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Chapter 1259: 1259

1259 Farewell

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That night, Chu Yang nestled under the blankets with Tie Butian in his arms . As he watched the beauty sleeping peacefully in his embrace, not only did lust not well up in him, he even felt a boundless amount of happiness and contentment, as well as a kind of peace in his soul .

“As a woman, I am not forceful! As a sovereign, I have a clear conscience! As a person, I have no regrets!”

This was Tie Butian! His woman!

He couldn’t help but think of Mo Qingwu .

This was the first time Mo Qingwu had entered his mind ever since his arrival in Iron Cloud .

It wasn’t that he was unwilling to think of her; it was more like he didn’t dare to, and was too embarrassed to . Even if he did, he immediately forced himself to stop .

When he first arrived here, Chu Yang had been filled with trepidation in his heart . He forced himself not to think of Mo Qingwu because… he felt that he would feel guilty and uneasy if he were to think of Mo Qingwu while he was with Tie Butian .

This was a kind of blasphemy toward Mo Qingwu .

But Tie Butian had birthed him a child; what was he to do? Abandon his wife and child? Or bring just his son away? And abandon Tie Butian here in the Lower Three Heavens?

If he were to do that… Could he still be considered human?

But to give up Mo Qingwu because of Tie Butian… It was still the same question —’Chu Yang, are you still human?’

But here was the problem — He was but just one person . Yet he separated his heart into so many parts . It wasn’t fair, be it toward Mo Qingwu, Tie Butian or Wu Qianqian!

Because all of them held nothing back and were wholehearted in their devotion toward him!

Even though it was the most common thing in this world to have several wives, could he truly treat each and every one of them wholeheartedly?

But now, he allowed himself the freedom of thought . No longer indulging in escapism, he faced his heart head-on .

If he had to face it eventually anyway, then the earlier he did it, the better it would be!

Yes, thinking of other women when he was with Mo Qingwu was a kind of blasphemy toward Mo Qingwu!

But Chu Yang also understood now — Wasn’t thinking of other women when he was with Tie Butian a kind of blasphemy toward Tie Butian too?

As he mused over it, Chu Yang’s heart became rather confused . He couldn’t help but heave a long sigh .

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They… were all brilliant and unparalleled good women!

Am I really such a womanizer?

Chu Yang questioned himself honestly .

Womanizer? He truly couldn’t count as one .

If there were anyone within these women who could make Chu Yang admit that he was being somewhat of a womanizer, then it would have to be Zi Xieqing . Be it his casual teasing or the admiration concealed deeply in his heart… He was indeed being a womanizer .

But toward Wu Qianqian and Tie Butian… How could Chu Yang be counted as a womanizer?

Even if he wasn’t one, if he had to make himself decide who to keep and who to let go of, who could he really let go of?

With a mind full of complex thoughts, Chu Yang fell into a deep sleep…

It was again only in the afternoon when Tie Butian finally recovered her strength .

She immediately found something rather strange .

Chu Yang was right next to her . This fellow actually also slept the entire day?

Just as she was thinking about it, she heard Chu Yang heave a long sigh . So this fellow was awake?

“What’s the matter?” asked Tie Butian gently .

Turning over, Chu Yang pulled her into his arms . He asked in a low voice, “Tian Tian, do you think I’m a womanizer?”

Tie Butian was taken aback . She thought about his question for a while before she replied, “I don’t know . I didn’t think so . ”

Sighing, she went on, “There are many married couples in this world who spend their whole lives with only one partner . Besides, they spared no one else a glance during their entire lives . Us women admire and respect such men… We also wish that our men could treat us the same way . ”

“However, these men may not necessarily be the man whom we love the most . ” Tie Butian continued softly, “Do you know? After that battle of ours back then, a good million soldiers lost their lives . ”

“The main areas where the Great Zhao had taken their military forces from were especially bad . Men practically became a rare resource; a lot of brothels had to close down and change to a different business . ”

“Change to a different business?” Chu Yang was stunned .

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“Yes . ” Tie Butian’s expression was as though she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “You should know what I mean . ”

“As such, even though I’m a woman, I couldn’t help but issue a decree to encourage men to take more wives . If not, with the ratio of men and women seriously out of balance, the world would go into chaos…”

Tie Butian smiled lightly . “Well, I’m suffering my just deserts now . I, the Emperor, have become someone’s consort too now . ”

Chu Yang’s spirits were originally low . When he heard what she said, a kind of heat and an odd sense of excitement suddenly welled up in him .

Obviously, Tie Butian didn’t realize what kind of consequences her words had caused . She gazed at Chu Yang and said very seriously, “Chu Yang, women are very fragile and very delicate . In a chaotic world, perhaps we would be jealous and perhaps we may get upset . But… There is nothing we can do about such a world . So… if you can protect and care for us…”

She went on quietly, “I will not allow you to be a womanizer and give your heart to everyone, but to us whom you also like and deeply love, please give us happiness and security, as well as peace of mind . ”

Chu Yang nodded . Tie Butian’s words were very magnanimous but Chu Yang himself knew that though her words sounded pretty, she didn’t feel that way in her heart .

“I will not allow you to be a womanizer and give your heart to everyone, but to us whom you also like and deeply love”…

The meaning behind these words was very deep .

Tie Butian admitted that she was someone who came later . Therefore, even though she was against it, she couldn’t really stand against it . To stand against it would mean denying her own existence .

