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Chapter 1284: 1284

“Stop!” Li Donghai roared as he rushed forward . “Retreat, Nanshan!” In his mind, he felt strange about one thing: A Sword Supremacy is actually so different from a normal Supreme Martial Artist!

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 Based on Li Donghai’s understanding, a Sword Supremacy would need to be at least a Sixth Grade to be able to dispel his own sword aura, in order to disguise himself as a normal Supreme Martial Artist .

However… this person was obviously a First Grade Supreme Martial Artist?

 Could it be a disguise? Actually… he was a super elite Sixth Grade Sword Supremacy? Thinking of this, Li Donghai felt his heart turn cold .

Without him saying, Li Nanshan had already felt the fierce and bursting murderous intentions from Chu Yang and he stepped back immediately!

Li Nanshan did not imagine that the person, whom he had fought toe to toe with earlier on, was actually a Sword Supremacy! At this moment, Li Nanshan wanted to cry .

He thought in his mind, ‘You should have told me earlier on…’

 ‘If you had told me earlier on, how would I dare to fight one on one with a Sword Supremacy? Although he is only a First Grade… I am also a First Grade, right?’

 ‘However, a First Grade Sword Supremacy… is different from me . He is someone who could fight evenly with an elite Fourth Grade Supreme Martial Artist like Li Donghai… Isn’t this cheating? This is too much even for cheating…’

 Li Donghai rapidly dashed ahead while Li Nanshan stepped back quickly .

However, Chu Yang was already determined to kill Li Nanshan, so how could Chu Yang allow him to get away from his sword? The sword flashed for a moment and Chu Yang went in for the attack . Li Nanshan used his long sword to parry the attack with all his might . He let his guard down for a moment and immediately after, Chu Yang had already pierced a huge hole in his chest that went through from front to the back!

Li Nanshan managed to dodge quickly and therefore did not injure his heart . However, this huge hole in his chest was not a small wound either . For him to survive, it would likely still require a huge amount of effort .

 However, the legs of Li Nanshan did not stop . He retreated back to a few hundred feet out before he finally stopped . He looked down at his wound and let out a terrible scream!

 A few members of Li Clan already stepped forward quickly to help bandage his wound . However, as the wound was serious, the medicine that was applied to the wound was washed away by fresh blood immediately . At that moment, they were all helpless!

Li Donghai looked at the terrible state of Li Nanshan and became so angry that his body trembled . His eyes were sharp like a sword and glaring at Chu Yang with extreme hatred . “Sir, you are really vicious in your attacks!”

 Chu Yang’s hoarse voice let out a cold smile . “I don’t know, with all these people surrounding me, could it be that you want to ask me out for a tea? Now that someone has died because your skills are inferior to mine and you are blaming me for being vicious?”

Li Donghai replied indifferently, “You are right, the martial world works this way . If you managed to kill someone with your superior skills, no one would say a word . However… you are now on the ground of Li Clan!”

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 Chu Yang was instantly stunned . “Li Clan? All of you are members of Li Clan?”

 Li Donghai smiled cruelly . “You heard me right! We are from the Li Clan!” Seeing that Chu Yang was a little stunned, Li Donghai instantly thought that Chu Yang was afraid of the power and influence of the Li Clan . The cruel feeling inside Li Donghai started to rise .

Chu Yang could not help but let out a cold smile . “So what if you are from the Li Clan?!”

 The reason why Chu Yang was shocked for a moment was that the Li Clan was an important component within the overall plan of Mo Tianji . Li Clan was a component vital to the success of the entire plan .

Therefore, Chu Yang was stunned for a moment in his mind . He thought, ‘If we were to cause deep hatred between us… would it affect the plan in the future?’

 However, these words from Li Donghai aroused Chu Yang’s arrogance and obstinacy . Chu Yang thought, ‘Li Clan? So what if they are from the Li Clan? Can’t I kill them?’

Li Donghai spoke with hatred, “Tell me your name!”

