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Chapter 1218
Chapter 1218: Robbery

“Just a few cups of wine?” Xue Leihan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “Did you know that the sixteen cups of my wine you drank just now have already increased your cultivation by three hundred years? Now you actually want wine cream? Are you not afraid of bursting your stomach?”

“No!” said Chu Yang boldly . “At any rate, my reputation will be repaired in eighteen years!”

Xue Leihan was speechless . “Brother, do you know that all these that we’re drinking right now only come from a very small jar of wine cream, it’s only less than two kilograms, but I’ve added about two hundred kilograms of water to dilute it… And a mere sixteen cups have increased in cultivation by three hundred years!”

Chu Yang’s eyes brightened up . “I see . Then give me eight or ten jars more . ”

Xue Leihan said angrily, “I’ve got none to give . ”

Chu Yang continued, “Five or six will also do . ”

“Not a drop . ” Xue Leihan was insistent .

“‘At least two jars!” Chu Yang said angrily, “This is the number that I want . Any less, I don’t want it anymore . ”

“At most one jar!” Xue Leihan said, “Take it or not!”

“Deal!” Chu Yang clapped his hands . “One jar is just as well! Bring it!”

Xue Leihan’s eyes opened wide .

He threw out one jar angrily and said, “You’ve become really shameless now . ”

Chu Yang hurried to catch it and put it away in the Nine Tribulations Space immediately . He smiled . “If I was not, I wouldn’t have this wine . This wine is so good that a cup of it can increase cultivation by several decades…”

“What other treasures do you have? Anyway you’re going back now and I won’t be able to go up to find you for a long time, and there’s no knowing whether I can find you after I get up there… You may as well leave some of each . ”

Despite the millions of years Xue Leihan had lived, he couldn’t help but be stunned in awe at the shamelessness of this person . He shook his head and said, “No . ”

Chu Yang grabbed his sleeve indignantly and pulled it forcefully . With a tearing sound, it ripped off .

“What are you doing?” Xue Leihan raged .

“I thought you’re wearing something protective… So it’s not,” said Chu Yang in disappointment .

So this guy was actually planning on taking his clothes? He was actually going to get him naked?

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Xue Leihan felt even more that he shouldn’t stay here any longer . Faced with such a man who was immune to all tactics and was so shameful and cunning, the powerlessness in his heart became stronger and stronger . He said, upset, “How cruel you are!”

Chu Yang still didn’t stop . “How about you putting me into your spatial storage ring, and I’ll go choose some things myself . ”

Xue Leihan was shocked .

This guy actually wants to enter my treasure house directly .

“I’m off . ” Xue Leihan’s figure flashed and disappeared without a trace .

Chu Yang’s eyes rolled and rapidly he put the snow-ice jade table, tables, chairs and the wine pot all into the Nine Tribulations Space . He murmured, “So stingy . ”

A figure flashed and Xue Leihan reappeared . He looked at the empty space, stunned . He asked angrily, “Where are my tables, chairs and wine pot?”

“They are already under my name,” said Chu Yang totally shamefully . “Oh, so much heartache for things casually made out of ice and snow, how are you still like a powerful professional?”

“What the f*ck do you know!” Xue Leihan raged . “That’s water-fire jade and heaven-earth pot!”

Chu Yang’s eyes brightened up while he humbly asked, “Would you please educate me on what water-fire jade and heaven-earth pot are?”

Xue Leihan shook his head and sighed . His hand reached out, he stretched out one finger and touched the tip of Chu Yang’s nose multiple times . Then, he nodded forcefully . “Good! Good! Good of you…”

Chu Yang said innocently, “Do you have to praise me such…”

Before his voice fell, Xue Leihan had already disappeared . Immediately, a loud thunderbolt was heard on top of the clouds, and a golden light was faintly seen flashing thousands of miles away . Immediately, it disappeared .

Xue Leihan finally left for good .

He really, really didn’t want to stay in this world for one more moment .

If he was to stay on, he was afraid even his underpants would be robbed by this bastard . I’m a f*cking proper heavenly emperor, at any rate… How can I go back naked…

“I’ve gained enough,” Chu Yang muttered, excitement showing on his face . “You should have gone back long ago, for heaven’s sake! With you here, I’m just all so uncomfortable . You’re just so much stronger than me…”

As he spoke, he took out the wine pot and played with it . “Heaven-earth pot? Haha… How much can it keep? Let me look inside . ” He glanced inside with divine sense and was immediately overjoyed .

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He saw that it was a hollow, pitch-dark hole inside, and only the bottom of it contained wine .

According to Xue Leihan, that was the smallest jar of wine cream, which used two hundred kilograms of water . Xue Leihan drank three or four, and he himself drank sixteen, which made a total of twenty cups of wine, less than ten kilograms at most . That meant that there was still one hundred and ninety kilograms in the pot?

And it only took up such a small area at the bottom of the pot?

If it had all been filled, wouldn’t it be more than ten thousand kilograms?

“I’ve gained lots!” Chu Yang smiled . “I’m most fond of taking advantage . ”

With that said, he took out the chair, which according to Xue Leihan was made of water-fire jade . With a snap, he broke one piece off and only felt that a thick wave of spiritual energy suddenly emerged, filling his mouth and nose in just an instance .