Therefore… the underlying meaning of this sentence was — Other than the current few, don’t you even dare think of having anyone else!

“Narrow-minded woman!” Chu Yang pinched her nose and deliberately put on an indignant look . “If you are going to be someone’s consort, then you’d better have the awareness of one! If you don’t service me well, I may just sell you away… So what are you waiting for?”

Overcome with embarrassment, Tie Butian pinched him . “You’re terrible!”

Chuckling sneakily, Chu Yang turned over . “Come, this subject here shall service Your Majesty . The little consort here should also wait upon your man…”

It was nighttime again .

During dinner, Chu Yang was contemplative . “Is it because of your Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique? Or your Emperor Saintly Technique? Why do bottlenecks in your breakthroughs happen so frequently?”

Tie Butian gave a little pause before she laughed . “I thought you weren’t going to ask about it . Yes, it’s because of my Icy Heart Jade Bone Saintly Technique . Because of your Nine Tribulations Pill, I managed to have quite an achievement in the technique . Ever since olden times, no one has ever managed to reach High-level with this Technique . My Teacher only had the oral formula before High-level, so the only thing I could do was to control my cultivation and review the technique in great detail during the process of breaking through… I was afraid that if I were to be pushed into a corner in the future and had no experience, then…”

Tie Butian smiled bitterly .

Realization dawned upon Chu Yang at once — Lan Meixian’s oral formula was incomplete . Tie Butian was clearly being cautious; she was prepared to breakthrough with her own efforts . If she ever reached her wits’ end, then she would carve out a path for herself…

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Chu Yang sighed .

Tie Butian also sighed .

Both of them knew what the other was sighing about .

Though Lan Meixian’s betrayal toward her disciple was not to be condoned, neither did Tie Butian completely trust her right from the beginning .

“I’m just a woman from the Lower Three Heavens . Even though I’m royalty, what did the emperor of Lower Three Heavens amount to in the eyes of the high and mighty people of the Upper Three Heavens? Why would such a fortunate thing happen to me?” Tie Butian smiled dispassionately . “Such an unbelievable thing came falling into my lap, but I was deathly afraid of being smashed to death by it… Therefore I couldn’t neglect it… Chu Yang, this is the advantage of being born into royalty or a prestigious clan — thinking too much . ”

“Why don’t you give up this Technique?”

“I can’t… Now that I’ve reached this stage, I can sense that if I were to go higher, I would be able to reach the legendary Mind-reading,” answered Tie Butian .

Chu Yang was overwhelmed with emotion .

Although Tie Butian didn’t say it outright… he understood what she meant —”When I’ve successfully cultivated Mind-reading or even higher, I’ll really be able to help you in a practical way!”

Mind-reading — Using one’s heart to read others’ hearts; everything would be clear for her to see!

In the following month, everything was peaceful . Tie Butian handled state affairs as usual every day . Prime Minister Wang who had enjoyed much of His Majesty’s kindness in the past was immediately dismissed from office, his duties and responsibilities removed and chased out .

With regard to the queries from the other court officials, Tie Butian adopted a tough stance and refused to give any explanation!

All the court officials were filled with trepidation toward His Majesty’s increasingly domineering and imposing way of handling things .

Neither did Prime Minister Wang write in to appeal . It was apparent that he himself understood — Being able to retain the lives of his whole family was already Tie Butian’s great benevolence .

When they were free, Chu Yang and Feng Qiliang would spar with Tie Butian to solidify her cultivation . Be it Tie Butian or Feng Qiliang, they were both improving by leaps and bounds…

Ever since Tie Butian cleansed her meridians and detoxified her body, she displayed an astounding beauty . Chu Yang would frequently stare at her, transfixed . Her fair skin became even more crystal clear, as though it was almost translucent .

When the three of them were cultivating, Tie Yang the little fellow would frequently sit at the side and watch in boredom, occasionally yawning .

When Chu Yang mentioned teaching him cultivation, the little fellow objected vehemently, his head shaking like a rattle-drum .

“No, no, your techniques won’t do…” The little fellow pouted . “They don’t suit me… I have my own techniques; I’ll start cultivating when I’m two-years-old . ”

The moment Chu Yang glared at him, the little fellow started to whine . “Old Dad, trust me…”

Minister Chu could only give up .

The little fellow smiled triumphantly .

It wasn’t easy for me to finally get to relax for a few days . How can I start cultivating now? How boring… Besides, what technique should I learn?

One and a half months went by in a rush .

That night, knowing that separation was imminent, the two of them gazed at each other in silence . They neither did anything nor spoke .

In the early morning, Chu Yang rose to his feet . Tie Butian quietly helped him to put on and tidied his clothes, just like a thoughtful and considerate wife who was sending her husband off on a long trip .

“I’m waiting for you . Take care . ”

In the early morning, the Emperor started on her inspection trip to the south . Imperial banners filled the sky and the size of the contingent was impressive . The Emperor, dressed splendidly, was awe-inspiring and stern as she got onto the royal chariot and embarked on her virgin inspection trip in her political reign .

A long whistle could be heard from afar . It gradually went further and further away, the sound piercing through the fair skies .

Sitting in the royal chariot, Tie Butian did not look back . Closing her eyes, a lone teardrop quietly slid down from the corner of her eye .

I am your wife but I am also the Emperor of this world .

You must take care!

I’m waiting for your return .

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