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Chapter 1254

1254 Planning Ahead

“Qiniang, do you want to die? Or do you want to live?” Chu Yang smiled amiably, revealing his teeth at Feng Chief Supervisor .

Feng Qiliang was already spooked out of his mind . Furthermore, his brain was also really bewildered and confused .

Just now, everyone dashed forward . He was the only one who dashed only halfway and then retreated back .

He felt dizzy spells in his brain .

He thought in his mind, ‘What is happening here?’ The only person that he had brought along actually took the life of all his own people!

‘Even the Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist was dead . ’

All along until now, Feng Chief Supervisor still felt that it was all a dream .

He thought, ‘Oh my god, if it’s really a dream, please let me quickly wake up from it . Even if all these people usually look down on me… after all, we still belong to the same side of the fight . ’

Now at this moment, when he heard the sentence, ‘Do you want to die or to live’, Feng Qiliang could not help but burst out in tears . He thought, ‘It’s nonsense! If one could survive, who would want to die?’

Chu Yang could tell much from all his expressions . He thought to himself, ‘Seems like what I guessed is right . ’

“Come come come, Qiniang, let’s have a discussion . ” Chu Yang pulled Feng Qiliang along and walked over to a house on the side .

With a light wave of his sword, the ground turned upside down . The original house and courtyard flipped over and buried all the bloodstains and corpses underground .

“Qiniang, I know that you do not like this name . ” Chu Yang hinted for Feng Qiliang to sit opposite him . “Furthermore, I know that even though you are a member of the Lan Clan and even possess a Fourth Grade Martial Saint cultivation, you are not happy . In fact, you are lonely and angry . I believe this congenital impotence is really causing you some troubles, right?”

Feng Qiliang was originally in a state of shock, his face ashen . Suddenly, upon hearing these words, his face became flushed . He struggled for a long while before he finally berated, “Just kill me if you want to, what is the point in using my body disability to mock me!”

Becoming a Chief Supervisor of Internal Affairs, while on duty, everything felt natural . That was because it was after all not his true self .

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Now that he had regained his own identity, he was exceptionally intolerant of such words .

“I’m not mocking you . ” Chu Yang said gently, “Furthermore, it’s not just you alone . All those with body disability would always invite the jeering or even insult from those bullies and those superficial ones . ”

“You are one of them . ”

“Although the Lan Clan is a huge clan with a long history, there are actually a lot of such bullies within it . Therefore, I can conclude that your days in Lan Clan were definitely not comfortable . ” Chu Yang added, “Hence, I did not kill you and wanted to talk to you . ”

Feng Qiliang smiled . “Whether my life is comfortable or not… would you even know?” Although he phrased it this way, his eyes could not help but reveal a sense of melancholy .

Chu Yang let out a sigh and said, “I can imagine that . ”

Feng Qiliang’s panicky emotions slowly calmed down . As an expert, he could sense that within Chu Yang’s eyes, tone and even emotions, there was not a bit of mockery in it . He then slowly calmed his mind down .

“Oh well, before dying, it’s not too bad an idea to pour out my grievances to this Nine Tribulations Sword Master as well . ” Feng Qiliang smiled with self-mockery and said, “In this world, who could clearly pour out their grievances in front of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, I believe I am the only one and I should consider myself proud of it . ”

Chu Yang smiled gently . “I’m all ears . ”

“I wasn’t born like this!” Feng Qiliang smiled bitterly . “It was when I was eight years old . That time… by the hands of the current clan master… I was his study mate at that time . Sometimes we used to play around… we were ignorant when we were young . There was once I offended him and he castrated me…”

“Medical treatment was administered timely, however, from then onwards, it was still…” Feng Qiliang smiled . “I did not feel anything when I was still young . However, when I turned thirteen…*sob sob*…”

“Almost everyone who saw me, especially those of the same age, would mock me… It was this same way until I was twenty plus years of age, then I realized the worse than dead kind of feeling when you are a male but could not be a true man! It was especially so when everyone knew that you are a male, but yet not a true man… That kind of feeling, it was truly… even being slashed ten thousand times, by a thousand swords was insignificant, as compared to that kind of feeling . ”

Feng Qiliang did not mention what kind of discrimination did he receive, nor did he mention how the others had insulted him . However, from the way he talked about it, it gave Chu Yang an extremely depressing feeling .

Chu Yang could clearly feel the pain and helplessness that Feng Qiliang had been through all these years .

“I heard… that if one managed to reach the level of a Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist and transcend the barrier between god and human, then the person would be able to recreate his own flesh and body, to regenerate any broken limbs . ” Feng Qiliang said anguishedly, “Therefore, I trained myself step by step . Until I finally reach the level of a Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist, at that time… I need not prove anything to the world, all the more I’m not thinking about having a wife or a family . I just want to tell myself that I, Feng Qiliang, am also a true man! That’s enough!”

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“However… since we have come to this today, life or death is no longer up to me to decide . Then the sword master shall have the final say . ”

Feng Qiliang smiled with self-mockery . “To provide the sword master a topic for idle conversation and also manage to vent out all that is in my heart for a long time . I should be thankful for these . ”

Chu Yang took in a deep breath and said, “You need not die . ”

“The Lan Clan would not let me off” Feng Qiliang smiled indifferently . “Lan Ruo is already dead, to continue staying alive is considered a huge crime!”

