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Chapter 1281: 1281

Everyone understood; putting themselves in that person’s shoes, if they had put in so much effort only to find nothing, they would no doubt be indignant . Therefore, he would definitely come again!

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 As such, many from the Li Clan were hidden and lying in wait at the sides of Wind Thunder Platform! Fury filled their hearts .

 As long as you dare to show up, I’ll rip you into pieces!

 Treasure? As if you would have stood a chance if there really had been treasure here?

 But up till now, the Li Clan members had already kept watch over here for almost three months, to no avail . Everyone had already more or less slackened .

Was that person not coming anymore? Or had he already discovered them and escaped far, far away?

 If that was really the case, it would no doubt be a mammoth task if they wanted to search for such a person in these vast Nine Heavens!

 Li Donghai, a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, was the overall person-in-charge of this operation . Right now, his head was raised as he watched the dense snowflakes in the sky . He had a look of worry on him .

 The five white-robed elderly men next to him were the main forces in this operation . All five of them were Supreme Martial Artists, as well as Li Donghai’s brothers .

 “Big Brother Dong, in my opinion, that person must have gotten wind of it . He won’t come anymore,” said Li Nanshan .

 The others at the side echoed his words .

 Indeed, it didn’t feel good being here! Even a Supreme Martial Artist would also need to circulate his energy to resist the cold . Furthermore, in order to not alert the enemy, they weren’t even allowed to start campfires to warm themselves during this period of time…

 Wasn’t this just pure torture?

 “Those are not within my considerations . ” Li Donghai said softly, “The Wind Thunder Platform has been here for a hundred thousand years! He’s definitely not the only one who suspects that there’s treasure beneath the Wind Thunder Platform!”

 “Even our Li Clan had the same suspicion back then . ” Li Donghai continued, “In fact, they had sent people to investigate this back then . They had also considered digging through the Wind Thunder Platform before to see exactly what it is . ”

 “How did that turn out?” asked Li Beixing with great interest .

 “Well, what happened was that when our founder reached a certain depth, he was injured by wind and thunder . ” A worried Li Donghai went on, “Later on, when we got an expert of great ability from the Zhuge Clan here to take a look, it was ascertained that this place is a spot where the heavens and earth are interchanged . The power of the wind and thunder originates from the heavens . This situation then appeared because they were on par with each other’s beauty and also added to each other’s beauty at the two mountaintops . It’s not because of some kind of Heavenly Treasure!”

“But at that time, Elder Zhuge Cangqiong also said that as long as the power of wind and thunder exists, this Wind Thunder Platform is impossible to destroy! Not even by a Supreme Martial Artist!”

 “This has always been our clan’s big secret!”

 Li Donghai said heavily, “But now, the Wind Thunder Platform is gone!”

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 Everyone was stunned .

 Li Donghai released a long breath of air . A few snowflakes swirled about and entered his mouth . With a worried tone, he went on, “This person took a sword directly to the Wind Thunder Platform and destroyed it . His cultivation… Just how high is it?”

 The others took in a sharp intake of breath! This person had actually dug through and broke the Wind Thunder Platform when even their founder had suffered injuries?

 “If that’s really the case, then what use is there in the clan sending us here?” Li Nanshan continued, “Although this is a secret, the clan leader and the elders should be aware of it too . ”

 “If my guess is right… We… are the first batch that is in the open… There must also be experts from the clan hiding in ambush in the dark too!” Li Donghai continued, “Therefore, no matter what actions we take, the clan would have confidence in saving the situation . ”

 “Furthermore, although it looks like the clan is furious, they in fact have reservations about this . They have no intention of becoming sworn enemies with that person . ” Li Donghai lowered his voice . “They won’t pursue the matter if he doesn’t come but once he does… We must watch our speech and actions and take note not to drive the situation into one of no return . If we end up being sacrificed for the sake of benefits… Then that would be too unjust . ”

 “Sacrificed for the sake of benefits?” The other five were dumbfounded . Their faces turned deathly pale immediately .

 But when they thought about it, this was quite possible indeed .

 Think about it — They were not this person’s match . If they charged at him in a moment of rage and ended up offending him… And right at this moment, if people from their clan suddenly appeared and punished them severely before apologizing to the other party and requesting to put aside their differences and become friends instead…

 How much of an honor would that be? For his sake, they were even willing to punish six Supreme Martial Artists! Did he mean to say that he wouldn’t give them face?

 It wasn’t the first time that the Li Clan had done something like this . Especially during these chaotic times where the other eight Super Clans all viewed the Li Clan as enemies… They needed strong allies even more!

 Therefore… The ones likely to end up unlucky would probably be the six of them!

 “In that case, we should make some adjustments… In case if…” The burning rage in the five of them turned into icy calmness right away .

 But before he had finished, there was suddenly a huge movement right at this moment!

 In the total silence around them, a clap of thunder suddenly boomed in mid-air . The sound was so deafening that even the six Supreme Martial Artists shook so badly that they almost fell to the ground!

 Amidst total bewilderment, all of them raised their heads and looked up .

 Only to see the dark clouds that had never once dissipated in the last hundred thousand years suddenly and rapidly separate and spread into the surroundings at a speed visible to the naked eye .

 In the blink of an eye, the dark clouds that had accumulated above these snowy plains for a hundred thousand years had completely dispersed and vanished without a trace! Revealing vast and boundless blue skies!

 The sun shone brightly above . All at once, the surrounding mountains and rivers spreading far into the distance sparkled with gold!

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 “The sun!” Someone exclaimed in surprise, “The sun has appeared in our north-western region! My god…”

 The whole world went into an uproar simultaneously . Three regions in particular — the north-western, north-eastern and true north — were filled with people rejoicing . For a lot of them, this was the very first time that they had ever seen sunlight in their entire lives and enjoyed the warmth of the sun shining upon them!

