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Chapter 1268

Dark at night .

Inside the room of Chu Yang, the seven brothers were all gathered together . It was the first time they were gathered together as a group since they last met a year or so ago . They could not help but feel a little emotional .

Everyone actually had a feeling as if they had not met for a lifetime . Under such an atmosphere, no one uttered a word . Each of them felt a warm feeling billowing in their heart . Even the most talkative Luo Kedi and Ji Mo kept their mouths shut . At times, their lips would quiver for a moment and then shut tightly immediately again .

 “You all have had changes . ” Chu Yang looked at his brothers with a lamenting look . “You have all lost weight, but looked energetic . It must have been a significant improvement after this round of seclusion?”

Mo Tianji smiled reservedly and said, “It’s alright . It’s at least a level that would not disappoint Big Brother . ”

 If even the usually reserved and earnest Mo Tianji said such words, then this round of seclusion must have been really beneficial .

“Oh? Tell me about it?” Chu Yang asked with an interested look .

 Everyone looked over to Gu Duxing . Regardless of which way they counted from, it would always be right to start with Gu Duxing .

Gu Duxing cleared his throat and said, “This seclusion, it was all thanks to Xieyun’s Treasure of the Divine Dragon . Inside, there was much unimaginable good stuff… It really helped us to improve so quickly… I am currently a First Grade Sword Supremacy . ” Gu Duxing raised his eyebrows .

You could not blame him for being proud of himself . A year ago, he was still a Sword Emperor and now, a Sword Supremacy… This was at a speed never been achieved before in history . Therefore, even with Gu Duxing’s coldness, he could not help but feel proud of his own achievements .

He was only the first to speak and Chu Yang was already shocked!

 Sword Supremacy, first grade! With this kind of strength, he would be able to stand his own ground in the Upper Three Heavens . He would have sufficient strength to kill common Third Grade Supreme Martial Artists, without getting much injured .

How was it possible to have such a huge improvement? It was just a little bit over a year of time…

 Chu Yang suddenly thought of Young Master Wei . Young Master Wei had activated his fairy bloodline and achieved astounding growth within a short period of time .

Could it be possible that the treasures which the brothers opened were actually different treasures made with the same skills of the Fairy race? If that was the case, then all would make sense .

“Supreme Martial Artist, First Grade!” Ji Mo was the second to speak, with a bit of arrogance in his face . The complacency in his face was almost attracting a kick to his face .

“Supreme Martial Artist, First Grade . ” Ao Xieyun nodded his head slowly, with demeanor and elegance .

“Me too, Supreme Martial Artist, First Grade . ” Luo Kedi touched the bruise on his face and his eyebrows were lifted high up as if they were dancing energetically . At this moment, when Chu Yang looked at Luo Kedi’s eyebrows, it was as if he had an illusion of seeing Tan Tan .

“So am I . ” Xie Danqiong smiled reservedly,

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 “*Cough cough*…” Mo Tianji cleared his throat a few times and said, “I… have yet to reach there . I am currently a Ninth Grade Martial Saint . ”

 This was then considered reasonable . Mo Tianji was not part of the main fighting force after all . The fact that he could achieve a Ninth Grade Martial Saint level was already astonishing .

Chu Yang let out a long sigh . “This is really great!”

 Everyone was beaming with happiness on their faces . As wished, this was the first time they had seen such an astonishing look on their Big Brother! This feeling was sheer happiness!

In an instant, the few brothers felt that the dark days which they spent during this past one year or so… were worth it! Really worth it! To be able to receive this kind of positive response from Chu Yang, even if it was for an additional one year, they would willingly accept it…

 Mo Tianji said calmly, “Our upgrade of skills this time, the greatest contributor is Ao Xieyun . Xieyun contributed his Treasure of the Dragon Race and shared it with the brothers . If he had used it only for himself, the quantity would have propelled him to a level of Eighth Grade Supreme Martial Artist, or above!”

Ao Xieyun hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Tianji, these words that you are saying are meaningless . I especially don’t like to hear them . ”

 Chu Yang laughed out loud .

He understood Mo Tianji’s intentions . On the surface, it was pure courtesy, but in reality, it was him pointing out Ao Xieyun’s merits, in order to let Chu Yang, this Big Brother, know what was going on .

After all, when they established the Nine Super Clans in the future, they would still need a ranking between the clans .

This ranking would be dependent on the contributions of each of these brothers . Furthermore, it needed to be the kind of ranking that everyone was convinced of .

 The far-sightedness of Mo Tianji had already considered the development till that stage .

Moreover, from the tone of Ao Xieyun’s reply, Chu Yang already knew that this group of brothers had truly bonded together . Chu Yang was really delighted in his heart .

The few brothers were chattering and they narrated their stories during their time in the secret chamber . Chu Yang listened on intently . Especially the few times when Luo Kedi and Ji Mo were fooling around, it made Chu Yang burst into laughter .

Mo Tianji was also full of smiles and his mood was exceptionally carefree . Seeing that Chu Yang had returned, this had relieved him of a huge burden on his shoulders . His entire body became much relaxed .

He knew that if Chu Yang did not return, then sooner or later, this group of brothers would go separate ways . By that time, regardless of what he did, he would be the most unforgivable person in the group!

This was because he had fabricated a lot of news .

In order to keep the group united together until now .

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Now that Chu Yang had returned, be it fabricated news or truth, it was no longer important! The most important thing now was that the group had a core!

 By the time everyone finished talking, it was already midnight .

