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Chapter 1267

“Let’s go take a shower!” Ao Xieyun was at his own house and everywhere there were familiar faces . He could not take it anymore . With a roar, he quickly covered his crotch area and dashed forward .

“Wait for me . ” The few brothers hurriedly followed behind . Some of them covered their faces, some covered their buttocks . In the blink of an eye, they were all gone without a trace, leaving behind only a sentence . “Big Brother, don’t run away! We will come back to settle our scores!”

 Chu Yang touched his nose and revealed a comfortable smile . However, he still scolded angrily, “So rude! As little brothers, you actually dare to settle scores with your Big Brother . ”

 Beside him, loud laughter could be heard .

 After a long while, in the main hall!

 Following a noisy commotion, the crowd looked toward the direction of the commotion, full of expectation .

Six young men, whose hair was still wet, put on brand new items of clothing and walked into the hall proudly .

 Instantly, there was a wave of screams and the entire hall became chaotic .

The army of ladies moved simultaneously . Some of them cried, some of them screamed . Some of them were crying with joy while some of them were weeping quietly . Others were staring at each other foolishly…

In an instant, Ao Xieyun, Xie Danqiong, Mo Tianji, Gu Duxing and Ji Mo all went into the midst of the pretty ladies’ hugs .

Chu Yang was smiling at the side thinking to himself that this was the time that belonged to those ladies .

Over a year of longing for them, that would definitely require the ladies to vent it out now .

Amongst the brothers, only Luo Kedi did not have a lady by his side . He walked over to Chu Yang and pouted . “Despise! I sincerely despise them! No man can resist the charms of a beautiful woman . Look at these guys, they are flirting with all the young ladies, so indecent!”

Chu Yang snorted and was just about to speak, when he saw Luo Kedi to suddenly cover his stomach and break into laughter .

 Chu Yang took a look . He could not help but spurt out a mouthful of tea

Chu Yang saw Huyan Aobo take a majestic, huge step while she grabbed Ji Mo, before punching him . She scolded, “Ji Mo! You little thief! You really want to die!”

 Out came another kick . Ji Mo fell to the ground, sprawling on his back . Immediately after, he was again picked up with two legs hanging in mid-air . He actually grinned and said, “Aobo… My wife… I really miss you…”

 Both eyes of Huyan Aobo turned red and the tears were about to flow out . She was still scolding “I don’t miss you!”, even though she had already hugged Ji Mo into her arms .

 Ji Mo was ‘helplessly’ brought into Huyan Aobo’s arms . Miss Huyan was obviously very happy to see Ji Mo, yet she still jumped and scolded . However, whenever she jumped, she took Ji Mo along with her to jump…

This scene was like that of a mother with a huge body bringing along her little child…

 Chu Yang found this scene amusing . Luo Kedi was laughing so hard that he staggered around and covered his stomach while continuously shouting that it’s painful .

After venting the initial agitated emotions, everyone began to form clusters as they whispered to each other .

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The crowd understood what was happening and they retreated away .

Gu Duxing and the others naturally followed the lead of the housemaids, holding their own loved ones, as they entered the temporary little courtyard that was already prepared for them .

Right now, there was no need for words…

 The crowded and bustling main hall, in the blink of an eye, was only left with two people .

Chu Yang and Luo Kedi .

“Big Brother, they have all left, what shall we do?” Luo Kedi seemed to be somewhat envious and said, “If I knew this, I would also have found one… Long ago, I had so many pretty ladies wooing me . However, I didn’t consider any of them…”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes . “You have a very important mission!”

The eyes of Luo Kedi lit up . “What mission is it?”

Chu Yang led him to the front of a little house . Chu Yang turned his ear toward the house and listened for a moment; he then pointed at the door and said, “Little Wolf, inside here, I have prepared a gift for you since long ago… You just have to push open the door and you would get the gift . Just be careful not to let anyone see it, since this gift is only for you… Otherwise, they would say that I’m unfair . ”

Luo Kedi nodded his head continuously . His excited little face turned red . “Be rest assured, Big Brother! I would not tell anyone about this even if I got beaten to death!”

Chu Yang nodded his head and said mysteriously in a low voice . “Go ahead, open the door . My brother, you will get the biggest surprise of your lifetime!”

Instantly, Luo Kedi became excited and both his eyes were glowing brightly like that of a wolf .

He thought in his mind, ‘Who is our Big Brother? He is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master! If he were to give a present, how could it be a bad one?’

Luo Kedi rubbed his hands and felt his palms become a little warm . He was smiling as he walked a little sneakily to the front of the door . He even took a glance at his surroundings to make sure that there was indeed no one else around .

Time to collect the present!

 Ha ha ha…

With a push of the door…

 Oh? The door was not open?

 With another push… The door still did not budge?

 Luo Kedi scratched his head and used force again to push . There was actually someone within the room that was pushing against the door?

In an instant, Luo Kedi became furious!

 He thought in his mind, ‘F*ck, this is a gift from Big Brother to me . Who is the one that beat me to it?’

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 He was so furious that he dared to do absolutely anything . Second Master Luo shouted, “F*ck!”

He raised his leg and gave a kick!

 With a loud ‘bang’, the entire door panel was kicked into pieces .

Luo Kedi took a step and entered the room . He shouted with rage, “Who dared to touch my stuff?”

Following which, he was immediately dumbfounded, like a puppet standing still at the original spot!

In front of him, was his own brother Luo Kewu and Dong Wulei from the Dong Clan . Both of them had an expression as if they wanted to eat him up . As Luo Kedi looked downward… Eh? He realized that these two people were actually… naked at the bottom?

Luo Kedi was startled! Immediately after, his eyeballs almost popped out from staring . As he turned his head to take a look, there were no longer any traces of Chu Yang around .

