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Chapter 1155

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Taking a critical hit at the same time, Yue Lingxue snorted . At the same time, fresh blood spurted out from the mouth, nose, eyes and ears .

On the other side, Feng Yurou was also retreating in her steps in circle . Over at her end, the stress was even greater than Yue Lingxue! Furthermore, she was a woman . Everyone had a similar preconception that women were easier to handle than men .

Therefore, those laying siege to Feng Yurou were actually more than that of Yue Lingxue!

What Feng Yurou was up against, had already become seven corpses . One of the two guardians was rushing over with messy hair and shouting crazily, "I shall kill you, b*tch!"

The other of the two guardians had already become a pile of rotten flesh and meat . Not even the corpse was left behind . It was totally minced into a meat paste by Feng Yurou!

Feng Yurou stepped back, Yue Lingxue stepped back .

The two of them took a critical hit each at the same time!

Bu Liuqing let out a long cry . For those using the Dripping Blood Military Tactics against Bu Liuqing, they were simultaneously smashed into pieces by the sword light! However, it was no longer possible for Bu Liuqing alone to put up an entire defense zone against the crowd!

Ye Di and the others got really excited and pressed on the attack at full speed!

They repeatedly urged their subordinate Supreme Martial Artist to use the Dripping Blood Military Tactics . Each attack would result in nine or more casualties . However, every attack also gave the Bu Liuqing threesome additional new injuries and scars .

With Bu Liuqing engaged in his own battle, the battle of the Moon Breeze couple was even more critical . The various Supreme Martial Artists came forward without any regard for their own lives . Using their lives in exchange for new injuries and scars to the Moon Breeze couple .

Bam bam bam…

With a continuous three loud sound, the Moon Breeze couple had killed five Supreme Martial Artist . However, at the same time, they receive several blows from Ye Di and Ling Fengyun as well . Both of them snorted quietly and stumbled a few steps backward . Even though they were back to back leaning against each other, they could feel their life energies decreasing constantly .

The current self no longer had any energy left for a counterattack . They could only do their best to defend .

The Moon Breeze couple was already a spent force . Ye Di and the others simultaneously abandoned the fight here, leaving behind only ten-odd Supreme Martial Artist to lay a siege to the Moon Breeze couple . The rest of the people focused on battling it out with Bu Liuqing .

After a short moment, during another round of Dripping Blood Military Tactics…

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"Kill!" All seven of the Second Grandmasters let out a roar at the same time . Everyone put in their best effort and attacked Bu Liuqing!

"Then let's kill!" When Bu Liuqing attacked, one palm broke one person, one sword stroke slashed three people . With a continuous three kicks, Bu Liuqing dealt a critical blow to three Supreme Martial Artist . However, he was eventually forced into a position to stubbornly defend against the combined attack of all the Second Grandmasters . All seven of them!

Helpless, Bu Liuqing suddenly raised his energy and triggered all his innate potential . His fine beard fluttered in the air and with a loud roar, he violently and suddenly struck down with his sword!

This sword strike was the true ability of Bu Liuqing!

The sword rays suddenly expanded rapidly . A golden dragon flew out from the sword rays and immediately after, came another golden tiger that appeared suddenly . Both the dragon and tiger combined their strength, nodding their heads and wagging their tails to match up with full strength, combined attack by the Second Grandmasters .

It was as if the Heavenly Thunder had triggered an earthquake underground . This round of earthquake even shook Mount Xingyun!

"Sword of the Dragon and Tiger! Bu Liuqing actually managed to master it! This is a sword art that only the super elites that can cause the sky to collapse and the void to occur can comprehend and master . Has Bu Liuqing already reached this level?"

Wu Juecheng's eyes stared fiercely with excitement . He did not realize that it was due to today's fierce battle that forced Bu Liuqing into a position without any U-turns or retreat . This gave Bu Liuqing the impetus and final push to achieve this breakthrough!