“It’s amazing!” Chu Yang hurried to throw the remaining water-fire jade into the Nine Tribulations Space . He sat down immediately and used martial techniques to absorb this spiritual energy into his Dantian . He only felt his cultivation soaring .

This spiritual energy actually contained two different types of aura, a gentle aura and a violent aura . It moved inside his meridians . Chu Yang felt like he was going through both ice and fire at the same time . On the one hand, he was so comfortable that he wanted to moan, yet on the other hand, he wanted to roll on the ground from the discomfort .

The feeling was really inexplicable .

Besides, as the spiritual energy was evoked by the Nine Heavens Divine Technique, the water-fire jade inside his hand was also slowly losing its color, slowly changing from colorless white to gray and then…

When this palm-sized piece of water-fire jade had continued decreasing in volume and eventually turned into powder, Chu Yang realized to his surprise that his cultivation had increased all the way from preliminary-level ninth-grade sword master to top-level ninth-grade sword master!

Only a tiny bit from breaking into first-grade Supreme Martial Artist .

Chu Yang stood up and felt somewhat emotional . From Emperor level to Monarch Level he could pretty much leap across several levels, and the power like what he had now was enough for him to rise directly from first-grade Emperor level to second-grade Martial Saint!

But now that the three hundred years of cultivation from the wine coupled with the strong power of this small piece of water-fire jade was only able to increase his cultivation from preliminary-level ninth grade to top of ninth grade .

He could imagine how hard each promotion must be after he reached the Supreme Martial Artist level! No wonder all the Supreme Martial Artists were old… All that strong cultivation was accumulated over infinite years…

Thinking about this, Chu Yang remembered that the final strike he made on the day he rescued Han Xiaoran .

Chu Yang had risked his life on that strike, even though the odds of winning were very small, and the chance of survival was not great .

Yet right at that moment, the Nine Heavens Divine Technique suddenly moved on its own .

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Just that one move doubled the power of his sword move .

Should the whole Nine Heavens Divine Technique start moving, what would that be like?

Chu Yang thought about it, hesitated no more and hurried to start exploring .

He remembered that the power of Nine Heavens Divine Technique in his past life was greater than that in this life . How did the power of Nine Heavens Divine Technique actually become more ordinary after he had turned his fate around completely?

And it only had ordinary powers?

This didn’t make sense at all .

There must have been a mysterious reason behind this, which led to him being unable to extract the amazing powers of Nine Heavens Divine Technique . This was the treasure house Chu Yang was trying to open at the moment .

Heavy snow was falling above his head . On the snow-covered ground, Chu Yang was working hard .

Right at this moment, with a sudden slam, an ice cube dropped from the sky, hitting him right on the head .

Chu Yang froze . He reached out and grabbed the ice cube in his hand .

It wasn’t strange for snow, rain or hail to drop from the sky, but ice cubes actually dropped…

Looking at it in his hand, he saw the ice cube cracking open to show a pale-golden slip of paper . Chu Yang’s heart jumped as he opened it up and saw the words written on it in flowing calligraphy .

It was Xue Leihan’s handwriting .

This guy actually sent down a letter right from the Nine Heavens Imperial Court . He must have been so unwilling to come down to face Chu Yang no matter how much trouble he took otherwise .

“Life is a loveless path, yet its loneliness has to be soothed by love; don’t say that the flames in your heart have died out, look beyond the horizon and there is a proud son of heaven . ”

Chu Yang smiled first and then started contemplating .

Life, death, old age and sickness, these are pretty much all that living is about for a human .

This is the way of Samsara, yet also the start of lovelessness . Old age, sickness and death, they are all loveless . No matter how unwilling, they will always come .

Yet in this lovelessness, one has to have the company of true love .

Just like how generations of Nine Tribulations Sword Masters and all nine tribulations that they went through . The final path of the Nine Tribulation is the way of ruthlessness, yet it had to be opened up and escorted through by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master using great emotions and all-surpassing love .

Chu Yang knew that the first two verses of Xue Leihan’s poem were actually the most important . The last two were only there to make it complete simply due to Xue Leihan’s habit of playing with words .

“In the past, I’ve always been occupied with the path of emotions, and the path of ruthlessness . ” Chu Yang smiled slightly . “In fact, I was wrong . Or, the whole world is wrong . ”

“It’s the rules of the world that are ruthless, and it’s the people that are with emotions . These two actually have nothing to do with each other . ”

Chu Yang shook his head and laughed . “The mistake of the people in the world is that they think about humans and rules of the world as one . In fact, there are no rules in the world to begin with, and people have had emotions . That’s the way it is . ”

Once he figured this out, Chu Yang only felt completely relaxed .

Though this insight couldn’t bring his practical benefits at the moment, its intangible benefits would accompany him every step in his life!

The Nine Heavens Divine Technique in his body seemed to become active . It was moving and working slowly .

Chu Yang’s heart moved, and he hurried to cultivate it . The cultivation in his body started running and flowing like a great river . Yet, Chu Yang realized that the fundamental energy of the Nine Heavens Divine Technique still rested inside the Dantian, moving slowly .

It wasn’t active .

Besides, there was a bit of faint purple gas moving slowly in his Dantian .

Only when this bit of purple gas moved, did the Nine Heavens Divine Technique move along with it!

Before this, he actually never realized that there was a bit of purple gas inside the spiritual energy in his Dantian!

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