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Chapter 1213

While the South East was bustling with activities, Dong Wushang and Rui Butong were on their way to the destination on a horse carriage, albeit at a slow speed . Along the way, they met quite a few bullies who tried to take a share of their loot . After all, this long trail of carriages was simply too tempting .

Fortunately, the blood payers hired by those two were not mediocre . Of course, if they met any tough opponents, it would be Dong Wushang who had to settle it . With a saber in his hand, he was invincible!

Although he did not use his own dark saber, with a cultivation level like his, any saber on his hands would not make much of a difference .

Along the road, it became a journey for Dong Wushang to learn and practice through actual battles . He basically fought all along the way to the South East .

Along the way, it became like a journey for him to turn into a Saber Saint, as his strength grew by leaps and bounds . This made Rui Butong a little angry and jealous of his progression .

Let us not talk about this journey .

Talking about Chu Yang, he went through Ye Province and along the way, he slaughtered several people who tried to profit from other people’s misfortune .

Quite a number of people actually intercepted those traveling along the roads . Whomever they intercepted, they would interrogate and then kill them off before plundering their belongings . All in the name of a seemingly good cause: We belong to the same group as the Extraterrestrial Demon . We are upholding justice in the world, keeping peace in the continent .

Especially so, when they saw those merchants who were very wealthy . These people would never let hold of the rich merchants .

The despicable actions of these people were really outrageous! If they were really working with the Extraterrestrial Demons, even if they were duped into it, it was also another kind of justice .

However, these people, their actions were totally not that of justice, nor for the peace of the world . It was merely for their own desire . Or in other words, they hated the rich!

These kinds of people were not only present amongst the martial artists, but they were also present amongst the commoners . The rich households everywhere would definitely have similar experiences before .

Along the way, Chu Yang became furious upon seeing all these incidents . In the end, he started his killing spree to eliminate these people .

He did not care whether they were martial artists, or were they just commoners . As long as they had such bad behaviors, Chu Yang would definitely kill them off!

He understood a logic deeply: Despicable actions were not present only in higher management! These actions were basically everywhere .

Since it was this way, Chu Yang killed all of these people that he met . Making sure they had no heirs and their clan would simply perish!

The craziest time was at a particular place . There was this rich household with a man whose nickname was Li Dayan [Dayan has the same characters and pronunciation as ‘big eyes’ in Chinese] . As his name suggests, his eyes were exceptionally big . He led a miserable life since young . He worked really hard with only his bare hands for thirty-odd years and finally came to own a huge family enterprise .

Furthermore, after he had succeeded, he did not become immoral because of his wealth . On the contrary, he was always ready to help in a worthy cause . Whenever any of his neighbors had any troubles, he would always lend a helping hand!

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It was this type of kind souls, during this incident of the Extraterrestrial Demons, that actually got driven to bankruptcy by the ones whom he had helped previously . Not only did he lose all his savings, but even his house was also burnt down completely until nothing was left .

He was even given a criminal charge of being the ‘Accomplice of Extraterrestrial Demons’ .

In the beginning, it was only a few people who were causing the troubles for Li Dayan, while the rest of those who had received favors from Li Dayan before were too embarrassed to take action . However, in the later stages, all the poor men within the town had started to collaborate together to punish this ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ . Furthermore, there was a strange phenomenon that appeared . The more favors the person had gotten from Li Dayan, when they flipped their stand under such circumstances, the harder they would punish Li Dayan!

It seemed as if these people would not be able to step out of the shadow of them receiving favors from Li Dayan, if they did not do such things .

Since it was already broken, they might as well throw away their conscience… Be a bad person totally, without any burden!

When human nature reached such a stage, they were even worse than a dog! Worse than a beast!

When Chu Yang went past this place, he saw that Li Dayan’s family of four were tied up and paraded on the road . Both sides of the road had huge applause . Everyone was cheering that they had caught another Extraterrestrial Demon .

There were a few elderly people who were muttering to themselves, not daring to say it out loud . e

Chu Yang had used the shortest time possible to investigate this incident . He became really furious . He drew out his sword and started to kill the people around him . The entire street of people were almost all killed by him .

Afterward, Chu Yang stayed a further one day . He did not listen to just one side of the story, but instead, he gathered a few parties together to understand the full story . Thereafter, he brought along his sword to the various clans . All those who had participated in it were killed, without fail!

The more Chu Yang killed, the more depressed he became .

He thought of how all the doctors of the Medicine Valley were murdered . If there was no good ending for good people, who would want to be a good person in the future?

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou could choose to continue being good people, because they had great strength; so strong that others did not dare to bully . However, like the Medicine Valley… like the one in front, Li Dayan, and other similar ones… how?

After this incident, even if Li Dayan managed to make a comeback, would he dare to do another good thing? Would he still dare to be kind-hearted?

Li Dayan and his family took the money that Chu Yang gave and left the place in search of a better one . Chu Yang saw them off as they expressed their gratitude to him profusely .

Chu Yang stood in the middle of the night breeze . He stood on the desolated old path . All he could feel was a burst of coldness .

It was merely a fabricated ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ and the people’s behavior could be distorted up to this extent! If there were other things? Or if something like the ‘Extraterrestrial Demon’ really existed, then how would it be like?

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Along the way, Chu Yang had already killed more than a thousand people . Within this boundless Nine Heavens Continent, how many incidents like this were happening, had already happened or were… in preparation of happening?

At this moment, a person suddenly smiled and said softly, “Do you feel that this world has become so ugly? To the extent that you would want to kill the people in it and then be happy about it?”

Chu Yang was shocked!

His current cultivation was already a Ninth Grade Martial Saint and a Ninth Grade Sword Saint! Yet, he did not realize when was there another person standing beside him!

