows someone to cultivate Purple Crystal Hand be the largest Purple Crystal mine in the world?”

“Principally, yes; however, either the largest or the second-largest would qualify for the cultivation of Purple Crystal Hand . ”

“If within a short span of several decades, one could cultivate Purple Crystal Hand to the fourth, or fifth level of Purple Crystal Hand… Or even higher, what kind of Purple Crystal mine would that have to be?”

“A super Purple Crystal mine!”

The first question was answered: what Lord Zi said was real .

“I heard that Lang Yilang cultivated Purple Crystal Hand?”

“About this… There is no evidence . And the law-enforcement officers deny it . ”

“What if evidence can be produced?”

“Then Lang Yilang himself is a great treasure!”

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The second question was answered: what Lord Zi said was still real!

“I heard that once someone cultivates Purple Crystal Hand to the boundary between immortal and mortal, he’d be able to conceal the energy of Purple Crystal Hand as he wishes? And it takes someone who also possesses the power of Purple Crystal Hand to notice it?”

“Yes, this is what the legend says, but what actual level of cultivation is needed to conceal it, it is not yet known . About the sensing of Purple Crystal Hand’s power… It is not part of the legend, and it can’t be known whether it actually is . ”

The third question was suspended: what Lord Zi said was more than 70% reliable .

Li Wubo was a man to do great things, of course he was decisive!

After he ascertained all this, he made an order immediately: take note of the movement of the law-enforcement officers! In particular, take note of the movement of Lang Yilang, Master of Interrogation Hall .

Of course, this order was given secretly, especially… to hide it from this successor to the Purple Crystal Clan!

If this treasure could be mined directly… what would he need this Lord Zi for? Of course, if it couldn’t be mined yet, it would not be too late to ask this Lord Zi to come and help…

Besides, it was a chaotic mess outside!

The great wave of impact caused by the news of Chu Yang being the Extraterrestrial Demon was still continuing .

Right now, the whole world was searching for anyone who was related to Chu Yang . Flat Mountain Ridge at the Southeast became the center of attention . Every day, many people went to kill the demons to defend Tao .

Though none of those who went returned, the world’s so big, who was to say who didn’t return? So everyone still kept going .

One day, the news about discovering allies of Chu Yang the Extraterrestrial Demon suddenly broke out in the martial world .

Therefore, everyone gathered to attack them . However, these people were pretty skilled and actually managed to break out of the siege, and moved to break through to the Southeast . But since everyone found out about them, how could they let them break through?

Therefore, the roads towards the Southeast were all blocked .

The Nine Super Clans joined forces with law-enforcement officers and other martial artists to sever the hopes of these people to enter the Southeast and reunite with the Extraterrestrial Demon . The whole martial world besieged them .

However, the Extraterrestrial Demon’s allies were actually all very experienced in the martial world . They came up with many clever strategies . In desperation, they broke through the siege in random directions and actually managed to break free, eluding all the way .

Right now, they seemed to be coming towards the Northwest .

Because in the whole world, only the Northwest side was weaker in force .

After Li Wubo received such news, he didn’t take it seriously . What does this thing have to do with the Li Clan? You can do whatever you want, the more people that die, the better . I don’t care about Extraterrestrial Demon and such at all…

However, immediately, new information came which made Li Wubo no longer able to sit still, because it said that among the allies of the Extraterrestrial Demon, one person actually had something to do with Lang Yilang the Master of Interrogation Hall .

Right now, Master Lang Yilang had already left the Law-Enforcement City, and led a party all the way toward the Northwest, traveling day and night! It was said that he was going to kill this person himself, or… for some other reason .

Succinctly, the Northwest of the continent which had always been deserted actually slowly became bustling .

“Lang Yilang has come to the Northwest?!” Li Wubo stood up abruptly as though he was on drugs, startling the intelligence officer who came to report .


“Great!” Li Wubo rubbed his hands, his face bore the expression of excitement . “This is really, really… a heaven-sent opportunity! If I don’t take it, I Li Wubo will be too ashamed to face my ancestors…”

“One can really be lucky out of nowhere!” Li Wubo was really excited . How could he not be lucky? At first, the Purple Crystal mine that hasn’t been successfully mined for ten thousand years showed hope, and then, he got the news about the largest Purple Crystal mine in the world .

And then, not long after he got this information that the most critical person actually happened to coincidentally deliver himself to his doorsteps!

Li Wubo couldn’t control his excitement . When a clan is to be prosperous, auspicious things must happen to them! All of this proves that my Li clan… is finally going to become prosperous! Otherwise, how can good deeds happen one after another? This is a godly message!


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