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Chapter 1106

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They all did not qualify and were eliminated!

The crowd was overwhelmed with shock and horror!

The problem lay in the fact that those who were eliminated, were the previous eight generations of Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

They were the ones who were rumored since ancient times to hold the power to determine the fate of Nine Heavens!

If they did not qualify, then who would?

"The meaning of them not qualifying implies that… there would be one Nine Tribulations Sword Master that is qualified! However, this person has yet to appear . It may be the ninth generation Nine Tribulations Sword Master… or it may be the tenth!"

Zi Xieqing said slowly, "Since my arrival to this continent, it has been several ten thousand years . That time, I was also very curious about this matter . After the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had just reorganized the Nine Heavens, I secretly followed the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and even went to the place for nourishing the heaven…"

Speaking of this, the crowd became serious .

What Zi Xieqing was going to say, would be the first secret of the Nine Heavens!

"I followed that Nine Tribulations Sword Master and saw that he was troubled and mentally tortured during that time . His life seemed to be worse than death . He drank every day . He was in pain every day and many times, he wanted to take his own life with the sword! However, in the end, he still did not die . "

Zi Xieqing said seriously, "I could tell that he did not want to do it . He was in a dilemma . He also had his conscience . He even thought of using his death as a way to end it all . However, it was a pity that he could not even die if he wanted to! Just this way, he was mentally tortured for two years!"

Bu Liuqing glanced a look at Chu Yang .

His glance was filled with complexity .

"During this period of time, that Nine Tribulations Sword Master had said over ten thousand times of curse, towards the same person!" Zi Xieqing said indifferently .

"Who did he curse?" Bu Liuqing asked .

"The person that he cursed was the creator of the Nine Tribulations Sword!" Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "Furthermore, it was not just this, within those two years, he was filled with regret after he cursed each time!"

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"What did he regret?" Chu Yang had a hunch of what it was, but he asked the question anyway .

"He was always repeating seven words . "

Zi Xieqing looked up at the ceiling and said word after word, "I regret much… Lake of Despair… Hai! Six words and a word of sigh!"

"Hai!" Chu Yang let out a sigh silently and zoned out .

At this moment, no one knew that within Chu Yang's mind, it was already splashing with huge waves of emotions!

He was partly filled with rejoice and was also a little proud . He had some satisfaction and also a little sadness . Zi Xieqing did not know what those seven words mean, but as a person who had the same experiences, Chu Yang could totally understand what exactly that Nine Tribulations Sword Master was regretting at that moment!

Lake of Despair was indeed the greatest test for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Once a wrong move was made, then his entire fate would be repeating that of the previous eight generations of Nine Tribulations Sword Master! Sinking into the vicious cycle of never-ending torture and tribulations!

Seemed like the choice which that Nine Tribulations Sword Master made at that time, had been totally opposite from what Chu Yang made?

Therefore, the illusion resulted in reality! Or more accurately put, the illusion then, was a result of the state of mind . It was because of the mind that eventually resulted in the ending reality!

Chu Yang rejoiced and was proud that he made it through the greatest test . In the future, his path would be entirely different from that of the previous eight generations of Nine Tribulations Sword Master . However, he was also sad for the heroic men like the Nine Tribulations Sword Masters… they should have been as cute as Wushang, Duxing or Ji Mo, they should have been heroic men, bold, open-minded and honest!

Zi Xieqing stopped for a moment and Chu Yang knew that it was done intentionally to leave him some time to internalize what had just been said .

Finally, Zi Xieqing continued, "This Nine Tribulations Sword Master had struggled with himself for two whole years… and finally, he chose to send his brothers into the Heaven Nourishing Hole!

Chu Yang let out a sigh . Bu Liuqing and others similarly let out a loud sigh .

The earth-shattering love of the Nine Tribulations!

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This was widely acknowledged within the Nine Heavens . However, how could such good men be sacrificed just like that? Where was the logic in all this?!

Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "However, during that time, I felt that the souls of his brothers merely dissipated and not disappeared! They dissipated to nothingness and dispersed out slowly, to an ineffable place! And that place is not the Heavens Beyond . "

Speaking till here, the crowd was startled simultaneously .

"Based on what you said, actually these people of the Nine Tribulations did not die? Chu Yang asked .

"No, they did die . However, they survived in another form . " Zi Xieqing looked at Chu Yang deeply and said, "That ineffable place, in my opinion, it should be… the Netherworld!"

"The Netherworld!" Chu Yang let out a sigh .

"The mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master would come to an end after he had unified the Upper Three Heavens . However, there was also a huge boundary line here and this is the critical point . The Nine Tribulations may have disappeared from this world, but in another world, they will still exist . "

"However, for the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, he would truly disappear!" Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "Truly disappear and fade away!"

"I understand it now . " Chu Yang took in a deep and long breath .

What Zi Xieqing meant was, 'The Nine Tribulations might not really disappear . However, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master would truly disappear and fade away!

This was coherent with the scenario that Chu Yang had predicted!

For a man totally void of feelings and sense of justice, what good retributions would he get? Although this was a little idealistic in thinking, Chu Yang strongly believed that this was aligned with heaven's will!

There might be different stances on people's behavior . However, the heart and mind of people would definitely be divided into good and evil!

