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Chapter 1250

1250 Is Tomorrow The Beginning Or The End?

The Mysterious Yang Jade — The accompanying item to the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence, one of the Nine Great Herbal Medicines in the world!

From the start of time till now, Chu Yang was the only person to have ever possessed the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence!

In the whole world, only a few select people possessed the Mysterious Yang Jade; and they were all gifts from Chu Yang!

When Chu Yang had gotten the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence back then, he had given the two Shadows one each . The one he had given to Tie Butian was still hanging on her neck even now .

In that case, who did those hanging on Lan Ruo’s neck belong to?

Where had the Shadows gone?

The Shadows knew that he was the one who had given Tie Butian the Nine Tribulations Pill but Lan Ruo had only realized upon seeing him . This meant that the Shadows were aware of this but did not inform him .

But their jade pendants were with Lan Ruo now .

Where had the Shadows gone? The answer was practically obvious to all!

Chu Yang understood the moment he thought about it — Lan Ruo must have gone to the Shadows for information to get to the bottom of the matter the moment he had come down to the Lower Three Heavens . However, the two Shadows must have refused to reveal anything no matter what and were killed by Lan Ruo in the end!

The Mysterious Yang Jade naturally fell into the hands of Lan Ruo after that .

If not, the Shadows would never separate the jade from themselves . The Mysterious Yang Jade could be said to be crucial to the two of them! And it could even improve one’s body constitution . Why would anyone give away such a treasure?

Chu Yang wished he could smack Lan Ruo to death right now; why would he have any interest in entering any sort of partnership with him?

The conclusion was apparent from the abovementioned few points — No matter how much effort the Lan Clan put in and no matter how they sucked up and curried favor with him, in the eyes of Chu Yang, they had already been given the death sentence!

With no chance of any change!

The Lan Clan had unwittingly laid the foundation to get close to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and extending ten thousand years of prosperity . Yet they had also unwittingly destroyed all of it completely!

How could this not be said to be destiny making fools out of them!

If the Lan Clan were to realize, the number of people who would throw up blood and die with immense regrets definitely would not just be a few!

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The meal continued all the way till late night .

Chu Yang could be said to have reaped a lot of benefits from this . This was his first time having his understanding of the Nine Super Clans’ power put into perspective!

This trip was definitely not made in vain .

Only when they were about to call it a night did Chu Yang, while cleaning his teeth with a toothpick, finally ask casually, “How many people did you bring down here with you?”

“Fourteen . Including myself, fifteen . ” Lan Ruo let out a wry chuckle . “But Big Brother’s actions are quick too . Three out of the four people in the palace have already been killed by you . ”

“Huh?” Chu Yang got a shock . “Those three whom I’ve killed are all your men?” He stamped his foot and sighed . “Oh dear, I saw them behaving suspiciously in the palace and their cultivation was so high, so I just killed them along the way . I didn’t expect them to be our men… This, this, this… This is too embarrassing . ”

“It’s fine . ” Lan Ruo could only stomach the misfortune . He smiled and said, “Dying at the hands of Big Brother can also be considered their fortune . Big Brother need not worry himself over this . ”

“How can I not!” Chu Yang was very much displeased . He lamented guiltily, “What if I kill another one tomorrow? Even if you don’t mind, I mind! These are all our manpower . ”

“How about this?” After a pause, he said, “Gather everyone tomorrow; I’ll meet with them . After all, we still have a long way here in the Lower Three Heavens . How are we to do things if we don’t know each other?”

Lan Ruo thought about it and answered without any hesitation, “Alright! We’ll do as Big Brother says . ” He smiled and continued, “I’m staying at the old site of the Heavenly Armament Pavilion where Big Brother used to stay . If Big Brother is free tomorrow, you can get Feng Qiliang to bring you there . We’ll have a good gathering then . ”

Chu Yang agreed at once . “We’ll do just that . ”

He smiled and said meaningfully, “Lan Ruo, we’re not going to be doing nothing here in the Lower Three Heavens . ”

A wave of agitation went through Lan Ruo . “Big Brother needs only to tell us if there’s something he needs . ”

Chu Yang patted his shoulder . “I’ll make arrangements tomorrow when our men are all here . ”

“Alright . ” Lan Ruo was overjoyed .

He had finally gotten Chu Yang’s approval .

What would the arrangements tomorrow be like?

Lan Ruo couldn’t help but look forward to it very much .

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The Lan Ruo right now definitely wouldn’t expect that Chu Yang’s so-called “I’ll make arrangements tomorrow when our men are all here” was to… arrange for all of them to report to hell!

“Big Brother, where are our other brothers?” Lan Ruo was rather anxious to build good relations with the others .

Lan Ruo could only confirm that he had truly been accepted if he could meet the other Nine Tribulations .

Chu Yang smiled . “They are all in the Middle Three Heavens . ”

“Then how did you get here, Big Brother?” Lan Ruo was rather perplexed .

“I have already been here for more than a year . I was in seclusion in a secret location during this period of time . ” Chu Yang smiled warmly . “When you’re free and we’re done with the matters here in the Iron Cloud Citadel, I’ll bring you there . The spiritual energy there is abundant, almost to the point of solidifying . Your cultivation will definitely improve by leaps and bounds!”