Luo Kedi felt tragic instantly . His fingers were trembling and his face turned green, like that of iron . “You all… what are you all doing?”

He only saw the two of them approaching each other, while gnashing their teeth .

 Luo Kedi stepped back continuously . In his mouth, he kept on shouting furiously, “Luo Kewu! There are so many pretty wives and concubines for you to play around with and it’s still not sufficient? That you had to play with a man… furthermore, it is Brother Dong Wulei…”

 Before he could finish his words, the two people opposite him dashed over as if they were wind . Their angry and dumbfounded faces instantly turned into panic, as they covered Luo Kedi’s mouth firmly and tightly .

They thought in their mind, ‘My dear master… Your voice is really scaring people to death…’

 “Woo… Woo… Let me go!” Luo Kedi was absolutely horrified and felt creepy . “I . . I… I don’t have this type of liking…”

 Dong Wulei and Luo Kewu were dumbfounded .

From the ground came a groan . Luo Kedi lowered his head to take a look and was shocked to see a totally naked and fat guy . That person was Ji Zhu!

Luo Kedi directly fainted . He shook his head . While still having a dizzy spell, he said, “You three?… Playing together?”

 Before he could finish his words, the three of them opposite him pounced over like a wolf or tiger and pressed Luo Kedi down onto the ground, punching and kicking him! A series of violent punching ensued…

 After a long while, Luo Kedi’s clothes were ripped off and Luo Kewu put them on himself . Immediately after, he sneaked outside and came back with a few other sets of clothing after a long time, before he finally heaved a sigh of relief .

“I’m going back to tell father!” Luo Kedi screamed terribly and wanted to cry but no tears came out . “You actually like men…”

“A*shole! You are the one who likes men…”

The voice just ended and there was another series of violent punching .

After a long while, Luo Kedi was beaten up until he became like a downright pig head…

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 “You you you… That Chu Yang… What kind of man did you take Big Brother for?” Luo Kewu asked in a voice filled with grief and indignation . His entire body was shivering as he added, “He is so… so… so…”

 The sentence was never finished . The three Young Masters left speedily and sneakily .

Luo Kedi who was lying on the ground was confused . He thought in his mind, ‘What… is happening here?’

After a long while, he finally reacted and said, “F*ck… Luo Kewu! You should have brought me some clothes… Big Brother… The surprise this time around is really… hard for me to bear…”

 Right at the moment when Luo Kedi used the curtains to wrap himself up and came out sneakily, he encountered a group of maids who were serving the dishes and utensils in a single file…

 The moment they saw each other, Luo Kedi’s face instantly turned pale . A few of the maids screamed and their utensils fell onto the ground making loud noises . Every one of the ladies stared widely with their big and bright eyes in disbelief, as if they had seen a ghost…

 It became a tragedy for Luo Kedi .

That was because a rumor instantly started to spread in the Ao Clan .

“Do you all know about the Second Young Master Luo that just came out of seclusion?”

 “Yes, I know . What about him?”

“This Second Young Master Luo likes to run around naked…”

 “Who is Luo Ben?” [Luo Ben sounds similar to the Chinese Characters of running around naked . ]

 “Ai ya ya… Luo Ben… that means he likes to be naked in front of everyone else… and run around . ”

“Huh? Really?”

 “Come come come, let me tell you in detail… This incident happened during…”

 “Alright, alright, alright…”

 That night, Ao Clan hosted a grand banquet to welcome and treat the guests .

The lady guests were all not at the main hall but had seats elsewhere .

However, for the male guests, they were separated distinctly . The Young Masters had their own table while Chu Yang and his six other brothers were on one table . The two groups were never in contact with each other at all .

That night, everyone drank and ate exceptionally heartily .

Only Luo Kedi gave the other brothers a shock . “What happened? You just came out of seclusion and you are beaten up to this state?”

Second Young Master Luo was filled with bitterness on his face . He was angry but did not dare to say a word . At the side, the other three Young Masters were glaring at him with threatening eyes and Luo Kedi did not dare to even make a sound…

 “Haha… After we have eaten to our hearts’ content, let us brothers gamble with you elder brothers!” Chu Yang laughed candidly and added, “A small amount of gambling is good for the spirits . ”

“Yes yes, my Big Brother loves this kind of activity . ” Ji Mo was encouraging it .

“I bet that Big Brother will definitely not win the gamble . ” Mo Tianji added more details to the encouragement .

 However, the moment the three Young Masters sitting opposite heard of this gamble, they shuddered simultaneously, pretending not to hear anything about it and turned their faces away . Each of them had a twitch in the corner of their mouth .

At this moment, all three of the Young Masters made an oath at the same time!

 Regardless of the circumstances, they would not gamble!

 They thought in their mind, ‘To gamble with you? I’m not so bored with my life… and definitely not having any tendency to be tortured by you…’

Chu Yang’s provocation came to nothing .

 This made the brothers, who were very familiar with the three Young Masters, really surprised .

Only Chu Yang was rolling around with laughter .

After the meal, the three Young Masters left as if they were escaping for their lives . Chu Yang’s brothers then asked about what happened . Chu Yang took a glance around and saw that although the surrounding people were all engaged in their own activities, they were all in fact listening attentively to the story .

Therefore, Chu Yang slowly narrated the events of that gambling competition, while keeping the listeners in suspense .

He purposely lowered his voice . At this level, common people would definitely not be able to hear it! However, who here in the hall were common people?

 Instantly, everyone heard the story…

 Suddenly, the entire hall of people burst into laughter . Some of them were covering their stomach in pain from laughing too hard… As for Ji Mo, Luo Kedi and the others, they patted onto the table, while laughing . They were so happy that they almost wanted to pay respect for Chu Yang’s greatness…

 Chu Yang had really taken revenge for his brothers…

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