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Chapter 1212

The Flat Mountain Ridge was in chaos!

Everywhere on the streets were people suffering from all the itch .

Everyone knew that this strange disease of itchiness must have been caused by the Chu Clan . However, there was no evidence . Besides, what could people do even if they had the evidence?

You had been poisoned and only my clan can cure it!

Were you not trying to find trouble for me? I shall see how you still can find trouble for me!

Furthermore, this strange disease of itchiness had taken a new turn in development .

You only had to use this specially made Itch Scratcher to scratch on the itch, after scratching, you yourself would not feel the itch anymore . However… those surrounding within thirty feet of you who had not been poisoned, they would start to feel the itch!

Slowly, this itchiness spread across to ten thousand people! It was still rapidly spreading!

At this juncture, the Itch Scratcher from Chu Clan had to run out of stock!

Gone .

Many of the impatient Jiang Hu people were furious . As they used one hand to scratch their itch, the other hand was knocking on the door of Chu Clan and shouting simultaneously . However, the answer that they got back was that the Young Mistress Chu was not in a good mood and therefore, did not want to concoct the ‘Itchy Scratch’ medicine .

This was really terrible!

Following which, hundreds of people broke into the Chu Clan together!

These people broke into the house, shouting and screaming, but after a while, one by one, each of their heads was thrown out and landed into a tall pile beside the Chu Clan’s main door!

It was piled neatly and tidily .

For a few times continuously, those who broke into the house had their heads cut down . Their heads piled up but no one had an idea of where the bodies went to .

Amongst all these heads, there was actually a head belonging to a Martial Saint .

At this point, all these Jiang Hu people started to keep quiet out of fear . They thought in their mind, ‘The strength of Chu Clan is actually at such a strong level?’

Everyone started to crowd around a few hundred feet outside the house of Chu Clan . No one dared to step forward .

With a squeak, the door opened again .

A tall surly man walked out of the door, his hands holding on to a bucket and a big brush . With it, he drew a large scale circle beyond the pile of heads and inserted a sign .

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The tall surly men then close the door and returned back .

The crowd went forward to take a look . They saw what was written on the sign, ‘Human Head Piling Project: Estimated to end only after the human heads have piled all the way to the circle drawn and up to 500 feet high . ’

The crowd took a look at the circle drawn . Everyone took in a breath of cold air and gasped in their mind, ‘A radius of 200 feet!’

A human head… would take up at most one foot long of the space, right?

To pile fully all the way to the circle drawn and furthermore, up to 500 feet high…

Seemed like it would need tens of thousands of human heads?

It was already shocking, from just by looking at it . If the pile of heads was to contain their own heads… that feeling…

Everyone felt absolutely terrified, with their hair standing on its end .

They no longer dared to barge into the Chu Clan . However, the itch was still ongoing .

Furthermore, the itch got worse than before . When they saw that others were holding on to an Itch Scratcher and relieving themselves of the itch, they grew instantly mad with anger . Finally, one person could not take it any longer . He killed another person who was scratching in front of him and snatched over the Itch Scratcher to relieve himself of the itch . So comfortable…

Once there was this precedence, the entire Flat Mountain Ridge suddenly slipped into a tragedy of people killing each other!

To think, twenty thousand people were dying of itch . Yet, there were only a thousand people who had the Itch Scratcher…

This proportion was terribly imbalanced .

Especially those martial art experts . They thought in their mind, ‘F*ck, my cultivation level is higher than yours and I’m still suffering from the itch . How dare a mere Emperor level martial artist hold on to the Itch Scratcher and not give it to me? I will kill you!’

Endless screams were echoing and blood was everywhere .

There were others who were more clever . They killed a few people to get hold of a few Itch Scratchers and kept them as their own reserves . There were even others who thought like this, ‘I cannot prevent you from robbing me and I would be miserable after you have robbed me of the Itch Scratcher . Then why not I just destroy it so that we both suffer together . ’

The Itch Scratcher was all along a normal bamboo . Not to mention a Monarch Level or Emperor Level Martial Artist, even the most common Martial Arts Great Master could grind it down into powder . Therefore, many people were just standing by the side and laughing, while they destroyed the Itch Scratcher!

The high level of martial art experts opposite them were all furious . With a single slap, the experts turned them into a meat paste, but yet, their itch continued…

In this way, the Itch Scratcher became even more short in supply .

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The killings became more intense

Originally, Flat Mountain Ridge was a paradise, but now, it had become a living hell . Corpses, broken limbs and fresh blood were everywhere .

A few days passed . The doors of Chu Clan opened and a few teams of servants came out . Each of them held a bucket full of black colored water . Each of them had a ladle and one of them filled the ladle up with the black water and poured it onto the pile of human heads . Suddenly, green smoke emitted from the pile of human heads and before long, the huge pile was reduced into a pile of bone powder before it finally turned into black smoke and disappeared .

This kind of lethal poison made the onlookers’ tooth root sour and sent a chill down their spill, making them shudder with fear .

After this, the few servants went around to gather the corpses around Flat Mountain Ridge, as if nothing had happened . They placed them into a pile and similarly poured a ladle of black water onto it .

So, they had actually come out to clean up the corpses .

All those Jiang Hu people who came over to find troubles for the Chu Clan all stared on as the servants cleaned up the corpses . However, these Jiang Hu people had no one to organize them together .

When the corpses piled up, it would trigger a plague . Therefore, after every huge battle, regardless of winners or losers, they would regard the collection and destruction of corpses as their top priority! Otherwise, should a plague set in, that would be a disaster that could destroy the entire nation .

Everyone was well aware of this point . However, now that the Jiang Hu people had no leader at Flat Mountain Ridge, who would go and clear up all these corpses?