 Behind the mask, Chu Yang smiled . “To a bunch of dead men, there is no need to tell them my name!”

Li Donghai looked up into the sky and let out a roar . “Dead man? You will know in a while, who is the real dead man!” He smiled and added, “You think that just by laying in ambush here ahead of us you would gain the upper hand?”

 Li Donghai thought in his mind, ‘This person is a Sword Supremacy . With my current group of people, we would never be able to make him stay! We would need to have reinforcements if we want to make him stay here!’

 The long roar echoed through the clouds, skies and all the way up .

 Chu Yang’s eyes flashed and his heart jerked . He was suddenly enlightened by the sentence, ‘You think that you lay here in ambush ahead of us’ .

Chu Yang realized that these people actually did not see him coming out of that passageway!

 One of the main reasons that made Chu Yang burst out in anger and want to kill them all was the need to silence them in case of his secret being leaked out . After all, there was no passageway here originally . After obtaining the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master could traverse through the Nine Heavens once . This was a fact that each of the clans should have a record of .

Furthermore, the worldly phenomenon just occurred recently .

 Piecing together all these clues, there was a high risk that Chu Yang’s identity of being the Nine Tribulations Sword Master would be revealed . To Chu Yang and his team, this would be a disaster!

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The past few sentences were said by Li Donghai in a moment of emergency . Be it the tone or the facial expressions, it was clear that he would not lie at this moment .

Now that Chu Yang knew that they had not seen anything, why would he still bother about this group of people? Furthermore, they were from Li Clan .

To kill them now, would it not give Chu Yang a heartache? Would it not be nice to leave the Li Clan behind and let them perish together with the other Nine Super Clans?

 “If that’s the case, then I shall excuse myself first!” Chu Yang let out loud laughter and was relieved of the matter bothering his heart . Suddenly, he dashed forward rapidly .

 Li Donghai shouted, “Stop him! At all costs!”

The surrounding members of Li Clan took action simultaneously!

 Instantly, it became a fierce and extraordinary battle!

 However, since Chu Yang had already decided to leave, just with these people alone, how could they stop him? The sword light flashed; just as the two forefront people stepped back violently, Chu Yang had already clashed with Li Donghai and his body was on the way out of the battle .

Immediately after, Chu Yang leaped up at the speed of light . One of his legs stepped onto the cliff front and once he managed to leverage his strength against the wall, Chu Yang was confident that he could shake off these people in an extremely short period of time . Thereafter, he would be able to get away from the battle .

Just at this moment, a fierce gust of wind pressed down onto the head of Chu Yang . He was stunned and he raised his sword to face the impending attacks . With a loud ‘boom’ sound, an unmatched power came crashing down .

Chu Yang stepped back continuously . He forcefully held back the uncomfortable feeling in his chest and lifted his head to look up .

The long roar in the air echoed continuously . Five or six shadow figures came floating down . In the midst of the snowstorm, they seemed like heavenly gods, descending slowly into the world of mortals .

 “Since you are already here, then don’t leave . ” A voice said deeply, “I still have some questions for you . It’s not too late to leave after you make yourself clear” This voice sounded the nearest and he was the same person whom Chu Yang had knocked into just now .

Six people landed at the same time, taking up the hexagonal formation .

Chu Yang bitterly cried in his mind continuously!

 Six enemies and all six of them were Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artists and above!

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 Six of the super-strong elites who had crossed the mortal-immortal boundary!

Chu Yang thought in his mind, ‘What should I do now?’ Even if the Sword Spirit were to possess and take over his body, he would definitely not be a match for these six people! Chu Yang himself was a First Grade Sword Supremacy himself . If the Sword Spirit took control of his body, he would at most be elevated to the level of a Third Grade . With this level of cultivation, it would be a tough battle against one single Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist . Furthermore, there were six of them?

 Chu Yang and Sword Spirit had an extremely brief discussion and quickly decided that the Sword Spirit would take control of Chu Yang’s body . They would do all that they could to escape from this battle, even if it was a heavy price to pay!

