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Chapter 1266: 1266

1266 Gathering of the Brothers

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The sound got closer and closer .

“I can feel the light already… F*ck, I can feel the pain in my eyeballs even when my eyes are shut . ” This was the voice of Luo Kedi . “It feels just like being poked by a needle…”

“There seemed to be many people outside… Luo Kedi, you touch and see if my pants are still around… especially the front portion; the back portion is fine . If it’s any revealing, then just let it be…” This was Ji Mo .

“Touch you my a*s! Why don’t you go and die!” Luo Kedi shouted furiously .

“Shut up!” Gu Duxing ordered coldly .

“Stop opening your eyes . Quick, close your eyes and rotate your eyeballs . ” This was the voice of Mo Tianji . “Start rotating slowly and then pick up the speed gradually . ”

Following which, there was no sound . Obviously, everyone had shut their eyes and started rotating their eyeballs .

“Ha ha ha…” Ji Mo laughed out loud . “I feel as if there are two inflated marbles in my eyes…”

“Can you just shut your mouth?!” Ao Xieyun could no longer hold it back and exploded . “Do you believe that I would dig out your eyeballs and stuff them into your butt!”

“Don’t even think about doing that . That way would only give him an extra eye . ” Xie Danqiong warned sternly .

The crowd burst into huge laughter .

“Quieten down . All your eyeballs are rotating, right? Do not open your eyes . You must wait till you exit the cave and confirm the light outside . After a while longer, until your eyeballs no longer sting or swell, you can slowly open your eyes by just a tiny bit…” Mo Tianji was still giving instructions steadily .

However, this sentence made a few people burst into laughter .

“Wa ha ha… If Mo Tianji only opened his eyes a tiny bit, that must look really lewd… As if he had seen a naked woman . It’s a pity I cannot see at all,” said Ji Mo recklessly, without regard to the consequences .

“Shut your mouth! Ha ha ha!” Gu Duxing scolded coldly . However, immediately after, he could not help but start to laugh . Not just him, even Chu Yang almost started to laugh when he heard this sentence .

Mo Tianji’s eyes were a little slim and long . Sometimes when he subconsciously narrowed his eyes in deep thoughts, he did have a little… lewd look . Although Mo Tianji definitely did not have any lewd thoughts at those moments, his expression in the eyes of others was definitely that of a lewd one… Who knew that Ji Mo’s observation would be so detailed .

“Second Brother Gu really has a lecherous smile…” Luo Kedi said .

“Exactly that!” A few of them nodded their heads together, like chickens pecking on the rice grains

The people outside were all pouting their mouths, as they tried very hard to stop themselves from laughing . These few guys were really funny people beyond words to describe .

The crowd could only look up to the sky, as they gave a long sigh and asked in their minds, ‘Heaven… how did you manage to bring these bunch of people like them together?’

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Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, the group of six people finally came out .

As they exited the cave, they suddenly faced the sunlight and all six of them stood really still at the same time .


Although they had long closed their eyes in preparation, at this moment, the strong power of the sun rays still made the group of six feel frightful!

Their eyes really felt so uncomfortable, as if they were about to go blind!

They did not just stay in the cave for one day or two . They had stayed inside for months and years!

If it were any other commoners, even if their eyes were close shut when they came out, their vision would have been affected severely .

The six of them were lined up in sequence!

Right in front was Gu Duxing . In the middle was Mo Tianji with Ji Mo and Luo Kedi on the left and right . Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong were on the oblique flank side and the last man position .

Chu Yang nodded with satisfaction and relief .

The tacit cooperation between the six of them was already ingrained in their bones . Although they were just standing there, their coherence from the front to back was already the best battle formation!

Gu Duxing was unstoppable, right at the front . Ao Xieyun was steady minded, right at the back . Mo Tianji was good at consideration for the entire situation, placed in the middle . Ji Mo and Luo Kedi were the protections on the left and right . Xie Danqiong was at the oblique flank side because of the nature of his unique hidden weapon . At this position, he could fire it off and hit any positions with the most surprising attack and it allowed him to easily build up his merits!

It was just that the image of these six people was really terrible!

The one with the best image was Mo Tianji . His hair could barely be considered neat . However, the color of hair was already beyond recognition in a mixed . His face was like the painted face of an opera singer, filled with different colors .

There were numerous holes here and there on his clothes . However, the clothes still barely managed to cover his body up .

After him, the next best would be Gu Duxing . Second Master Gu was still standing straight and cold, like a javelin .

However, for his black robe, the top half was missing a sleeve, thus revealing half of his shoulder . His vest on the chest had numerous holes around the waist area . His robe on the lower half also had a huge hole that revealed half of his thigh .

Ao Xieyun was the smartest . He came out topless and his torn and tattered clothes were wrapped around his waist, covering only the vital areas .

Xie Danqiong and Ao Xieyun were no different, except for their trousers that had an extra piece of cloth that draped downward .

Ji Mo and Luo Kedi’s images were the most awesome!

The robes on their bodies were like wisps of smoke . As they stood at the entrance of the cave, with strong winds blowing, the robes fluttered around and their entire bodies including the vital areas were all clear for all to see .

Furthermore, these two guys were still closing their eyes and holding their heads high . They turned around several times and had an extremely cocky look on their faces .

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Seemingly looking high and mighty!