“Big Brother, what did you do during this period of time?” Ji Mo sat forward and said, “Don’t just let us talk, talk about yourself too . ”

Chu Yang smiled warmly . “Indeed, there are a few things that I would like to tell everyone . ”

The eyes of Gu Duxing gleamed and the few brothers became serious .

“That day… I was at the Lake of Despair… Thereafter, I went to Upper Three Heavens, after which…” Chu Yang talked tirelessly, in a well-organized manner .

Following Chu Yang’s narration, everyone’s expression changed as well . Sometimes they were cheering, sometimes they had a serious look and sometimes, they looked as though they were in deep imagination!

 They could not imagine that their Big Brother would have so many interesting encounters during this period of time!

 It was really a pity that they had missed out on all these encounters .

When Chu Yang talked about Dong Wushang and Rui Butong, the crowd was obviously in high spirits .

“How is Wushang doing now?” Ji Mo thrust his chest forward . “Is he a match for me now?”

“Wushang… if I did not estimate wrongly, he should have achieved the level of a Saber Supremacy, First Grade, by now . ” Chu Yang looked at Ji Mo, as if he had a hidden meaning and said, “You can find him to swap some pointers . ”

The crowd broke out into huge laughter!

 Ji Mo was only an ordinary First Grade Supreme Martial Artist . If he were to fight against a First Grade Saber Supremacy, he would definitely be overpowered, rather than swapping pointers!

Ji Mo’s face turned bitter and he said depressingly, “This a*shole actually improved so quickly, I’m greatly disappointed . ”

“Then now, we really have the voice of a phoenix and the notes of a dragon?” Mo Tianji asked while in deep thoughts .

 “You are right!” Chu Yang said, “Xieyun is a member of the Dragon race and possesses the Divine Dragon Bloodline . On the other hand, Butong is a descendant of the Phoenix race and possesses the Phoenix Bloodline! Within us brothers, we have two really outstanding characters . ”

 Luo Kedi snorted and said with disdain, “They are just a loach and a bird . ”

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 Ao Xieyun pounced over furiously and the two of them broke into a fight .

After talking about Chu Yang’s encounters in the Upper Three Heavens, the brothers sat down quietly without any movements .

“Now, I will tell you about the second matter . ”

 Chu Yang took in a deep breath and said, “This matter is about me, about us, a huge secret!”

 Everyone became really alert and lifted up their heads simultaneously .

 It was almost as if they had guessed what Chu Yang was going to say . Their eyes became really bright .

“Everyone may have found it strange that I was able to level up my strength so quickly! How did I come to possess so many mysterious and rare medicines? I…” Chu Yang took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “My brothers, I’m so sorry to conceal this from you . I am the current Nine Tribulations Sword Master!”

 The six brothers felt as if their brains had exploded! Instantly, they felt dizzy .

Although Mo Tianji predicted this earlier on, this was the first time Chu Yang had publicly acknowledged his own identity! How could hearing the same prediction from other people’s mouth be compared to hearing it directly from Chu Yang himself?

 Even Mo Tianji, who had predicted it earlier on, felt like his own brain was lacking in oxygen at this very moment . His body trembled for a moment .

Gu Duxing was considered calm . However, his throat suddenly gave out a light “Ga” sound . It seemed like he had accidentally bitten his own tongue .

 Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

 The master of the Nine Heavens!

 Since ancient times, whoever wielded the Nine Tribulations Sword would be the master of the Nine Heavens!

 The six brothers were stunned at the same time . They held their breaths and looked at Chu Yang .

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Chu Yang slowly extended his right hand and in it, there was nothing at all .

However, the next moment, the thing that caused everyone to be extremely shocked suddenly appeared .

In the empty palms of Chu Yang, a tiny sword, only the length of a little finger, suddenly appeared . It was shining brightly and crystal clear!

 Sword point, sword edge, sword spine, sword collar, sword mouthpiece, were all impressively laid out on his palm .

However, there was no sword hilt, no sword tassel, no…

It was this kind of half-completed sword .

 The next moment, this half-completed sword let out a sword cry . Although the sound was low in volume, it was crystal clear! Mighty as ever!


 The long sword at the waists of Gu Duxing, Ao Xieyun, Ji Mo, Luo Kedi started to let out a sword cry of allegiance! The long sword automatically extended half a foot from the scabbard, shining with the cold light!

The long swords were paying their utmost respect to the almighty King of all swords!

 The next moment, the tiny swords started to grow in size, until they became the size of a regular sword . The sword was emitting cold light and the murderous intent filled the air . It seemed as if strange sparks were moving to and fro on the sword, captivating to the onlooker .

Although it was merely a half-completed product, the aura which it was producing at this moment was insufferably arrogant! Proud of the past and present, supremacy over all .


 Chu Yang laid the sword on the table in front . The long swords vibrated for a moment, as if it was unhappy with Chu Yang for letting go of it . However, it ultimately quietened down .

Everyone’s eyes were instantly focused on the sword .

Gu Duxing was staring intently at the sword, full of admiration and respect like during a pilgrimage . Although it was still incomplete, it was the widely acknowledged number one sword in the world!

Ninety thousand years of chaos were all caused by this sword! How many times of misery and suffering, all because of this sword! The fall of many influential and powerful characters, all because of this sword! Many legends were possible because of this sword! Many sins, also because of this sword!

In the past ninety thousand years, the people who died because of the sword were at least more than tens of billions!

Tens of billions of lives to cast the indisputably mighty reputation of the Nine Tribulations Sword! Tens of billions… what level of idea and scale was this?

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