Chu Yang did not worry about him and he continued, “And your injuries… need not wait till you reach the level of a Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist . As long as you manage to break through and become a First Grade Supreme Martial Artist who possesses the ability to absorb the Heaven and Earth’s Energy of Life, then I would be able to cure you, to let you become a true man!”

Feng Qiliang suddenly turned rigid for his whole body!

He stared straight at Chu Yang and asked, “Is this for real?”

Chu Yang nodded seriously . “With your level, you should know that there is a kind of thing in this world known as the Life Force Spring! You should also know that the Nine Tribulations Sword Master possesses the Nine Tribulations Pill!”

“As long as I’m around then, I would be able to cure you! Let you regain the masculinity of a true man!” Chu Yang slightly nodded . “I think that you should believe in me . ”

“But, why would you help me?” Feng Qiliang asked with vigilance, “We are both originally enemies . You can easily kill so many Supreme Martial Artists . Why would you offer a Fourth Grade Martial Saint such excellent terms?”

Curing his embarrassing disability using a combination of the Life Force Spring and the Nine Tribulations Pill, this point, Feng Qiliang had heard of it from the Medicine Valley High Priest . However, he had never dared to even dream of it…

The Nine Tribulations Sword Master was mysterious like a divine dragon and the Life Force Spring was only present in legends and had never appeared before!

Now, Chu Yang was clearly just standing in front of him . This gave his heart instantly the power to come alive .

“It’s because you have hatred towards the Lan Clan!” Chu Yang said indifferently, “This is the most important reason . Furthermore, I would need an expert to stay within the Iron Cloud Palace, to protect my woman . ”

“You should know that I cannot stay here for too long . ”

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Feng Qiliang smiled . “You trust me so much? Aren’t you scared that after you are gone, I would kill your woman?”

“Not scared . ” Chu Yang smiled indifferently . “That is because, in this current world, only I can cure your hidden disability!”

“Furthermore, even if I do not kill you this time, you would not survive without my help . Working with me would be your only way to fulfill your dreams and to have a chance to go back to Lan Clan and hold your head high!”

Upon hearing the sentence of ‘Have a chance to go back to Lan Clan and hold your head high’, the eyes of Feng Qiliang immediately lit up with a dazzling glow!

“Finally, I would like to tell you one more thing… A Sixth Grade Supreme Martial Artist’s ability to recreate his body… that refers to your current flesh and body, after any injuries, for example, a broken limb can be restored by expending some cultivation… However, that does not mean that the old injuries which you suffered when you were young could be recovered!”

“Your ultimate choice, I shall let you consider it . I will go out to tidy up a little . ” Chu Yang walked out after talking and left Feng Qiliang alone in the room .

Although most had been hidden outside, the scars of the previous battle still remained . Chu Yang wanted to clean it up totally .

Additionally, now that the Shadows was gone, there was no longer any expert protecting Tie Butian by her side . The common Royal Revered Martial Artist could probably defeat anyone from the Lower Three Heavens . However, against the people from Lan Clan, that would definitely not be sufficient!

Although the Nine Heavens was sealed now, it would automatically reopen itself by the time Chu Yang himself retrieved the sixth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword .

By that time, Chu Yang might not be able to come down here before the Lan Clan . At that time, there would be a strange phenomenon happening and Chu Yang himself might still be in the process of deciphering it and he would not be able to control his actions .

By the time he came down, the quickest would also be half a month later .

The Lan Clan was at the southern tip of the continent . They only required ten days or so to send someone down here . If they came down at a moment’s notice, then they would at least be faster than Chu Yang by five days .

What Chu Yang needed now was a reliable person to tide over this period of time .

Of course, it was still unknown whether the Lan Clan would come down or not . It was also unknown if they could come down before Chu Yang . However, Chu Yang did not dare to take the risk .

After all, the one lying here was the Lan Clan’s number one successor!

The possibility of Lan Clan sending someone down was extremely high .

Feng Qiliang fitted Chu Yang’s criteria perfectly . When the time came and Lan Clan sent someone down to investigate, regardless of the person being sent, under the circumstances that only Feng Qiliang was around, the person would definitely seek out Feng Qiliang first to understand the situation .

With this, Feng Qiliang would then be able to delay them for five days until Chu Yang came . Even if the situation was dire, with Feng Qiliang’s Martial Saint cultivation, he should be rather confident to protect Tie Butian for her escape .

After Chu Yang had finished packing up the place, Feng Qiliang had also walked out of the room .

“I would take up your offer!”

Feng Qiliang said seriously .

Chu Yang stopped his work and turned to look at him for a while . Finally, he smiled and said, “Qiniang, you will know that this is a very wise choice!”

Feng Qiliang’s face turned red .

This was because he could tell that maybe it was a form of ridicule when Chu Yang addressed him as ‘Qiniang’ previously, but right now, it was a humorous tone between friends .

“I really don’t like this name!” Feng Qiliang said with melancholy, “I hope that you would call me by my full name, Feng Qiliang . ”

“I know, Qiniang . Qiniang, I will definitely call your full name next time!” Chu Yang said while his face was all smiles .

Feng Qiliang’s face darkened .

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