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Chapter 1303: 1303
Chapter 1303: Tell You a Big Secret

Ever since the light screen appeared, the Holy Crystals and Divine Crystal had stayed still in the air .

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It was as though they were waiting for something .

Chu Yang took down that piece of Holy Crystal . Its circular shape still stayed in the air .

Chu Yang had a vague feeling that they were expecting something, or perhaps, that unyielding fighting spirit from ancient times was looking at himself with bright eyes .

Chu Yang felt emotional . He said, “Rest assured! Rest assured, if I can fight my way up to the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, I will definitely join the battle against the Extraterrestrial Demons!”

“I will reinstate your Purple Cloud Heavens!”

This sentence was a promise! Chu Yang’s promises had always been filled with determination!

Before he finished speaking, the ninety-eight Holy Crystals descended at once .

With the Divine Crystal in the middle, the ninety-eight Holy Crystals arranged themselves around it neatly .

From the sky, a vague sigh seemed to be heard . It sounded like a great relief, like someone who could finally rest assured after too much worrying . It also contained a sense of sorrow and apology .

Chu Yang could understand this apology . He could completely understand it, although it was only a barely audible sigh .

I’m sorry, this is all that I can leave you . I have so many things, so much heritage and combat power, but back then, I was really at the end of my abilities, and these are all that I can leave you… No more .

As a Heavenly Emperor, it was doubtlessly pretty pitiful that these were all the treasures he could bequeath . Yet Chu Yang only sensed a tragic feeling: this Heavenly Emperor must have exhausted all his energy and treasures in the battle!

For him to leave such treasures in the final desperate moment, it was already… very impressive!

Chu Yang totally believed that if not for his remaining obsessions and grievances, he wouldn’t even leave these . He would use them all in the battle, such that his whole life would leave not a trace in this world!

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said, “You don’t need to apologize . Even without these… I’ll still have to kill the Extraterrestrial Demons!”

All the purple smoke in this space finally disappeared .

A clearness returned .

The Sword Spirit absorbed all the Holy Crystals and Divine Crystal and went into the Nine Tribulations Space . Chu Yang also placed the piece of Holy Crystal in his hand into the Nine Tribulations Space .

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When the Holy Crystal in Chu Yang’s hand entered, all the ninety-eight Holy Crystals flew up at the same time, approached and immediately formed a huge circle in the air . It shone with a bright light!

Ninety-nine Holy Crystals moved in an orbit . Balls and balls of pure Purple Crystal energy emerged endlessly .

That one Divine Crystal had already placed itself at the core position . Hovering in the Nine Tribulations Space, its light made the whole space appear purple!

In the middle of it all, Chu Yang suddenly realized that the Primordial Violet Vapor inside the Nine Tribulations Space actually slowly got thicker .

The leaves of all the spiritual herbs showed an extremely rich purple color . Their growth seemed to be even more vigorous .

Chu Yang watched all these changes, yet there was a heaviness in his eyes .

“Sword Spirit, have you heard of the Purple Cloud Heavenly Emperor’s name?” asked Chu Yang mildly .

The Sword Spirit contemplated it for a long time and said, “I haven’t heard about it… But in the Nine Heavens, there really is such a place called Purple Cloud Heaven; but right now… it has become the hub of Extraterrestrial Demons!”

“The hub of Extraterrestrial Demons!” Chu Yang felt a pain in his heart and yelled, “How can the place where the hero dies in battle be the place where demons gather? Are all the people in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court worthless pieces of shit? Has Xue Leihan eaten too much shit?”

The Sword Spirit was completely silent .

After a long time, he said, “This Purple Cloud Heavenly Emperor… He must be a person from ancient times…”

Chu Yang was still angry . He snorted loudly and asked, “Is Xue Leihan a Saint in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court?”

The Sword Spirit coughed abruptly . “No . ”

“What is this Saint thing?” asked Chu Yang .

The Sword Saint was dumbfounded . Looking at this overly bold youngster, he said, “The Saint… is immensely supreme… Well… You have to be respectful…”

“To hell with ‘respectful!’” said Chu Yang rudely . “Stop talking nonsense to me! In the future, I will be the Saint of the Nine Heavens Imperial Court! Of what use is a Saint who watches his brother fight alone for six years and not give him a single soldier for reinforcement!”

The Sword Spirit was totally speechless . He shut his mouth and spoke no more .

This master’s sense of justice was agitated by the Purple Cloud Heavenly Emperor, and actually wanted to rebel against the Saint now?

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This was a matter on which the more you said, the greater your faults .

It was a big deal .

“What’s the ranking of Xue Leihan in the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, among those below the Saint?” asked Chu Yang .

“As of now… the first,” the Sword Spirit said carefully .

“Coward!” cursed Chu Yang .

The Sword Spirit fell silent again . After a long time, he finally said, “The war between the Nine Heavens Imperial Court and Extraterrestrial Demons has gone on for millions of years… Back then, Master Xue… was not necessarily at the position he is today . ”

“Not necessarily!” Chu Yang breathed heavily but finally dropped the topic of Xue Leihan’s inaction . He said, “The Purple Cloud Heavenly Emperor placed his treasures here on the Nine Heavens Continent . He had obviously already lost all hope on the people of Nine Heavens Imperial Court…”

“But I, Chu Yang, will not let him down!” said Chu Yang heavily .

