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Chapter 1160

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"Please spare Zhuge Hutu's life, sir!" Over there, Wu Juecheng cried out, struggling . "I can't die in peace without figuring this matter out!"

Wu Juecheng could be called extremely unfortunate .

He was lured out by the Dharma Supreme with all methods, and right afterward he fought with Ning Tianya . Then, he was lured here to maintain the array, so-called being the core of the great array . In the end, he was actually to have his original soul extracted!

Wu Juecheng even had suicidal thoughts .

Was he that stupid?

At first, he was used by that Nine Tribulations Sword Master till death, willingly besides . And then, he was used by this Dharma Supreme till death, still willingly…

Wu Juecheng was immensely sad and angry!

The Dharma Supreme's sneak attack was really strong! All his cultivation was concentrated upon his two palms, and hit out hard . He was afraid that Wu Juecheng, if he didn't die, would seek revenge from him .

Right now, Wu Juecheng's Dantian was broken, his meridians were torn up, his spine was shattered, and more than a dozen ribs were broken . Even his hipbone was shattered . Should it be any other person, even Ning Tianya, he would probably be dead under such circumstances! But Wu Juecheng actually didn't die . He only lay on the ground, unable to get up .

If he could get up, Wu Juecheng would have lunged over long ago!

Wu Juecheng, the strongest fighter in the world at a time, didn't yet use his morning breeze technique, flowing clouds sword technique, or his trump card sword intent once, before he was already disabled!

By someone supposedly on the same side besides .

He couldn't help but sigh long: The heavens can actually trick humans to such a degree!

"You wanna ask? Hmm?" Zi Xieqing kicked Zhuge Hutu over . "For the sake of your ancestors, be quick if you want to ask!"

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Wu Juecheng struggled to raise his head . He endured the pain, almost stronger than being cut into pieces . He asked, "Zhuge Hutu, tell me… tell me about this big array!"

Zhuge Hutu was also stubborn . He said, "You were deceived by the Dharma Supreme, and so was I! And I became a scapegoat!"

Wu Juecheng looked straight at him . "The big array!"

Zhuge Hutu said, "The Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array has always needed to be hosted by the original soul of a Supreme Martial Artist above eighth grade . Once the big array finishes, in the end, the original soul of this ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist would dissipate completely, and the person would die as well! This is the reason that though we Zhuge Clan own this big array, we seldom use it . Nobody is willing to waste an eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist like that . "

He continued mildly, "This time, it's because Sir Dharma Supreme said that Sir Wu is to be sacrificed for the Slaying of Tao! Well… We wouldn't say anything, naturally . "

Wu Juecheng's eyes widened into a circle . "Be… sacrificed… for the Slaying of Tao?"

Suddenly, he spat out a pool of blood, and screamed with deep, endless pain, "Dharma Supreme! F*ck your mother…" His eyes rolled, and he lost consciousness .

Wu Juecheng had a very strict upbringing, and seldom cursed under normal circumstances, but with such anger, he no longer cared to choose his words .

"You may take your own lives!" Zi Xieqing gave Ye Di's party a look and said slowly .

Ye Di and others' faces went gray as ashes . This Master Zi was unwilling to let them go, after all!

"Wait," Bu Liuqing said, "Please wait, Master Zi . In my opinion, it would be better to keep these people . After the battle today, they lost all their forces . Without anybody to return and send the message, the remaining members of their family will inevitably cause other troubles . "

Wu Juecheng said faintly, "What other troubles can there be? May as well slaughter all of them . " The thunder in the sky rolled nearer and nearer . Zi Xieqing looked up and said, "Bu Liuqing and I are going to leave now, we have no more time to gabble with them . Feng Yurou, Yue Lingxue, you two may bring Wu Juecheng back . Hand him to Chu Yang for treatment . After all, he's the offspring of my old acquaintance . I won't let him die if I can help it . You all take care!"

With that said, she raised her hand, and slapped it cleanly on Zhuge Hutu's head . A foot kicked out, and the bodies of Ye Di, Xiao Se, Ye Qingchou and Ling Fengyun were suddenly smashed into pieces .

Before Bu Liuqing and Moon Breeze had time to say anything, they saw a purple cloud approaching rapidly from the horizon . In the heavy snow, it could actually be seen clearly from a distance of thousands of miles away .

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Before the purple cloud was here, Zi Xieqing yelled decisively, "Take care! Farewell!" Suddenly, she leaped up, and in the next moment her graceful figure, dressed in white, was already more than a thousand feet from the ground . She said unhurriedly, "If we meet someday on top of the clouds, I will invite you to sweep the flower petals with me at Jiangnan!"

She spread her hands and yelled, "Open!"

With a sound, the sky was torn open . Zi Xieqing's figure flashed and entered . Vaguely, one could hear sounds of continuous tearing . And then, a gentle cry came from above the clouds, "I'm off!"

And she disappeared!

Moon Breeze and Wu Juecheng were all so shocked that their eyes stared and their mouth opened, unable to move .

At the moment, Wu Juecheng only wanted to slap himself hard!

Holy shit! How stupid must he have been to come to the Slaying of Tao Battle of this immensely strong woman? How was this any ordinary high-level professional! It's a top-level professional who could already tear up the sky and the void to travel as she wished!

How bold he was!

