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Chapter 1280: 1280

Happy days always passed especially fast . In the blink of an eye, a month had already gone by! Under the stirrings of the wedding, the Middle Three Heavens had been completely cleaned up!

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 And had become a firm and united front!

 The mighty alliance of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion, several large clans and Dark Bamboo became firm and stable! Currently, it was in the midst of evolving into an enormous and mighty battle organization!

 There were only five days left in the three months that Chu Yang had .

 During this period, Chu Yang took the opportunity to use every resource he could on his brothers . Just that because the Sword Spirit was still in hibernation, the incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill couldn’t be refined, so they could only do without it for the time being .

 After the wedding, Young Master Yu approached Chu Yang and they had a long talk . After the talk, he left with a face full of excitement .

 Supposedly, he went back to make preparations .

 Ao Xieyun came to look for Chu Yang . “To be honest, the Ao Clan also has connections in the Upper Three Heavens, just that with the current situation, I’m not sure if…”

 Chu Yang let out a wry chuckle . “I’ve thought about this as well . Back then, the Li Clan also had connections in the Upper Three Heavens . As the number one clan in the Middle Three Heavens, how can the Ao Clan possibly not have any connections in the Upper Three Heavens? However, the Nine Tribulations and the Nine Super Clans are sworn enemies right now . Even if you’ve had connections with those people in the past… I’m afraid they cannot be relied on now . I was afraid that you would be put on the spot, so I didn’t ask about it . ”

 Ao Xieyun fell into silence .

 Chu Yang was absolutely right; the current situation was already as it was . Even if Chu Yang and the rest didn’t go against the Nine Super Clans, the Nine Super Clans would never let them off either!

 Under such a huge precondition, no matter what kind of ties they had in the past… It could pretty much be dismissed .

 After all, they weren’t from their clans!

 On this day, Chu Yang gathered all the brothers, including Gu Duxing and Mo Tianji .

 “I’m going back soon . At present, the Nine Heavens passageway hasn’t reopened, so I’m the only one who can pass through it . In addition, this is the only time that I can come down . Whatever needed to be handed over has been handed over during this period . Do not slacken after this… Make the most of the time you have now to raise your cultivation!”

 “You can go to the Lake of Despair to practice in the future! Over there, it’s fine even if your fight is chaotic . ”

 “We can only meet again after I’ve found the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword . When that happens, the whole of the Nine Heavens will be opened once more and it will be the start of true chaos!”

 “I estimate that we still have at most a year until that happens! I ask that during this one year, no matter what sort of method you use, all of you must raise your cultivation till you’re a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!”

 “That is my lowest requirement! Even if you die of fatigue… it’s still better than dying by someone’s hand! Because there will not be any buffer when that time comes; it’ll be the real thing!”

 “Before the Nine Heavens passageway reopens, hide away securely the important members of your clan! Then, once the passageway reopens, charge upward at once!”

 The brothers listened in silence and nodded .

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 Mo Tianji mused for a moment before he said, “Boss, after we’ve gone up, we’ll judge the situation before we get into contact with you . If the situation is complex and dangerous, we’ll make decisions on our own!”

 Chu Yang’s eyes brightened . “Yes, during that time, all of you are to follow Tianji’s arrangement! Once you go up, your identities would definitely be exposed… You must take note of this . ”

 He understood very well what Mo Tianji meant . Hiding in the dark was always much better than being exposed in the open .

 A tinge of viciousness appeared in Mo Tianji’s eyes . Nodding slowly, he said, “Rest assured, Boss . I’ll make arrangements in advance when the time comes . Whether it’s the Upper Three Heavens or the Nine Heavens Imperial Court that you mentioned, they are all humans! As long as they are human, be it schemes or conspiracies… We’re not afraid!”

Chu Yang nodded heavily . He gazed at each and every brother of his . “My brothers… At that time, we shall laugh with pride in the Nine Heavens!”

 Gu Duxing and the others nodded slowly, their eyes shining .

 “The things that I’ve given all of you… When you go back, give them to your parents and your women . Let all of them raise their cultivation… Unexpected incidents may happen anytime; everyone should have a certain degree of ability to protect themselves . ”

 Chu Yang instructed .

 “Understood . ”

 Naturally, it was the safest and most efficient to have Chu Yang raise their cultivation . However, if they were to do it themselves, it would let their family members feel the happiest! Their children’s filial piety was the biggest happiness to the elderly; while the care and protection of their lover was a woman’s dream!

 Having Chu Yang do it and letting Ao Xieyun etc do it themselves were two different concepts and two different experiences!

 The meaning behind it was totally different .

 Chu Yang had sufficiently considered everyone’s feelings .

 “In addition, those Purple Crystals are enough to last one and a half years, even at your most efficient cultivation rate . Do not be miserly with them!”

 At midnight of this day!

 When Chu Yang packed his belongings, the skies were still dark . Quietly, he floated out of the window and silently ascended several meters into the sky . As he stood high up in the skies, he gazed at the buildings in the dark with warmth in his eyes .

 In there, my brothers are in deep sleep .

 Quietly, he took a last look . Then, with a spin in mid-air, he vanished without a trace!

 At a speed difficult to detect with the naked eye, Chu Yang flew swiftly toward the passageway leading back to the Upper Three Heavens!

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 My brothers, we will meet again!

 I had a lot of fun this time! Especially when Duxing held his wedding because of my return; it made me even more touched!

 I’ll go back and lay the foundation and wait for your arrival! I’ll try my best… to make it such that when all of you come up, it won’t be too difficult…

 Without looking back, Chu Yang disappeared into the night .