At the same time when the Sword of the Dragon and Tiger appeared suddenly, the sound of thunder filled the entire sky!

Strokes after strokes of lightning went through the skies and snowstorms and finally struck down onto the ground!

At this life and death moment, although Bu Liuqing achieved the greatest breakthrough in his life, he also attracted the Heavenly Punishment!

Strength of the Dragon and Tiger matched up with all seven of the Second Grandmasters . These two energies fiercely collided together!


Each one of the Second Grandmasters spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood simultaneously . Each of them stumbled backward in a sorry and embarrassed state . At this moment, their internal organs were injured and they could not even lift their fingers .

Especially Lan Muxue who went into battle with existing injuries . Now, he was dealt a heavy blow by Bu Liuqing again! He could not help but fly up into the sky . When he flew over Yue Lingxue, Yue Lingxue disregarded his own serious injuries and jumped up to give Lan Muxue and kick on the back .

Lan Muxue was kicked flying in the opposite direction that he came from . It was toward Bu Liuqing . Over there, a bolt of lightning struck down fiercely…

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Lan Muxue's body was exactly in a daredevil position, almost as if he wanted to give the world a huge hug and matched up with the lightning!

The crowd exclaimed in unison!

A fierce and bright white lightning struck down onto Lan Muxue .

Lan Muxue was horrified and said, "Heavenly Punishment… Save me…"

In front of such Heavenly Punishment, who would dare to save him? Anyone who went forward would be sure to die!

Ye Di and the others could only stare at him . No one could imagine how they felt in their hearts .

The bolts of lightning in the sky continued to strike on his body . It was only a ten over times of strike and Lan Muxue was already charred and smoke could be seen coming out from his body . There was no sign of any life in him . As he fell from the sky, the lightning continued to chase after him . His already charred bones were struck and flew in pieces everywhere .

This Heavenly Punishment must have felt astonished as well, 'Lan Muxue was obviously dead beyond hope so what can't I stop?'

No one knew that this was exactly what Yue Lingxue wanted on purpose . Bu Liuqing had just engaged in a fierce battle, fighting all seven of the Second Grandmasters together . After such a fierce battle, Bu Liuqing would definitely not have any strength to face the Heavenly Punishment!

Bu Liuqing would have turned into ashes after a few strikes of lightning .

Therefore, Yue Lingxue disregarded the worsening of his own injuries and had to send Lan Muxue over at the exact moment . To use Lan Muxue's life potential to expend the energy of the Heavenly Punishment and to 'replace' Bu Liuqing as the target of the Heavenly Punishment .

As expected, as Lan Muxue's body fell, although Bu Liuqing still had blood in his mouth, he had already caught his breath and regained the ability to exercise his circulation again .

Lightning struck again with thunder . This time around, it was aimed at Bu Liuqing's head .

Bu Liuqing let out an exclaim and raised his sword to block .


Bu Liuqing let out a roar and stood upright . An extra black spot appeared on the Mount Xingyun below his feet .

That was the spot struck lightning .

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Lightning continued to strike one after another . Bu Liuqing stood as strong as ever . Until the last lightning then did Bu Liuqing violently throw up a mouthful of blood . His left leg could no longer take the intense pressure and broke . Bu Liuqing fell and sat on the ground .

The barrage of lightning was finally over, but Bu Liuqing no longer had any energy left to fight .

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were critically injured . They were about to fall anytime, if not for the long swords that were barely supporting their bodies .

Momentarily, hatred could be seen in the eyes of the Dharma Supreme and Wu Juecheng . The Dharma Supreme angrily shouted, "Let's rush in! The three of them have no more energy left to fight! Rush in and tear out their hand and leg tendon, destroy their cultivation!"

Both of them knew that with such a forced breakthrough by Bu Liuqing, he would never have been able to survive the Heavenly Punishment . However, this Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array did Bu Liuqing a favor by giving him an advantage!

