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Chapter 1159

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The way that the eight on the opposite looked at Zi Xieqing was as if they were looking at a demon! That kind of inexplicable fright and extreme shock was no longer something that could be described with words!

Using the power of just one to resist head-on the combined power of several hundreds of Supreme Martial Artists that had been multiplied by several times by the great array, and actually defeat them all in one fell swoop!

Destroying them all!

This reality made everyone feel as if they were having a dream!

A nightmarish one!

Even the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng trembled as they looked at Zi Xieqing . The shock and astonishment at the bottom of their eyes couldn't be concealed .

Although Zi Xieqing's face was ghastly pale, her eyes were sharp as she looked at everyone opposite her . She lifted her arm lightly, wiping away the blood trail at the corner of her mouth . With a slight smile, she said, "So this is your Slaying of the Tao? Impressive indeed!"

She wasn't asking them a question and she knew that no one would answer her, but she continued to speak .

"You've been discussing Slaying of the Tao in the underground secret chamber of the Zhuge Clan since twenty days ago after the auction! I was wondering just what kind of grand plan it would be . So this was what it was . "

Zi Xieqing spoke with an impassive air .

Ye Di's head shot up . "You… you already knew long ago?"

Zi Xieqing nodded emotionlessly . "I've been looking forward to this battle since that day! How could killing all of you one by one be comparable to the joy of destroying all of you together in one fell swoop?"

She let out a condescending snort . "Especially when you so happily gather all the experts in your clans here to die; I'm even happier to fulfill your wish! All of you want to Slay the Tao, but how would you know that I intended to slay a path out too? Slay a wide path out!"

Everyone's face was ashen!

Their seamless and perfect plan had actually been completely within the enemy's grasp?

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Bu Liuqing had a sudden revelation; no wonder Zi Xieqing had always held a relaxed and calm attitude toward this matter, never giving it much thought . So she already had her own plans right from the start and had been awaiting their trap…

"And today's battle finally arrived as scheduled!" Zi Xieqing said coldly, "What more do you have to say?"

Everyone's face was ashen .

Out of 771 Supreme Martial Artists, only eight were left! What more was there to say?

Zi Xieqing turned and faced Wu Juecheng . With an air of regret, she said, "I have crossed paths with your ancestors before . When I came today, I didn't wish to take your life either! However, you were presiding over the eye of the array and actually willing to go to the extent of expending the power of your soul of origin to guide the starlight lightning just to kill me… This time, I cannot spare you!"

Wu Juecheng's head shot up, a light of incredulity in his eyes . "What? Power of my soul of origin? What power of my soul of origin?!"

"Don't you know?" Zi Xieqing was rather astonished . "You were so passionate about this, even using yourself to block the eye of the array, expending your soul of origin, guiding heavenly power, entering the stars and forming lightning to kill me… and you don't even know?"

Wu Juecheng's face turned foreboding and sinister . He lowered his head, his thoughts unknown . Then, he slowly raised his head, his intense gaze boring into the Dharma Supreme and then shifting his line of sight to Zhuge Hutu . In a tone that was almost scary just how calm it was, he asked, "What is the meaning of this power of the soul of origin?"

The Dharma Supreme's countenance was somber as he turned to Zhuge Hutu . "Zhuge, what's going on? How did it involve the soul of origin? What are you doing?"

Zhuge Hutu laid feebly on the ground, looking at the Dharma Supreme, somewhat at a loss and speechless .

After a long while, a hint of comprehension flashed in his eyes . He pointed at the Dharma Supreme, aggrieved . "You…"

The Dharma Supreme leaped forward, landing before Zhuge Hutu . He lifted his arm and slapped him across the face . "Speak! What's going on!"

Croaks came out of Zhuge Hutu's throat but he could no longer speak even a word .

The Dharma Supreme let out a long sigh, grief-stricken . "Brother Wu, it is I who have let you down . You can interrogate this man…" As he spoke, he took three steps back in a rather downhearted manner, exposing Zhuge Hutu to Wu Juecheng .

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Full of murderous intent, Wu Juecheng strode toward him . "Zhuge Hutu, how dare you scheme against even me, and against my soul of origin at that…"

Suddenly, Zi Xieqing shouted, "Look out!"

Behind Wu Juecheng, the Dharma Supreme suddenly struck, his palms that brimmed with frightening strength that could overturn mountains and seas landing solidly on Wu Juecheng's back . Tremendous power erupted!

This strike contained the Dharma Supreme's full power!

Wu Juecheng's guard was completely down . Moreover, he had already suffered grave injuries and was in a state of indignant fury . Thrown out by the impact, he tumbled toward Zi Xieqing, blood spraying from his mouth! Cracks could be heard coming from his body; it was difficult to tell just how many bones were broken .

Behind him, after the Dharma Supreme had struck, he swiftly displayed his footwork techniques and used his '10,000 miles in an inch of time' technique with all his might . With a whoosh, he was already 1,000 feet away!

Zi Xieqing caught hold of Wu Juecheng and tossed him onto the ground . When she soared into the sky to chase after him, the Dharma Supreme's form had already become a tiny black dot in the far distance .

With an angry huff, Zi Xieqing ripped the dimension apart and went to where that little black dot had been . However, just this short moment alone had allowed the Dharma Supreme to flee yet another 1,000 feet . With a soft cry, Zi Xieqing waved her hand, hitting out a palm strike .

