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Chapter 1174

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Everyone fell into silence for a while . The thought of the battle earlier still gave them all a sense of lingering fear .

Chu Yang gave the two of them a concise account of what had happened . When he reached the end, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou exchanged a look, both seeing the puzzlement in each other's eyes .

Man in black? Who was that?

According to Chu Yang's description, even if this person's cultivation was slightly lower than the two of them, it wasn't lower by much . There was still such an expert in Tianji City right now?

"Could it be the founder of the Zhuge Clan, Zhuge Cangqiong?" Feng Yurou spoke musingly, "It seems like the only publicly-known ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist within Tianji City now is just him alone . "

Yue Lingxue's brows furrowed . "That's possible but not really either . Everyone knows that the reason why the Zhuge Clan dresses in hempen robes is because of Zhuge Cangqiong . His father was one of the Nine Tribulations back then; after founding the Zhuge Clan, he went missing immediately . Later on, the news of his death spread but no one has seen neither the person if he's alive nor the corpse if he's dead . As a son, Zhuge Cangqiong didn't serve the mourning period in time and he's always taken that to heart . From then on, Zhuge Cangqiong has only worn hempen mourning wear his entire life . "

"As the head of the clan, Zhuge Cangqiong had done so, so the clansmen naturally all started to emulate him . Eventually, hempen mourning clothes became the mark of the Zhuge Clan!"

"Back then, Zhuge Cangqiong had once said, 'As long as one is alive, one's filial duties will never end' . For ten thousand years, he has never worn any other clothes," Yue Lingxue frowned and continued, "By right, a filial son such as him… It doesn't really make much sense for him to dress all in black and suddenly come and ambush Chu Yang and the rest…"

Feng Yurou nodded incessantly .

At the side, Mo Lei'er thought what she had heard was immensely laughable . With a cold smile, she said, "I feel that what the two elders had said is terribly wrong . "

"There's nothing much to be said about Zhuge Cangqiong doing so ever since that time . However, we cannot eliminate another type of possibility, which is — The whole world knows that Zhuge Cangqiong is an extremely filial son who is forever wearing hempen clothing . Therefore, no matter what happens, no one would suspect a thing about him . But that would in turn lend him much convenience to carry out things in the dark . "

"Just like how the two elders have immediately eliminated Zhuge Cangqiong's suspicion now . From a certain perspective, this means that we've trusted him," Mo Lei'er went on, "When he is our enemy right now . "

"Trusting the enemy means that we've already brought ourselves onto the path of defeat . "

"Within Tianji City right now, other than the experts whom the Zhuge Clan had left behind to guard the household, there are practically no other Supreme Martial Artist experts . Yet at this point, a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist appeared… Even if it is eventually proven that it isn't Zhuge Cangqiong, he is the biggest suspect right now . How can we eliminate him so easily?"

Moon Breeze fell into silence .

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Everyone nodded one by one . They had to admit that what Mo Lei'er had said was very true .

"Let's make the most of time and recuperate the next few days," said Yue Lingxue, " When your injuries have healed, I'll bring all of you out of Tianji City . "

He rolled his eyes and continued calmly, "As long as the news of our grave injuries did not spread, so long as they know that we're here, there's really nobody in the entire Nine Heavens who would dare to come and create trouble…"

Everyone nodded with a smile .

What Yue Lingxue had said was not an exaggeration indeed .

The Dharma Supreme had been beaten so badly that his whereabouts were unknown while Wu Juecheng was here and practically half-dead . Bu Liuqing had gone and Ning Tianya was heavily injured and had gone into reclusion, while the eight second grandmasters were all dead…

In the whole Nine Heavens, Moon Breeze was pretty much invincible…

Of course, under the premise that people didn't know that they were gravely injured .

Right at this moment, a furious voice rang out from outside . "F*ck! All of you are still alive but none of you actually care about me . I'm already minced meat and you still throw me out into the snow . Throwing me into the snow and that's about it, but you had to throw me right next to the toilets! Who's the one who did that?! Who?! Dong Wushang, was it you? …Get out here, the Sixth Master here will teach you a lesson or two!"

It was Rui Butong's voice .

Sixth Master Rui was super impressive now . Dying thrice within a day; the first time he died and came back to life, his cultivation jumped from fifth-grade Martial Saint to seventh-grade Martial Saint . The second time, he actually became a ninth-grade .

And now, after the third time where he was turned into minced meat, he came back bouncing up and down and was already a first-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

This kind of upgrading was truly unheard of .

The door curtains lifted and Sixth Master Rui walked in casually . The moment he saw the Moon Breeze couple, his aura immediately diminished considerably . Rubbing his hands, he said, "Hey, the two elders are here too, huh… Hehe…"

Yue Lingxue rolled his eyes . "I heard you were blaming us for ignoring you? And very dissatisfied?"

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With an air of flattery, Rui Butong said, "Not at all, not at all . Did I say that? We're all in this together, sharing misfortunes and fortunes, helping each other in times of distress and going through life and death together . Why would I say something like that? Wouldn't that create rifts in our friendship? People who say such things are such bird eggs…"

Chu Yang, Dong Wushang and Mo Lei'er couldn't help but laugh .

This fellow really dared to talk .

But… from a certain point of view, he really was just a bird egg…

Yue Lingxue snorted . "Since you know that you're a bird egg, why don't you behave yourself and sit at the side?"

