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Chapter 1283: 1283

After Chu Yang achieved the breakthrough, the Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder went back into the Nine Tribulations Space!

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 The Sword Spirit could not be bothered to haggle with Chu Yang over much . He was busy planting and growing medicine . All the Heavenly Treasures that Chu Yang had collected in the Middle Three Heavens were still piling up in the Nine Tribulations Space!

The Sword Spirit planted each of them one by one into the medicinal field .

The Sword Spirit was really unwilling to do the job this time around . The quality of the Heavenly Treasures from Middle Three Heavens was significantly poorer than those from the Upper Three Heavens .

The Sword Spirit felt that he was unjustly treated .

Regardless of the unjust treatment, Heavenly Treasures were after all Heavenly Treasures . Although the quality of these medicines was not the top grade, they were still very useful in the refinement of elixir pills .

The Nine Tribulations Space was filled with purple gas . The Spiritual Spring Water had already turned to a faint milky white color .

“If the milky white color restores into the original clear state, then it would be the Life Force Spring . ” The Sword Spirit said indifferently .

“How long would it take?” Chu Yang asked .

“I don’t know . ” The Sword Spirit shook his head . “I only know that the raw ingredients are still incomplete . The most important ingredient that we still lack is the Tree of Life! As for the others… Although we still do not have everything, they are more or less completed . For some materials, we already have them in excess!”

 Chu Yang’s eyes flashed and he muttered, “The Tree of Life? What does it look like?”

 The Sword Spirit said, “Based on what I know, over at the place where Young Master Yu is, it must be where the Seed of Fairy is! It is the inheritance of the Fairy race . It would really be strange if Young Master Yu does not have it!”

“Oh, I see . ” Chu Yang said again, “Looks like, I should open up the passageways within Nine Heavens earlier…”

 He could not help but feel a little remorseful . He had just come back from the Middle Three Heavens . Back there, Young Master Yu had asked him about the Life Force Spring . Chu Yang had only replied that once the passageways were opened, as long as Young Master Yu made it up here, then Chu Yang would tell him the secret .

Chu Yang had never imagined that he would have missed out on this important prerequisite .

 He let out a sigh .

There was nothing they could do about it . At that moment, the Sword Spirit fell into a deep sleep…

 After staying in the passageway for so long, it was time for Chu Yang to get out of it .

 Chu Yang’s heart sank as he tried to predict the things that he would face when he got out…

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 It was already a chaotic scene outside at this moment .

The Nine Tribulations Vision this time around had persisted for a long period of time . It was the longest in history and everyone felt really strange . However, from this vision, one could only tell that it would happen in the Upper Three Heavens but not the exact location of it .

Everyone was confused and tried to find the answer .

However, it was all for nothing .

In the north-west region, due to the previous avalanche and the collapse of the Wind Thunder Platform, there were quite a number of people who came over during this period of time .

Li Donghai and the others were laying in ambush underneath the cliff . However, this short period of two to four hours was really miserable .

The sun had come out and was scorching . The snow on the cliff began to melt and the water went dripping down the cliff .

It was common knowledge for an ambush to be as concealed as possible . To be concealed, it would require some object to help conceal it . However, in this piece of land filled with snow, the only object to help in concealment was snow… What else could there be?

 Therefore, everyone was hidden within the ice and snow .

However, now that the snow and ice started to melt…

 Li Donghai and the rest were being watered on their heads continuously by the icy cold water . This kind of feeling…

 Furthermore, as the snow started to melt faster and in greater amounts, it soon formed a mini waterfall . The water came falling down loudly and it seemed as if the water was increasing with time .

To begin with, the space was already not big . Now in this circumstance, the space to hide became even less .

Li Donghai looked up into the sky and sighed over his bad luck .

While he was still depressed, the wind suddenly howled and someone pointed at the sky and exclaimed, “The dark clouds are coming again…”

 Indeed, it was just another moment and the originally clear blue sky was filled with gloomy clouds . The clouds became thicker and thicker… and finally, it started to pour .

“Oh my god…” Everyone lamented .

 “How about let’s hide from the rain first…” In the pouring rain, within the land of snow… this feeling was really miserable .

Li Donghai nodded his head without hesitation . They had already lain in ambush for that person for three months without seeing a trace of him . It should not be that he would appear the moment they went to hide from the rain, right?

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 Therefore, Li Donghai, Li Nanshan and the others made a big hole within the cliff personally and everyone hurriedly squeezed into it . Instantly, the pouring rain and waterfall turned the hole into a cave with a waterfall at its mouth .

 The water came pouring down…

 The events of the world were just so strange .

Immediately after the members of Li Clan went into the cave, the area that they had been monitoring suddenly appeared an entrance to a cave .

Following which, a black shadow jumped out of the cave . The moment he came out, in the midst of this heavy downpour, he violently shivered and said, “So strange… within this land of ice and snow, there is actually such a heavy downpour…”

This was really strange .

Furthermore, Chu Yang did not know that just moments ago, it was still bright and sunny . He did not see any bit of this strange phenomenon .

Right after the scorching weather, came the ice and snow . The cold weather came just as the water vapor rose and the heatwave had yet to be dissipated . Of course, that would cause a heavy downpour . After a short period of time, this heavy downpour would turn into hail and then finally back into the huge snowfall that had been the normal weather for the past 100 thousand years .

After Chu Yang jumped out, the entrance to the cave disappeared immediately .

In the midst of this heavy downpour, although Chu Yang already had the cultivation of a Supreme Martial Artist, he was unwilling to be drenched by the rain .

Therefore, he got up and quietly created another hole in the cliff and went inside .

