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Chapter 1253

1253 Kill Them All

The weirdest thing was not knowing when they were poisoned .

This was the point that made people the most sullen and depressed!

Chu Yang was glad to delay the time . He smiled and said, “Last night at the restaurant, you have all been poisoned . However, at that time, it was only the core of the poison amongst the mixture of poisons . If it was not triggered, then this poison core could have stayed forever in your bodies without causing any harm . ”

“Therefore, all of you wouldn’t have bothered about it . And the poison was right on the Nine Tribulations Sword . The moment the sword was removed from the sheath for all to see, the poison mist was dispersed . ” Chu Yang smiled indifferently . “Did you all think that I am so childish as a Nine Tribulations Sword Master? To actually bring out the sword just for showing off?”

“The scent that you smelled on my arrival today is non-poisonous by itself . Therefore, all of you would even more not suspect it . However, this scent is the exact trigger for the poison core . As long as you take a sniff of this scent, the poison core in your body will instantly trigger an attack silently!

Both Lan Xinhua and Lan Ruo were breaking out in cold sweat on their foreheads .

Lan Xinhua suddenly realized that not only did he fail to force out the poison, but his remaining cultivation was also diminished by another ten percent!

“What poison is this?” Lan Xinhua hissed and asked .

“I know that you are trying to force the poison out of your body, I would give you all the time that you need . ” Chu Yang smiled coldly . “This is because you would never be able to force this poison out! This is the Innate Poison!”

Innate Poison!

Lan Xinhua’s face changed color upon hearing these words .

With an exclamation, Lan Chengfeng rose up and dashed towards Chu Yang . “Even if I were to die, I would drag you along to be buried together!”

Chu Yang wielded his sword as he retreated . With a gentle smile, he said, “Nine Tribulations Sword, one ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms!”

Suddenly, a tiny cold glow appeared within the room . It looked like the faraway twinkling star in the cold night sky . It felt so quiet like a pair of eyes frozen wide .

However, this tiny bit of quietness immediately exploded into an entire night sky of bright and dazzling light!

Surging forward!

Chu Yang gave his all in this attack, with absolutely no mercy!

Lan Chengfeng screamed terribly as his body was struck by swords continuously . In the blink of an eye, there were already thousands of sword attacks on his body . In the midst of him dashing forward, he had already become a pile of bloody flesh .

He was first poisoned, then delayed for his recovery . His inner cultivation was less than half of the original . Furthermore, he was in grief, despair and panic . Facing off with Chu Yang under such circumstances actually caused him to die a violent death!

A legendary Third Grade Supreme Martial Artist died aggrieved and frustrated!

With a flash of the cold glow, a sword came through at lightning speed straight for Chu Yang’s throat .

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Chu Yang blocked the attack with his sword; his body trembled!

Lan Xinhua was indeed worthy of being a Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist . The inner cultivation remaining should have been less than twenty percent and still dropping rapidly . However, this sword attack was clearly more than what Chu Yang could comfortably take on!

Transcending the barrier between god and human, the Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist was indeed extraordinary!

Chu Yang focused, as he prepared to fight with all his might .

Lan Ruo had already collapsed from the exhaustion and now lying paralyzed on the chair . He could no longer call out even if he wanted to .

Lan Xinhua struck ten over sword attacks consecutively . Chu Yang did not avoid any of it but instead, he went head-on with it, without any technique! After the continuous head-on receipt of the attacks, Chu Yang was already bleeding from all his orifices and his organs were displaced from their original positions .

He was already consuming the second pill of the incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill!

However, Chu Yang was absolutely not going to avoid the attacks .

This was because, only with such a strong head-on attack, would it be able to hasten the onset of Lan Xinhua’s poison within the body! If the fight was prolonged, although Lan Xinhua had already been poisoned severely, Chu Yang would not be able to stop him from leaving, if he truly wanted to .

A Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist that had already transcended the barrier between god and human, even though his inner cultivation was only less than twenty percent of the original, he was definitely not an enemy that a Sword Saint with Ninth Grade Martial Saint cultivation, like Chu Yang, could match!

Chu Yang groaned and fiercely vomited a mouth of fresh blood . Suddenly, he turned around with his long sword and made a huge step forward and slashed down with his sword fiercely onto the head of Lan Ruo!

