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Chapter 1265: 1265

Chapter 1265: Out of Seclusion!

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Before Ao Tianxing finished speaking, Chu Yang had already disappeared . “Ladies, stay here and don’t move . I’ll go and take a look!”

The women were going to rush out at first, but hearing this sentence by Chu Yang, their steps stopped immediately . At any rate, they had to give this boss a face .

Chu Yang’s voice came from outside the door . “All men come out! Super battle alert!”

With this cry, the men in the hall all ran out in a hurry .

Hearing these two sentences, the three naked young masters felt the urge to slash Chu Yang into pieces .  Do you f*cking have to be so mean?

In such a situation, you actually let all the women stay and bring all the men away?

You’re not letting us live .

Ao Tianxing felt excited and was about to get out, before he heard the loud screams from inside the small room .

“Master Ao… Uncle Ao… Please help us…”

Ao Tianxing was feeling the most eager at the moment, how would he bother with them? I wanted to go inside just now and you all blocked the door with all your might, keeping me from entering and now you’re actually asking me to help?

The head of Ao Clan went out, without caring .

The three young masters wanted to cry . Dong Wulei and Luo Kewu turned to look at Ji Zhu and there was fire in their eyes . It was all this guy’s fault . Just now, he persuaded the two to collaborate and cheat, to get something good from Chu Yang…

And it ended up like this!

Without winning anything good from Chu Yang, they were left with none of their own . And… They didn’t even have their clothes left .

“It’s all on you! Giving us this terrible idea!” The two young masters shrank behind the table, accusing Ji Zhu angrily .

Ji Zhu moved a chair to the door and sat with his back against the door and his legs crossed, his posture totally nonchalant .

Upon hearing this, he spread his palms . “How am I to know that this kid is so good at gambling? That we lost even after the three of us collaborated… Besides, it’s not like I’m the exception: am I not stripped as well?”

Luo Kewu and Dong Wulei wanted to cry .

Yes, you are stripped, but… why are you so f*cking stinky? Smelling the smell of Ji Zhu’s stinky feet getting thicker and thicker in this small, enclosed room, both the other two covered their noses .

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There was no way out . Outside, the hall was full of women and they closed the window as well . Should their looks right now be seen, Dong Wulei and Luo Kewu felt that they could absolutely die from shame .

“How many days has it been since you last washed your feet and bathed?” Dong Wulei asked Ji Zhu angrily .

Ji Zhu scratched his head and actually took some time to think . “Not long, I just washed last month . ”

Dong Wulei and Luo Kewu’s expressions were spectacular .  Not long? It’s already the twenty-eighth day of this month! You actually… just washed last month?

At this moment, the two young masters felt that they had no more reason to live!

Outside, there were only women, all of them who they couldn’t afford to offend . Yet, they themselves were shut in the room, completely naked . This was doubtlessly a very terrible situation!

But what was more terrible than this, was that there was a man who had never washed his feet or bathed for at least twenty-eight days inside the same room!

“What to do now?” Luo Kewu shrank under the window, allowing only his head and neck to appear above the window, he greedily breathed the air through the window slit .

“We can only wait . ” Dong Wulei maintained the same posture as him and said with a voice that was almost choking .

“You two have pretty good buttocks . ” Ji Zhu shook his feet in front of the door .

The two retched and turned around to look at Ji Zhu as though they wanted to murder him . “Wait here! When this thing is settled, you’d be lucky if the two of us don’t kill you!”

“I’m so scared . ” Ji Zhu crossed his legs boldly and screamed strangely .

In front of the back mountain of Ao Clan .

Chu Yang stood quietly, and the expression on his face was a little excited .

In front of him was the gigantic passage that he just opened up with one punch back then!

At this moment, in the belly of the mountain, there was a constant rumbling sound . One clear dragon’s soar followed by another sounded in the air, filling the whole sky!

The whole mountain trembled .

More and more people gathered here .

Chu Yang stood upright at the forefront .

Brothers, you are finally coming out! Long time no see!

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The rumbling sound continued . Chu Yang showed a warm smile and in his eyes was reminiscence . Somehow, it was some trivial memories that flashed across his mind .

He still remembered that back when Gu Duxing challenged him, Ji Mo said, “Compete, then! I’m not afraid of you! Whoever loses is younger in rank!” At that moment, at the bottom of Ji Mo’s eyes, there was no competitiveness, but only warmth of recognition .

He still remembered the time when he went to fight the Golden Horse Rider Department, and Ji Mo insisted on following him to watch for the excitement . He didn’t say that it was to help him, but he had to go to watch for the excitement .

Because he knew that back then, his strength was still weak . Against a strong enemy, it could not be predicted whether he would survive .

He still remembered the time when his brothers stood their grounds against Fourth Uncle who still didn’t reveal his identity, a person countless times stronger than themselves, and didn’t retreat even a little!

He still remembered back then in the Great State of Zhao, his brothers laughed and said, “Boss, it’s done very easily!”

How much life-threatening danger was there behind talk of “done very easily”?