There was really nothing to see though . Even their buttocks were smeared with mud and soil…

With these images and stances, the six of them stood still there for a period of over one breath!

Beside oneself with joy and pride!

Chu Yang finally smiled and his voice was a little trembling . “You six a*sholes, it was not easy to see all of you, yet every one of you is dressed so scantily…”

As soon as this voice sounded, the six of them jerked violently for a moment .

Immediately after .

“Big Brother!”

“Big Brother… F*ck!”

Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish Swish…

The six of them jumped up while closing their eyes . Using their accurate sense of hearing to pinpoint the location, they pounced over like a heavy mountain bearing down on Chu Yang .

Chu Yang only laughed out loud . Neither dodging nor escaping .

Gu Duxing was the fastest . Like an arrow, he dashed over with his head crashing into Chu Yang and immediately after, he hugged Chu Yang tightly . It seemed like he wanted to say something, but in the end, he only opened his mouth agape, but nothing came out of it .

Immediately after, Luo Kedi and Ji Mo dashed forward as if they were mad and just directly knocked Chu Yang down onto the ground .

Ao Xieyun and Xie Danqiong exclaimed loudly, as if they were mad too . They jumped up and stacked on top of Chu Yang one after another .

Mo Tianji was the last . He looked as if he was relieved from a heavy burden and smiled excitedly . It seemed as if he wanted to dash forward and hug Chu Yang, but in the end, he restrained himself . He smiled and scolded, “So shameful! All of you are already grown up, but still playing such a childish game . ”

However, there was some trembling in his voice .

Luo Kedi, Ji Mo and others laughed and jumped, not knowing what they themselves were saying .

To the six of them, Chu Yang’s appearance now was no less emotional as compared to seeing him revive .

Although Mo Tianji did mention before that Chu Yang was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and that he was still alive . After all, no one had seen it with their own eyes! Everyone was really looking forward to seeing Chu Yang again .

Everyone was clear in their minds that this group of brothers was established because of Chu Yang!

However, if he was really gone for good, then this group of brothers would also be disbanded because of Chu Yang!

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There was only one reason for this . Everyone was highly favored by God! Other than Chu Yang, no one else would be able to unite them together! It would not be possible, even for Gu Duxing or Mo Tianji!

No matter how well their relationships were, they still needed a core!

And now, Chu Yang had appeared!

After laughing and jumping around for a long while, everyone still continued to laugh and jump . However, there was always someone who would laugh, quietly turn his head around and wipe away his tears, before turning back to the commotion again .


“I can see now . Wa Ha Ha…” Ji Mo was the first to open his eyes and he instantly shouted out .

“I can see too…”

“Brothers! I have something to say!” Mo Tianji shouted while raising his hand .

“Say it!” Everyone stared at him .

“Big Brother has made us worry about him for so long, shouldn’t we teach him a lesson?” Mo Tianji raised his arms and asked .

“Of course!”

“How about joining forces to bash him!”

“This idea is great!”

Everyone was shouting excitedly .

“F*ck!” Seeing that the situation was turning sour, Chu Yang crawled up and wanted to escape .

However, someone had already tripped his legs and caused him to fall down . He screamed, “You all dare to bash your Big Brother? There’s really no more law and order…”

“Bash him!”

“Abuse him!”

After which, six people were attacking at the same time . They continued to laugh while they bashed him at the same time!

Naturally, Chu Yang refused to admit being inferior as he fought back with all his might!


The seven brothers had enough of fighting and fooling around . Everyone had bruises on their faces and noses like a pig’s head . They glanced at each other and all broke into immense laughter that was really enjoyable .

With two black eye rings and a face of bruises, Chu Yang stood up and said, “Although I have been beaten up, my clothes are still tidy . Look at all of you, everyone is basically naked . Don’t you all feel weird?!”

The six of them lowered their heads to take a look and they all screamed in shock .

Only Mo Tianji and Gu Duxing had barely any cloth covering their vital areas . The rest of the four brothers were basically naked!

Instantly, all of them screamed . The four of them covered their vital areas and squatted down . They looked around their surroundings sneakily with each one of them muttering, “There’s no one around… there’s no one around . . Ah!!!”

A high-pitched scream came out from their mouths simultaneously!

These four Young Masters’ faces turned red, like a monkey’s buttocks .

No one in their surroundings?

It wasn’t so!

There were lots of people around them! It could easily be called a huge crowd!

About 100 feet away, almost a few hundred people were forming a circle . Every one of them held their breaths while looking over . Their eyes were bright and their expressions were playful, as they looked at each other .

“Ah~~~~ Big Brother, you are too unkind… There are so many people looking at us, dog aunt!” Ji Mo exclaimed and then immediately huddled himself, like a quail in the ground of snow, during severe winter . He added, “Ao Xieyun, this is your house, where can we get clothes?”

Amid all the laughter, Ao Tianxing waved his hands and several Martial Artists brought over a few items of clothing . The brothers hurriedly snatched them over and put them on .

Ao Tianxing was finally able to understand Chu Yang’s intentions when he told all the ladies to stay back . It all made a lot of sense now .

It became obvious that Chu Yang really understood the nature of all his brothers . Chu Yang knew that this group of brothers, after being held captive for so long, their clothing would definitely not be complete .

Like the previous scene, where every one of them swung and swayed around scantily . If they were to be seen by the army of ladies… Clan Head Ao Tianxing thought about it and his face blackened .

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