The fleeing Dharma Supreme was already close to the south gate of Tianji City when he felt a sudden pressure behind him . He knew that if Zi Xieqing caught up to him, even if he had a hundred lives today, there was no doubt that he would still die!

In abject fear for his life, he suddenly activated that wave of life force origin energy within him with full force, using both waves of energy to greatly increase his speed with no regard for his life whatsoever!

With a loud boom, Zi Xieqing's palm strike finally reached the Dharma Supreme just as he got to the south gate of Tianji City! With a distance of 1,000 feet between them, the palm strike landed brutally on the Dharma Supreme!

The Dharma Supreme let out a loud cry, his body flying forward with great impetus into the city gates! With a resounding boom, the entire south gate of Tianji City collapsed . Fierce gusts of wind ravaged the city grounds 300 feet of the gate, all living things and architecture within these 300 feet reduced to mere dust!

The form of the Dharma Supreme flashed in the dust; one could faintly see that his left arm and shoulder were already gone and there was a huge hole in the middle of his back . But he completely disappeared after that flash of his .

Zi Xieqing snorted and followed closely after him, going through the south gate of Tianji City .

In the pervading dust, Zi Xieqing saw purple aura rising in front . She went forward to take a look, only to see a pool of blood on the ground . Within the blood, a dense purple aura was coming together and dispersing .

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"Life force origin energy? Why is there so much life force origin energy in the blood?" Zi Xieqing was rather surprised, though she didn't think much of it . She hit out a palm strike and the pool of blood dissipated, vanishing without a trace .

When she tried to lock onto his spirit, she discovered that there was no longer any .

For something like locking on to one's spirit, if the locking on had merely been diverted or ditched, it wouldn't become null . For it to return null, there was only one possibility — the person was already dead!

Zi Xieqing searched yet another round but she didn't find the Dharma Supreme's corpse . She used her divine consciousness to sweep the area once more before she finally rose into the air and hurried back .

Over there, there were still numerous enemies for her to settle!

Furthermore, while heavy snow swirled in the sky, it was also accompanied by faint thunder . That was a warning from the universe that she had incurred after she had displayed her true power, as well as an indication that someone was coming to receive Bu Liuqing .

After she left, Tianji City's south gate was in a commotion . Everyone was wondering — What kind of disaster just happened?

In the flying dust, a black-robed elderly man staggered out, his face sinister .

He was a cripple .

There was nothing remaining from his left shoulder and below; his chest and back were as if they had been pierced through, a gaping hole in the middle where one could look through .

It was certainly a miracle for someone to be suffering from such a level of injury and still be alive . With stumbling footsteps, the elderly man walked to the city gates . He glanced at it, deep hatred in his eyes .

The life force origin that he had collected for ten thousand years had been destroyed along with his own! Reduced to dust!

Where was he going to find another ten thousand years to gather it again? Where was he going to find so many Supreme Martial Artists?

At this moment, he felt icy coldness permeate his entire body!

If not for the fact that his power of the soul as one of the Nine Tribulations back then hadn't been activated and was still in him, he would have perished with this one hit! But even so, his base vitality had been greatly ruined nonetheless .

Going by the current situation, being able to keep his last breath and retain his life was already not bad . The notion of recovering his cultivation was even more of a faraway dream…

With a sinister look in his eyes, the Dharma Supreme blanked out for a moment . Someone asked after him in concern but he paid him no heed, turning the corner and vanishing .

With a flash, Zi Xieqing had already returned to the top of Mount Xingyun . The place remained in shambles .

Wu Juecheng was still splayed on the ground .

His white robes were already stained crimson with blood . Hatred permeated his countenance as he coughed . Every cough was accompanied by blood spraying out…

Ye Di and the others were all seated on the ground, their faces ashen and pale . Whoever should have been there were all still there, none of them gone .

Everyone knew — They could run but they couldn't hide . Everyone had a large and prospering household; the moment the other party searched for them, they could even pluck out their roots . They might as well just stay and wait here and put an end to this matter .

It was nothing more than just death .

Zi Xieqing landed lightly on her feet . "How is he?"

Bu Liuqing gave her a wry smile . "Wu Juecheng is probably crippled now . "

With a frown, Zi Xieqing said, "He deserves it! So what if he's crippled?"

She turned and looked at Ye Di and the others . In a dispassionate tone, she asked, "What do you have to say?"

Dispirited and defeated, Ye Di replied, "We've lost; what more is there to say? Since olden times, the defeated are always the ones in the wrong; there's nothing that we can say . I only pray this Lady to be merciful and spare our kin . "

In an emotionless voice, Zi Xieqing asked, "If we were the ones who had lost, what would have happened to our kin here? Would you have spared them?" With a cold laugh, she went on, "The battle has already begun in Tianji City! Your people against ours! They are in the midst of a ferocious and terrible battle over there, and you're asking for mercy over here?"

Ye Di sighed . "Since that is so, this Lady may go ahead and strike us down!"

They were gravely injured and unable to move . Even if they rushed over, they wouldn't be in time to prevent it anymore . What more was there to say?

Zi Xieqing struck out with her palm, lifting the law-enforcement ward's eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist who was in the midst of recovery and smashing him into a bloody mess on the ground . She said in a sinister and frightening tone, "Do you think that I don't dare to wipe out your Nine Super Clans? Or do you think that I will suffer some kind of divine punishment?"The 'Tao' in 'Slaying of the Tao' refers to the Tao state but the character also means 'path'

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