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Chapter 1156

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"Then you shall go ahead to open the path!" Ye Di Xiao Se and the others smirked and rushed over madly!

Staggering in their steps, the Moon Breeze couple raised their sword and went ahead to face the fight!

Both of them had been totally spent . Their injuries were critical beyond the description of words . This fight, the last Dripping Blood Military Tactics, would stake both of their lives and innate potential .

Their whole body was completely exhausted! Even though they were now rushing forward with their swords high up, they practically had no energy left . Even to walk like a normal person was impossible for them .

If the battle was to be concluded now, even if the enemies did not kill them, the two of them would not be able to survive without a miracle! To be able to move right now, was all due to the power of the Primordial Violet Vapor!

However, the Moon Breeze couple decided to put up a stance to attack .

Even if we were to die, we would fight to the death .

No way would they be able to humiliate us!

The Moon Breeze couple glanced at each other and saw the gentleness and determination in each other's eyes .

They thought in their mind, 'We are about to die now… To be a husband and wife in this life, I have no more regrets . '

'One last glance for me to remember your looks and for you to remember mine . '

'If there is such a thing as another life, do not forget!'

'We will still be husband and wife!'

In the dark, Zhuge Hutu stared with big eyes . Perspirations almost seeped out of his palms .

The Dharma Supreme in the dark and Wu Juecheng on the high ground were all focused attentively as well!

If that woman wanted to take action, the moment would be now .

Should the big array be activated, the moment would be now!

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Therefore, although Bu Liuqing's side looked as if they were a gone case, in reality, it might not be so!

They were about to clash!

At this moment, a loud howl came together with the wind, like a dragon's roar, soaring through the sky!

Just like a thunderstorm within the Nine Heavens was starting, the dark clouds of the entire sky suddenly disappeared . At this moment, everyone heard a voice clearly .


The crowd had the same feeling simultaneously . They felt as if the sky above them was like a theater curtain . Now, it was being raised by someone from a corner of it, "Chi~~" and the theater curtain was opened!

The snow floating in the sky only just started to fall . Everywhere was white . After being in the dark for long, everyone had to squint their eyes when suddenly exposed to the bright light .

A person in white stood proudly in the mid sky and said indifferently, "I said, to stop what you are doing!"

"Tearing apart the void!" Wu Juecheng took in a breath of cold air and continued, "Indeed an elite of the Tao State!"

Zi Xieqing had actually arrived before Bu Liuqing achieved his breakthrough . However, just as she was about to come down, she felt the tremors of the heavens and immediately hid away . The Heavenly Punishment for Bu Liuqing came during that moment…

If Zi Xieqing had come out to help then, the Heavenly Punishment would have targeted both Bu Liuqing and her . In that way, just the power of tremors alone would have been fatal to the seriously injured Moon Breeze couple .

Therefore, she could only wait .

Since there was no danger anyways . When the Heavenly Punishment came, anyone without the Heavenly Punishment's effective radius would be targeted . Therefore, the others dared not to take any action…

Furthermore, the Dharma Supreme, Wu Juecheng and Zi Xieqing were all super elites beyond these levels . When the Heavenly Punishment came, all the more they dared not move freely…

Now that the Heavenly Punishment had ended and the special clouds in the sky had dispersed, Zi Xieqing finally came down .

Mumbling, she said, "Although it's a little late, it's still not too late . "

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The Moon Breeze couple was exhausted . When the incoming assault forces saw the arrival of Zi Xieqing, all of them lost their energy . As their body went weak, they also fell onto the ground from fatigue .

Chen Mengchi and Shi Jing were rushing forward the quickest and were unable to brake in time . Their long sword was just about to stab into the bodies of Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue…

A white figure flashed and Zi Xieqing appeared in front of them, shielding the Moon Breeze couple away . Using her left hand, she gave a tight slap to the face of Chen Mengchi and spoke angrily, "Didn't you hear me telling you to stop?!"

Using her right hand, she gave another slap to the face of Shi Jing and asked, "Are you deaf?!"

The two tight slaps came in the midst of the sword light . Before Chen Mengchi and Shi Jing could see what was happening or could react to it, they were already sent flying . They fell onto the ground and continued to roll, feeling giddy in their heads and a buzzing sound ringing in their heads…

Both their faces started to swell rapidly and visibly .

Those who managed to stop their assault like Ye Di and the others took a few continuous steps back to open up a safety distance . Everyone had fear in their eyes .

They knew that this woman was strong, but they did not think that she was this powerful!

In the previous moment, she was high up in the sky and the next moment, she already sent two of the eighth grade Supreme Martial Artists flying . Furthermore, it was a slap to their faces!

This moment, it was complete silence!

Everyone had stopped their breathing . Even Ye Di and the others who had fresh blood on their lips did not manage to wipe it . They were all stunned .

In the previous battle, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou had a tough fight, but so did they . The cultivation level of the Moon Breeze couple was much higher than that of Ye Di and the others . Especially after consuming the Primordial Violet Vapor, it directly put the couple a few levels above the rest!

Ye Di and the others all had injuries to their internal organs and their mouth and nose were all covered in blood .

Seeing that they were at the brim of success, this powerful woman finally stepped onto the battlefield .

Under the watchful eyes, Zi Xieqing was in a white robe, standing within the snow . This made her look even more holy and noble, beyond the reach of others . Stepping on the snowflakes, she slowly walked over to the Moon Breeze couple and squatted down, stuffing a pill each into their mouth .

Over at the other side, Chen Mengchi and Shi Jing let out a roar and started to stand up .