Should the Great Nebula Divide of Heavenly Secrets Array be completely activated, the Heavenly Punishment would never fully reach the ground . It would only linger around in the sky, waiting for Bu Liuqing to appear . Only until the array had ended, then would the Heavenly Punishment descend . By then, Bu Liuqing would not be spared his life as well!

Now at the half activated state, the Heavenly Punishment could still descend, albeit at half of the original power!

Therefore, Bu Liuqing could actually survive past this forced breakthrough .

After surviving the Heavenly Punishment, regardless of how many injuries were sustained, within a time of one joss stick, Bu Liuqing would be able to replenish his strength from the Heaven and Earth's Energy and recover completely . Thereafter, he would be forcefully removed from the Nine Heavens!

To the broken void!

This was the dream of every martial artist!

The Dharma Supreme had not imagined that such an ambush would actually be the impetus for Bu Liuqing to achieve his final breakthrough . If Bu Liuqing really escaped, then this battle would be a complete loss on their side!

Right now, there was only the time of one joss stick left to kill Bu Liuqing . After this period of time, Bu Liuqing would recover completely, making him a harder opponent . Furthermore, by attacking Bu Liuqing then, it would be considered as an obstruction to the Heavenly Punishment . Everyone would then suffer the Heavenly Punishment!

That would totally be going for wool and coming back shorn .

"Hurry and kill them!" Wu Juecheng's eyes flashed and said, "Even if you have activated your energy, I will make sure you are activating the energy of death!"

The Dharma Supreme smiled indifferently . "The sky has already collapsed . For someone about to enter the broken void, but to die now after surviving the Heavenly Punishment, I wonder if this can be considered a form of irony . "

Wu Juecheng let out a huge laugh and said, "This would be something that even the Heavens could not imagine!"

"To kill such a strong elite personally, that would be such a happy moment . " The Dharma Supreme laughed .

Both of them did not hide their voices, but instead sent it far out . The instigative power of these few words was really powerful! To kill a Supreme Martial Artist was nothing; However, to kill a beyond this world kind of strong elite, it was a once in a lifetime rare opportunity!

At their command, Ye Di and others disregarded their injuries, each of them still bleeding from the corner of their lips, and dashed forward, fiercer than ever .

For the rest of those Supreme Martial Artists who could still move, they all waved their weapons and dashed forward!

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were severely injured and could no longer defend!

Bu Liuqing had just survived the Heavenly Punishment . His entire body was extremely weakened and even a finger now could kill this super strong of the strongest Supreme Martial Artist Legend…

The circumstances were really critical to the maximum!

Looking at the enemies dashing forward, the three of them gave a liberated look on their faces .

Yue Lingxue let out a roar and laughed . Holding his long sword and he let out a long shout . "Never thought that we would die together with Brother Bu today . I am really happy, really overjoyed!"

Bu Liuqing laughed and said, "F*ck, Old Ning actually didn't die! Although it's a little unjust for us to die today, to have a good brother and sister-in-law to accompany, the journey wouldn't be lonely . "

Feng Yurou said in a gentle voice, "Brother Bu is a good brother . I believe that with you around, be it in the netherworld or living world, both of us would not be bullied . "

Bu Liuqing laughed loudly and said, "Today, we might as well become sworn brothers and sisters before we die . What is life? What is death? What is heaven? HA HA HA…"

Yue Lingxue laughed out loud . Together with Feng Yurou, they called out, "Big Brother!"

Bu Liuqing loudly agreed and shouted, "Second Brother, Sister-in-law, let's fight it out with them!"

"Let's fight it out with them!" the Moon Breeze couple shouted loudly together as they raised their swords and rushed out . They yelled, "The path to the Netherworld, let us open the path ahead for Big Brother!"

"Great!" Bu Liuqing exclaimed, "Regardless of life or death, we belong to the same path; we fought to our very best and there are no regrets in this life; living world or heaven, we are forever brothers, even in the netherworld, our relationship would never cease!"

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