Rui Butong agreed vehemently, sitting properly in a well-behaved manner .

Everyone was filled with admiration in their hearts . Yue Lingxue was essentially conducting an experiment using Rui Butong as a sample right now . Even though he showed signs of fatigue and his injuries couldn't be concealed, his accumulated prestige alone had already pressured Rui Butong into becoming docile and obedient .

And this was someone on familiar terms with them . If it were someone who wasn't, how would it be?

After Rui Butong took a seat, he looked as if he had a scorpion up his ass . He fidgeted non-stop, unable to suppress his excitement .

There was no way he couldn't be excited; all along, he had been the weakest one among the brothers, as well as the smallest one . But now he had thoroughly flipped the ranks — he was the first to reach Supreme Martial Artist level!

Chu Yang and Dong Wushang were the strongest among the others but were still stuck at seventh-grade .

How could Rui Butong not be so puffed up that he forgot himself? This moment, he really wished he could get Gu Duxing up and call him 'Second Softie' to his face and really pummel that fellow into Second Softie Gu…

And get Ji Mo and Luo Kedi up too and feed them his fists to vent his long-time frustrations of being bullied .

Of course, he wanted even more to beat up Dong Wushang and his wife, then look for Chu Yang and challenge his position as the boss…

But before he could put his plans into action, he had been suppressed by Yue Lingxue . He was rather unhappy about it .

After fidgeting for quite a while, he said with a surreptitious look, "Boss, I broke through again, hehe…"

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Chu Yang said dispassionately, "Oh . "

Rui Butong was stunned . Not getting the surprised reaction that he had expected, he continued to boast persistently . "Boss, do you know how much I've broken through? Hehehe… First-grade Supreme Martial Artist…"

Again, Chu Yang said dispassionately, "Oh . Continue to work hard . "

Rui Butong was rather repressed .

What kind of reaction is that?

In the past, every time I had a breakthrough, everyone would be really surprised and really happy for me . Why is everyone's reaction so flat this time?

Though his face fell, he still persisted and spoke to Dong Wushang, "Fourth Brother, I've broken through to Supreme Martial Artist . "

Dong Wushang suppressed his laughter and rebuked him, "What's the big deal about breaking through? What's there to show off about when it's just the first-grade of Supreme Martial Artist? Look at how flighty you look! How can you achieve great things with such a mindset? Isn't it just a small breakthrough? Bastard, you're practically a small-minded man dizzy with success . Your ugly and detestable behavior nauseates me! Get out and go stand in the snow!"

Rui Butong was flabbergasted . His lips trembled as he said, "You, you, you…" He turned to Chu Yang for help . "Boss, look…"

Chu Yang shouted angrily, "Get out!"

Rui Butong deflated like a balloon instantly . He hung his head defeatedly, his initial joy at having broken through a good few levels completely gone . He walked out dejectedly, muttering in confusion, "What's going on? This isn't right…"

The moment he stepped out, he heard deafening laughter coming from the room .

Rui Butong charged back in like the wind, furious as he said, "So you were making a fool out of me!"

Everyone became even more amused .

They had all seen that 'small-minded man dizzy with success' look on Rui Butong from the start . His breakthrough was indeed amazing but they had all deliberately taken on a stern look and did not show it one bit . Chu Yang and Dong Wushang were even harsher, dousing him with scoldings and chasing him out .

Only now did they all start guffawing .

Inside the room, the atmosphere after the great battle was relaxed and easy .

On the bed, the unconscious Wu Juecheng whose eyes were closed suddenly let out a sigh .

Seeing Chu Yang and his brothers laughing and having fun, Wu Juecheng naturally started thinking of his own brothers back then… He couldn't help but let his thoughts fly back to all those years ago, his soul wandering places .

My brothers, where are all of you?

Wu Juecheng lay there quietly, listening to the sound of other people having fun with their own brothers, feeling lonelier and lonelier . A sense of depression and fury arose within him .

I will avenge all of you! For sure!

Dharma Supreme, you despicable man . We were both once part of the Nine Tribulations . We were in a similar boat but you schemed even against me! I will never let you off!

Regarding this, Wu Juecheng still couldn't understand at all even until now . The Dharma Supreme had the exact same goal as him; wasn't it much better to keep him instead of killing him? Why did he scheme against him?

How did it benefit the Dharma Supreme if he had completely died in the array? Other than losing a strong ally, there was simply no benefit at all . As for being afraid that he would compete with him over something… It had already been so many years; if he had intentions of competing with him, the Dharma Supreme would never win him no matter what . It had already been so many years where he didn't compete with him at all, so what was he worried about?

Wu Juecheng was perplexed to the max .

With a moan, Mo Qingwu regained consciousness . She shouted, "Chu Yang! Chu Yang…" The moment she opened her eyes, she saw everyone . She was overjoyed at once . "You're alright? That's great!"

When the little girl heard what had happened earlier, she couldn't help but break into loud sobs . She stayed at Wu Qianqian's side, refusing to leave no matter what anyone said .

"I'm going to take care of Big Sister Qianqian and thank her personally . As long as she doesn't wake up, I'll continue to take care of her…" Mo Qingwu wiped her tears . "She saved my Big Brother Chu Yang . I'm really grateful to her… Big Sister Qianqian, hurry and wake up . When you wake up, I'll share half of Chu Yang with you…"

This made both Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue laugh .

Could one even share half of a person…

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