No one thought that the one who finally had to clean up the corpses, would still be the Chu Clan!

In this way, everyone was stunned and did not move an inch like a wax statue .

They tried to find trouble for Chu Clan, but dared not take actions in the end . Then, what was the purpose of gathering here outside their house?

At this awkward moment, the Law-enforcement team of the Law Enforcement Hall arrived . On the day itself, they organized an impassioned mobilization to gather forces and called on everyone to deal with the Extraterrestrial Demon . At the same time, they also formulated a plan against the Extraterrestrial Demon .

Everyone’s already cold heart began to boil again .

The next morning, however, no one from the Law Enforcement Hall came out after entering . One of the bold ones went in to take a look and hurriedly came out, scared out of his wits .

It was a living hell inside .

None of the members of the Law-enforcement team was mediocre .

Yet, all of them died inside! No one survived!

The leader was an elite Ninth Grade Martial Saint . However, he too died silently inside . His corpse was still sitting upright, with a shocked expression that was full of fear .

It seemed obvious that he was struck to dead in a single palm, before he could even react .

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Who could instantly kill a Ninth Grade Martial Saint?

Everyone was trembling with fear .

Immediately after, the team from Xiao Clan came . However, they were massacred by a mysterious person at a distance a few dozen miles away from Flat Mountain Ridge . No one survived!

The news of their massacre came and the entire Flat Mountain Ridge was shocked!

The law-enforcement officers continued to dispatch another three batches of people over . Without exception, they were all dead, like the previous attempts . The Xiao Clan also sent another four, five batches of people over . Even the last batch was led by three Fourth Grade Supreme Martial Artist .

However… without exception, all of them died!

Right from the start, the Chu Clan main door had always been shut close . The leaders of Chu Clan were never seen at all! However, the entire plan in the South East to exterminate the Chu Clan had already been aborted!

It could be considered a retreat, a total defeat!

The reputation of Chu Clan became more and more well known . They had actually stunned the entire South East!

At the end of the fighting, the Chu Clan servants began to appear again . They went around the Flat Mountain Ridge to start cleaning up the place . Thereafter, those shops and businesses that were closed in Flat Mountain Ridge started to reopen . Soon, life was bustling with activities again…

Everything returned to normal, as if nothing had happened .

However, all the Jiang Hu people who had managed to survive all seemed to have lost a part of their souls, as they used all their might to escape from this place .

No one chase after and no one interfered in their escape . There seemed to be a non-spoken rule: Flat Mountain Ridge, you can come and go freely .

However, this kind of freedom, no one would dare to try it a second time!

Especially for those who just made it out alive . It was just like a nightmare for them .

Furthermore, they realized that the itchiness was miraculously cured without any treatment, when they left Flat Mountain Ridge .

This was really strange .

Everyone left .

They thought in their mind, ‘F*ck, I will no longer bother . Whether the Chu Clan people are the Extraterrestrial Demons or not, they had nothing to do with us anymore . ’

‘Even if they were to eat humans, I will just stay far away from them . There are so many people on the continent, why do they have to specifically eat me?’

‘Just let them eat whoever they want…’

‘I shall first keep my life . The Law-enforcement officer made a beautiful speech about upholding justice, for the stability of the world and the people of this society… However, their so-called upholding of justice would still require us to be alive in order to uphold it . The reputation of enforcing peace or being a hero… looks like it is better for me to not want it now . ’

‘To be a living bug is still better than being a dead hero… at least we are still alive . Where can I not find a living with my capabilities? Furthermore, I can still woo ladies when I’m alive…’

Driven by such a mentality, all those heroic characters who came forward wanting to exterminate the demons, all left .

Flat Mountain Ridge had regained its usual peace and tranquility .

As if nothing had happened at all!

Only the influential Chu Clan continued to expand, expand outwards…

Wherever the Chu Clan went, everyone was talking amongst themselves, ‘The Chu Clan is here? Then why are you not running away? The last time a few hundred thousand people laid a siege against the Chu Clan, you guess what was the result? Those who survived and returned were less than a few thousand… I was one of those lucky ones… that battle was really earth-shattering…’

‘What about the Xiao Clan? What about the Law-enforcement officer? They were all exterminated by the Chu Clan… Just you alone? And you want to go against the Chu Clan? Extraterrestrial Demons? Even if they are truly the Extraterrestrial Demons, what has it got to do with you? Eating humans? Did he eat you? Don’t be such a simpleton! Keep your so-called justice feeling… I was even more hot-blooded than you last time . Look at what happened? Let me give you a piece of advice, Brother . For humans, staying alive is still the best . ’

Other than the Xiao Clan still trying to counterattack, most of the other people had already accepted it .

Humans were just like this . Whenever something happened suddenly, everyone would be angry and tried to go against it, even with their lives . However, once they realized that going against it was useless, most people would become silent and eventually accept it and follow it . Most people would turn from anger to being disappointed, until they slowly adapted, kept silent, complied and eventually embraced it…

Only a small group of people would continue to fight against it . Until everyone had become used to the new change, then these small groups of people would be seen as rebellious and became criminals…

After many years, all the original indignation would have become a natural law of order .

For example… a new reign; for example… downfall of a nation; for example… oppression .

In summary, the rise of Chu Clan in the South East was overwhelming and unstoppable! The public opinions of the South East, those upholding of justice, for the sake of the world and society, ‘those heroes to exterminate demons’ were all fiercely eliminated by the Chu Clan, with its mysterious and powerful strength!

While the South East was bustling with new happenings, Chu Yang who had been traveling towards the North West alone, met the most important person for his fate, in both his previous and current lives!

That fortune telling old man .

He was the world’s number one literary talent in his previous life .

Xue Leihan!

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