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Chapter 1175

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The group spent the next few days treating their wounds . Chu Yang also tried his best, using all his methods to treat everyone's injuries . All their injuries were very severe .

Especially the Moon Breeze couple, whose injuries were especially acute . Chu Yang exhausted his abilities, but could only slightly mitigate their injuries, but couldn't let them recover .

Dong Wushang, Mo Lei'er and Mo Qingwu were also injured rather badly .

For such a thing as a severe injury, it was two completely different stories to be injured by a King Level Expert and by a Supreme Martial Artist . Though the amount of force was the same, the injuries from a Supreme Martial Artist naturally contained the divine consciousness of a Supreme Martial Artist!

That was a more subtle form of damage .

And its damage to the spirit and the meridians were especially severe and difficult to recover . And this time, the injuries were from a ninth-level Supreme Martial Artist, so the damage was naturally worse .

That's why the injuries they suffered this time took rather long to recover .

The one with the worst injuries was, of course, Wu Juecheng!

Wu Juecheng's injuries had already reached the point where even the Sword Spirit was somewhat at a loss .

Chu Yang had once contemplated using the Heaven Nourishing Jade, but he was stopped by the Sword Spirit: the Heaven Nourishing Jade could carry out its maximum function only after a person died; to nourish the heaven, as the name suggests, required that the heaven to have already collapsed…

If the heaven hadn't collapsed, what was the point of nourishing?

Yet Wu Juecheng apparently was still alive right now .

If he only waited for him to be dead before using the Heaven Nourishing Jade, Wu Juecheng would fall into a very long sleep just like Wu Qianqian, and not wake up until getting the Herb of Spirit-Recovery from Nine Deaths .

What Chu Yang could do now was limited to stabilizing Wu Juecheng's injuries temporarily using medicine .

The rest could only be discussed after he gradually recovered with his own strength, because he could definitely not use the Nine Tribulations Pill on Wu Juecheng!

Once he used it, his identity would be immediately revealed .

There was really too much uncertainty .

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The uncertainty which Chu Yang couldn't afford to bear at all right now .

In these days, Tianji City was full of grief . After the battle of Mount Xingyun, the people from Zhuge Clan waited for a long time but saw nobody returning, and sent someone to take a look at Mount Xingyun .

And it immediately scared the sh*t out of the people who were sent!

There were corpses all over Mount Xingyun! All the people from Nine Super Clans died here!

Once the message was sent, the whole Zhuge Clan was shocked!

Many people were sent to retrieve the bodies from Mount Xingyun . Immediately, they started sending messages to the other clans . A cloud of grief covered the whole nine heavens continent . All of the Nine Super Clans wore grieving clothing and everyone wept at funerals .

Including the Li Clan .

Li Xiangsi from the Li Clan took his men all the way back north, and encountered countless interceptions along the way . In the end, only five people were left to successfully return to the Li Clan .

Li Clan was enraged and swore revenge .

. . .

Diwu Clan . Diwu Qingrou's courtyard .

"All our people were annihilated as well? Not a single survivor?" Diwu Qingrous was shocked . This was really no trivial matter .

The foundation of Diwu Clan wasn't strong right now at all . Taking out five Supreme Martial Artists at once meant extracting half the power of Diwu Clan .

And for all of them to die at Mount Xingyun, how could it not make Diwu Qingrou feel both shock and heartache?

"Yes . " In the shadow, the wrinkles on the old man's face seemed to have deepened as well .

"Well done!" Diwu Qingrou sighed . "I didn't expect them to actually have such great strengths . "

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"But Sir, you agreed to help that Chu Yang, and told him the clothing of our men, but they still killed all of our men… That's really ungrateful," that old man said angrily .

Diwu Qingrou was silent for a while, and then said, "There was actually no word 'wu' on any of those men's clothes . "

The old man was dumbfounded .

"That word 'wu', it was actually inside the outer shirt, on the inner shirt . " What Diwu Qingrou said next made the old man even more shocked .

"Then… why… this, this…" The old man was incoherent .

Diwu Qingrou's expression was complicated .

"You thought I really wanted to help Chu Yang . In fact, what I really helped him with was only those few pieces of information, Chu Yang knew it internally as well," Diwu Qingrou said mildly .

"Chu Yang said 'thank you' to those few pieces of information, but looked quite indifferent to the most important one," Diwu Qingrou said slowly, "He also had hope, but he didn't believe it completely . "

"May I know the reason that Sir does this?" asked the old man .

Diwu Qingrou smiled bitterly . "Because our Diwu Clan cannot afford losses . For this war, we were in fact prepared for all situations . Should the Nine Super Clans win, they won't have to expose their identity; should Nine Super Clans lose, they only have to tear up their clothes and show that 'wu', and then they will be able to live . "

"If the two sides were even, they could still tear up their clothes to show that word to help them escape . Then that would be a real help . "

"For this war, I made three plans . No matter what, I had to preserve the Supreme Martial Artists of our clan…" Diwu Qingrou sighed heavily . "I didn't expect that despite all this planning, I still didn't manage to save them!"