Beforehand, Chu Yang had already carefully and strictly checked the surrounding radius of a few thousand feet . There was absolutely no one around!

Disregarding his cultivation, his spirit was even greater . Even if it was the Ninth Grade Supreme Martial Artist, their spirit energy might not be as great as that of Chu Yang . Yet, he did not realize that someone was beside him .

This new person was like a ghost, appearing silently .

He did not just appear, he was even talking to Chu Yang .

Like a whirlwind, Chu Yang turned his head around to take a look .

He saw a person dressed in gray, with both hands clasped behind his back . His back was facing Chu Yang, as he looked up into the sky and he looked rather relaxed .

He simply stood there, but it gave Chu Yang an impression that there was nothing there, only a carefree breeze and an everlasting sense of nothingness .

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Who are you, Sir?”

Chu Yang calmed down at the first moment .

If that person had wanted to kill Chu Yang, he would definitely succeed . Therefore, this was more of a blessing than a curse . Even if it’s a curse, what must be, must be . At this moment, Chu Yang had also come to accept the unpleasant fact of him not noticing that person . Or rather… it had ignited the bachelor’s attitude in his heart!

Do whatever I wanted!

Love whoever I loved!

“Who am I?” The person in gray seemed to be smiling lightly and said, “Who do you think? Chu Yang?”

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Chu Yang had already put on a disguise and he believed that no one in the world could recognize him . However, this person in gray was actually able to call out his name!

This voice, Chu Yang suddenly felt that it was very familiar . All of a sudden, a person came into Chu Yang’s mind and he could not help it but take a step back . “It’s you?”

That person smiled casually and slowly turned around to look at Chu Yang . He even blinked both his eyes and asked, “Isn’t it me?”

Thunder started to sound in Chu Yang’s mind . In an instant, Chu Yang actually felt a little dizzy!

The person in front was actually him!

The fortune teller that Chu Yang met at Tianji City, his best friend of the previous life, the world’s number one literary talent, widely recognized by the Young Masters of the Nine Heavens Continent in his previous life, Xue Leihan .

Although at this moment, he was not the mysterious fortune teller in Tianji City, nor was he the literary talent of poems and sword, dressed in white like in his previous life .

He was in another outlook, dressed in gray and his looks were ordinary .

In one glance, he was nothing different from the common people .

“You have recognized who I am . ” The person in gray smiled indifferently .

Chu Yang swallowed his saliva before he finally smiled . Who knew that when he revealed the smile, the corners of his eyes were wet and his heart was trembling .

If nothing went out of expectation, Chu Yang’s previous and current lives were all attributed to this guy in front of him!

Chu Yang did not know if he should hate him, or thank him .

He smiled bitterly and shook his head lightly . “I really don’t know how should I address you . Should it be… Brother Xue? Or… Master? Or… Sir?”

The man in gray went silent for a moment before he said, “I like the name Xue Leihan . ”

Chu Yang said, “Oh?”

The man in gray said, “Xue Leihan, there are tears in the snow and every drop of tears is cold . ”

Chu Yang said indifferently, “When the snow melts, it becomes water and therefore they are all tears . Since they have all become tears, the heart is also cold . ”

The man in gray, Xue Leihan, said, “Therefore, when alive, our entire life is full of tears, a life full of bitterness . ”

Chu Yang’s eyes flashed as he said, “Oh? Do you mean to say that my current life will still be full of tears? Still as bitter? Then what is the difference between this life and my previous lives?”

“You bear a lot of grudges against me . ” Xue Leihan started to smile . “This resulted in you neglecting one side of things . Snow is an element of nature; as it melts to become water, although it could be tears, it could also serve to nourish the common people . Furthermore, it would not disappear… Not before long, the water will once again transform into the spiritual energy of the universe dispersing with the wind and congregating back as clouds . As the wind and clouds move, the water becomes rain, mist, frost or… become snow again . ”

“Descend into this world!” The man in gray looked at Chu Yang with calm eyes and said, “Cycle by cycle, that… is the law of nature!”

“But, the current and previous lives were both about subversion . ” Chu Yang suddenly said, after staying silent for a moment .

“Current and previous lives, who doesn’t have?”

With one hand sticking onto a green leaf blown over by the spring breeze, Xue Leihan said spontaneously, “Although this is a piece of leaf, it also has its own previous and current lives . Except for a few elites who managed to escape the cycle of reincarnation, even if it’s god or saints, they would also have their own previous and current lives . ”

“However, since ancient times, you are the only one who could remember so clearly about their previous life . ” Xue Leihan looked at him with his discerning eyes and said, “You did not just experience your previous and current lives, you have superimposed both lives together!”

“These have become your strength to go against heaven, become your heart outside! It gives you the power to escape reincarnation, to become the soul above all!” Xue Leihan said leisurely .

Chu Yang gave a perplexed look and said, “I don’t understand what you are saying . ”

Xue Leihan laughed .

“However, I still prefer Xue Leihan of the previous life . ” Chu Yang said suddenly, “When we first met, it was at the Purple Bamboo Forest . That time, you recited a poem… saying: ‘Eternal beauty has no shame, the snowfall makes the heart cold; who can decide the world’s success and failure and who can return to heaven in real life?’”

He continued indifferently, “I still miss the troubled looking Brother Xue of previous life very much . I do not like the Xue Leihan in front who has everything under control . ”

Xue Leihan’s gaze narrowed and past memories flashed back in his mind . All the vicissitudes in his life seemed to have changed all of a sudden .

After a long while, he finally smiled . “Brother Chu . ”

With a voice calling him out, Chu Yang felt like he had gone back into his previous life . In his eyes, there was confusion and regret . He smiled and said, “Brother Xue . ”

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