He still remembered Gu Duxing saying coldly, “So long as you charge, I’ll go up!”

He still remembered that back then, when he took the knife for Dong Wushang, the hysterical madness in Dong Wushang’s eyes in the instant when he turned around and saw him bleed!

He still remembered the battle spirits in Mo Tianji’s eyes when he looked out of the window calmly and said lightly, “May I battle the Nine Heavens with you in this life!”

He still remembered that time in the Far North Wastelands, when all the brothers were injured and pressed against each other, but each scrambled for the “cooler” space at the entrance of the cave…

He still remembered Rui Butong smiling mischievously . “I’m not afraid of death . Not that I can die, what are you worried about?”

How can I really not know that deep abyss of fear and despair when faced with each death?

He still remembered Xie Danqiong looking at him warmly, one hand clutching his shoulder . “Brother, I will battle across the martial world with you!”

He still remembered Ao Xieyun once saying enviously, “It’s so good to have such a brother . ” And then, he joined without looking back!

He still remembered Tan Tan asking him after every long separation . “Chu Yang, look at me, am I more handsome now?”

These bastards! These bastards!

These bastards!These bastards!

Back then, there was chaos, an internal conflict within Ao Clan . His brother was in danger . Within a short span of days, all the brothers gathered at top-speed, risking their lives! Luo Kedi suffered from a serious injury and was almost at death’s door, yet he struggled to arrive on time with a body full of wounds .

Even though when he arrived, he had no more strength to even raise his hand, he still managed to come at the crucial moment that could determine life and death!

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No matter life or death, I am with my brothers!

Regardless of victory or defeat, I am with my brothers!

At that moment when all the brothers gathered and stood straight against the strong enemies from the Upper Three Heavens, such warmth and pride did they feel in their hearts!

Such brothers who stood by each other in life and death! In the whole world, who else has such brothers? I do!

Chu Yang believed that at that critical moment of life and death, all of them must have faced it with the same pride in their hearts!

‘Because in this world that’s full of indifference, deception and betrayal, when most people are doubtful of such true, untainted friendship, we trust each other so much that we rely on each other at our most vulnerable times!

So, proudly, we transcend the Nine Heavens together!’

At this moment, Chu Yang’s mind quickly replayed his time with his brothers!

The rumbling sound grew louder and louder, and the roar of the dragon became more and more ground-shaking!

And then, all the vibration and all the sound suddenly disappeared at once .

Some low and distant sound came .

A very exaggerated voice was heard saying, “Woohoo~~~ Holy shit! There’s actually such a long passage here now?!”

Another voice calmly said, “It’s strange, I’ve never found it before . ”

Yet another voice said, contemplatively, “What’s so strange about a passage… But this one gives me the feeling that it was punched out . ”

And then a voice started yelling, “Holy f*ck… What the hell! Punched out… How big does that fist have to be?”

A displeased voice said coldly, “Shut up! Can’t you stay quiet? You need a beating!”

Several voices started to boo together . “Psst… Second Son of the Gus… You’ve been very annoying inside and now when we’re out, you’re just as annoying . ”

The cold voice spoke threateningly, “Say that again?!”

Everyone fell silent . After a long while, a flattering voice said, “Second Brother… You’re still so powerful…”

Several voices started spitting together in despise . “I can’t stand it… Little Wolf is so disgusting… Fawns over Second Son of the Gus every day . ”

That voice said, aggrieved, “What am I to do… I will get beaten if I don’t…”

There was a burst of laughter .

A calm, stern voice said, “Stop talking, you all . We’ll be outside soon . We’ve been here for a long time, now that we get out, it’d be better if it’s nighttime outside; but if it’s daytime, we’ll definitely encounter strong light . With any carelessness, our eyes can be ruined . So from now on, shut your eyes and sense the light!”

A voice dismissed it . “Never heard of such things…”

Several voices started yelling angrily at once, “Shut those eyes! Do you believe that we brothers will beat you to incontinence together?”

“F*ck, you only know how to threaten people… Shit, I’m just talking . I’ve actually shut it since long ago… Did you think I’m as stupid as you all…”

Someone apparently got beaten .

Someone commented from the side . “I’m so done with this guy… He can’t pass one day happily without getting beaten…”

Another voice summed it up . “Cheap! This guy’s just cheap!”

“Bastard! Who are you talking about! You bastard don’t know how to respect the old and the wise…”

“Just you? How come you are old and wise? I haven’t eaten all this time, don’t force me to vomit!”

And then the two started arguing .

These few people walked out while arguing .

Chu Yang turned around, smiling . He made a hand gesture for “quiet” .

Everyone nodded knowingly .

Just as the person inside spoke, for the eyes that had been in darkness for a long time to suddenly meet the strong, bright light outside, they really wouldn’t be able to endure it . Right now, among the people waiting, if anyone had made sounds that caused them to open their eyes in surprise and happiness… The consequences would be truly unimaginable .

It was just past noon, the sunlight was still very strong!

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