Lan Xinhua was furious . “Stop it!”

All along, he had been holding his breath, not letting himself make a noise even when breathing out . It was to the extent that he even stopped himself from scolding people . It was all in fear that this breath out of his mouth would accelerate the loss of his cultivation!

However, now that Chu Yang wanted to kill Lan Ruo, he could no longer hold it!

This was the person who would be the number one successor to Lan Clan!

With an angry roar, Lan Xinhua dashed over at the speed of light as he parried Chu Yang’s sword attack with his own sword . Chu Yang retreated with a flip of his body and again, he threw up a mouth of fresh blood .

However, the moment Lan Xinhua opened his mouth and used force aggressively, he instantly felt an acceleration in the drop of the cultivation remaining within his body! He was frightened to the point that he hurriedly closed his mouth again!

“Hmm, right… Cough Cough… . ” Chu Yang coughed out another two mouths of blood and popped in another pill of the incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill . He said, “This kind of medicine, I call it the ‘Open Mouth Smile’! The moment you open your mouth, the enemy would smile!”

Lan Xinhua looked at Chu Yang as though he were going to eat him alive . However, he dared not say a single word . He was already planning in his mind on how to escape .

In his mind, he thought, ‘It’s all the fault of those b*stards outside, why haven’t they come in yet?’

The room was so noisy, of course the people outside would have heard it . However, Lan Ruo did mention previously, ‘This is my Big Brother! Next time you see him, it would be equivalent to seeing me!’

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Furthermore, just before Chu Yang went in, he added a sentence that they were going to discuss official work matters!

To discuss official work matters without these people from their own clans, it must have been some top secrets . Everyone was experienced enough to understand what it meant .

Therefore, even though the room had been turned upside down, these noises were at best only able to raise their suspicion of what important matters were the discussion about? Could it be about the teaching of martial arts? Or maybe they were sparring?

Everyone was feeling distressed but no one dared to come in .

At this moment, Lan Xinhua felt that his cultivation had dropped to only ten percent remaining . It was likely that with another opening of the mouth, this ten percent would be reduced to nothing . Therefore, he was determined to keep his mouth shut regardless of life or death .

Lan Xinhua was finally able to see that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master in front of him was truly an evildoer!

Chu Yang obviously only possessed the cultivation of a Ninth Grade Sword Saint, yet he was able to wield the powers of a Second Grade Supreme Martial Artist! Furthermore, he had unlimited supplies of the Nine Tribulations Pill .

In the previous moment, he was beaten up till severely injured . However, the next moment, he had already recovered! Fighting fit as per before . On the other hand, the cultivation of Lan Xinhua was constantly being drained, constantly being lost…

How could this battle be fought?

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Elder Lan, take a look at my sword! This is my second move of the Nine Tribulations Sword! What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!”

A stroke of light pillar shot through the sky like a dragon!

The people outside instantly felt relieved . They thought in their mind, ‘They were indeed sparring . ’

The sound of things clashing was heard .

It was tough for Minister Chu, amidst all the chaos of fighting, to still keep a look out and prevent the house from collapsing… Fortunately, Gu Duxing did an excellent job in making the house really sturdy .

However, the mind of Lan Xinhua was in a mess . He actually did not think of thrashing up the house so that the people outside would rush in .

It must have been due to Chu Yang’s attack of ‘What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!’ being too fierce!

A boom was heard and the two people stepped back simultaneously . This attack was actually equivalent in strength and power to that of Lan Xinhua .

Chu Yang recomposed himself and then shouted, “Nine Tribulations Sword, the third move! A sharp will buried deep will not change! Elder Lan, please advise! The fourth move, gather wind and cloud to rule over all! Please advise!”

The sword light was shining everywhere!

Lan Xinhua groaned and staggered backward .

Chu Yang was smiling and he said again, “Elder Lan, Nine Tribulations Sword, a sword’s edge famous for all eternity! The howling wind and cloud move unhindered from West to East!

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Another two moves came!

Lan Xinhua let out a roar finally after he could no longer hold it in . He grabbed Lan Ruo with one hand and kicked with both feet . Amidst the sky of sword light, he dashed across into the mid sky . His sword was already filled with scars and now, it just broke into two fragments!

