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Chapter 1251

1251 A Man Without Any Status

It was already late and that fellow still hadn’t returned . Tie Butian was a little restless . She got a few official documents out, intending to go through them and give herself something to do, but she couldn’t calm down no matter what .

That scoundrel just disappeared after leaving behind a few words this afternoon . Where did he go off to fool around?

She was waiting for him here but… if he really came… what were they going to do?

When she thought of that, the Emperor’s pretty face heated up intensely and turned a fiery red from embarrassment .

With a squeak, the door opened .

A shadow entered the room in a flash .

“You’re back . ” Tie Butian was in the midst of reading her official documents . She had been holding on to the red-inked brush for ages without writing anything but Chu Yang’s entrance immediately produced results — she lost her grip on the brush, which landed squarely on the document .

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet despite the time?” Chu Yang was a little puzzled but then immediately understood . “Were you waiting for me?”

“Pssh!” Tie Butian retorted, “Who was waiting for you! I was going through documents!”

“Yes, yes, going through documents . That’s great . ” Chu Yang chuckled and walked over . As he got nearer, Tie Butian suddenly felt her whole body turn rather listless, as if she had become inexplicably weak .

“Your Majesty, it’s already late . Stop working so hard . ” Chu Yang wrapped his arms around her slender waist from the back, his lips leaning toward her pristine little ear and gently sucking on her earlobe . The tip of his tongue nimbly turning and twisting, he whispered, “Shall your lowly subject service Your Majesty to turn in for the night?”

“Who… Who wants you to service me?” Tie Butian rejected him weakly .

But the next moment, she had already let out a soft exclamation . Warm large hands had already slipped inside her clothes at the waist, each hand cupping the raised mounds on her chest and gently squeezing and fondling them .

Tie Butian turned weak immediately . “Stop fooling around… I, I… I have to… go through… official documents first…”

“You can continue . I won’t disturb you from your work,” replied Chu Yang sanctimoniously . His hands and fingers, however, moved about nimbly, squeezing and fondling those mounds and not letting go at all . Occasionally, he would pinch those two little cherries and gently twist and turn them .

The folds in Tie Butian’s robes at the chest area were very obvious; one could clearly see a pair of hands inside fooling around cheekily…

Tie Butian’s powerless arms pressed against the table; only then did she manage to stop herself from collapsing . Her voice shaking, she said, “You… If you continue to fool around like this… h-how am I supposed to do work…”

Chu Yang was in the midst of enjoying fondling the two little bunnies . When he heard her words, he was startled . “Oh, then I won’t fool around anymore . ”

And he really extracted his hands .

Tie Butian relaxed at once, vaguely disappointed . She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You can… hnggg~~” Before she could finish, another soft cry had already escaped her .

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Because Chu Yang certainly wasn’t fooling around ‘here’ anymore; he had already headed elsewhere to fool around .

His hands slid down from her waist to her supple bottom . Gently stroking her bottom, he followed her curves to her thighs . Biting on her ear, he whispered, “Can I fool around here…”

Tie Butian panted heavily and squeezed her thighs together tightly, not allowing those hands to wander . In a shaky voice, she protested, “No… No, you can’t… Hurry… and take your hand away…”

“I do want to take my hand out but how am I supposed to when you’re squeezing your thighs together so hard?” Chu Yang put on a show of trying to extract his hand .

Tie Butian hurriedly relaxed her legs . “Hurry . ”

A cry escaped her lips; when her legs parted, Chu Yang had taken the opportunity . Not only did his large hand not retreat, but it also advanced instead . Slipping in smoothly, he immediately hit critical territory .

“No… You really can’t…” The Emperor was close to being embarrassed to death . She subconsciously squeezed her thighs together hard .

“I can ‘t do this nor can I do that! Then what can I do!” Chu Yang seemed to have gotten mad, extracting his hand suddenly . Tie Butian thought that he had really gotten upset and couldn’t help panicking a little . She explained, “Chu Yang, I… I’m not…”

Chu Yang was indeed furious .

Reaching over, he pulled the Emperor over to him and laid her on top of his thighs . With a loud rip, he tore the Emperor’s robes and flipped it up . Then, he raised his right hand and smacked the Emperor’s prestigious and supple bottom .

Even though he didn’t use much strength, it elicited a cry from Tie Butian, who was both embarrassed and disconcerted .

She didn’t expect at all that this scoundrel would actually take off her trousers and smack her bottom . An overwhelming sense of shame and an inexplicable feeling suddenly came over her, as though… the feeling of being conquered .

Being conquered by her man!

Then, Chu Yang’s hand stayed put there . He was obviously enjoying it but he still pretended to be very angry . “Do you think that you can reject your own husband’s reasonable request just because you’re the Emperor?”

“No!” Tie Butian anxiously tried to defend herself .

“Hmph . ” Minister Chu snorted . “But you were obviously saying ‘no, no’… Is there a wife in the world who behaves like you? So disobedient… If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask around . Other men’s women would never reject their husbands when it came to requests in this aspect!”

Chu Yang was full of wild tales .

But how could Tie Butian bring herself to ask others about such things? Wasn’t that going to be embarrassing to death?