 Innumerous people dropped to their knees and extended their thanks to the Heavens .

 However, on the Wind Thunder Platform, the pupils of all six Supreme Martial Artists contracted fiercely . Why did the sun, which had never once appeared in the last hundred thousand years, suddenly appear today?

 Besides, judging from the range, how could it be just the north-western region alone? It was apparent that the whole world had been shone upon by sunlight .

 The warmth of the sunlight caused a misty layer of white fog to form above the snowfields . Large spreads of forests and innumerous mountains and valleys were transformed into a beautiful and fantasy-like world at the same time, as though the court of immortals covered in misty fog up in the heavens .

 All of a sudden, from high up in the skies, a ray of white light came crashing down . As it got bigger and bigger, it suddenly split into nine and shot downward in nine different directions!

 As they traveled, the rays of white light gradually became thicker and thicker . Bit by bit, their color changed and slowly turned into nine rainbows!

 Every rainbow was mammoth in size; when viewed by the naked eye, they easily spanned several meters wide . Connecting the heavens and earth, they were still and unmoving!

 The whole world was bathed in a blaze of colors all of a sudden!

 The white light in the middle of the nine rainbows gradually emitted a gentle glow that churned up and down . Winds howled in the next moment . In the distance, thunder and lightning could vaguely be seen . Thereafter, thunder started to rumble and lightning flashed in the sky .

 Everyone was astonished . This would have been understandable if it had been bad weather .

 But right now, everywhere within a radius of 50,000 kilometers was bright and sunny . And yet wind and thunder could still gather?

 Surely this was too out of the ordinary .

 A ray of light shot out of nowhere from underground and approached the wind and thunder in the sky with lightning speed . In the blink of an eye, it entered the white light right in the middle .

 Prismatic colors appeared, as though connecting the Heavens and earth! They dazzled with brilliance and resplendence!

 Then, the nine rainbows spanning the distance between heaven and earth suddenly spun and converged in the sky before separating once again!

 Twelve huge words appeared in the sky!

 “The fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword descends upon the world!”

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 As though an ancient god had suddenly descended upon the world as a supreme ruler!

 The Li Clan Supreme Martial Artist in charge of leading the team was stunned for a short moment before he suddenly exclaimed in shock, “A Nine Tribulations phenomenon?! Oh my god…”

 The heavens and earth shook at this moment!

 Everyone throughout the world, no matter where they were, all saw the twelve words!

 In the Lower Three Heavens .

 On the way back from the inspection trip to the south .

 Tie Butian gazed lovingly at the sky . As she stared at those twelve words, a hint of sweetness from the bottom of her heart appeared in her eyes .

 He has gone back! And has successfully retrieved the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

 From what he said, when he retrieves the sixth fragment, he’ll be able to pass through the Nine Heavens .

 When that time comes… Do I… go up and take a look?

 The Emperor fretted over this blissfully…

 In the Middle Three Heavens .

 With their heads raised, Gu Duxing and the other brothers stared at the sky for a long while, none of them saying a word . But everyone’s hearts burned with emotion .

 Boss had gone back!

 And it was in such a manner that shook the heavens and earth!

 In the headquarters of the law-enforcement officers .

 The Dharma Supreme gazed at the sky for a long while, keeping quiet the entire time . It was only when the rainbows in the sky started to fade did he finally heave a heavy sigh . “I’ve miscalculated, so the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had long been lying in wait in the Upper Three Heavens!”

 A cold glint flashed in his eyes . He issued a command emotionlessly . “Investigate this!”

 These two words were said exceptionally solemnly!

 In the dark behind him, a respectful voice could be heard . “Yes!”

 Deep in thoughts, the Dharma Supreme stood unmoving with his hands behind him for a long time .

 Ever since… after that, my cultivation had improved instead . That thing is good stuff indeed . I didn’t expect there to be so much… It has never been used ever since the nourishing of the heavens started, so it has ended up benefiting me now instead…

 Hmm, the one on Chu Yang has been stolen from him… Who exactly was the one who had stolen it? If I can get my hands on that piece too, my cultivation can probably surpass Wu Juecheng…

 As for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master… Since you’ve appeared in the Upper Three Heavens, this is the day that I’ve been waiting for!

 The Nine Super Clans were all in a state of shock as well!

 ‘The fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword descends upon the world’! In addition, the tremors this time were stronger and more obvious, as well as lasted longer than the ones in the past . This proved that the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword was retrieved by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master in the Upper Three Heavens!

 So the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had been in the Upper Three Heavens long ago!

 All Nine Super Clans issued a command at the same time —”Investigate the martial world!”

 In a faraway place, with a fervent look in their eyes, innumerous strange people looked toward the sky at the same time .

 The Nine Tribulations Sword Master has retrieved the fifth fragment! When he retrieves the sixth fragment, the Nine Heavens will be opened and our king will be reunited with us again!

 We have already lay in wait for several tens of thousands of years…

 Nobody knew that during the time when the phenomenon had suddenly appeared in the sky, Chu Yang was speeding ahead underground! Right now, he was already near the Wind Thunder Platform!

 The whole journey here, especially after entering the boundaries of the Upper Three Heavens, Chu Yang had sensed something very different .

 When he was at most a hundred kilometers away from the Wind Thunder Platform, Chu Yang suddenly felt wind and thunder amassing in his meridians . The Heavenly Heart of Wind and Thunder suddenly started to move .

 Then, within the passageway, an illusory multi-colored fog appeared, as though a rainbow, and surged into the passageway!

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