Yes, I’ll let you go to hell . I’m sure spiritual energy would be sufficient there .

As for whether you can improve by leaps and bounds there, I really couldn’t care less .

“Thank you, Big Brother!”

Lan Ruo was thrilled .

What happened after was of course everyone socializing and drinking to their hearts’ content . The more they drank, the more they felt that no one was an outsider here, and so they were a lot more relaxed in conversing .

Using the influence of alcohol as a front, as well as feeling that he was already on familiar terms with Chu Yang, Lan Ruo couldn’t stop himself from making a small joke . He leaned over to Chu Yang and whispered softly in his ear, “Big Brother, hehe… It must have felt great going at it with the Emperor the past few days? Hahahaha…”

Murderous intent surged within Chu Yang . He laughed loudly and said, “This fellow! I’m going to get angry if you continue to talk about this!”

Lan Ruo burst into laughter .

To Lan Ruo, if he had such a woman, the feeling of pressing on top of the ruler of an empire and doing whatever he pleased to her was a thrill that couldn’t compare to anything else . If he had been Chu Yang and someone had made such a joke to him, it would have been totally up his alley .

Putting himself in Chu Yang’s shoes, Lan Ruo naturally assumed that since they were both men, Chu Yang must feel the same way as him! And that he must definitely be filled with endless triumph .

But it never would have occurred to him that Chu Yang could treat anything as a joke but he would never joke about his woman in front of outsiders!

In front of outsiders, Chu Yang would never use his family, parents, brothers, women… as any kind of joke!

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This was Chu Yang’s biggest taboo!

Lan Ruo’s little joke as a means to get closer to him had completely ignited the murderous intent within King of Hell Chu’s heart . His fury knew no bounds!

The night ended after everyone had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, no matter from whose perspective .

Chu Yang got onto the white horse . Under the enthusiastic waving of the five Lan Clan members, they agreed on the meeting time for the next day . Then, he galloped off, reluctant to part .

Behind him were five Lan Clan members who couldn’t hide their excitement .

“What do you all think?” asked Lan Ruo heavily as he watched Chu Yang and his white horse disappear into the dark night .

“There shouldn’t be… any big problems . ” Lan Xinhua breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s apparent that he’s still holding back but this only goes to show his prudence . As for our talk tonight… I didn’t detect any problems . ”

“I think so too . ” With his hands clasped behind his back, Lan Ruo said dispassionately, “If he wants to unite the Nine Heavens, then he would require people to help him! The current Nine Tribulations are not strong enough to help him yet, so our suggestion today is most likely a much-needed gesture of help during his time of need . ”

“Yes, that’s why Chu Yang was quick to drop his dissatisfaction toward the way we had invited him . ” Lan Chengfeng agreed .

“Yes . ” Lan Ruo was a little regretful . “I really should have used a gentler approach . This man’s personality is obviously quite average; he’s definitely rather rash and hot-headed . ”

“But from the looks of things, we’ve already done pretty well . The key is in our performance later on . ” Lan Xinhua comforted him . “There must be something he wants to accomplish in the Lower Three Heavens… When that time comes, you can go ahead and do it alone with him . We will not participate . If we do… the influence on the mood and impression will be too big . ”

“Yes, he would end up thinking of me as an Eldest Young Master who can only rely upon his home clan if we do that…” Lan Ruo murmured, “But how can I, Lan Ruo, possibly be that kind of person? Moreover, it’s easier to develop our friendship if it’s just the two of us . ”

However, in his heart, he thought, “Friendship? What is friendship worth?”

“Everything will be unveiled tomorrow . ” Lan Xinhua’s heart was at ease . He smiled and said, “We can finally have a good sleep tonight . I wonder how overjoyed the clan would be if they knew about this . ”

There was a hint of a reserved smile on Lan Ruo’s face .

Tomorrow will be the best start to everything! We will lay the foundation of the Lan Clan’s ten thousand years of prosperity!

Lan Ruo was filled with an excited sense of accomplishment .

Tie Butian sat on the chair, her right palm against her cheek as she waited quietly .

The little fellow had already gone back to his room to sleep long ago . Tie Butian had initially expected him to be unable to tolerate it but she didn’t expect him to be so independent .

He was actually able to sleep incredibly soundly all by himself in the room .

Right now, Tie Butian was waiting for Chu Yang to return home . She was just like a regular peasant woman waiting for her husband to return home from work .

If we were just regular people, I would definitely spend my life with you . No matter when, as long as you come home, you will see someone waiting for you .

Tie Butian was lost in her thoughts, her face red . Before this, she had never thought that there would be a day where she, the sovereign of a generation, would be willing to put away her disguise and resume her female form and wait wholeheartedly for someone’s return .

Such days were something that she didn’t even dare to dream of . But now that Chu Yang was here, everything had become reality .

“Chu Yang… Little Tian Tian likes you,” murmured Tie Butian distractedly . The moment she uttered these words, she was so embarrassed that she wanted to bury herself in a hole . “This is too mushy…”

The lights on the table flickered, causing the whole room to be lit up red .

Out of some kind of emotion, Tie Butian did not make any changes to Chu Yang’s set up from the previous night, including the carpet, red candles, tassels, etc…

She let her bedchamber stay like this without any change .

She wished to retain her nuptial chamber and her happiness for a little longer…

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