The water curtain fell immediately, covering up any traces of the hole .

Chu Yang did not realize that on the cliff opposite the hole that he created, there was yet another hole… Of course, the people opposite did not realize either .

The heavy downpour continued for another two hours . Following which, it became a dense downpour of hail that came crashing down . Each of the hail was at least the size of a chicken egg and it created potholes after potholes on the ground as they crashed down .

The hail lasted a duration of one joss stick and afterward, it became a huge snowstorm . This snowstorm was unprecedented . The storm was made up of big and thick pieces of goose feather-like snowflakes . As they fell layer by layer, it covered any unevenness on the ground in a very short period of time .

The water puddle on the ground had not even started to freeze and it was already covered up by the snow!

 Looking across the horizon, the entire sky and land were misty and silvery-white .

Chu Yang was dumbfounded, staring at all these from within the cave .

 He did not imagine that he could actually witness such a wonderful phenomenon!

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 Finally, just as the ground was completely covered with snow, the people within the two opposite caves started to take action .

 At one of the caves, several people started to come out .

They jumped out from the cave in the midst of the snow . Naturally, they looked forward to when they first came out and instantly, a few of them let out an exclamation . They were shocked to see that there was actually a similar cave like theirs on the opposite cliff!

 Inside, there was a black head just about to extend out of the cave… The person was masked and his face could not be seen, except for a pair of bright eyes, just like that of a thief…

 An exclamation came out from the opposite cave as well . Chu Yang did not think that there would be so many people hidden in the opposite cliff…

 “What happened, what happened?” Li Donghai asked casually .

His subordinates’ hands were trembling and their eyes were staring as they pointed ahead . “You see… You see…”

Li Donghai lifted his head and took a glance . Instantly, he became so angry that his nose went awry .

 There was actually a person opposite!

 Furthermore, it was unknown when the person came . However, the person definitely came before themselves! If it was later, it would be impossible for Li Donghai to not have realized!

 By this logic, could their original discussion have been heard by the person? Their own sorry state was also witnessed by that person?

 Li Donghai was really furious at this moment!

 At the same time, several Supreme Martial Artists were blaming themselves in their mind . They could be considered as old-timers in the Martial World . How could they have not discovered that there was such a huge cave opposite them previously?

Chu Yang was also filled with murderous intentions within . He thought in his mind that these people must have come before him! In this way… they would have seen where he came out from, right?

 This was too dangerous .

“That b*stard son-of-bitch! Hurry, get out and receive your death sentence!” Li Nanshan was jumping madly as he pointed at Chu Yang and scolded!

 “Wait, let’s not scold first… could he be that person who took down the Heavenly Thunder Platform?” Li Donghai hurriedly stopped Li Nanshan as he just thought of this possibility .

“Impossible! This b*stard’s level of cultivation is at most a First or Second Grade Supreme Martial Artist…” Li Nanshan looked over at his own Big Boss, puzzled . He thought, ‘How could Big Boss become so muddle-headed?’

Chu Yang had already jumped down .

 He was dressed fully in black, from the clothes to robe to even the face mask! His eyes were filled with murderous intentions and rapidly increasing .

Originally, he was already feeling uncomfortable . Now with these scoldings, it totally unleashed his murderous intentions!

 He thought in his mind, ‘These people did not even bother to find out what happened and just wanted to come over and kill me?’

‘If that’s the case, then my sword would not bother killing a few more people as well!’

Without saying a word as he came down, Chu Yang drew his long sword . With a sword bright and dazzling, Chu Yang violently cut down onto the ground of snow, releasing strong rays of sword light .

“Who are you?” Li Nanshan scolded furiously, “In a meeting between people from the Martial World, you didn’t even say your greetings and you started to fight, are you even aware of the rules in the Martial World?”

As he spoke, Li Nanshan drew out his long sword to parry the attack in a flustered manner .

Chu Yang wielded his long sword like the wind and his every stroke was aggressive and attacking in nature . “You scolded people first and now you want to talk about the rules in the Martial World?” Chu Yang’s body flew up in the midst of snow and the sword light shot out from his sword just like that!

Li Donghai looked on from the side, but he was rest assured . He thought in his mind, ‘Although each sword stroke of this black-masked man is sharp, his level of cultivation is indeed not very high! He only had the cultivation of a First Grade Supreme Martial Artist . My own people would definitely be able to take him down!’

Although Li Nanshan had some difficulties fighting off Chu Yang’s attacks, Li Nanshan was not in any danger for his life!

With a wave of the hand, thirty to forty people formed a huge circle and focused in the center .

Li Nanshan let out a roar continuously . His opponent had gained the upper hand and he was unable to equal the fight within a short moment . Therefore, he was furious within and let out a roar, attacking strongly and continuously!

 Seeing that the crowd had come over and there was probably no one else left behind, Chu Yang suddenly let out a howl and he leaped into the sky . In mid-air, amid all the cold sword light, there was a sudden loud ‘clang’ sound that came from his sword .

With this sword cry that was crystal clear, it encompassed the majestic might of a ruler descending to the world!

Snowflakes filled the air and were instantly shattered by the sword cry!

 Below, each person’s long sword let out a clear sword cry . These swords were half a foot outside of their sheath and within the wind and snow, the swords grew cold .

The sword of Li Nanshan was originally pointed at Chu Yang . However, at this moment, for no reason, the sword suddenly had a change in direction . The sword body made a ‘clang’ sound and the sword point suddenly turned up .

Chu Yang swept his way down!

 Li Donghai was in shock, as if his soul had left his body . “How is this a common Supreme Martial Artist? He is a Sword Supremacy!”

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