Zi Xieqing did not go into the details, but just said, "Based on my estimation, the mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master had never ever succeeded . However, this failure gave this person, who had turned the Nine Heavens upside down, another degree of… another… purpose . "

The crowd silently nodded their heads .

"Therefore, I estimate that… the mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is definitely not just up till the unification of the Nine Heavens . For the Nine Tribulations Sword Master to totally disappear and fade away, this does not make any logical sense!"

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Zi Xieqing said .

"However, how did you know that he had truly disappeared, unlike what happened to the Nine Tribulations?" Chu Yang asked .

Bu Liuqing laughed and said, "Elder Zi, were you shrouded with Divine Senses?"

Zi Xieqing started to laugh and said, "You are right . I shrouded each of my ten different Divine Senses with these ten individuals . These Divine Senses disappeared together with each of the ten people . However, after ten thousand years, only nine of the Divine Senses came back . The most important Divine Senses was eliminated . Precisely because of this elimination of the Divine Senses, it resulted again in damage to my Divine Senses and therefore, I had to cultivate and recover myself in the Black Blood Forest, and never came out again . Only until twenty thousand years ago, did I manage to recover my Divine Senses fully . "

"Respect!" Bu Liuqing heaved a long sigh .

Only the strongest elite like him would understand the dangers and the degree of unbelievability of what Zi Xieqing had just briefly and easily described .

Dissipation of the Divine Senses and elimination of the Divine Senses were definitely two different ideas!

Elimination would be equivalent to death!

Also, the death of the Divine Senses would result in death at the minimum or severe disability and mental retardation at worst . Even if it was Bu Liuqing himself, to be eliminated of his Divine Senses, he would not be able to escape from either of these two outcomes .

However, Zi Xieqing was actually able to forcefully cultivate and recover herself from it!

"You should not be respecting me, your respect should be more for that force that was able to totally eliminate my Divine Senses!" Zi Xieqing laughed while saying .

Bu Liuqing gave a faint smile .

"Big Sister, you wanted to talk about the events of the Heavens Beyond the Nine Heavens," Chu Le'er reminded and said, "But, you are now talking about the Nine Tribulations Sword Master . "

"I am exactly talking about the events of Heavens Beyond," Zi Xieqing gently smiled as she took Chu Le'er into her own arms and said, "The reason why I mentioned that Nine Tribulations Sword Master was because I believed that the true mission of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master is to dash out of the Nine Heavens! To reach… a superior place, to accomplish certain matters… or to complete them . This final mission given by the great man! The mission is definitely not to just kill off all his brothers within this Upper Three Heavens!"

"Up till this point, it is about the Heavens Beyond!" Zi Xieqing said indifferently, "In other words, the real Nine Heavens Imperial Court . "

The real Nine Heavens Imperial Court!

Within the hearts of the crowd, it was all an immense shock .

Chu Yang lowered his head and pressed his own forehead together with the small head of Mo Qingwu . He felt the body temperature from the little girl's head and his mind quietly went into deep thoughts .

"There are countless worlds and continents beyond the Nine Heavens! All these continents, every one of them, were all similar to the Nine Heavens!"

"However, above the Nine Heavens, which is where all these little worlds had in common… the place above all, no one knew anything about it . Within the place, there is a strict Heavenly Sensor! Only if your cultivation is high enough to trigger this Heavenly Sensor, then would you be assessed . That would be what you commonly called Heavenly Punishment!"

Zi Xieqing smiled indifferently and said, "The Heavenly Punishment is actually a test . If you can pass the test of the Heavenly Punishment, then you would qualify to enter the mysterious land!"

"That piece of land, have you been inside before?" Bu Liuqing asked anxiously .

"Yes, I have been inside before . " Zi Xieqing nodded her head indifferently and said, "However, I was only inside for a short period of time and I was out . Approximately just short of one thousand years . "

"How's the situation inside?" Bu Liuqing asked .

"Inside there…" Zi Xieqing smiled indifferently and said, "The place was broad and boundless, full of spiritual energy and martial arts exponents! Brother Bu, you would know once you entered it . What is really known as the Nine Heavens!"

"With your level of cultivation, how did you fare… inside?" Bu Liuqing continued to ask without giving up .

"I can be considered as the midstream . Or more accurately, midstream and lower . " Zi Xieqing said reservedly, "Of course, I also cannot tell the exact situation inside . I was only there to find someone . Since I was unable to find, I left early on . I did not encounter any of the extreme elites nor did I even have any encounter with the people within the Nine Heavens Imperial Court . "

"Midstream and lower…" Bu Liuqing took a breath and his eyes were beaming with excitement .

"The ones who control the Nine Heavens Continent are those people inside the Nine Heavens Imperial Court!" Zi Xieqing smiled gently, with profound meaning, she said, "Brother Bu, that place is much more dangerous than here . However, there are also many more opportunities . That place is the true ground for extreme elites to grow and develop . "

The eyes of Bu Liuqing became even brighter!

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou looked at each other and they only saw the shiny glow in each other's eyes .

"The real Nine Heavens Imperial Court…" Chu Yang repeated the sentence silently in his mind . Against the smooth soft hair of Mo Qingwu, he thought in his mind, 'Life is short, the brevity of human existence . Since there is such a place, if there is a chance, I must bring my brothers there and roam around the Nine Heavens!'

'To let my Qingwu dance around in the real Nine Heavens Imperial Court!'

'Dancing up a storm within the Nine Heavens!'

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