And the old man beside him was already completely stunned!

If that was the case, didn't Chu Yang's side get cheated for nothing?

This is too cruel!

Besides, after Chu Yang left back then, you still talked to me in that kind of tone… Weren't you even lying to me?

Diwu Qingrou guessed his thoughts and said slowly, "I wasn't lying to you, but that… it was snowing heavily back then, I was afraid that Chu Yang didn't go away far but came back again to eavesdrop for confirmation… That would ruin it . "

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The old man was relieved immediately .

"Besides, one could never guess the thoughts of Chu Yang . Even if he was half-convinced, he would still make arrangements . " Diwu Qingrou chuckled . "If not, he would not be Chu Yang . "

"I only didn't expect that it would be so bad . " Diwu Qingrou sighed . "We can only do a grand burial after the corpses are brought back to the clan . The plans for the future can only be made as we go… Luckily, we didn't end up with an open quarrel with Chu Yang . "

He sighed softly . "Let's check on Chu Yang's movement after a few more days . "

Diwu Qingrou spoke the truth indeed .

About his so-called professionals prepared by Diwu Clan, Chu Yang was somewhat suspicious of it from the beginning . Afterward, when he was about 70% or 80% trusting of it, he suddenly remembered that from the surface, he was at a disadvantage at the moment, and for Diwu Qingrou to do this, he exposed Diwu Clan to suspicion significantly . Could other clans not notice such obvious acts of self-protection? And once they did, though his side could break out of the siege into safety, Diwu Clan was sure to be targeted .

Diwu Qingrou would never sacrifice himself for others, not to mention that it was his whole clan he was sacrificing .

There was no way Chu Yang would believe it .

So, after he talked to Bu Liuqing and Moon Breeze, he didn't mention this when Zi Xieqing left at all . The key to success in the matter was still Zi Xieqing, who was the main force!

Chu Yang was even thinking: if this was not the case, it must be Diwu Qingrou's scheming . If Zi Xieqing killed those Supreme Martial Artists… It might even be a good thing .

. . .

This evening, After Chu Yang looked at everyone's injuries, he returned to his room .

"It's very peaceful these few days indeed . " Chu Yang immersed his mind in the Nine Tribulations Space, accepted the soul scrubbing by Primordial Violet Vapor, and said to the Sword Spirit very comfortably .

"With Moon Breeze here, Zhuge Clan will only try their best to avoid conflict with us . They would never come to be beaten . " The Sword Spirit smiled .

"You've been anxious these days, haven't you?" Chu Yang squinted .

"Indeed . Every day, I have to suppress my breaths to almost negligible . Otherwise, Wu Juecheng would not discover me but the sword intent in his body definitely will . "

The Sword Spirit smiled bitterly . "Once it discovers me, that sword intent would get excited, and once it did, Wu Juecheng would know . If it gets too excited, it might even kill Wu Juecheng… This matter is really… Really uncomfortable . It is apparently something that belongs to me, but right now I not only have to contain my desire for it, there's also no knowing when I can ever get it back . If Wu Juecheng really fully recovers someday, that would be even more troublesome .

Chu Yang thought for a long time and said, "I actually have a way . "

"What way?" The Sword Spirit's eyes brightened, as he asked very interestedly . He couldn't wait to retrieve the sword intent .

"Can you make the sword intent restless without exposing yourself?" asked Chu Yang .

"This…" said the Sword Spirit in distress, "…is very hard . "

"Very hard means it can be done!" Chu Yang interrupted him . "So there's a way . "

The Sword Spirit was speechless: very hard means it can be done? What kind of argument is this, sir…

In the next few days, Chu Yang started to treat Wu Juecheng gradually, but he started taking note: his injuries got better on one day, yet worse the next…

Every time, even Chu Yang himself was surprised . "What… what is going on?"

Not only Chu Yang but Wu Juecheng himself was also very surprised . Because just when he was finally able to mobilize some energy to start recovering, he found that his progress disappeared after a night of sleep… What was the matter?

Wu Juecheng was a divine doctor himself as well, and he naturally knew that Chu Yang did his best to treat his injuries, and each step was carried out very properly, some even more excellently than he had ever thought about…

As an insider, he had only gratitude and definitely no suspicion toward Chu Yang .

So the problem had to be on himself, but what problem could there be on him? Wu Juecheng tried his best to check his body but discovered nothing .

After another day, Wu Juecheng realized that the condition had gotten even worse .

And now, he finally found out the problem: the sword intent!

The sword intent was absorbing his strength rapidly! Whatever that he mobilized was absorbed by him . He under his current condition was totally powerless to resist its absorption .

Should he still be in a complete state, such loss could be replaced by a single breath, and there was no way he'd notice it or consider it . Yet, at this kind of moment, it was totally damaging .

I'm still struggling to survive, how do I recover, with you absorbing my energy for healing and recovering like this?

At this moment, Wu Juecheng's heart was totally cold .

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