The purple clouds at the horizon had already reached the space above their heads . Bu Liuqing seemed to sense something . He smiled slightly, taking out a ring from his pocket while he said, "This is a small gift that I prepared for my disciple, Qingwu . Second Brother, I'll have to trouble you to pass it to her when you go back . "

Yue Lingxue took the ring, stunned . He said, "Big Brother, you, take care!"

Bu Liuqing's nostalgic gaze turned around the earth . He shook his head and smiled softly . "I don't want to go, yet I still want to go . I really want to stay, yet I have to leave . Haha…"

"I'll explore the roads up there for you guys first . When you come, you will have some ideas . When you see Old Ning, tell him that though we have fought for the position of First in the World for fourteen thousand years, actually I have long known that I am not as good as him . But this time around, I won over him, haha… I'll wait for him to fight me back up there!"

Before Bu Liuqing finished, a ray of purple light had already shone from the top of the clouds . A thick voice yelled above the purple cloud, "Who is it who broke the void? Who is it who opened the great gate?"

Bu Liuqing looked up and exclaimed, "It's me!"

That voice said coldly, "It's you . Since you have opened the Gate of Great Dao, follow me!"

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A ray of purple light fell from the clouds . With a flash, it fell in front of Bu Liuqing, and actually became a purple ladder, extending all the way up into unknown heights .

Bu Liuqing cupped his fists and flew onto the ladder .

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou shouted together, "Big Brother! Take care!"

Before they finished, with a small noise, that purple ladder suddenly disappeared, and Bu Liuqing disappeared as well .

Immediately afterward, that purple cloud hovered in the sky for a while, as though looking for something . It refused to leave for a long time .

Moon Breeze and others all knew, that it was looking for Zi Xieqing . Yet, Zi Xieqing had long left . Even though it possessed great powers, how could it find her?

After searching for a long time with no results, the purple cloud finally left slowly .

Bu Liuqing stayed on the purple clouds, yet he felt that he had already left the heaven and earth . He deliberately looked down, but he already couldn't see anything . Everywhere he saw, it was only a purple color . He couldn't help but let out a long sigh, and closed his eyes .

There was no knowing what a world it must be outside the Nine Heavens…

. . .

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou stood with their hands cupped, watching Bu Liuqing leaving . Both suddenly sighed .

"Brother Bu going alone, I really don't know… if it's a blessing or a curse . " Feng Yurou's eyes were red . "All these years, I've never had such an Elder Brother to look for me so sincerely, and now, just when I've got him, he's gone . "

Yue Lingxue said, full of feeling, "Indeed . At first, I've always found Brother Bu cold and unsentimental, but once I've gotten to know him better, I've realized that Brother Bu is a righteous man who values friendship a lot!"

"Let's go back . " Feng Yurou stood stunned for a while, and then said in a low voice .

Both were fatally injured, but once Zi Xieqing arrived, she let the two take incomplete versions of Nine Tribulations Pills . The Nine Tribulations Pills turned in their Dantians, and were immediately integrated with the Primordial Violet Vapor within their bodies . Right now, they were already able to move .

Of course, to be able to go back to battle, it would take yet a long time . The loss of root of life and original source of ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artists was far beyond what an incomplete Nine Tribulations Pill could make up for…

The two came to Wu Juecheng's side . They saw that Wu Juecheng's eyes were tightly closed, and tears fell from his eyes .

"Sir Wu, if you can still hold on, I will carry you back," said Yue Lingxue apologetically, "This place is remote, so we will only be able to find a carriage after we reach the foot of the mountain . Please bear with it, Sir Wu . "

Wu Juecheng's spine and hipbones were completely broken, and he was completely unable to move . For Yue Lingxue to carry him back, just this short journey would be enough for Wu Juecheng to suffer immensely .

Wu Juecheng gritted his teeth and said, "I'll trouble good sir, then! Please understand, I can't die yet . I'll not die in peace without finding Dharma Supreme to get my revenge!"

Yue Lingxue nodded understandingly . They could totally empathize with Wu Juecheng's grievances, because, that was how the husband and wife were treated over these more than ten thousand years…

Yue Lingxue adjusted his breath for a while, and when he felt that he had recovered some of his strength, he finally peeled a few pieces of clothes from the corpses on the grounds, and made a soft pocket to prevent further injuries for Wu Juecheng's spine . Only after that, did he carry him up with immense care .

The thoughts of the two were very simple: Since Wu Juecheng has a great hatred for the Dharma Supreme right now, that means they will walk the same road in the future . To have such help… is also very good .

Though the two moved very gently, the injuries of Wu Juecheng was really so extremely severe, and the fracture of the bones even ground it into powder, once he moved, he still grunted, and then started alternating between fainting and waking up many times…

Just to be moved onto the soft pocket, he had already fainted and woken up seven or eight times .

Once he woke up, he started mumbling non-stop, gritting his teeth, cursing the Dharma Supreme . His obscene words made Dharma Supreme flush .

Yet he was also aware, that all his livelihood right now was sustained by this immensely deep hatred . Once he stopped cursing, he might actually die the next second…

The two lifted him carefully, and walked down the mountain .

Three strong martial artists above the peak of ninth grades were on their way, much slower than even an ordinary person…

Right now, inside Tianji City, the battle had already broken out!

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