Chu Yang continued to gripe . “As the Emperor, how would you not know about such things? Everyone in the world behaves like this; if not, why would they say that a wife is to put her husband above all? Especially when it comes to bedroom affairs . They are absolutely cooperative; they follow whatever the man says . Whatever position he says, they would take; whenever he says he wants it, they would do it . This concerns a man’s greatest pride! Therefore, you can’t take it lightly… All the regular men in the world are entitled to such pride but am I actually going to be in a lower position than other men after becoming the Emperor’s man? This hurts my pride too much . ”

Chu Yang spoke very formally and very seriously .

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Tie Butian, who was caught in a moment of passion, couldn’t help but feel rather apologetic . She said apologetically, “I am sorry . ”

“Then do you still dare to do this in the future?” asked Chu Yang .

“I… I don’t . ” Tie Butian turned over and swallowed her pride and anger . She said submissively, “In the future… I’ll listen to everything you say… I, I… I’ll be like other women . Y-you… Whatever you want… w-we’ll do it your way?”

When she finished, she was so embarrassed that she hung her head .

“Really?!” King of Hell Chu’s eyes gleamed brightly .

“Yes!” Though the Emperor’s voice was filled with bashfulness, it was also full of certainty .

Chu Yang was originally just making an issue out of nothing and playing tricks . He didn’t expect to reap such unexpected rewards and was truly overjoyed . Picking her up in his arms, he had already walked over to the large bed the next moment .

“We’ll try other positions tonight… like this…”

After a night of passion .

Tie Butian’s face was entirely red . She rested against Chu Yang’s chest and panted heavily . Her entire body was like a ball of soft and pliable dough, as though waters in spring . She couldn’t even bring herself to move even her little finger, much less her whole body .

She had really gotten scared .

This fellow actually still looked like he hadn’t had enough yet and wanted to continue… If they really continued, tomorrow’s morning court assembly… was going to be delayed again .

Tie Butian took a look at the window and groaned . What tomorrow’s morning court assembly? It was already time… But how was she supposed to go for morning court assembly in this state?

She was just thinking about it when she felt the pair of hands hugging her start to misbehave again . At her lower body… something was also starting to raise its head . Tie Butian was just about to exclaim when Chu Yang had already sealed her lips .

“No, no, no… I don’t want anymore…”

“Sigh… I’m really the man with the least status in this world…”

“Uhh… Fine…”

“Yes, good girl…”

What followed was yet another chamber of spring .

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Only the Emperor was moaning in her heart .

This fellow… is really going to be the death of me .

The Emperor had canceled morning court assembly again .

This time, however, all the officials received the news early .

But everyone was still somewhat worried . A lot of people had already dispersed but there were still a few people pacing about with frowns on their faces . Even when the sun was already bright, they were still there .

Footsteps echoed from afar . The Chief Supervisor of Internal Affairs, Feng Qiliang, walked over leisurely, together with a few eunuchs of lower positions .

“Chief Supervisor Feng . ” A court official came forward and intercepted him . With an air of worry, he asked, “Chief Supervisor Feng, His Majesty has canceled morning court assembly for two days in a row… This… Surely nothing serious has happened?”

Feng Qiliang chuckled and shook his head . “Nothing serious has happened . ” When he finished, he was about to leave .

But the official stopped him again . “What exactly is going on?”

Seeing that he couldn’t go off just yet, Chief Supervisor Feng glanced around furtively . Then, he leaned over to the official and whispered in a low voice, “Lord Liu… His Majesty has taken a… cough, consort… these couple of days…”

“Consort… Oh oh oh, I get it now, I get it now . ” Lord Liu finally revealed an assured smile and nodded incessantly, his wrinkly face so smiley that there were as many folds on it as on a paper fan . “His Majesty has also had it tough . Ever since Her Majesty the Queen has passed away, for a long time, he has already not… Hurhur, this is great, this is great… Hurhur… My heart is at ease now…”

The few court officials finally left with their hearts at ease .

Chu Yang, who was here to look for Feng Qiliang, stood in a dark corner, almost passing out from inability to draw his breath .


Chu Yang’s face turned black . Minister Chu’s face turned black immediately .

He walked out . “Chief Supervisor Feng? Qiniang!”

Feng Qiliang got a fright . He nodded and bowed . “You, you, you… Good day to you . ”

“I’m not having a good day . ” Chu Yang snapped furiously, “I’ve become a consort…”

Feng Qiliang’s mouth was ajar, though no sound came out .

Dear heavens, please have pity on me . I was just saying it casually . I can swear to the heavens that I’ve only said it this once during the last few days . To think the actual party overheard…

Chu Yang snorted a few times . “Bring me to the Heavenly Armament Pavilion . ”

Feng Qiliang’s spirits rose . Because of this, he had already paced several rounds outside the sleeping quarters since early morning . This lord had finally come out .

They spoke as they walked .

“Qiniang… How did you become a eunuch? Your cultivation is so high… Could it be that you know a secret technique to shrink one’s manhood? How did you get past the palace’s strict checks?”

“No… This… I don’t need to hide it from them . It’s a long story… Since I was young, I’ve never had…”

“Oh~~~ What a shame . ”

“I’m used to it . ”

“I heard that you all brought a total of over twenty people this time . So many?”

“No, there are only fifteen people in total, hurhur…”

“Hmm… This means that there are still twelve others? The total strength is still very impressive . ”

“In front of you… We wouldn’t dare . ”

After sounding him out, Chu Yang could finally be sure .

There were really just these few people . He had already slaughtered three out of the fifteen; there were still twelve left!

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