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Chapter 1107

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Dong Wushang's strong figure stood as still as a mountain . His expression was heavy and contemplative . Yet, at the corners of his eyebrows and the edges of his eyes, a fierceness started to emerge .

There's actually such a place!

I must go up there to take a look! I must!

Rui Butong looked up, yet in his mind, he was thinking: If all my brothers can go up there, I also can . But if my brothers can't, I also can't . However good a place is, what is the point if I am all alone…

Zi Xieqing watched the changes in everyone's expression . Slowly, she said, "The reason I gather everyone here to say all this is that everyone who is here, has the potential to go there!"

"Including… these two little girls, Qingwu and Le'er . "

With that said, Zi Xieqing finally turned to look at Chu Yang . The expressions in her eyes were extremely complicated .

Hearing this, Bu Liuqing, Feng and Yue were all somewhat surprised . There were eleven people present, ten besides Zi Xieqing . The three of them would have no problem, and Chu Yang was likely to be able to as well . Qingwu probably could because she had the potential . This Dong Wushang from whom a fierceness was spreading and his wife also had such ability .

But… that completely ordinary Rui Butong, how could he have such potential?

Zi Xieqing looked at the people present, and started smiling mildly . She said, "But, having the potential doesn't mean having the ability, nor the certainty of being able to go! Plenty of people who had the potential failed halfway! There was even someone, whose potential was sufficient for him to rush up to that supreme high position as the strongest in the whole world… but he could be killed by someone weak at a point when he was very weak! So… what our next step depends on, is fortune!"

She looked at the people sitting around the table, and said softly, "Everyone, I must remind you, that fortune… is practical ability, and it is the most important part of practical ability! Fortune can let you meet a suitable person, have a suitable target, and then go on fighting to reach the peak that you're supposed to reach!"

"Fortune can also grant you the strongest potential in the whole world, but let you encounter a duel between those very strong . You don't need to participate in it . You don't even need to know what's happening . That kind of strong winds alone can break you into pieces . "

"This is fortune . "

"Without fortune, even one with natural talent would be grieved . With fortune, even an ordinary person can rise high!"

Zi Xieqing spoke calmly .

The rest were thinking carefully .

Fortune .

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This was something so intangible, how could it be controlled? Zi Xieqing's words were becoming mysterious from here .

"Fortune, we ordinary people think it is given by the heavens, and that everything good or bad happening by chance is fortune," said Zi Xieqing softly, "Actually, that's not true… Fortune is just a coincidence for the ordinary person, but for those with great powers, it can be controlled! The fortune of others can also be controlled . "

"Control! Controlling fortune?" Bu Liuqing was completely stunned .

"This is nothing to be surprised of . You haven't heard of controlling fortune, but you must have heard of things like imperial bloodlines, like national fortunes, world fortunes, and clan fortunes?"

Everyone nodded .

Indeed, such sayings often existed, and they were familiar . In Tianji City which they were in at the moment, the Zhuge Clan were people who could utilize mysterious forces to probe into heavenly secrets and change fortunes .

Besides, this was also the most mysterious subject of knowledge .

"Fate energy is a kind of fortune . " Zi Xieqing said, "The so-called unpredictability of worldly events is actually the veins of fate energy . You can probably understand it more or less like this . "

Everyone nodded in sudden understanding .

Before this, they really didn't think of "fate energy" and "fortune" together . They always thought that fate energy was huge, while fortune was personal . But hearing Zi Xieqing say it like this, they felt that it made sense .

With that said, everyone started silent contemplation .

"The world over there is amazing!" Zi Xieqing looked out of the window .

The Northern winds started blowing outside the window . It was already afternoon, but the Northern winds became even more severe . The sky had already started to turn bleaker .

"That world is amazing… Haha!" Bu Liuqing said indifferently, "But with fortune, it is necessary to find a suitable person, have a suitable target, go fighting… before one can achieve this purpose… Does Miss Zi mean that this suitable person is the Nine Tribulations Sword Master of this generation?"

There was slight ridicule in Bu Liuqing's voice .

Zi Xieqing's brows wrinkled up slightly, and she was a little unhappy . She replied calmly, "Brother Bu and the Moon Breeze couple has already surpassed that stage, you won't need the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and can fight your own way up there! But, in any case, if Brother Bu really wants to insist that this was my meaning…"

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Zi Xieqing said calmly, "… then, this was my meaning!"

Bu Liuqing said, embarrassed, "I was just casually asking, I don't have any other meaning . "

Zi Xieqing said coldly, "Nor do I . "

She sat silently . An invisible majesty spread just like that .

Bu Liuqing sat on his seat, and felt as though there were needles on it . His face gradually became very red . Eventually, he smiled bitterly . "Miss Zi, I was only joking… Besides, what I was unhappy about, you know as well… Haha…"

The Moon Breeze couple was surprised . They thought to themselves that this was extraordinary for Bu Liuqing, with his immensely proud temperament, to yield so easily?

This was a very strange occurrence indeed .

