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Chapter 1219
Chapter 1219: I’m Doing it!

Where did this purple gas come from?

Chu Yang was a bit confused .

By right, he was absorbing Primordial Violet Vapor in the Nine Tribulations Space every day and sometimes even his whole meridian was purple, and he felt its power increase significantly .

But it had never appeared in the Dantian .

And now it finally did, but there was only a tiny bit, so weak that one could hardly notice it .

“Sword Spirit, are you there?” asked Chu Yang . Since Xue Leihan’s appearance, the Sword Spirit had somehow abruptly fallen silent .

“I’m here . ” The Sword Spirit asked respectfully, “Has Master left?”

“Since long ago . ” Chu Yang snorted, still somewhat indignant about someone’s stinginess .

Only then did the Sword Spirit relax . He said, “What did you say just now?” Suddenly, he cried out in surprise, “Isn’t this… Master’s Heavenly-Grade Wine? Can this be Master’s water-fire jade? You… How did Master give you so many things?”

Chu Yang said, arrogantly, “I asked for it, how could he not give it to me?”

The Sword Spirit took rapid breaths in surprise . “In my knowledge, he had perhaps given others water-fire jade as a gift, but nobody else has ever drunk the Heavenly-Grade Wine… Wow, there’s also the heaven-earth jar…”

“What heaven-earth jar?” Chu Yang sneered . “It’s just a huge wine jar . ”

“That’s because your cultivation is not enough yet!” The Sword Spirit looked at Chu Yang with the disdainful look that city people sometimes gave countrymen . “The heaven-earth jar is big enough to contain a whole nine heavens continent, and it’s actually just a huge wine jar in your eyes…”

“Oh, so it’s the problem with cultivation,” said Chu Yang, embarrassed . “I thought it was just a huge wine jar…”

“With Master’s great powers, how would he bring a wine jar with him?” replied the Sword Spirit, discontented .

Chu Yang burst out, “Have you finished? What ‘Master’! It’s the two of us together right now, don’t you know? You’ve got nothing to do with him in the future, don’t you know? Do you have to be so scared? When I go up to Nine Heavens Imperial Court one day, I will catch this guy and beat his butt every day, believe it or not!”

The Sword Spirit shut his mouth wisely, but the look in his eyes still showed disbelief .

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Chu Yang grunted and said, “Purple bits of gas appeared in the Dantian position of Nine Heavens Divine Technique, what’s going on?”

The Sword Spirit was shocked, and went in to check immediately . He only came out after a long time and said, somewhat shocked, “The Nine Heavens Divine Technique… for the first time in ninety thousand years… has really been activated!”

The Sword Spirit’s words were even somewhat disjointed .

“The Nine Heavens Divine Technique is activated for the first time in ninety thousand years?” asked Chu Yang in confusion . “Have the previous Nine Tribulations Sword Masters never activated the Nine Heavens Divine Technique?”

“Absolutely never!” There was a heavy weight in the expression of the Sword Spirit .

“Then why is it that I feel clearly that the Nine Heavens Divine Technique from my previous life was more powerful than it is now?” Chu Yang was doubly troubled now .

“In your previous life… That was because your heart was filled with viciousness and the intention to end the world… Therefore, the effects of your violent spiritual energy slightly moved the Nine Heavens Divine Technique, that’s all,” said the Sword Spirit .

“I see . ” Chu Yang asked, “If I want to activate the Nine Heavens Divine Technique completely, what do I have to do?”

The Sword Spirit smiled bitterly . “Millions of strands of Primordial Violet Vapor can allow you to make one strand of Primordial Real Silk! When such a Primordial Real Silk in your body has reached millions of strands, Nine Heavens Divine Technique will be ready to be activated and show its maximal power . When the Primordial Real Silk turns into larger strands, you will be able to break the limitations of Nine Heavens Divine Technique… Should it completely become Primordial Sea of Aura, you will be able to turn the world upside down…”

“Uh…” Chu Yang’s eyes rolled . “How much Primordial Violet Vapor and life force energy are there in the Nine Tribulations Space right now? How many thousands of Primordial Real Silk would it allow me to form?”

“How many thousands?” The Sword Spirit rolled his eyes . “Not to mention how many years the Primordial Violet Vapor here is enough to let you absorb before you reach the cultivation level… Even if you absorb all, it can probably form about nine Primordial Real Silk…”

Chu Yang sat down on the ground, shocked . “What?!”

“Nine is not that little!” said the Sword Spirit, somewhat speechless . “This is the nine heavens continent, not the Nine Heavens Imperial Court, by right, there shouldn’t be even one . ”

Chu Yang looked up at the sky, speechless, feeling that his brain was somewhat unable to process the information .

He looked at the Primordial Violet Vapor which filled the Nine Tribulations Space, so thick that it seemed able to solidify . Yet if it were to become Primordial Real Silk, there would actually be only nine strands? And that’s maximum?

“Primordial Real Silk is the thing that creates heaven and earth!” The Sword Spirit looked left and right secretively and said in a low voice, “You don’t have to lose heart, you have to know that even Master has probably just reached the level of forming strands of Primordial Real Silk, besides… it is probably no more than a hundred strands…”

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“How many pieces… are there in a hundred strands?” asked Chu Yang cautiously, scared that he would get a number that would shatter his hopes .