Zi Xieqing turned around fiercely . She squinted and coldly said, "Stay down! Don't move!"

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However, both Shi Jing and Chen Mengchi were after all the Elder Master of their respective clans . In front of the crowd, how could they lose to Zi Xieqing just like that? To stay on the ground with my butt up, just because you told me to?

What kind of image would this portray?

Both of them propped themselves up from the ground, taking a flip and jumped up . The corner of the mouth was still bleeding and they glared viscously at Zi Xieqing and said, "Evil witch! You… "

Before the sentence could finish, Zi Xieqing had already appeared in front of the two of them . A tight slap went onto the face of Shi Jing and she said, "You are really deaf! Really deaf! Really deaf!…"

Smack smack smack smack!

A few slaps for every phrase .

Shi Jing wanted to retaliate, but his entire body could not move! He wanted to scold back, but he could not make a sound . He could only stand there upright and receive the slaps .

The most sarcastic thing was that Shi Jing's long sword was still wielded in his hands and pointed forward . The sword light was shining brightly and he seemingly needed just one more step to stab into the body of that hateful woman . However, he was just unable to make any move at all .

All he could do was to hold his head high, chest out, back straightened . He held on to his sword, in a valiant and spirited way… all just to receive the slaps!

The hatred and humiliation in Shi Jing were like a volcano . At this moment, Shi Jing just wanted to die… To be tormented in front of the crowd, furthermore, they were all his own descendants .

It was a total humiliation today!

Following the sound of the slaps, the old face of Shi Jing was first slapped to the left, then slapped to the right . Immediately after, it got slapped to the left again, then right again…

It was repeated over a dozen times . Zi Xieqing let go of her hands and the next slap on the already swollen face sent Shi Jing falling onto the ground . It was exactly in the same previous position that Shi Jing took when lying on the ground . "You will stay down as I say!"

Turning around, Zi Xieqing gave a tight slap to the face of Chen Mengchi and asked, "An eighth grade Supreme Martial Artist is so great!? I asked you to stay down and you dare to get up? I let you get up! Get up! You get up! Get up! Get up… Come!…"

A slap for a word . It was also another dozen times . Chen Mengchi's face was also slapped to the left and right, then left and right again…

He was like a wooden doll with his neck bone cracking with each turn .

The sound of these continuous slaps was loud and clear . Furthermore, as Zi Xieqing was slapping, she controlled and took precautions to make sure that their blood from the noses and mouths did not spurt onto her white clothing . She was someone who really loved cleanliness…

The crowd surrounding were all in grief and indignation . Especially the Supreme Martial Artists from the Shi Clan and Chen Clan . They were all breathing hard through their nose, seeing red in their eyes and feeling extreme anger within them! At this moment, they felt as if their grief and indignation would explode from their chest…

However, their Elder Masters were in other people's hands now . Even if they dared to rush in now, they were not a match for Zi Xieqing… Even if they rushed in, they might not be able to fight in full strength, in fear of harming their own Elder Masters or other innocents by doing so!

Furthermore, the Dharma Supreme had not given any orders . Therefore, even though everyone was extremely angry, they could only tolerate it for now .

After a while of loud and clear slapping sounds, it finally stopped .

Zi Xieqing's final slap went out and sent Chen Mengchi fiercely to the ground, in a lying position just like before, in a neat fashion together with Shi Jing . Zi Xieqing said satisfactorily, "Isn't it so good now? You just had to suffer a round of physical slapping before you would listen to me! So pathetic!"

Finishing her words, Zi Xieqing then turned over and asked the Moon Breeze couple gently, "How are you both?"

Yue Lingxue let out a bitter smile and replied, "Thank you for the wonder pill . For now, I think we will not die . However, the main problem is our internal energy has been greatly damaged, almost completely destroyed . We will probably need a very long term for recuperation . "

Zi Xieqing nodded and said, "It's alright, you have your life force energy . Although the foundation has been shaken, I believe it would not take long to recover . "

At this moment, the two people on the ground moaned and stubbornly wanted to get up . Their eyes were filled with madness!

Zi Xieqing extended her legs without changing expressions . Her legs provoked Shi Jing and made Shi Jing pressed on top of Chen Mengchi's body . Thereafter, she lifted her legs and stepped onto the back of Shi Jing . At the same time, she said to Yue Lingxue, "Has Old Bu collapsed the divine sky?"

Yue Lingxue nodded his head . "Yes, he has . "


Shi Jing on the ground was stamped so strongly that his head hit against the ground . How hard was this ground of Mount Xingyun? Instantly, all four of his front teeth got chipped off . His face got flattened and stuck to the ground . His fresh blood kept flowing .

On the opposite side, Xiao Se took a step forward, he could not help it but say, "This elite person, your level of cultivation is way above us . If you want to kill us, then a quick death would be desirable . Why do you want to humiliate us?"

"Humiliate you?" Zi Xieqing laughed . "First, it was you all who plotted against us, then you ambushed and laid a siege . Finally, you all even set a trap for me… Now you dared to blame me for humiliating you all?"

Xiao Se's old face turned red from embarrassment . He said, "Although we did use some tricks, we still fought honorably! Whereas for you, this is a humiliation of our character!"

Zi Xieqing started to laugh coldly . Her legs exerted more strength and the two people below let out another terrible grunt . She then lifted her head to look at Xiao Se . She said indifferently, "I just like to humiliate you all, how? You have an opinion? Come come come, let me have a closer look at this hero, see what opinions do you have!"

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