What they did not know, was that Bu Liuqing had his own personal grudges . What he said was neither to question Zi Xieqing, nor to target Chu Yang, but because he felt unhappy that Mo Qingwu loved Chu Yang .

It was the feeling when the girl that he worked so hard to raise was actually going to belong to someone else's family .

He was merely letting out his emotions, but it actually caused Zi Xieqing's misunderstanding, how could he not be embarrassed .

But how could Zi Xieqing not have known Bu Liuqing's meaning? She also knew that it was indeed a non-malicious comment that Bu Liuqing made . She only felt uncomfortable in her heart for a moment .

But the problem was… Zi Xieqing was also not very happy with this issue herself .

So when Bu Liuqing asked, he was asking to the point, and Zi Xieqing immediately seized this opportunity to vent her feelings, making Bu Liuqing so anxious that his face went all red, his sweat dripping heavily .

Chu Yang at the side raised his eyes and looked from one to another . He knew that at this moment, once he spoke, both would start attacking him together, so he bowed his head wisely… and stayed silent .

They could do whatever they wanted .

Zi Xieqing couldn't bear seeing Bu Liuqing's present embarrassment after all . She sighed and said, "Never mind . My mind was blocked from talking about this matter, so I became a bit impatient . "

Bu Liuqing smiled . "It's alright, it's alright . "

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Zi Xieqing nodded and said, "Everyone, we should take note, that if we make up our mind to fight our way up, then what is the most important to hone and improve from now onwards is not cultivation but the spirit and the mind . Every person who has just arrived up there would undergo countless dangers . Among everything, the requirement for the spirit and the mind is especially critical . "

Others nodded silently, noting it down .

"If I am to leave this time, it is very possible that I would go there . " Zi Xieqing said mildly .

Chu Yang was shocked . He said, "Are you not going seeking any more?"

A bit of reminiscence showed in Zi Xieqing's eyes . She said with melancholy, "That… was an obsession . "

Chu Yang nodded, understanding .

That was an obsession .

But, it was just an obsession! That was all it was!

"But it's also possible that I won't go there!" Zi Xieqing's pretty face went serious, and she said, gritting her teeth slightly .

Chu Yang hurried to stop talking, and fell completely silent .

"Moon Breeze!" Zi Xieqing's expression became serious, as she looked at Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou .

"Yes . " The two hurried to answer .

"The matter of you two, you can look for Chu Yang! Once his medical ability improves more, he will be able to solve this problem for you . " Zi Xieqing raised her chin at Chu Yang .

"Really!?" Feng Yurou was overjoyed, and Yue Lingxue's face was also full of excitement .

Chu Yang had definitely not expected Zi Xieqing to sell him without the blink of an eye: Didn't they agree that he couldn't deal with this matter? There might be a way after the upgrade of Nine Tribulations Space… but, once the Moon Breeze couple hear about that method, wouldn't they be angry enough to kill him?

"Big Sister Zi, this…" Chu Yang's grimaced, and mumbled blatantly .

"Shut up!" Zi Xieqing's face was cold . "This matter, you must deal with! If you are incapable now, how can you still be incapable after the improvement of your medical ability? Why do you have so little self-confidence?"

Chu Yang grimaced like he had a toothache . He nodded with cold sweat on his head . "Al-Alright . "

"That's all I will talk to you all today . With the rest, I can't speak in too much detail . " Zi Xieqing chuckled .

Both Moon Breeze and Bu Liuqing started laughing . "Can't speak in too much detail", that was a very interesting thing to say .

Because, if she spoke in too much detail, when they go up themselves, there wouldn't be any surprises, and the experience would be much compromised…

Men in the martial world liked excitement after all…

"Besides that, there is something else that I'll have to entrust you all with," Zi Xieqing said with a serious voice, "It may not be long before I leave . After that… Chu Yang and others… I would ask you three to please take care of them . "

Moon Breeze and Bu Liuqing agreed immediately . "Of course!"

Feng Yurou thought to herself: My disciple is dead-set on him, even if I don't want to take care of him, I have to .

Bu Liuqing thought to himself: My disciple is dead-set on him, even if I don't want to take care of him, I have to .

At this moment, the two actually said the same things in their minds .

Almost at the same moment, the second grandmasters of the Nine Super Clans also gathered together in one place .

This place was the most secretive underground chamber of Zhuge Clan .

In order to prevent being spied on by Zi Xieqing's powerful divine sense, Zhuge Clan was also compelled to expose this most secretive venue for the purpose of discussion .

Nine people including Ye Di, Xiao Se, Lan Muxue and Zhuge Hutu sat solemnly, their expression heavy .

Nobody spoke a word .

A black figure flashed . The Dharma Supreme walked in, all alone, his face heavy .

Immediately afterward, more than ten Supreme Martial Artists outside released their divine sense at the same time, forming a huge protective cover to prevent eavesdropping .

Inside, ten high-level Supreme Martial Artists also released their divine sense at the same time, forming a barrier, sealing the small space tightly .

To be so careful, one could imagine how important the matter of their discussion must be!

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