 “Boss has left!” Gu Duxing stood before the window . His presence had been completely suppressed; only his eyes stared into the night sky .

 All the other brothers did the same . Light flashed in everyone’s eyes .

 One year to reach fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist! They had to hurry and settle everything that needed to be settled . Thereafter, the brothers would head to the Lake of Despair! In order to achieve this goal!

 No matter what!

 Someday, we will appear in the Upper Three Heavens with great power! That way, Boss, Wushang and the others won’t need to fight by themselves and be isolated without any help anymore!

 Chu Yang traveled at high speed the entire way . At last, he reached the passageway in the afternoon . Just as he was about to enter the passageway, he suddenly had a feeling as though someone was spying on him . But when he spun around to take a look, he did not discover anything .

 Frowning, Chu Yang searched around in the surroundings to no avail . Seeing that he didn’t have much time left, Chu Yang didn’t have the time to check carefully before he had to leap into the passageway!

 The passageway disappeared rapidly and the ground reverted to its flat state! Without any gaps!

 After the passageway closed, two figures quietly appeared behind the rocks . They walked forward slowly to the area where the passageway had appeared, staring hard at it!

 It was a man and a woman!

 The man was clad in black robes, his long hair loose behind him . His figure was tall and straight, but his appearance was rather strange . The left side of his face was completely the opposite of the right side — His left eyebrow was like a long sword, angled all the way upwards; yet his right eyebrow was like a long waterfall, pouring all the way down! One eye was like the round full moon while the other was like a crescent .

 In the middle of his forehead was something that looked like a birthmark and took on the shape of a flame . It shone brightly at this instant!

 The figure of the teenage girl next to him was energetic and graceful, her facial features full of heroic spirit .

 The teenage girl turned to look at the man . “Why did you not show yourself and meet with him?”

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 The man’s eyes were deep and serene like a lake of great depth . Staring at the area where Chu Yang had disappeared, he said softly, “I don’t know who I currently am either!”

 The girl sighed . “Ever since you’ve sensed it, you rushed all the way here . And yet you just stared at his back? Didn’t you want to ask your Teacher? You…”

 The man’s long hair fluttered . With much difficulty, he forced a smile and said in a low voice, “When I’ve completely fused with it… I’ll meet with them! But right now… I’m afraid I’ll hurt them . ”

 “I have no confidence that I’ll be able to control myself . ”

 “So I’d rather not meet with them!”

 He stood quietly for a while before he turned to the girl . “Do you want to visit your home? If you want to, I’ll send you there . ”


 “Let’s go!”

 The man held onto the girl and turned to leave . After taking a few steps, he came to a stop, as though he wanted to turn back and take a look . He ultimately didn’t . With a long howl, the two of them rose into the air and disappeared into the far distance, as though a flash of lightning .

 “Lightning flashes in the future; the demon master rises into the blue heavens!”

 Chu Yang moved swiftly in the passageway as he wondered who the person in the dark was?

 This person was actually able to hide from his divine sense? There weren’t many who could do that in the Middle Three Heavens .

 Suddenly, he thought of a possibility . A jolt went through Chu Yang and he stopped in his tracks at once . “Could it be Tan Tan?!”

 Chu Yang wanted to head back right away!

 However, behind him, the passageway that he had passed through had already collapsed and was completely blocked!

 Chu Yang heaved a long sigh and flew toward the front again . Gnashing his teeth, he thought, “If I ever know that it was really that fellow today, I’m going to pummel him to death!”

 In the Upper Three Heavens — The Wind Thunder Platform!

 Some time back, an incident which shook the heavens and earth had occurred here at the Wind Thunder Platform . The surrounding mountains shook and even caused snow avalanches in several mountains nearby!

 This huge movement of course attracted people’s attention .

 The Li Clan, who was the nearest to this area, immediately sent people to take a look . Only for them to discover that the fascinating phenomenon of the Wind Thunder Platform which had lasted for ages — the strange stone pillar that had stood erect for a hundred thousand years — had been chopped into pieces by someone!

 When this piece of news traveled back, the entire Li Clan was furious!

 Who was this person who had nothing better to do and came into this frozen land especially to chop rocks into pieces for fun? This Wind Thunder Platform had been a fascinating sight here for a hundred thousand years! If we didn’t want it to exist, wouldn’t we have chopped it down long ago?

 When they took another look at the area, it was obvious that it was intentional!

 This tall pillar had been chopped down segment by segment from the top!

 A stone pillar that was a good 30,000 meters! Chopped into ten thousand pieces! Every segment… was about the same size! In addition, the cut was very neat .

 Just how bored was this person to do something so anal?

 Now that the stone pillar had collapsed, the wind and thunder phenomenon was also gone!

 The Li Clan was furious beyond belief!

 The Wind Thunder Platform wasn’t something as simple as just a fascinating sight .

 Every year, at the point where the lightning was at its weakest, people from the Li Clan would come here to train their spirit . By borrowing the mighty power of the heavens and earth, they would stimulate and coagulate their spirit!

And now, this training ground was gone just like that .

 In their rage, the Li Clan sent out quite a few teams of experts to investigate — Six Supreme Martial Artists, each leading a team .

 After much ground observation and deduction, the Li Clan came up with a conclusion — Firstly, this person was definitely an expert! Secondly, this person must have thought that there was definitely some kind of treasure here, due to the continuous thunder and lightning . But judging from the situation, it was apparent that he didn’t find anything even after chopping right down to the bottom .

Because if he had, he definitely wouldn’t have chopped off this much!

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