 As soon as the opponent took action, they would respond as well .

However, before anyone took action, Chu Yang and the Sword Spirit wanted to see if there was still any chance to salvage the situation .

They would not go down that path, unless it was the last resort .

“What’s your name?” The leading Elder had cold eyes but with traces of warmth . Although it was the hypocritical kind of warmth, it was after all a type of attitude . He added, “Take off your mask and let me take a look at your face . ”

 Chu Yang laughed crazily with a hoarse voice . “You all think that you would definitely win this battle, right?”

 The facial expression of the Elder remained kind and he said indifferently, “Why do you have to do this? We can work things out by talking, having more friends is good, right? Furthermore, there has to be a conclusion to this matter . I’m a reasonable person . If the fault lies with our side, I would offer my apologies without hesitation . ”

Li Donghai’s heart turned cold as he listened aside . He thought, ‘Indeed, the clan has such an intention . ’ He could not help but answer with grief, “Thirteenth Master, Nanshan had been severely beaten up by him and is now straddling the line between life and death… Furthermore, this guy, he is obviously not…”

“How do you know that he isn’t?” The Elder waved his hands, making nothing of it . He said, “With Fifth Brother around, Nanshan will not die!”

Chu Yang was extremely puzzled and frustrated as he thought in his mind, ‘What is going on here? Since when did the Nine Super Clans have such good virtues? I have killed their people and now they actually want to reason with me?’

 ‘It seems like I have not reached such a prestigious and majestic level that all the experts would bow their heads to the ground upon seeing me, right?’

 ‘Could it be that the welfare this time around actually included these?’

The Elder turned to look at Chu Yang and smiled indifferently . “Since you are not willing to take off your face mask, then there’s no harm in us talking this way as well . ” He actually compromised another huge step .

“If I may dare to ask, how long have you stayed at the bottom of this cliff?” The Elder spoke softly, however, his expression was really serious as he asked .

Chu Yang’s heart felt like it was struck by lightning .

He thought, ‘Based on the meaning of this sentence, these people would likely have secured the top area since long ago . If I were to say that I just arrived, then that would be inappropriate…’

After a while of consideration, Chu Yang replied, “This… the exact time I’m not too sure . I would guess that it has at least been a few months? May I know what’s the point of this question?”

The eyes of the Elder brightened again . He said, “In that case, you must know who was the person that chopped down the Wind Thunder Platform?” The Elder smiled with his eyes squinted and added, “Or should I ask if you are the person who chopped down the Wind Thunder Platform?”

The Elder lifted his head and took a glance at the cave which Chu Yang just excavated . He squinted his eyes and smiled . “This cave is really near to the Wind Thunder Platform . Don’t you think so?”

By now, Chu Yang still had not guessed what were the true intentions of the Elder . Instantly in his mind, he thought of a few hundred different replies he could give to the Elder . Finally, he took a deep breath and replied cautiously, “I don’t quite understand what you mean . ”

Surprisingly, when Chu Yang said that he did not understand the question, the Elder smiled . It was as if the Elder had gotten a confirmation in his mind . He smiled indifferently and said, “But, looking at your strength, I don’t think it’s sufficient to chop down the Wind Thunder Platform . May I ask, what method did you use to chop down the Wind Thunder Platform?”

The Elder had actually assumed that Chu Yang was the one responsible for it .

Chu Yang took in a deep breath and said, “I still don’t quite understand you . ”

The Elder squinted his eyes . “It would be better if you understand my question . Or else, this conversation would become really uninteresting . ”

Chu Yang replied, “What if I were the one, so what? If I weren’t the one, then so what? I don’t understand the point of your question . ”

He felt that there was actually an underlying matter to all these? He gathered some courage and decided to assume responsibility for it!

 Chu Yang thought in his mind, ‘In any case, this Wind Thunder Platform is not related to the matters of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . If the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword was right below, then within these 90 thousand years, the Wind Thunder Platform would have fallen eight or nine times already…’

He felt that there was seemingly a… chance to get out of this?

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