At the same time, he received three sword attacks on his body and fresh blood spilled everywhere .

His cultivation had fallen to a level that could no longer fight against the Nine Tribulations Sword of Chu Yang!

Finally with a boom, he broke through the roof and flew out together with Lan Ruo, while fresh blood was spilling out along the way . He shouted, “Let’s all attack together! Kill Chu Yang!”

The crowd outside finally reacted . They thought in their mind, ‘F*ck! They are really fighting each other!’

Instantly, the crowd started to take action .

A stroke of sword light followed closely behind Lan Xinhua . Chu Yang laughed . “Elder Lan, look at how my five fragments would combine into one!” The sword light of the Nine Tribulations Sword shone fiercely . Instantly, it was as if the hot sun had risen fiercely in the skies above the Heavenly Armament Pavilion .

A dazzling light shone and lit up the world!

Immediately after, the Nine Tribulations Sword transformed into a hundred over feet long, fifty or sixty feet wide golden dragon, shaking its head and tail, dashing towards Lan Xinhua at the speed of a meteor!

Sword Intent!

It was the first time Chu Yang used the Sword Intent to urge a sword move!

The cultivation level of Lan Xinhua had dropped to less than five percent of his original! At this moment he would be killed if he took in another attack! Therefore, Chu Yang attacked with all his might, without any reservation!

Below, seven people shouted furiously together . Seven strokes of light flew up simultaneously!

However, it was too late!

In the midst of Chu Yang’s loud laughter, the sword light from the golden dragon had completely shrouded both Lan Xinhua and Lan Ruo .

Lan Ruo shouted, “Chu Yang! Your identity is not a secret in our Lan Clan! So what if you kill me? The moment the passageway of the Nine Heavens is reopened, you and your women, your children, none of them will stay alive! There’s no harm in us making a deal…”

With death near at hand, Lan Ruo used his final trump card . He strongly believed that it was Chu Yang’s biggest worry!

“Since that’s the case, I will strike first to gain the upper hand . The first clan to be eliminated would be the Lan Clan!” The eyes of Chu Yang were filled with extreme anger and the sword light struck continuously without stopping . “Threatening me? I have never accepted any threats in my entire life!”

The sword light traversed everywhere . With a soft explosion, as if two balloons burst, Lan Xinhua and Lan Ruo suddenly vanished while on their way up into the sky .

Chu Yang threw up two mouths of blood violently . He extended his hand and caught the falling Mysterious Yang Jade in mid air . He smiled pitifully . “Shadows! I have avenged you! I only wish that you and your wife would be able to rest in peace!”

If it were not for the Shadows, Chu Yang would have died long ago at the mountain ranges of Beyond The Heavens Sect . Although the Shadows was just following the orders of Tie Butian, a part of this life-saving grace definitely belonged to the Shadows!

Even if there was nothing else, but only the terrible death of the Shadows, Chu Yang would definitely not let go of these people from Lan Clan!

Without a bit of chaos, the sword light dived downward . “Today, I shall let all of you witness the prowess of the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

Amongst those who came from Lan Clan this time, Chu Yang was most concerned about the Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist!

Now that Lan Xinhua was dead, Chu Yang could finally be at ease!

The other three Supreme Martial Artists had already died an untimely death . The highest cultivation level remaining was a Ninth Grade Martial Saint . However, in the eyes of a Ninth Grade Sword Saint King of Hell Chu, those people were unable to pose a threat to him!

The sword light came howling down with invincibility!

This was the first time after his rebirth that Chu Yang had used the Nine Tribulations Sword Technique! This feeling was really great!

Especially the power of sword intent, which further gave Chu Yang the feeling of perfect control over the Nine Tribulations Sword .

Terrible screams continued to echo .

The members of Lan Clan were all dropping onto the ground with a vexed expression .

This was really a strategic failure for the Lan Clan . They took so much effort to find the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, but who knew that he was such a horrible killer . It was really inviting trouble for themselves .

Chu Yang staggered and fell to the ground . The Nine Tribulations Sword rested on the neck of Feng Qiliang .

A total of fifteen people from Lan Clan came this time . Currently, only this Chief Supervisor of Internal Affairs still remained alive!

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