The Sword Spirit flattered, “Lord Sword Master won’t let anyone down…”

Chu Yang raised his eyebrows . “Hmph . ”

After a long silence, the Sword Spirit seemed to have remembered something . “Lord Sword Master, there has to be the heritage of Purple Cloud Heavenly Emperor’s inside that piece of Divine Crystal…”

Chu Yang’s eyes fixated on him . “Oh?”

“However right now, with your strength, Lord Sword Master… Well, you are not yet qualified to receive it,” said the Sword Spirit meekly .

Chu Yang enraged at once . “Disappear in front of me! Immediately!”

In the following days, everyone from the Li Clan realized that Lord Zi had become lazy . On average, he only went to walk one round at the Purple Crystal mine every two days . Besides, every time he went, he stayed for only half an hour or so, biding his time and pretending to do work, and then he’d go back home .

With the greatest treasure in his hands, what more interest did Lord Zi have to work for the Li Clan?

Right now, his greatest interest was the Earth Core Fire in the Li Clan .

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Yet after two days… The Earth Core Fire was actually gone .

That hot spring actually froze!

Chu Yang was enraged . It’s too nondurable… I haven’t done all I wanted here…

He himself didn’t think about it this way: to begin with, his mental energy was first in the world, and the Sword Spirit’s no less; with the two of them absorbing hard at the same time… Even if the Earth Core Fire resource was abundant in the Li Clan, how long could it possibly last?

And he was actually complaining that he had not done all he wanted… If he was really allowed to… How strong does the foundation of the Li clan have to be?

Seeing that both the treasure and Earth Core Fire of the Li Clan was gone, Lord Sword Master Chu wanted to leave .

One day, Chu Yang was in his room, contemplating how to leave, when someone suddenly reported that the head of the clan was here to visit . Li Wubo actually came to visit himself .

“Haha… Brother Zi is really in high spirits . ” Of course, Li Wubo didn’t visit for no reason, he was here to rush his progress . “Brother Zi, you’ve been quite at leisure these few days . ”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, “You’re blaming me for being lazy?”

“How dare I, how dare I . ” Li Wubo gave a fake smile .

“Recently, my martial technique has progressed once more, and I’m in the middle of gathering energy . ” Chu Yang frowned . “If I had a large amount of Purple Crystals, I would be able to break up almost half of this thing within one day . Right now… I’m looking for a suitable occasion . ”

Before leaving, Minister Chu wanted to cheat another big amount of Purple Crystals out of him .

“Almost half of it within a day?” Li Wubo stared at him . “For real?”

Chu Yang said, displeased, “How can I lie about something so big…”

Li Wubo’s heart was immediately filled with joy . He said, “How many Purple Crystals do you need?”

“At a rough estimate, I’m afraid I will need around two million pieces…” Chu Yang thought about it and frowned . “This is not a small number indeed . ”

“I will prepare three million for you, sir!” Li Wubo agreed immediately!

What were three million pieces of Purple Crystals as compared to breaking open the treasure as fast as possible? If he let this guy continue like this, spending twenty thousand a day and even more as time went by, he might not be able to open it even after several years, besides, at that time… Tens of millions would have been spent…

“Great, Lord Li!” Chu Yang’s expression was overjoyed, and he slapped his thigh .

“But when can Brother Zi start?” asked Li Wubo .

“Once the Purple Crystals are gathered, I will mobilize “Purple Crystal Sky-Opening Great Technique” . And then, it will take a few days for the energy stored to reach its peak-level . Then, I will be ready . ” Chu Yang said cautiously, “However, Lord Head of Li Clan, you have to take note: at that time, once I do the deed, there won’t be any energy left in my body, and it’s very possible that I’d be hurt by the backlash… Therefore, there needs to be a professional behind me, to pull me away and avoid the impact once I make the attack . ”

There was no more doubt in Li Wubo’s heart, as he agreed readily . “This is what I should do . Right now, the safety of Brother Zi is the top priority of the Li Clan!”

A deeply moved expression showed on Chu Yang’s face while he said, “Since Sir Head of Li Clan values me so much, today I will… gift you with a piece of news as repayment . This is a big secret that actually determines the situation of Nine Heavens!”

“What news is it? It actually is so significant?” Li Wubo couldn’t help but suppress his voice .

“According to my knowledge… Actually, the Purple Crystal mine in your clan is not the largest in the continent . ” Chu Yang said mysteriously, his voice low, “The real largest mine in the continent… I know where it is . ”

“Largest Purple Crystal mine in the continent?” Li Wubo was overcome with shock, and then he immediately laughed . “There really is one, it’s probably long been occupied by others… How can it wait for us?”

About his not being the largest mine in the continent, Li Wubo didn’t feel surprised . After all, back then it was Ye Clan and Xiao Clan who picked the land first . Besides, these clans have accumulated great wealth in the recent ten thousand years, and it would be the most strange thing if they didn’t have large Purple Crystal mines…

“No . According to my knowledge, that Purple Crystal mine has been without an owner until today!” Chu Yang raised his eyebrows .

“For real?” Li Wubo’s eyes shone . “Where is it?”

“I don’t know the exact location as well . But there is one person who does!” Chu Yang said mysteriously, “Besides, in the whole world, only this one person knows it!”

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