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Chapter 1258

1258 Feng Qiliang’s Migh

In the later stages, there were basically no more impurities being purged . It became purely raising of cultivation .

This was Tie Butian’s first time experiencing such a raise in cultivation; how could she not get worked up? No one would be able to keep their calm when their cultivation was being raised at such a fast speed…

The Emperor circulated her energy over and over again… Just like a child who had just gotten her hands on a new toy… And entered a state of meditation!

She went into a deep state of breath regulation .

A tragic Chu Yang was pretty much having a nosebleed — A glorious and peerless beauty, and one who was deeply in love with him no less, was stark naked in front of him… yet he couldn’t do anything…

This torture was practically worse than the inability to vent his frustrations after being poisoned by aphrodisiacal poison . That was still somewhat acceptable because there was nowhere that he could relieve himself anyway… But the problem now was that… he had somewhere that he could relieve himself yet he couldn’t .

So depressing!

However, Minister Chu’s depression was very quickly replaced by shock!

The rapid improvement in Tie Butian’s cultivation could be said to be a meteoric rise! Her speed was nothing short of terrifying to Chu Yang .

That night, Chu Yang progressively diluted the wine for Tie Butian to drink to raise her cultivation . Together with the medicinal effects of Xue Leihan’s wine, he also used more than 80 types of Heavenly Treasures in the Nine Tribulations Space to stabilize and enhance her foundation .

In fact, he even used Primordial Violet Vapor to go through Tie Butian’s meridians every round, as well as celestial energy from the golden hand from the sky to stabilize her soul of origin and to increase her cultivation .

This process repeated nine times!

Such a way of raising cultivation and this manner of not sparing any resources at all could definitely be said to be the first time ever in the history of the Nine Heavens continent!

But Chu Yang received a great amount of shock every round!

Being cautious, Chu Yang had diluted Xue Leihan’s wine to a very thin consistency during the first round . From third-grade King-level, Tie Butian had broken through to fifth-grade King-level .

During the second round, he increased the dosage slightly . She ended up jumping straight to ninth-grade in a whoosh .

This speed made Chu Yang bite on his fingers .

During the third round, she broke through to fourth-grade Emperor-level .

If anyone had been watching from the sides, they would no doubt be scared silly!

This was actually possible!

What was ‘reaching the sky in a single bound’? This was it!

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After the ninth round, Tie Butian had successfully broken through to first-grade Martial Saint!

She had become a solid expert!

What Chu Yang found the most shocking was not Tie Butian’s rise in martial domain level because it was something within his expectations . The amount of wine he had diluted was sizable; pretty much the same as what he himself had consumed .

Chu Yang had only gone from ninth-grade elementary-level Martial Saint to peak-level after drinking this amount of wine .

But the same amount of wine had allowed Tie Butian to jump a whole 25 domain levels from third-grade King-level!

However, this didn’t mean that Tie Butian’s aptitude was higher than Chu Yang’s . Firstly, Chu Yang had started from a high martial domain level; the higher the martial domain level, the harder it was to have a breakthrough .

For instance, when a ninth-grade King-level was pitted against an eighth-grade, being able to defeat two of them would already be considered pretty impressive . However, when a ninth-grade Emperor-level was pitted against an eighth-grade, he would be able to fight against at least four of them . When a ninth-grade Monarch was pitted against an eighth-grade, he would be able to hold his ground against more than ten of them . But when a ninth-grade Martial Saint was pitted against an eighth-grade, he would be able to hold his ground against at least fifty of them!

This did not apply to special martial domain levels such as Saber Emperors and Sword Emperors .

Secondly, the number of Heavenly Treasures that Chu Yang had consumed was simply too much; this inevitably led to an increase in his immunity against medicinal effects . However, though Tie Butian was honored as an Emperor in the human world, she didn’t have the fortune of getting the same treatment .

Besides, there was also the help of an endless supply of rare and interesting resources that originally shouldn’t have existed in this world .

What Chu Yang found the scariest was the bottlenecks that Tie Butian encountered in the process of breaking through martial domain levels .

During Chu Yang’s process of raising his own cultivation, he was usually able to break through a few levels each time . Usually, the only time he would encounter bottlenecks was at the very last martial domain level .

However, in Tie Butian’s case, she encountered a bottleneck during every level! Each time, she had to grit her teeth and persist in order to break through!

Chu Yang was rather perplexed and taken aback by this . No one else he knew had encountered such a thing . For instance, Rui Butong and Dong Wushang etc had also experienced a similar exponential rate in raising their cultivation levels, but they had never met the same difficulties as Tie Butian .

25 martial domain levels; 25 rounds of terrible torture! And a concentrated amount of agony at that!

It was hard to imagine how this delicate sovereign of a generation survived through it .

Toward the end, Tie Butian had also reached the limit of her endurance .

And so did the medicinal effects!

Only then did they finally stop .

First-grade Martial Saint!

Although Chu Yang had tried his best to support and sustain Tie Butian during the whole process, she had broken through so many levels successively; her spirit was incredibly drained and fatigued . When she was getting out of the bathtub in the end, Chu Yang even had to carry her out .

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She practically passed out the moment she got out of the bathtub . She didn’t even have any idea when Chu Yang carried her over to the bed and tucked her in .

At this point, it was already moments before dawn .

She definitely wasn’t going to be able to make it for morning court assembly again .

Chu Yang could only hurry and look for Feng Qiliang to get him to announce the cancellation of morning court assembly .

When he saw Feng Qiliang, Chu Yang was shocked by this Qiniang .

Covered entirely in a thick layer of black mud-like impurities, Feng Qiliang was in the midst of cultivating .