“One strand can probably be made from a hundred thousand pieces . One hundred strands would probably be made from more than 50 million pieces . ” The Sword Spirit paused and said, “This number is quite conservative . I’m just estimating, after all… the actual number is probably larger…”

Chu Yang pressed his forehead and groaned .

Brother, your conservative number has already made my heart skip a beat .

Chu Yang looked at the Primordial Violet Vapor filling the Nine Tribulations Space, and dividing it by the number of nine pieces, multiplying this number to a hundred thousand… to make one strand… A hundred strand would take more than 50 million pieces?

What a terrible number this was…

His consciousness sank into the Dantian, watching the pitiful bit of Primordial Real Silk in his Dantian which was barely present, Chu Yang felt that the difference between himself and Xue Leihan was all too real .

He had never thought that the difference in cultivation between the two could be compared in such a specific number . It was only cruel that this comparison hit Chu Yang too hard .

That meant that even by the most conservative estimation, Xue Leihan’s cultivation at the time was at least 50 million times than his!

50 million times!

Thinking of this number, Chu Yang suddenly wanted to die: this guy said that he had to surpass him within ten thousand years to hope to really overcome the Extraterrestrial Demons!

Chu Yang wanted to die . At this moment, he felt an extremely rude urge to curse .

To curse Xue Leihan!

Wasn’t he f*cking cheating him? No! Nobody even cheated others like this .

“Then, how many strands would it take to form the Primordial Sea of Aura?” asked Chu Yang in despair .

The Sword Spirit made a serious estimate and said, “According to my conservative estimate, one hundred thousand strands should be enough to form it preliminarily?” The Sword Spirit smiled quite embarrassedly . “About this, I’m really not sure . ”

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“I get it . ” Chu Yang waved his hand weakly, his eyes blank .

How many pieces were there in one hundred thousand strands?

One hundred strands would be 50 million pieces, with this ratio, it would take 50 billion pieces of Primordial Real Silk!

Besides, if there were no surprises, these were probably far from enough . One hundred was enough for one strand, yet one hundred strands required 50 million .

Chu Yang estimated that to eventually form the Primordial Sea of Aura, the number of Primordial Sea of Aura would probably have to be calculated in numbers more than a trillion .

“Sword Spirit, let’s disband, maybe,” said Chu Yang, dispirited . “You see, the path is clear: the Chu Clan in the Southeast is very safe now . I’ll work hard to find the sixth fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword, and then open the channel and fetch my brothers up here to enjoy life . I’ll also get my wife and son up here, then we’ll live in seclusion in the South East . ”

He spoke weakly, then suddenly, he scratched his hair and roared at the top of his lungs, “At least a trillion… God, how am I going to live…”

And then, he dropped down to the ground, feeling that his heart had been broken into pieces together with his butt .

The Sword Spirit was also very speechless .

“So this Xue Leihan made this Nine Heavens Divine Technique purely to trick me!” Chu Yang was upset for a while and suddenly became angry, gritting his teeth .

“Probably not!” The Sword Spirit hesitated for a moment and said, “As far as I know… Master still can’t make such a powerful technique . ”

“Powerful technique?” Chu Yang laughed tragically . “This is a f*cking torturous technique! A trillion… My head feels like bursting just from thinking about it . ”

The Sword Spirit mused, “The wonderful thing about this technique is that even without accumulating enough Primordial Real Silk, it can still exert its power in ordinary forms, but once you’ve got enough, you’ll be thoroughly remolded .

“Since ancient times, I’ve never heard of any technique like this . Besides, the most amazing part is that it actually enumerates the technique, so that you know at any time where you are… Besides, there’s no ultimate goal . ”

The Sword Spirit said, “So, this technique was probably created by the two greats who could sweep across the sky just by its marginal forces in that battle!”

Chu Yang’s spirits lifted . “You mean?”

“If my estimate is not wrong, this technique is probably the single strongest set of techniques in history!” said the Sword Spirit .

Chu Yang smiled . “In that case, I feel a little relieved . Only that, to get enough Primordial Real Silk… How to get so much Primordial Violet Vapor?”

The Sword Spirit said heavily, “Since the beginning of time, there is this saying, that there is an end to the sky, but it can’t be seen on the nine heavens continent, but once one passes through some dangerous places where the Nine Heavens Imperial Court’s seals are placed, one can touch the end of sky . At the end of the sky is the primordial, where it’s all Primordial Violet Vapor! It’s all life force energy!”

Just when Chu Yang’s eyes lit up, he heard the Sword Spirit say, somewhat embarrassedly, “But I’ve only heard of it… I’ve never seen it myself . ”

Chu Yang’s eyes dimmed again . “Shit! You may as well not say it!”

The Sword Spirit blinked and asked, “What now?”

Chu Yang breathed in deeply and then breathed out again . And then, he breathed in hard once more, bulging up his lungs, and his courage always seemed to bulge up . He spoke viciously, “What else? Do it!” p

“Do it?” the Sword Spirit asked incredulously .

“Yes! Just do it!” Chu Yang showed a teeth-gritting grimace; he looked up and roared with a sky-breaking, immensely loud voice, “I’m doing it!”

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