Smacking his own forehead, Chu Yang let out a long sigh in extreme speechlessness .

Oh my god…

He had overlooked something .

He had forgotten to inform Feng Qiliang to take a bath .

Upon returning to the palace and confirming that everything was in order, this practical Lord Chief Supervisor of Internal Affairs consumed the medicinal wine . What happened after that was of course the same as what had happened when Chu Yang first consumed the wine — an endless amount of impurities being purged from his whole body .

However, after experiencing the amazing effects of the medicinal wine, Chief Supervisor Feng was so agitated that his whole body was shaking . He became even more careful in his actions; fearing that removing these byproducts would affect the raise in his cultivation, he didn’t dare to clean them off…

And so, they ended up sticking onto his body .

By the time Chu Yang found him, he didn’t need to clean them off anymore .

Because they had already dried up and were stuck onto him together with his clothes . In addition, as he continued to perspire…

That stench drifted with the wind and spread over a distance of 15 kilometers!

The moment Chu Yang went in, he was assaulted by the stench . Cutting a pathetic figure, he fled from the room, retching the entire way .

Even a skunk capable of releasing the most pungent odor… would die from this stench!

Under Chu Yang’s intense contempt, an embarrassed Chief Supervisor Feng peeled off layer after layer of these things covering his body…

Feng Qiliang was no doubt a very meticulous person; he actually got a washbasin and very fastidiously placed all these layers of impurities inside, so that he could see just how much impurities he had produced…

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When he took a look at the end, the entire basin had been filled!

Chu Yang had already jumped to the top of a huge tree long ago and was gulping down mouthfuls of fresh air as he stared into the sky . There was no way he could look down; if he did, he would see the sight of Chief Supervisor Feng peeling layers off himself . Minister Chu was worried that he would end up puking violently and falling off the tree…

“Haha, after deducting the washbasin’s base weight of 7 . 5 kilograms, these things weigh a total of 4 . 211 kilograms!” Feng Qiliang’s voice drifted over . There was actually some kind of pride in his tone . “They were all rubbed off from my body…”

Retching, Chu Yang urged him, “Hurry and go announce that today’s morning court assembly has been canceled…”

And then with a whoosh, he disappeared without a trace…

There was simply no way he could stay there any longer .

Feng Qiliang hurriedly gave a sound of compliance . When he checked the time, he got a start as well — It was already past the time for morning court assembly .

He hastily changed into clean clothes and hurried out to make the announcement .

However, Chief Supervisor Feng had forgotten something — Although he had removed those filthy things, he hadn’t had a bath yet . An overpowering stench still remained on him .

But Feng Qiliang himself had already become rather used to it . Fearing that others would find out, he had shut himself in his room with the windows tightly shut and gone through one whole night in this stench . He had become so exposed to it that he had already gotten used to the stench…

He hurried the entire way .

The hasty Chief Supervisor Feng didn’t realize at all that there was an upheaval in the palace wherever he went .

Every eunuch and palace maid whom Chief Supervisor Feng passed by ran off to a corner and started to puke violently .

What happened to Chief Supervisor Feng? Even if he had fallen into the toilet bowl and didn’t bathe… It wouldn’t have been this smelly…

Brimming with a rich ‘fragrance’, he headed the entire way to the main hall . Feng Qiliang called out, “A message from His Majesty~~~”

All the court officials stood at attention .

And then everyone started to sniff in unison .

What smell is that… Why is it getting nearer and nearer and becoming stronger and stronger…

Only to see Chief Supervisor Feng bringing with him a stench that could torment the world and walking ostentatiously into the middle of the crowd . With a stiff and calm expression, he announced imposingly, “His Majesty says that morning court assembly today is canceled…”

During this short moment, the old and feeble Secretary Li coughed and gasped . The stink overwhelmed him… Poor Secretary Li’s eyes rolled up and he choked on his breath . With a thud, he collapsed to the ground .

Chief Supervisor Feng was puzzled . “What’s the matter with Secretary Li?”

Everyone looked at him as though they were looking at a monster .

What’s the matter”? Is he actually asking that?

However, he only saw everyone holding their breath and retreating more than ten steps, as though he was the plague . Someone started to run out of the main hall . Without even looking back, he ran a great distance away . Only then did the sound of someone throwing up reach them .

At this point, Secretary Li who had passed out suddenly sat up and stumbled out on all fours . With his eyes rolled up and his beard trembling, the poor old man mumbled, “This old man is going to die from the smell… This old man is going to die from the smell…”

All the court officials had been utterly defeated…

With just the smell on him alone, Chief Supervisor Feng had conquered the elites of the highest class in the imperial court of Iron Cloud Empire!

Such an achievement was the first in history and was no doubt a masterpiece in the years to come!

Feng Qiliang was still scratching his head in puzzlement .

How come not even one person asked for a reason why morning court assembly had been canceled today?

He didn’t know that everyone was already counting their lucky stars that they didn’t die from his stench . Who was so tired of living that they would actually brave the incredible stink to ask so much?

During morning court assembly the next day, His Majesty discovered that a large number of court officials were absent . Supposedly, all of them had excused themselves, citing poor health… All those present were also pale and still in a state of shock . When the perplexed Emperor questioned them about it, everyone was rather ambiguous in their responses . They were all too embarrassed to specify the reason…

Surely they couldn’t say that they were so overwhelmed by the stench that they couldn’t eat anything since morning court assembly the day before?

It was also because of this that everyone now had the same understanding — A eunuch… didn’t have that thing… And once they were… the smell was indeed… one of a kind!

When Chief Supervisor Feng Qiliang finally realized what had happened, it was said that he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t face anyone for half a month…

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